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Imphal, March 28,

Chief Election officer of Manipur is all set gearing up all measure that has to be taken up to ensure free and fair Lok Sabha election scheduled to hold in phase for the Outer and Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituencies. All together 11 candidates are in the fray for Inner Parliamentary Constituency and 8 candidates are contesting for the Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency.
Briefing media today after at the DC Office Imphal, CEO, PK Singh said that total number of voters which will exercise franchise in both Outer and Inner Manipur is   1959429 including service voters and PWDs.
Total male voter is 943426, 995773 female  and 45 third gender.  The total service voter is 20185 out of which 19506 are male and 679 are female.
The total number of physically challenged voter is 7699 where 4523 is for the inner PC and 3176 is for the outer.
CEO PK Singh further said that all facilities to ensure PWD voters to exercise their franchised has been taken up. The Election Commission of India has appointed 4 senior officers of the State Government as Accessibility Observers to assess the facilities at the Polling stations and to ensure proper facilities for Persons with Disabilities. The officers are Shri JC Ramthanga, IAS, Shri M. Lakshmikumar, IAS, Shri Th Gopen Meetei, IAS and Shri Gyan Prakash, IAS. The CEO office for the first time will distribute a detailed ‘Voter Guide’ to each family recorded in the Electoral Roll in addition to proper distribution of voter slips to each elector through the Booth Level Officers.
He informed that a total number of Polling stations are 2,862 at 2,275 locations. Out of this 283 are recorded as Critical (227 in Outer and 56 in Inner) and 225 are Vulnerable (171 in Outer and 54 in Inner). The total number of P-2 Polling stations is 200 and P-3 is 26 where Polling Party will depart for the polling station 2 and 3 days before the Poll Day.
Mentioning the assured minimum facilities to the Polling stations, the CEO stated that CEO office has released funds to MSPDCL for electrification of 1,217 polling stations which have no electricity connections. The Deputy Commissioners concerned will provide Ramps in 665 polling stations where Ramps are not there, for which Department of Education will take up construction of Ramps in School buildings. Necessary funds have been released to DCs for providing drinking water at polling stations.
He further informed that, this time, CEO office has provided proper 8x4 feet flex printed Signage mounted on an iron frame, containing all details as specified by the ECI for installation at each polling station. Funds have been released to DCs to hire furniture for 346 polling stations which have no proper furniture and construction of temporary toilets in 236 polling stations where toilets are not available, added CEO.
A new feature added in the polling stations this time is an all new Standardized Voting Compartment, built as per exact specifications of the ECI to maintain secrecy. In addition, 5 big posters will also be put inside and outside the polling station giving proper instructions to voters as well as specifying the documents needed for voter identification.
As per directions of the Commission, the State election machinery has to provide special facilitation of all the PwDs. A total of 7,699 PwDs have been marked on the E-roll and 5 light vehicles per AC will be provided for transportation of those PwDs. 90 Coys of Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) which includes 15 Coys of IRB from within the State shall be deployed in the first phase election in Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency. The Central forces include CRPF, BSF, SAP from Assam and Mizoram and RPF.
Arrangement are being made for deployment of 3 Helicopters for post-poll airlifting of 124 polling parties, EVM and VVPAT which includes Tamenglong (49), Churachandpur (39), Chandel (20) and Ukhrul (16).
He further stated that one assembly segment each in Imphal East and Churachandpur district shall be manned by only Women poll personnel. This could be perhaps for the first time in any part of the country. There shall be 1 model polling station in each assembly segment as well. Online live webcasting as well as static recording is proposed to be done in about 1250 polling stations.
CEO urged all the Print and Electronic media to abide by the guidelines issued by PCI to follow for observance during the election and Guidelines for Election Broadcasts issued by NBSA.
The media briefing was also attended by Additional CEO, T. Ranjit Singh, Joint CEO Ramananda Nongmeikapam and other officials of CEO office.

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Imphal March 28,

Joint Students’ Coordinating Committee (JSCC), a joint body of four student bodies namely AMSU, MSF, KSA, SUK and four women organisations KANGLAMEI, Poirei Leimarol Apunba Meira Paibi Lup, CHITUWA and AMKIL today declared banned to KAI and Ningthibi Collection from organising social events.
Speaking to the media person at a press meet held at AMSU Head office, Convenor of JSCC Ng. Milan said that they strongly condemned Utlou incident which was organised by KAI (Ningthibi) on 22nd of March where the locals later disrupted for being inappropriate.
Highlighting the impact of such events Milan further said that not only the youths are demoralised by the event but the whole society was given a negative impact by it.  
In order to find a prolonged solution the student bodies along with the women organisation have thoroughly discussed with various stake holders and the organisers of the event. Milan said that organising such event gives negative impact to the youths and also it gives a way to fuse the imported festival Holi along with Yaoshang and the used of various liquors in the event in the state where liquors is banned  is a serious issue. He further said because of such reasons which will demoralised the youth and the society, the civil society organisations along with the student body were left with no choice but to ban the activities of the KAI (Ningthibi).
Milan also said that all the person who had attended the event should come and meet the Civil Society organisations within three days from today to discussed with them on how and why they are part of such event. He further warned that the responsibilities for those who doesn’t heed will be taken by the individual itself.
President of Poirei Leimarol Memcoubi said that the event have maligned the image of the unique festival. She added that such activities is very odd and not suitable for the society and also lead to demoralised the youths.  She added that the place where the event took place was also banned from organising any events.
Regarding the arrest of the locals who disrupts such events by police Memchoubi expressed strong condemnation. She also questioned the availability of huge quantity of liquors when the election code of conduct is in force. “No arrest was made from among the participants or the organisers who need to be arrested for the liquors, but instead locals who disrupted the events to protect the youths were arrested”, Memchoubi added.
Memchoubi also lambasted the silence of the Chief Ministers and his government regarding the issue.

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Thoubal, March 28,

Salungpham High School, located at Salungpham Maning Leikai Village in Thoubal district under Heirok Police station was left into ashes after unknown miscreants reportedly set ablaze around yesterday midnight. Interestingly Salunpham Mayai Leikai comes under Heirok Assembly Constituency where its MLA Thokchom Radheshyam is the Education Minister of the state government. 

According to the Head Master of the School Phuritsabam Tomba, the miscreants might have burnt down the school around half past midnight of yesterday and he was informed about the incident by the Chowkidar of the school through phone. He said soon after receiving the news he along with his locality rushed the spot and tried to extinguish the fire. 

In the fire, 7 class rooms including the Administrative block has been reduced to ashes. All important documents of the school, Computer sets and science equipments were all burnt into ashes. 6 class room of the school were however saved by Fire Service team of Thoubal and Yairipok . Estimated lost in the fire is expected to cross around Rs. 30 lakhs by the school authority. 

Speaking to media persons Head Master of the School Ph. Tomba said that the act is more like an attempt to abolish the school as those miscreants collected all the important documents of the administrative block which was maintained since the beginning of the school in front of the school and burnt it into ashes. He further added that earlier too there were incident of computer sets being stolen from the room.

Chowkidar of the school Amuba said that he returned home late yesterday as he had attended the last day of Lai Haraoba of his village and friends from the Laibung informed him about the burning of the school while he was trying to have his dinner.

Wrath over the burning of the school locals of Salungpham and students blocked road in front of the school and demanded immediate arrest of those responsible in the burning of the school. 

Heirok Police had taken up a case and investigation is being on to find out the culprits.

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Imphal March 28,

With the non functioning of Night Service of Primary Health Centre of Nongpok Sekmai irate Meira Paibis and Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM) today locked down the health centre and halt the services including OPD of the centre.

Speaking to media persons General Secretary of SSUM highlighted that the Health centre was also previously locked down by local by meira paibis for the non functioning of health centre but was opened again by the assurance from the authorities that the night service will function again. He further said that as the night service was functionless till now, the irate locals and the student body locked it down again.

Later in the evening MLA of the area Th. Radheshyam without concerning the protestors broke the lock and opened the Health Centre adding fuel to the burning fire to the irate protestors. The protestors began to agitate even more and the police personnel controlled the mob. Minister Radheshyam escaped from the scene leaving behind the angry locals.

Soon after Chief Medical Officer of Thoubal came at the spot and assured them that they will look after the health centre and also guaranteed that they will begin the Night Service which later lifted the locking down of the PHC.

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Thursday, 28 March 2019 17:21

Fire breaks out at FR Tower in Dhaka

By- Siam Sarower Jamil,
Dhaka, March 28,

A fire broke out at a multi-storied building on Kemal Ataturk Avenue in the city’s Banani area on Thursday. The fire broke out at around 12:45pm at the fifth floor of the FR Tower, said an official of Fire Service and Civil Defence control room.
17 fire fighting units rushed there and have been trying to extinguish the blaze till filling of this report at around 03:15pm.
However, the origin of the fire could not be known immediately. Unofficial sources said, already 3 killed in the fire.

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The anti-BJP wave sweeping across the North Eastern states of India seems to give no worry to the BJP. May the BJP leadership under estimated the region even as they have tried when Narendra Modi wave hurled the country in 2014 parliamentary election. Their victory in 2014 had make them so confident that as long as the majority Hindu in the heartland of India can be hypnotized, the BJP is in no way going to lose the election. Of the 29 states, the BJP now seem to concentrate the issues of bigger states which have more number of MPs either in way of hypnotizing the less literate voters or by building unbreakable alliance with political parties so that the number of reinstating a similar BJP led NDA type government could be formed at the center. To be précised, targeting big states which have more numbers of MPs is becoming the agenda of BJP in their effort to bring back Narendra Damudor Modi as the country’s Prime Minister again.
Promises to scrape inhuman and outdated legislation or Act are a mere joke. If one remember what the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had spoken at Madison Square Graden in New York at which he stated that draconian and outdated laws will be scrape, he or she will certainly think that , “Mr. Modi did know how to make joke”. The speech was delivered around 4 years back and till today the draconian Armed Forces Special Power Act is still enforce, the sedition laws make no changes and provisions to protect citizen from detention in the name of potential threat still continue in the name National Security Act (NSA) where a Manipuri Television Journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem has been detained after court set him free.  
The ambitious Act East policy which was renamed after the coming of the Modi government turn out to be another appeasement policy of the North Eastern states. NRC in Assam was supported and after knowing that over 40 lakhs illegal immigrants has been found out, the Government led by Narendra Modi is amending the citizenship act to grant citizen to these people perhaps.
The day when the Contentious Citizen Amendment Act, 2016 was passed in the lok Sabha, there was wild uproar in the entire states of North East. In Tripura protestors were fired.
The Chief Minister of Manipur, perhaps under pressure at least joint hands with some political party urged the Union Home Minister and the prime Minister to insert a clause that would protect the state from CAB, which is neither feasible nor listen by the BJP leadership.
Ram Madav, the General Secretary in Charge of NE states for the BJP and present MP had stated that they are going to present the CAB 2016 and will pass in the Rajya Sabha too. The very statement of the BJP leader without saying anything to the demand of a BJP Chief Minister showed that they care nothing to NE states. After all all the states put together including Sikkim have only 25 MPs. The issue of CAB and the uproar from the people of the state is not an issue as the BJP now shrewdly penetrated to West Bengal which have 42 MPs. Half of this number which the BJP is expecting to get due to the anti-incumbency factor of the Mamta Benerji Government as well as the number of Illegal Migrants which had already entered the city of joy who felt that they will be granted citizenship. Its is not an issue for muslim migrant to convert it to any religion as most entered the country for survival. After all the CAB says persons without any document can also be granted citizenship of the country. There are no marks to any human being to show that he or she belong to any religion.  
As per news report appeared at some of the  Assam based newspaper bold statement which humiliated the uproar of the public against the Bill showed that NE states is not important to them.

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It is a matter of great pleasure for me to inaugurate this ‘Manipur International Symposium of Dance and Music: Traditional Art Forms and World Today’ organized by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, North-Eastern Region in collaboration with Manipur University and Manipur University of Culture. As Governor of the host State in the North-Eastern region, I would like to thank the organizers for holding such an International Symposium at Imphal.  Additionally, it is gratifying to know that eminent artistes of Indian classical dance forms including a few foreign artistes will be joining the Symposium in panel discussion, lecture-cum-demonstration and performances.  This will create an interdisciplinary cultural exchange and mutual understanding amongst the artistes belonging to the fraternity. I also strongly believe that this Symposium will be of great help to the local students in gaining knowledge and sharing of ideas with artistes from other States and abroad.
Indian culture and traditions are something which have now become renowned all across the world.  Manipuri Dance is again amongst the few of the recognized classical dance forms of India. The State has a rich cultural heritage and its traditional art forms are widely acclaimed. The topic of today’s symposium is of much contemporary relevance especially in the context of Manipur as its rich and variegated traditional art forms need to be invigorated and kept in proper perspective.  The symposium is also unique in the sense that through it an effort is being made for cultural ties with our neighbouring countries Myanmar, Bangladesh and Bhutan. I extend a warm welcome to all the participating artistes from the neighbouring countries and other parts of India. I am hopeful that the symposium will go a long way in bringing about overall personality development of our local artistes, enabling them to connect around the globe to promote the rich cultural heritage of Manipur and India as a whole.  
Many of you here would know that ICCR was founded in the year, 1950 by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, the first Education Minister of Independent India and my great grand uncle. It was created with a clear mandate to promote cultural exchanges with other countries and people, to establish and develop relations with National and International organizations in the field of culture.  I had an opportunity of associating with this iconic cultural Institution in the capacity of its President during 2002 to 2005 and I am familiar with its various initiatives for the development of cultural ties with other countries. I have no doubt that the present symposium will become an important and prestigious event in the cultural calendar of the region.
The North-Eastern region has fascinating natural beauty and to add to that the ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity of the region is awesome.  The rich tapestry of cultures of the North-East, whether it is the highly developed classical dance forms and visual arts or the vibrant and rhythmic folk dances and songs of the hills of the entire region or the crafts of artisans showing rich creative expressions has been marvellous with its unique identity.  However, owing to its long isolation till the recent past, the region’s culture has not received its due exposure or recognition that it truly deserves. This International Symposium is significant not only because it will focus on the vibrant culture of a very beautiful part of our country but because it will also bring out the beauty of our unity in diversity.  
This platform for holding discourses on Dance and Music of the North-Eastern Region will serve for the study, practice, documentation, preservation, and dissemination of the traditional music and dance of all North-Eastern States and their people.  The symposium will encourage both archival research and fieldwork, seeking for advantages from different methodological approaches and using diverse source materials such as written chronicles, daily reports, letters, treatises on music, transcriptions, sound recordings and films that will contribute to the understanding of traditional Dance and Music of the North-Eastern Region people. The region has been and is still going through social, cultural and political transitions which are reflected in its music and dance traditions. The demographic structure of its population provokes an interest to research not only by scholars within the region, but also by scholars from other parts of the country.  The symposium, I am sure, will see brain storming sessions for achieving the set goals in the field of arts and culture. In our march towards progress and prosperity, our cultural riches are our assets that make us proud and beautiful and to remain connected with our glorious past.  We must ensure the survival of our traditional art, our dance forms and our Music.  We should encourage our youth to keep these skills and creativity alive and robust.  
With these words, I am hopeful that people assembled here from the North-East and various parts of the country and overseas will experience the vibrancy in the different forms of art and culture in the region and I wish the Symposium all success. I once again compliment the organizers for this initiative.

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From a Correspondent
Guwahati, March 28,

 The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) representative met local journalists and distributed copies of ‘Safety Kit for journalists covering the elections’ at the Guwahati Press Club yesterday.
CPJ’s Emergencies Response Team (ERT) has compiled the Safety Kit based on best international practices. It contains information for
editors, reporters, and photojournalists on how to prepare for elections, and how to mitigate digital, physical and psychological risk.
CPJ’s India Correspondent Kunal Majumder spoke on various aspects of Digital Safety including Basic device preparedness, Identifying bots, Online harassment and trolling and Securing and storing materials. He also touched on Physical Safety issues like Reporting safely on
rallies and protests and Reporting safely in a hostile community.
Soft copy of the Safety kit is also available on CPJ website: and can be freely used, distributed and republished.
CPJ is also organising such events in Imphal (on Dec 29th) and Agartala (On Dec 31st) in their respective press clubs.
About Committee to Protect Journalists:
The Committee to Protect Journalists is an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide. We defend the
right of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal.
Every year, hundreds of journalists are attacked, imprisoned, or killed. For more than 30 years, CPJ has been there to defend them and fight for press freedom.
CPJ is made up of about 40 experts around the world, with headquarters in New York City. CPJ’s work is based on its research, which provides
a global snapshot of obstructions to a free press worldwide. CPJ’s research staff documents hundreds of attack on the press each year.

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Imphal, March 28,

As a part of its drive against illicit liquor and intoxicants, Coalition Against Drugs & Alcohol (CADA) today organised an awareness programme on the impact of the illicit drugs to student community at Master Sankey English School in Irilbung Bzar , Imphal East at 11.30 am.
Angom Konjenbam Somi-Administrator Master Sankey English School; Ningthoujam Doren – Vice-President CADA and Ningthoujam Memchoubi-President CADA IE District Committee attended as dignitaries. Secretary General of the CADA Ningthoujam Memchoubi spoke as resource person.
Geetchandra Mangang, while speaking on the occasion stressed on the various causes that force the students and youths in taking the illicit drugs. Misconception like using intoxicant as a manly character, considering smoking as a fashion is the root of encouraging youth in using intoxicants , Geetchandra said.  
The influence of users to the youths in using drugs was also elaborated by the resource persons . Peer pressure which is a pressure from users to non users friends were also categorically explained by the resource person.
Compulsion of beer and drinks in Birthday party which is an alien phenomenon but the alien concept has become a factor for spoiling the students and youths of the state.
Presidium member Ningthoujam Doren – Vice-President, CADA while speaking on the occasion said that students and youth are the future of the nation and it is a must that the students and the youth remain healthy to push forward the nation to a developed nation. If these future of the nation are damage with the intoxicant then the future is at stake.

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Thursday, 28 March 2019 17:17

Buyer Seller Meet held at Yurembam

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Imphal, March 28,

The National Small Industries Corporation Limited , Uripok Achom Leikai in association with Power Gird Corporation of India Limited , Yurembam , Langjing Achouba today organised a one day Vendor Development Programme cum Buyer Seller Meet at the Community Hall of Power Gird Corporation of India Limited , at Yurembam, Imphal West District.
The inaugural function of the meet was attended by MSK Singh, General Manager, Power Gird Corporation of India Limited, ABK Singh Senior Deputy General Manager, Power Gird Corporation of India Limited, LY Khongsai, Senior Deputy General Manager, Power Gird Corporation of India Limited, L Panmei , Junior Officer , Power Gird Corporation of India Limited etc. attended as dignitaries on the dais.
L. Ibetombi Devi Manager NSIC delivered the key note address. Over 40 display their product in the meet.

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