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Items filtered by date: Friday, 12 April 2019 - Imphal Times

Tension erupted between people of two neighbouring villages

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Imphal, April 12,

Tension runs high between villagers of Langthabal Kunja and Langthabal Chingkha and Khoupum over the matter of ritual related function here in Imphal west. Villagers of Langthabal Kunja said that both the villagers of  Langthabal Chingkha and Khoupum are boycotted from today morning after they weren’t allowed to perform religious ceremony (Lai Ekoukhatpa) at Langthabal Chingkha allegedly by its villagers.

Speaking to media persons at Langthabal Khoupum, Secretary of Langthabal Khoupum Cultural Club Pousing Golmei clarified that their village has been made victim because of the conflict between the two in which they aren’t responsible.

He added that the social boycott towards them is a violation of human rights. He further said that this has caused a lot of trouble to the people and the students in the daily works.

He finally appealed to all the authorities and the CSOs to solve the problem at the earliest.

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Cutting of sibling plants and mining stones at Hill area unfortunate - WBCC

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Thoubal, April.12,

Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Committee (WBCC) Manipur today expressed shock over the rise of cutting sibling plants at hill area of the state for mining stones by big businessmen.

A team of the WBCC while inspecting the periphery of Tentha Thambal Chingya and Ikop Pat in Thoubal district and Thambal Chingya and Lamyeng Ching in Kakching district found the condition of the area in deteriorating condition.

Secretary General, of WBCC N.Romes while talking to media persons said that some people are earning money by mining the hill area at Tentha Thambal Chingya.

If this continues then there is a fear of serious threat to our natural environment, he said.

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MSAD to felicitate Kishorechandra

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Imphal, April 12,

Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD) will organise a felicitation function of Journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhemcha on April 14 at DM College of Science at 11 am, a statement of the student body said.

Kishorechandra Wangkhemcha who was slapped with NSA and detained in custody by the state government for nearly 4 months was released on Wednesday. 

The statement of the MSAD also said that prize distribution of the State Level Mathematics and Science Competition held on 23rd Sept. , 2018 will also be held on the same day at the same function.

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Revisiting CAB issue

It is now crystal clear that the BJP is all set to make CAB as the law of the country. 1st phase election of the Lok Sabha ended yesterday and the BJP’s stand on CAB become more clearer. Prime Minister Narendra Modi during election campaign at Silchar yesterday said that if BJP return he will introduce the CAB Bill. Even though Manipur’s CM N. Biren Singh tried to divert the issue making deliberate statement such as the bill will not affect the people Himanta Bishwas, the politician who took major role in popularizing the BJP is clear on the issue of CAB. He had stated that CAB is needed for India is a Hindu land.
The anti-BJP wave sweeping across the North Eastern states of India seems to give no worry to the BJP. May the BJP leadership under estimated the region even as they have tried when Narendra Modi wave hurled the country in 2014 parliamentary election. Their victory in 2014 had make them so confident that as long as the majority Hindu in the heartland of India can be hypnotized, the BJP is in no way going to lose the election. Of the 29 states, the BJP now seem to concentrate the issues of bigger states which have more number of MPs either in way of hypnotizing the less literate voters or by building unbreakable alliance with political parties so that the number of reinstating a similar BJP led NDA type government could be formed at the center. To be précised, targeting big states which have more numbers of MPs is becoming the agenda of BJP in their effort to bring back Narendra Damudor Modi as the country’s Prime Minister again.
Promises to scrape inhuman and outdated legislation or Act are a mere joke. If one remember what the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had spoken at Madison Square Graden in New York at which he stated that draconian and outdated laws will be scrape, he or she will certainly think that , “Mr. Modi did know how to make joke”. The speech was delivered around 4 years back and till today the draconian Armed Forces Special Power Act is still enforce, the sedition laws make no changes and provisions to protect citizen from detention in the name of potential threat still continue in the name National Security Act (NSA) where a Manipuri Television Journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem has been detained after court set him free.  
The ambitious Act East policy which was renamed after the coming of the Modi government turn out to be another appeasement policy of the North Eastern states. NRC in Assam was supported and after knowing that over 40 lakhs illegal immigrants has been found out, the Government led by Narendra Modi is amending the citizenship act to grant citizen to these people perhaps.
The day when the Contentious Citizen Amendment Act, 2016 was passed in the lok Sabha, there was wild uproar in the entire states of North East. In Tripura protestors were fired.
The Chief Minister of Manipur, perhaps under pressure at least joint hands with some political party urged the Union Home Minister and the prime Minister to insert a clause that would protect the state from CAB, which is neither feasible nor listen by the BJP leadership.
Ram Madav, the General Secretary in Charge of NE states for the BJP and present MP had stated that they are going to present the CAB 2016 and will pass in the Rajya Sabha too. The very statement of the BJP leader without saying anything to the demand of a BJP Chief Minister showed that they care nothing to NE states. After all all the states put together including Sikkim have only 25 MPs. The issue of CAB and the uproar from the people of the state is not an issue as the BJP now shrewdly penetrated to West Bengal which have 42 MPs. Half of this number which the BJP is expecting to get due to the anti-incumbency factor of the Mamta Benerji Government as well as the number of Illegal Migrants which had already entered the city of joy who felt that they will be granted citizenship. Its is not an issue for muslim migrant to convert it to any religion as most entered the country for survival. After all the CAB says persons without any document can also be granted citizenship of the country. There are no marks to any human being to show that he or she belong to any religion.  

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