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Items filtered by date: Monday, 01 April 2019 - Imphal Times

Modi to visit Imphal on April 7

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Imphal, April 1,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Imphal on April 7 to campaign for the BJP in the state for the coming Lok Sabha polls, party sources said on Monday.
The Bharatiya Janata Party is contesting both the Lok Sabha seats in the state. Benjamin Mate is contesting as BJP candidate in the outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency while Dr. RK Ranjan has been field for the Inner Parliamentary constituency.
A total of 1959429 will exercise their franchise in the state of Manipur to elect two MPs from the state. Altogether 19 candidates are in the fray for the two seat which election will be held in two phases. Voting of the Outer Constituencies will be held on April 11 while that of the inner constituency will be held on April 18.
This will be Modi’s second visit to the state ahead of the elections and party sources said that there were no prior plans for the April 7 trip.
Authorities have already beefed up security in and around the state capital.

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Congress punches hard on BJP led state government over misuse of power; says use its machineries to set free king pin drug smuggler

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Imphal April 1,

Congress party today punched hard to the ruling BJP government alleging its hands in trying to set free - a drug Kingpin who has been arrested red handed.
MLA K Meghachandra, spokesperson of the Congress Party today alleged the present BJP led government of misusing the government machineries in its effort to set free Lhukhosei Zou, a BJP member and also the former Chairman of the Chandel Autonomous District Council. Lhukhosei Zou  was arrested along with large quantity of illicit drugs by Narcotic Police.
MLA K. Megahchandra said that political leader and other government machineries of the present government including SP of Imphal West Haobijam Jogeshchandra and Senior advocate H Chandrajit Sharma intentionally set free on bail - the drug kingpin Lhukhosei Zou.  He further alleged that the government was involved in drug business and they should resign on moral ground.
While demanding re arrest of  Lhukhosei , MLA Meghachandra demanded to hand over the case to CBI or any other trustworthy institutions.
Highlighting the facts that was exposed on a daily paper regarding the released of the drug kingpin, Meghachandra further said that as the outcome of the conversation from the CM Bungalow leads to bail a person which was detained on non-bailable offence.
Meghachandra recalled that Lhukhosei Zou the drug kingpin who was arrested on June 20, 2018 was caught with a huge amount of heroin, cash and arms and ammunitions along with seven other persons.
The present government is giving pressure to give bail to the drug kingpin, he added. He also said that such act eventually showed that many persons who are in the government were involved in the drug scandal.
He further expressed that SP Jogeshchandra and Chandrajit needs to be booked for entering the court along with the SP of Imphal West and for pressuring the NAB Investigating Officer and Inspector to haul the charge sheet against him.
He added that it was very unfortunate for the people of the state that an accused BJP ADC chairman who was caught in a 27 crores drug scandal got bailed by using government machineries. He also said that such act of the government is a mockery to the CSOs and even the government itself.
 He further said that the involvement of political leaders involving in drug business and also using their political powers to save the culprit of drug scandal was really disappointing and added that there is a complete failure of administration.
Meghanchandra recollected that during the Congress government no one was spared even persons from high ranking family of politicians who was accused of being connected on a drug scam were all handed over to CBI.
He appealed the present BJP led government to not hide the culprits but booked them under the law for those who were involved in the drug scandal and also to show the high ranking officials involved in front of the people.
Meghachandra further asked the present BJP led government to make a clear clarification about it.
Speaking to media persons on a question asked by reporter Meghanchandra said that even though the amount of persons arrested regarding drug cases arises during the present government but unfortunately he added that the government also released many of the arrested drug case related persons and also added that the involvement of BJP in such case increases.

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Training for women personnel held in Imphal East

Imphal, April 1,

A training workshop for women personnel deployed as Presiding Officers and Polling Officers of Imphal East for the ensuing 17th Lok Sabha Elections 2019 was held today at the premises of the Imphal East District Complex.
The training for the presiding officers was held at the SIRD Conference Hall, while Panchayat Bhavan of the same complex was the venue for the training of the Polling Officers. Today’s was the second round of the training for these women personnel.
District Election Officer/DC of the district, Dr Rangitabali Waikhom monitored the training and took enquiries from the participating personnel.
Shri Lokeshor Brahmacharimayum, AC to DC/IE and District Nodal Officer of Training Management conducted the training and demonstrated the usage of EVMs and VVPATs to the participants.
Later, the women personnel had a hands-on trial of the equipments.

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Was custodial death SM Manjur a scapegoat for covering high profile Security officers - Miraz Shah

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Imphal April 1,

Co- Convenor of JAC against the custodial killing of S.M. Manjur Ahmed, Miraz Shah questioned whether the deceased Manjur was a scapegoat in order to protect the high profile police officers to the escape of Nando.

Speaking in a public meeting held by JAC against the custodial killing of S.M. Manjur Ahmed at Orient Coaching institute situated at Hatta,  Miraz said that they only want justice for the deceased. He further said that no positive response to the JAC was given from the government side regarding the memorandum submitted to CM where they appealed the government to hand over the case to CBI because they cannot trust the police department as it was a case of police personnel killing other police and also to take up an FIR against the culprits.  He also said that without delivering such simple demands how can they talked with the government. Responsible steps should be taken up first he added. 

He also said that many cases of such extrajudicial killings happened in the past and now also without delivering justice and asked whether justice will not be delivered to them. He added that lessons need to teach for such government, government officials.

Miraz further questioned the police colleagues why they were silent and not supporting the custodial death of their colleague. He added that the police personnel should show solidarity to them.

The public meeting was attended by Salim Jalald Convenor of the JAC, Jakir Hussain Advisor of the JAC, SM Jalal Convenor of AMMCOC and convenor of JCILPS Yumnamcha Dilip.

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Various Human Right Defenders from NE strongly condemns the extrajudicial execution of Constable Md. Manjur

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Imphal April 1,

Various Human Rights Defenders from various parts of North East who have participated on North East Consultation on Human Rights, Social Movements and Law strongly condemned the extrajudicial execution of Constable Md. Manjur by Manipur Police in their custody.

Stating in a press released jointly signed by Director of Human Rights Alert Babloo Loitongbam, Director of Human Rights Law Network Manipur Meihoubam Rakesh and Secretary of Committee on Human Rights O. Nutankumar demanded the government of Manipur to hand over the investigation of the extrajudicial execution of constable Md. Manjur Ahmed by Joint Interrogation Cell (JIC) and the escaping of Under Trial Prisoner (UTP) Nando to Central Bureau of Investigation to ensure fair, impartial and just investigation and prosecution of those involved in the cases.

The press statement briefly narrates about the deceased constable Manjur from Yairipok Ningthoumanai where he who used to be one of the police personnel guarding the UTP was put under suspension from March 12 accused for bring connected with the UTP as voice recording was found in one of the mobile phoned seized by police. It further added that UTP had escaped from JN Hospital on March 26 where he was guarded by armed security guards and was lodged in hospital being chained to his bed.

They further stressed that they viewed the escaped could not be possible without the involvement of higher up police officers and added that the interrogation of deceased constable by JIC was intentionally planned to eliminate him as JIC was not legally authorized to interrogate him.

Further they believed that the extrajudicial execution of Md. Manjur Ahmed was to cover up and to prevent any disclosure of police illegal actions that helped in the escaped of UTP by taking advantage of their rank as seniors and not following protocol to avoid any interrogation or prosecution for their wrong doings.

The released further highlighted that extrajudicial executions in Manipur is alarming and also reminded that one Heisnam Sharatkumar Singh of Khordak Mayai Leikai was also died in police custody on February 17 this year.


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Maoist warns people wearing Mask of MPP; claims firing at Kongpal

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Imphal, April 1,

Maoist Communist Party Manipur, an armed rebel group operating in the state claimed responsibility of the firing incident that the party alleged to have occurred at the residential complex of Shijagurumayum Naba Sharma at Kongpal Kaidem Leikai in Imphal East on March 23 evening. The statement however said that the gun shot was not an attack to Shijagurumayum Naba Sharma but accidentally falls at his residential complex while on mission for protection of the regional party called MPP (Manipur Peoples’ Party).
The rebel group in a statement said that the party started attacking to protect the regional political party and not because it has any relation or connection with the party, but because the party felt it important to protect all regional force.
It said that on the day, that is on March 23, 7 cadres of the outfit in two team were on a mission to award capital punishment to a person who malign the name of the regional party with small guns at Kongpal Khaidem Leikai. While on mission a team of the party question a common man while asking about a person following which some argument occurred between the two. As a result of the argument the person was taken along with them to find the person that the cadre were looking for and asked him to identify any persons from the family members of the person that they were looking for. At the time the person shouted to run away to a person coming on the way. The person escaped towards the residence of Shijagurumayum Naba Sharma. While chasing the person the cadres of the Maoist fire three round of gunshots and accidentally landed on the residential complex of Shijagurumayum Naba Sharma, the statement said. The firing was occurred in the mission to clean the individuals wearing marks of the MPP.
The Manipur Maoist further said that they have now identified who are real workers of the MPP and who are trying to sabotage the image of the regional force. It said those who trying to malign the image of the party have been identified and the party will not spare them as appeal to surrender to the party have not been listened by them.
Maoist statement however said that it will not interfere the internal affairs of the MPP but in its mission to groom the regional force Maoist now left with no choice but to clean those wearing mask of the MPP.

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LS Poll : CAB factor and Manipur

With just 10 days and 18 days to go for the outer Manipur and Inner Manipur Lok Sabha Poll respectively, political parties across the state are engaging in hectic poll campaign across the state. Promises after promises, criticisms after criticisms among rival candidates fill the air of Manipur. It is not only in this tiny state of Manipur but across the entire country that similar situation is notice. We are witnessing the biggest festival of democracy.
 But the air is murky in the state of Manipur and the so call biggest festival gives neither joy nor hopes to the people. In outer Manipur Parliamentary constituency altogether 8 candidates are in the fray.
The Indian National Congress (INC), the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Naga People’s Front (NPF), National People’s Party (NPP), Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), North East India Development Party (NEIDP), Janata Dal United all field their candidate for the Outer seat. One Independent candidate is also contesting the election.
For the inner Manipur Parliamentary Election 11 candidates are in the fray. And the poll date is on April 18.
With the campaign gearing up by all the political party peoples’ mind seem to be diverted from where it should be not only for the state of Manipur but also from all the people of the North East.
People across the north East seem to forget that the entire North East, particularly the state of Manipur was nearly burnt due to decision by the political party in power at the Center (i.e ) that is the BJP. The decision to pass the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 at turned the entire North East states into a battle field like situation with violent protest everywhere. The situation resumed to normalcy only after the BJP led government failed to table the Bill at the Rajya Sabha.
Leaving aside other issue, it is natural that CAB should be an issue for the state of Manipur and that of other North East state. Political analyst suggested CAB – an issue of the Lok Sabha Election. But surprisingly BJP President Amit Shah during an election campaign at Assam said that CAB will be introduced in the country if BJP comes to power. This was again followed by Ram Madhav , another leader of the BJP, while talking here in Imphal at Hotel Classic Grande during a so called “Intellectual Meet” of the BJP. He was quoted by newspaper and electronic media as saying that the CAB will not affect the state of Manipur or North East.
As for other political party particularly the Congress, it is clear that they will oppose tooth and nail if non - secular law like CAB be put up for passing at the Parliament. President of the Congress Party Rahul Gandhi during his visit in the state had stated that his party will definitely challenge if any party force to pass such a Bill.
The Communist Party, the North East India Democratic Party (NEIDP) and others whoever contesting the election make their stand clear on the issue of CAB. Yes, they will finally oppose the CAB.
So, if one takes a deep look into the political theatre, this lok sabha election should be between those who are against the CAB and those who are supporting the CAB.
What is more surprising the confidence of the BJP in this lok sabha election. If the party win and give mandate to their candidate it is a clear indication that the majority of the people support the CAB and the hue and cry was voice of the minority. This justification may not be correct as the candidates contesting with “no CAB” issue may get votes but if distributed to the 10 other than a minority but magic number may push the BJP candidate as its elected representative.
On the issue of CAB this news paper had time and again highlighted its probable impact to the people of the region.

In defence of the “Meira Paibis”

By- MutumYoiremba

With the Utlou incident and many incidences preceding it, this article comes at a time in when the public opinions are divided into two simple views: One, that the MeiraPaibis are wrong, it is an encroachment of freedom, and hence an outburst against this “old outdated institution”. Two, which was that what the young women did at the party, was the public defecation of social moralities and that the society must be defended against this defecation.
But it is my not so humble attempt to complicate this simplicity and create a third opinion different in totality and in opposition to both; in the hope of more such different multitude of opinions. It comes out of the concern that we have been stupefied by “English education”. We as a society push for raising the educational standards through “English” or “Western” education, but have that only led us to promotion of public and social stupidity and promotion of more obscurity in our judgements? Has our version of the English education failed in creating any critical thinking? Have we just become willing slaves of modernity? These are a few questions this writing intends to touch on.
I choose to engage with the “feminists” of Manipur first, because for some miraculous reasons western education has blessed them with this word called “feminism”, although very literally not the concepts, ideals, the principles or the debates on the variants of feminism. The incident at Utlou led to one side of the public opinions that converged at the denouncement of the MeiraPaibis. And from some magic done by the status of being an English educated man or woman or gay or lesbian or trans or whatever, they seem to champion the cause of feminism, explicitly or covertly, directly or indirectly; and it became cries of the “feminists”. The cries echoed fascinating pretentious ideas of a just social order but with rather convincing taglines like “Stop Mob Justice”, “personal freedom is at stake”, “what is wrong with women drinking?”, etc and etc and so on and so fold.
But why do I say pretentious ideas or mock at the feminists? Because this brand of feminism ever so prevalent in the English educated folks has nothing to do with the ideals of gender equality or of the abolition of social hierarchy based on sexual preferences. Rather, the party at Utlou that was close to a rave party if not exactly one, is being celebrated now by these feminists as the triumph of feminism, of modernity and of liberty. So these sites of western electronic music and red liquors and jeans and bleached blonde hair that look like we are in Miami Beach are supposedly the sites of modernity, of the upcoming generation’s liberal culture’s win against the conservative, oppressive, old and outdated culture that seeks to imprison us in “Phaneks” and “Khudeis”. The party at Utlou was one such site and these Yaosang rock festivals and DJ musics and the booming Cafes in Manipur are such other sites. These are the sites we will most often find these feminists of the modern world, we will probably find these feminists of the modern world lurking on Facebook, expressing and propounding the ideas of liberty too. But, my intentions are to prove the pretentiousness and thereby the stupidity of their feminism; although only in the hope of promoting a different brand of a rather more radical feminism that can actually overthrow the feudalistic patriarchy our society is so deeply soaked in and any other forms of patriarchy that emerges hence.
I would call this the “de-colonial feminism”, and this form of feminism is about practicing an indigenous feminism. In contrast to the ideas of equating anything to do with modernity and being liberally tolerant as feminism, it seeks to look at the ideals of modernity and modernisation from a critical and apprehensive lens. No doubt we live in the age of globalisation, and that sooner or later we will have to be a society embracing modernisation. But de-colonial thinking does not equate modernity with modernisation. Modernity is the political and cultural system that came from Europe first through British colonialism directly, persisted through economic policies adopted by the Indian government, and continues through globalisation by selling the western culture through films and advertisements. Modernity then sells us “ways to live our lives”, of “economic aspirations” of a “city and modern lifestyle” without actual modernisation. Modernisation is not about adopting cultural values that support the buying of more finished foreign products but it is about bringing in “new technological infrastructures”, in educational institutions, in health, in constructions, of giving up of old inefficient ways of producing in a society; of the knowledge capacity built up to learn the new technical knowhows. Examples are China, Korea, Japan that did not embrace modernity, but embraced modernisation. They did not go on the western cultural path to globalisation and dropped their culture, but embraced modern technologies and the knowhow of generating those technologies. But what modernity does is only produce a lifestyle that creates buyers of the new lifestyle, and hence the cafes, and rave parties and music festivals. While we look at ourselves and realise we don’t have any technological knowhows to actually build any of the products we are so eager in using as a part of modern lifestyle.
What modernity also does is conceal the deep patriarchy that persists in our society through pretentious new cultural practices like creating equal sites of access like the cafes, music festivals which was not possible in the old culture. This new culture makes it seem like now that since women can wear jeans it is changingor now that women are promoted to be more English educated it is more liberating. But this English education it promotes is education only up to a point where she can be a faithful consumer of this new culture. Because this new culture needs everyone to aspire for the western lifestyle and in order to do that access to the global network of communications like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Satellite TV, etc is needed; and English education makes the access easier and faster. We can concede, these global networks can give connectedness and can be liberating and useful, but one other thing it also does is promote a western lifestyle, it is evident from the contents of advertisements as a testament. But the point being that the English education we currently have does not enable us to develop a critical faculty of the mind to question the lifestyles being sold but only furthers it. Modernity is least interested in is breaking patriarchy, it is only interested in making us consumers and the party at Utlou was a celebration of this modern consumerism and not feminism.
This is when I come in defence of the MeiraPaibis. For centuries, the economic system that compliments this modernity has caused so much wars and exploitation. The west itself that we so much aspire to be has had their fair share of problems of patriarchy. The illusion created by this modernity has given access to women the lifestyles equally enjoyed by man, of drinking, of partying, of more social lives. But it has never given equal pay, never solved sexual discrimination, rape, equal participation in politics. If we are to say this problem persists everywhere and it is universal, I am sorry but that is not feminism but patriarchy in guise of feminism. The “English educated feminists” even with their access to western and global critiques of modernity has blatantly embraced modernity as the site of liberating feminist politics. But on the contrary modernity creates uncritical and passive consumers of western lifestyle not active agents of political struggle. Feminism and the fight against patriarchy will certainly persist there too by it’s a hole deeper than the feudal patriarchy and conservative cultures that reign over us. The patriarchal relations in the old conservative culture are more explicit and identifiable, like curfew after dark for young women, which makes it easier for us to actually set more concrete political objectives in the fight against patriarchy like ending this curfew.The liberating force lies then not in modernity, but the mechanism of resistance the “uneducated” women have for ages built up while English educated modern “feminists” are busy on Facebook and Cafes.
The progressive forces in the west has been trying to organise women for more than three centuries and it has not been able to come up with an institution as organised and based on a voluntary principle as the “MeiraPaibis”. But my defence rests here on the existence of the institution itself not the objectives it has; the ability for women to organise a collective and the potential it holds in shaping politics, and we have seen that it can overturn political order like in Nupi Lal. But what differentiates the Nupi Lal from the Utlou incident or restaurant drives is the political objectives set out by the institution of MeiraPaibis. And despite having this immense collective weapon called the institution of “MeiraPaibis” if we are unable to challenge patriarchy, but instead further patriarchal practices like the looking at, of drinking women as “whores”, where are you English educated Sahebs and Mem Saheb? With your access to the world you can set the objectives right. Your denouncement of MeiraPaibis is not your call but the force of modernity speaking through your mouth and trying to dismantle an institution that can fight patriarchy in feudal and in modern forms. Come over to this side, we already have the mechanisms to fight patriarchy, you are giving it away to the men; the sites of modernity is no greener pasture for changing the social order we so much yearn. It has nothing but English manures!

Indo Myanmar Friendship Volleyball Match played at Moreh

IT News
April 1,

A friendship Volleyball match with Myanmar Army was organised by Moreh Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR(South) The aim of the friendly match was to instill and strengthen a spirit of healthy and friendly relations between Indian Army and Myanmar Army. The match was followed by a joint meeting in which issues related to security and border management were discussed.  Both sides agreed to continue the joint coordination achieved by means of regular interaction. The attendees expressed their satisfaction on the progress made in ensuring peace and tranquility along the porous Indo Myanmar Border.

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‘We Care’ Campaign by Assam Rifles

IT News
April 1,

Manipur presently has the highest HIV prevalence rate in India. The state is experiencing an alarming rise in HIV/AIDS patients of which people below 30 years of age are forming a majority. In order to address the concern, a mega health awareness campaign ‘WE  CARE’ is being conducted by 10 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of  HQ IGAR (South) at multiple remote locations in Ukhrul and Kamjong districts. The aim of the campaign is to carry out screening for HIV/AIDS and create awareness amongst the masses. As part of the campaign, free medical treatment and consultation is also provided to the villagers of remote areas along the border where requisite medical facilities are not available.
The campaign is centered around screening, detection, counseling and follow up of medical care for HIV patients. A joint team of doctors and counselors from Assam Rifles, Manipur Aids Control Society (MACS), district authorities and BSF conducted HIV screening and awareness campaign for the villagers at Halang on 31 March 2019 by Somsai Battalion and a similar  campaign will be conducted at Lambui on 01 April by Shangshak Battalion. The counselors from MACS educated the audience on prevention of HIV/AIDS and ills of drug abuse. Also arrangements have been made for conduct of regular counseling sessions and free distribution of medicines to HIV positive patients.    
In addition to HIV screening, the campaign also provided free medical consultation and  treatment including screening for life style diseases such as High BP, diabetes etc. Apart from providing necessary medical assistance, basic know how on immunization, health education, hygiene and sanitation were also imparted. Keeping in view the upcoming monsoons, an interactive session was also organized about Malaria and other water borne diseases.
In order to assist remote border villages of Kamjong District, Chassad Battalion conducted a basic healthcare training for the locals at Nampisha with an aim to enable the villagers from remote borders to attain self dependency and ability to administer effective medical aid. The training covered first aid in case of fractures, head injury, burns and snake bites.The aim was to educate and train local youth in Golden Hour Management and provide immediate first aid to the patient until doctors arrive. Lecture was conducted on AIDS awareness. Locals were advised on ill effects of liquor consumption and drug abuse. It was followed by medical camp to provide medical succor to the locals.
The campaign received overwhelming response from the local populace and was a major success in building inroads between security forces, district administration and locals in remote areas.

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