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Items filtered by date: Thursday, 11 April 2019 - Imphal Times

Voter turnout high in Outer PC Manipur; poll percentage reaches 68 + at 3pm

IT News,

Imphal, April 11,

Voters turn out rate is high in outer Manipur Assembly constituency with the figure reaching 68.16% at 3 pm. Voting in the outer Manipur PC started at 7 am and will be concluded at 4 pm. Except for some few reports of unwanted incidents, the polling is reported to be peaceful. Minor incidents like malfunction of EVM were reported at many polling stations.

To ensure smooth polling, tight security arrangement are being made in and around all polling stations. Indo-Myanmar border along the Manipur sector has been sealed to check infiltration of anti-social elements across the border. 

Apart from 10 companies of state armed police, 90 companies of Central paramilitary forces have been deployed across the parliamentary constituency for smooth conduct of the polling. 

The voting took place at 1562 polling station in 28 Assembly constituencies. Of these, 227 have been categorised as critical, 171 as vulnerable while there would be 32 model polling stations and 198 polling stations which would be exclusively manned by women personnel.

Of the 28 assembly constituencies, voters turn out rate cross over 50% at 3 pm at the 7 Assembly constituencies of Thoubal and Kakching district, where they have no right to contest the election. This is unexpectedly high as people of the 7 assembly constituencies of both Thoubal and Kakching districts have been demanding right to contest election. The assembly constituencies are Heirok, Wangjing Tentha, Khangabok, Hiyanglam, Kakching, Wabagai and Sugnu. Total electors in the seven assembly segment is 2,107,48.

Total voters in the outer constituency is 10,10,618 and the voters of the seven constituencies played major role in this election.

Altogether eight candidates are in the fray. They are NCP’s Angam Karung Kom, INC’s K James, NPP’s Thangminlien Kipgen, NPF’s Lorho S Pfoze, BJP’s Houlim Shokhopao Mate alias Benjamin, NEIDP’s Ashang Kasar, JD-U’s Hangkhanpau Taithul and independent candidate Leikhan Kaipu.

In Thoubal district, Tension erupted at 35/15 Polling station in Khangabok AC after BJP workers allegedly snatch paper of the Congress agent and drive out from the polling booth. Congress supporters also alleged that they were not allowed to cast their vote by the BJP goons at the polling station.

Congress leader of Khangabok AC MLA Surjakumar Okram and BJP leader Thokchom Jadumani rushed to the spot. The scene nearly turns ugly but timely intervention of the SDO prevented from happening any untoward incident.

More security forces were reinforced and the SDO himself stayed at the polling station and resumed voting at 2.30 pm.

Except 35/15 polling station of Khangabok Polling Station voting at other polling stations of Thoubal district was reported peaceful.

Voting at the polling stations of Heirok and Wangjing Tentha was also reported peaceful. However, there were report of EVM machine failure at 32/29 Heirok Khunku Polling Station, 33/6 Shikhong and 33/2 Ningel polling stations in the district. Voting began a bit late but poll percentage this time is high in the district.

Voters turn out reaches over 35% at noon in Thoubal district and with more people coming out the voters turn out rate is expected to reach over 60 percent.

Voting was reported peaceful in Chandel district but at some polling station voters expressed angered after presiding officers told them to limit voting at 80 percent

The voters were told by Presiding officer to limit the polling percentage at 80% percent for Polling station at Japhou Bazar, Chandel.

Angered over such statement ex MLA of Chandel St. Victor Nunghlung said to media persons that it was very unfortunate for the people of Chandel district and added that there is a loss of 20 percent of voters where an election is won even by a single voter.

Speaking to media persons, Presiding officer of the Polling station 41/16, 41/17, 41/18, Chandel AC said that they have been contacted through phone call and instructed not to exceed the poll percentage from 80 %. If exceed than there will be re-poll, he said.

Another official said that they were instructed by sector magistrate.

The election was held peacefully in other various parts of the district.

Unconfirmed report said that armed militants had disrupted polling at Chakpikarong area. 

In Senapati district, 24 EVMs problem halt up polling in many polling stations in the District.

Unconfirmed report reaching here said that polling was halted for hours in various polling stations in many villages in Senapati District as EVMs were not working. However, sources said EVMs were replaced and repaired by technicians and polling resumed.

According to report from Herald Today in Karong A/C, 2 EVMs had malfunction at Maiba village, 1 at Thingba khullen,  1 EVM at Khabung, 1 EVM at Koide, 2 EVMs at Senapati, 1  EVMs at Lakhamai, 1 EVM at Makhreliu. At 49-Tadubi A/C 1 EVM fails at Makhan centre another each at Makhan khullen, Makhan khuman, Mao Marafii and Tadubi village. The Senapati based Newspaper also reported that 8 EVMs malfunction at Tunggam Khullen, Liyai, EVMs ,Chilao Liyai and Tungjoy of 48- Mao Assembly constituency.

There were however no report of any unwanted incidents during the election.

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Ibobi of Congress and his goons murdered 1000s of innocents - Ashinikumar

IT News

Imphal, April 11,

Talking to some selected media persons, M Ashinikumar Singh, State Vice President(Publicity & Intellectual in charge for Lok Sabha Election 2019) BJP Manipur Pradesh said that the Congress Ibobi regime and his goons murdered thousands of innocents and disappeared untold numbers during their 15 years rule. BJP promised justice to the victims and people of Manipur on this massive crime.

He added that during the period from 2002-2009 only, over 1000 people were killed in fake encounters. This is only the official number. People still do not know how much have disappeared and eliminated without claim. Hundreds of people have been booked under NSA in the name of national security, counter insurgency and what not. The Congress rule under Ibobi has been the bloodiest chapter in the history of Manipur. The rule murdered, looted and destroyed Manipur and her people like alien enemies. BJP is committed towards bringing the perpetrators of these monumental inhuman crimes to justice at any cost. After serious efforts of the prosecution High Court has heard the cases and reserved its final judgment.

“Please remember that the Justices had to work under tremendous pressure from the accused people. BJP stands for justice to the families of those killed in fake encounters”, the State BJP VP said.

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RPF appeals people to pay floral tribute to the Martyrs

IT News
Imphal, April 11,

A statement signed by Secretary Publicity, Roman Khuman of the Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) has appealed the people of the state to pay floral tributes to martyrs who had sacrificed for the freedom of the region. It said April 13th  every year is observed as “Athoubasing gi Ningsing Numit” as a mark of tribute to the martyrs of RPF war group PLA.
The statement also blamed some politician terming them as traitors on the role in merging the erstwhile kingdom. Since Manipur has been annexed , socio economic condition of the state has been put under the grip of Indian rulers.
Our Manipuri Polictical  Sovereignity were forcibly taken by Delhi bandit to control and to make whatever they want and its been over 60 years suppressing our Manipur by them. RPF and war group PLA believes that for the well being of our Manipur, if we sacrifice more for the cause of the revolutionary struggle we can surely succeed. The statement also said that Indian army has trapped Manipuris through drug war to become Manipur a man less nation. From this trap we should open our eyes to save Manipur from India’s regime.
The outfit also paid its respect to the souls of its martyrs.  The statement said that the outfit strongly believes that a united sacrifice from the people will bring success to the fight for independence. It is time for the people to discuss the attempt of India to push the Manipuris into the web of drugs and bring a society without men, it added.
The martyrs had taken the fight to a level; however certain elements who pose as revolutionaries  have brought a bad name to the efforts by surrendering before the Indian security forces, it said and added that the RPF will continue to stand and fight for the people to the last.
The outfit with the help of the general public had launched several successful attacks against the Indian security forces and revealed several secret war fares of the Indian security forces before the people of Manipur.

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‘Bloody Phanek’ to Have Its French Premiere at the Ethnografilm Paris Film Festival

IT News
Imphal, April 11,

‘Bloody Phanek’, a documentary film directed and produced by Sonia Nepram will be screened at the Ethnografilm Paris Film Festival, which will be held in France next week. Sonia will attend the screening at the festival scheduled from 16th-20th April at the Ciné 13 Théâtre, 1 Avenue Junot in Paris. Ninety-three films are expected to be screened at the festival co-sponsored by the International Social Science Council (ISSC) and the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S).
The Ethnografilm festival is focussed on celebrating the art and science of non-fiction filmmaking and it promotes the field of video ethnography, serving as a showcase for work and forum for dialog between independent and academic documentary filmmakers. It aims as well to promote the examination of cultures as well as social issues, describing “patterns of living” throughout the world to educate and entertain.

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WBCC Releases 4 Pigeons and a Tortoise after providing treatment for one month

IT News

Imphal, April 11,

Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation Committee (WBCC) Manipur in association with the DFO Thoubal have released 4 pigeons and a tortoise to safe area.

A statement by WBCC Secretary General Thokchom Romes  said that on March 11, 4 pigeons were saved from bird hunters by Inganglok Nongpok Ningthou Panthoibi Youth Club (INNYC) Heirok Part-3 and handed over to WBCC. WBBC treated the four pigeons for 29 days and finally handed over to Divisional Forest Officer, Thoubal, L.Debala  and released on safe area.

Along with those pigeons, a tortoise handed over by Louriyambam Harichandra Singh of Tentha khunou Maning Leikai on April 7 to the WBBC had also been release.

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Death Anniversary of Maharaja Narasingh Observed

By : Jilima Yengkhom

Imphal , April 11,

The 169th death anniversary of Maharaja Narasingh was observed today by Manipur State Archaeology Department of Art and Culture at Kangla.

The observance was graced by Titular King of Manipur, Leishemba Sanajaoba, Art and Culture Director, A Shivadas Sharma,Vice President Maharaja Narashing Memorial Committee, R.K.Rajendra Singh and Director Mutua Museum, Mutua Bahadur as  Special Guest, Guest of Honour, President and Chief Guest respectively.

The function began by laying Floral tribute at the cemetery of the late Maharaja Narasingh, guard of Honour, Gun Salute, reverse arms, two minutes of silence, slope arms and order arms by the contingent of Manipur Rifle and followed by Jalakeli Pala.

Speaking on the occasion Maharaja Leishemba Sanajaoba spoke about the importance of observing such occasion to let the future generation know about the dedication and observation of the then great Kings.

Maharaja Narasingh considered and valued his people much more precious than his own throne. People of Manipur should not forget the contributions and sacrifices of our past leaders.

A.Shivadas Sharma as the Chief Guest of the occasion speaks about the king’s determination, ideology, belief, dedication and devotion should be made known to the people.

As the Guest of Honour, Mutua Bahadur speaks about the importance of observing the historical places such as Canchipur, the most important places after Kangla traces from the history  which is presently located inside the Manipur University Campus. He added that the remains should be protected and kept in the museum so as to make the people of the coming generations to know about our own history.

R.K. Rajendro Singh as the President gave his opinion in preserving the sites of Arts and Culture of our state with the help of the Department to develop the culture and tradition of Manipur. He also speaks about the determination and dedication of the great Maharaja Narasingh for his people.

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Helpless indignation

‘Tragic’ sounds a trifle lame to describe the present state of affairs of our state, even though the feeling in the hearts of the general public cannot be far from it.
The Government has shown, in fits and spurts, that things can and does happen if the rulers so put their minds and hearts to any task, which begs the very relevant and necessary question: is the Government deliberately keeping the state on tenterhooks with engineered chaos and calculated mayhem?
Nothing that has been done for the development of the State so far looks and feels systematic or sustainable- from the various steps reportedly taken up to ease the present unrest and increasing frustrations and infrastructures being constructed with shoddy workmanship and dubious results, to the haphazard and stop-gap measures in terms of the essential services being provided, mostly on paper to dispense off with the official requirements without ever taking the trouble or the initiative to check on the efficacies of such schemes and welfare measures.
The reality we are undergoing today is a far cry from the trumped up reports and statistics that make up the records meant for display at the centre, the most obvious results being the huge leap in law and order situation and promotion of Manipur from the least developed state category to the less developed one without having nothing to show for it.
Yet the Government, in its quest to prolong the reign, have failed to address the situation with pragmatic solutions and progressive steps that would steer the state in the right direction of inclusive growth- the most prominent shortcoming being the failure to harness the potential of the youths- the future of the state. The present social imbroglio which is posing a very real and looming threat of overflowing into an unfortunate and unwanted communal conflict which is solely based on archaic outlook and overriding sense of exclusivism needs to be looked at from a radically different perspective- one which can bridge the gap and prepare for the future instead of dwelling in the past: literally and metaphorically. Stating that almost, if not all, the problems ailing the present society can be remedied by molding the youths of today to bring about the still elusive change and progress would not be an exaggeration.
 No amount of resources or materials can effect change or usher in progress unless those who are to direct and utilize these resources be prepared and groomed to take on the responsibilities and challenges with confidence and determination.
A radical mental revolution based on progressive thinking and broadened outlook beyond self preservation and personal enrichment, tempered with the spirit of equality and infused with the dignity of labour is the panacea for our society long festered with enmity, greed, doubts and subdued mindset. The Government should make the most and invest in the one true asset it ever has- the teeming youths who are still at tenterhooks regarding the realization of the innumerable promises and assurances to become a reality. Wasting any more time in pondering over the inevitable steps would only invite further frustrations and agitations which never have a desirable ending.

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