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Imphal March 17,

Flowers planted at pots and hanging in and around Historic Ima Keithel for beautification of the unique market complex were found stolen in the last couple of days by unknown miscreants.

The three Khwairamband Keithel is a unique market complex which is run only by women. Civil society organisations, political parties all talks of keeping the market shed clean. But it was Blooming Manipur which first took up the initiative to plant flowers  in and around Ima Keithel in association with the then Director of MAHUD, Nepram Gitkumar. 

As per report, various numbers of fully grown flowers hanging around the Ima Keithel market sheds were found  stolen along with the pots on the night of  March 15 by some unknown miscreants.

Speaking to media person Member of Blooming Manipur Elangbam Satyajit said that they were saddened and disheartened by the sight that many of the flowers that were planted by the volunteers and the people to beautify our land, our historic only women market in the world IMA Keithel were stolen time and again by some miscreants. He strongly condemned such an act and added that many people are trying hard using their valuable time by watering daily and caring the plants. He also said that their work is not only about beautifying the places but also enabling the people to participate in community works leading to a right thinking society. He further appealed not to repeat such act and also added to support their small effort to bring about a Beautiful Ima Keithel and led Ima Keithel bloom as their pride.

It can be mention that water storage tank (Sintex) that were fitted in the garden that was made under the Bir Tikendrajit Fly Over Bridge were also stolen few months back.

Blooming Manipur is an organisation which was first started as a Facebook group on 2012 with the objective of taking responsibility and transforming the land with many loving and caring acts into places of pride and instilled a sense of belongingness

Today the volunteers of blooming Manipur again replanted the flowers.

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Sunday, 17 March 2019 17:03

AR Apprehends UG

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Imphal, March. 17

Keithelmanbi Batallion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South), in a joint operation with Manipur Police apprehended a cadre of PREPAK(PRO) on 16 March 2019.
The Battalion alongwith Imphal East Commandos promptly reacted on the reliable input provided by own sources and apprehended a self styled private of PREPAK(PRO) form Basikhong. The apprehended individual was identified as Mutum Tombi Singh @ Itamba. The individual confessed that he is a cadre of PREPAK(PRO) and joined the outfit in the year 2018.
The apprehended individual was handed over to Police for further legal action.

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Imphal East, March 17,

Ahead of the 17th Lok Sabha Election 2019, office of the District Election Officer, Imphal East conducted an awareness workshop cum meeting on Media Certification and Monitoring Committee (MCMC) and media related matters at the conference hall inside DC Imphal East Complex yesterday.
The awareness campaign which was organized with an intention to sensitize the media fraternity on media related regulations were attended by media personnel of various organizations and DEO Imphal East staff.
DEO Imphal East which has constituted the MCMC to keep a check on cases of paid news and certification of political advertisements in the district has started functioning a day after the Election Commission of India announced schedule for the 17th Lok Sabha Elections 2019 on 10th March 2019. DEO/DC Dr. Rangitabali Waikhom is the chairman of the MCMC Imphal East District committee.
An interactive session related to paid news, MCMC, and other media related matters was also held. Smt. Ch. Nomila Devi, Nodal Officer (Media/Communication), Shri L. Roshan Singh, Nodal Officer  (Cyber Security and ICT Application) and Km. Sagolsem Snehprabha, Nodal Officer (Media Monitoring Control Room) MCMC Imphal East, fielded queries from the media and DEO Imphal East staff.
L. Roshan Singh said that monitoring paid news in electronic media will be very challenging in the coming general election.
According to Sagolsem Snehprabha, this committee will scrutinize print and electronic media to identify political advertisements in the garb of news in the media. It will also certify political advertisements in the electronic media in the district.
She further said that the candidates or political parties could appeal against the decisions of the district committee to the State-level MCMC. The candidates could also approach the Election Commission against the decision of the State-level body

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Imphal, March 17,

With an objective to spread the ideas and ideology of Lamyanba Irabot to the hoi polloi and also to implement his ideas for an egalitarian society, Manipur Proletariat Peoples’ Democratic Union (MPPDU), Socialist Woman Association (SWA), Manipur Young Communist League (YCL) and Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM) will together organised Mannaba Khunaigidamak Ahanba Manipur Khunnai Meepham (1st National Convention on Socialism) on April 2, 2019.
Speaking to media persons in a press meet held at the office of SSUM convenor of Young Communist League Wahengbam Kameshor said the hoi polloi needs to understand the ideas of Lamyanba Irabot and also need to be conscious about his ideology to make our society an egalitarian one.  Even though various organizations have been celebrating in memorial of Lamyanba Irabot but unfortunately only a few follows his ides, he added.
Kameshor added that by offering flowers, lighting candle and singing songs to the leader will not change our society into a classless society. He further said only a few of the masses has gathered much of the wealth while many were stranded fighting a lose battle to have two meals in a day. He opined that the working class needs to work together with the ideology of Lamyanba Irabot in building an egalitarian classless society.
He said that the various revolutions around the world were succeeded because of the movements of the masses of the working class. He questioned that if the working class strived only for the two meals in a day than who will strive in building a classless society. He further added that it is time to unite the working class and the people who love their mother land, who have the ideology of being self independent to build an egalitarian society where Lamyanba Irabot dreamt.
He concluded that the convention will discuss on how the ideas of Irabot will turns into action.

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Sunday, 17 March 2019 17:01

State level MCC reconstituted

Imphal, March 17,
The State Level Media Certification Committee formed in connection with the ensuing 17th Lok Sabha Election, 2019 with the Addl. CEO, Manipur as the Chairperson, the Returning Officer – Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency (DEO-Imphal West) and Dilip Mayengbam, Station Director (AIR) as members was re-constituted today with the addition of Bankimchandra Maisnam, Sr. Consultant (SEMT), Manipur as a member of the Media Certification Committee, who will function as an intermediary expert/Social media expert.
The committee will entertain the applications for certification received from all registered political parties having their headquarters in Manipur; all groups of organisations or associations or persons having their registered office in Manipur.

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Imphal, March 17,

Popular Front of India chairman E Abubacker has expressed deep sorrow and shock over the gruesome killing of believers on Friday that took place at two Mosques, the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Mosque, in Chirstchurch city in New Zealand. As many as 50 people have been reported to have died and so many people got injured. The victims are all innocent unarmed defenseless Muslim worshippers including children gathered for their Friday prayers.
“Our heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims. We pray God that they be granted easy relief and respite. The attack was inspired by hatred for Muslim, Islam and immigrants. Major and minor incidents of similar nature are becoming routine in the West. It is undeniable that this growing hatred corresponds to rise of right wing, white supremacist parties and leaders across Europe and America. In their attempt to advance their careers, politicians and media propagate hatred aginst minorities, immigrants and Muslims in their lands. Anti-Muslim campaigns are not controlled by Western governments. Now it threatens the very public life of Muslims in these countries. These attackers are more than mere individual fanatics gone mad. Not only fringe racial groups, even mainstream political parties in many countries are promoting such crimes.  It is shameful that a micro-minority community counting less than 50,000 and amounts to only one percent of total population is projected in New Zealand as a threat to national security.” 
E Abubacker wished that let this latest and worst incident of Muslim hate, prompt the sane elements in Europe and America to defeat Politics of Islamophobia and Media demonizing Muslims.  He also expressed concern about the report that among the victims of these terror incidents, there are few Indians and people of Indian origin. He urged Union Minister of Foreign Affairs to extend needed support to them and to ensure safety of Muslim Indians living in New Zealand and Australia.

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Sunday, 17 March 2019 17:00

Yaoshang thabal

By-Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Feeling awesome, when in I join;
Feeling great, when in I participate;
Feeling good, when in I never missed the moment;
One factual truth I carry, confident;
Never delayed and never lazy,
Season! I knew it and I remembered that,
The breeze, the essence all in the air;
How chaotic! The feelings and the happiness;
How confusing! The eagerness within;
How passionate and tumultuous! Every single soul,
Leaves fallen apart, hairs flowing unbroken;
Come anew spurting, dazzling and colorful;
Red, blue, green and white
Yellow! O yellow, the season of yellow;
Come again showering love and fondness.

Something’s rhythmic, something’s servicing;
All in all, all in one performing;
Girls! Oh beautiful maiden girls,
Digging and spading, cultivating poles;
Begging and beseeching money;
Requesting and asking charity;
Inviting and alluring and winning all;
Uniting and compromising and cherishing hearts;
All for a thabal and all for a compromise;
Sailing wildly through the ocean of love;
Amidst the wilderness friends for a friend,
‘Color me red, color me not blue;
Color me your passions and
Ease me my emotions, Oh! The unholy,
Laughter and cherishing filled this smoky air.

Feeling awesome, when in I join;
Feeling great, when in I participate;
Feeling good, when in I never missed the moment;
How energetic! The moon lit night
Too shadowy as I emerged thrilling kak-kak-kak;
How lyrical when you merged?
With that green velvety blouse of mine;
Thabal! Oh thabal, yaosang thagi thabal
How graceful! The love hands swings folding,
To and fro, wide and open, Soft and greasy;
Beating those melancholic tunes,
Oh! The drums, those drum sounds,
Echoing hard and again, far and near;
Kicking through the air blushing,

Carry me in and carry me out,
All through the musical lines;
Swinging and swaying, jumping in and out;
Flapping in and out, High and low,
Thumping up and down, so-madly and wildly;
Dancing through the light all I could,
Wasting not a minute dancing,
Holding in my hand so tightly compromising;
Holding me nearer whispering and embracing;
Leave ‘him’ not; leave ‘him’ not unattended;
 Oh 9’oclock! The clock struck nine,
Hurry! Hurriedly I bade ‘him’ last good step dancing;
Alas! ‘His’ holding I released,
Too hard it hurts inside just the way it is.

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By : Dr. Thangjam Ranjit
Sinam Leikai, Thangmeiband
# 8787692023

Meetei Community is one of the main tribes of Manipur and North East India and possesses all the characteristic of becoming a tribe living in permanent society. Though, the majority of Meetei population embraces Hindusim/Vaishnovism, they do not give up their age-old traditions, cultures, way of life, etc, of their fore fathers. They have been following the rituals of birth, marriage, death etc in the way their fore-fathers were practicing, even before the time of their conversion into Hinduism during the reign of King Pamheiba(1709-1848). This is again confirmed by the census of India 1931,vol-I page-430, it records “Manipuris” as wholly “Hindu Tribe” but retaining their distinctive  language and culture”. Followers of Sanamahism/Meeteism which constitute over  two lakhs population also have been strictly following  traditions and cultures of their forefathers  till date similar to other Meetei Hindus.
The fact that Meeteis are living in a permanent tribal society are borne out by the historic resolution of the International Labour  Organization(ILO), a specialized agency of UNO,  which adopted  its  Convention No. 169 in 1989, based on general attitude of respect for the  cultures and way of life of indigenous and  tribal people, and the fundamental assumption that indigenous and tribal people constitute  permanent societies. This landmark resolution, however, contradicts ILO convention No,107 of 1957 which is based on temporary tribal societies but obsolete now,
The fact that Meetei (Manipuri) is tribe/Principal tribe of Manipur and N.E. India is authenticated by many official records, gazetteers, publications, memoirs books, etc. Mention may be made of Census of India 1891, 1901 and 1931; Imperial Gazetteer  of Bengal and Assam (1909); Gazetteer of Manipur by Caption EW Dunn (1886), Gazettter of Bengal and  N.E. India (1909); Statistical Accounts of the Native State of Manipur,  the Hill Territory, under its Rules by Dr. R. Brown, Political Agent in Manipur (1873); the New Encyclopedia Britannica; Ethnicity and Social Change by Prof,. Gangmumei Kamei, among others. History of the Tangkhul Nagas written by A.S. W. Shimray mentions Tangkhuls and Meeteis are descendants of the same progenitor and that ancestors of the Tangkhuls and Meeteis are brothers.  The Meiheis” written by T.C. Hodson, late Political Agent of Manipur (an Anthropologist) mentions Meitei as a tribe, so on and so forth.
On the other hand, people in the hills, except few thousands Zeliangrongs, almost 99% of the population have embraced Christianity but have abandoned their traditional cultures and ways of life. In other words, the old rituals of birth, marriage, death, etc,. of their forefathers which were in practice before embracing Christianity are no longer in practice. They are living in the way true Christians of the West are living, forgetting the old tradition   and culture of their forefathers. However, in the midsts of strong influence of Christianity in the hills and Hinduism in the valley area of the state, sizeable population of the Meitei and Zeliangrong are still following their all cultures and traditions of their forefathers, in the name of “Sanamahi”  and  Tingkao Rangwa. That is why, UNO describes such communities, who have been following the old cultures, tradition and way of life of their ancestors as “Permanent Tribal  Society”. Again, Meetei  being a bonafide indigenous people of the state and following old cultures and traditions of their forefathers are scheduled tribe, according  to the Supreme Court of India, the highest Court of the country, as per its judgment(Criminal Appeal No.11/2011(Special) Leave petition No. 10367 of 2010)  of 5th, 2011, which state “Scheduled Tribes or Adivasis are the original inhabitants of India and constitutes about 8% of our total population.
Again, Meetei qualifies the old and new criteria laid down by the Govt. of India/ Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
The old criteria are:
1. Indication of Primitive traits.
2. Distinctive culture.
3. Shyness of contact with the community at large.
4. Geographical  isolation.
5. Backwardness.
The new criteria (under consideration) proposed by Panda Committee 2014 are:
1. Autonomous religious practices, although practicing the Hindu way of life would not be a bar.
2. Marital relationship with other tribes (majority in the tribe should marry within the tribe or with other tribes not with non Tribals).
3. Distinctive culture.
4. Historical and Geographical isolation.
5. Socio- economic and educational backwardness.
6. Distinctive language.
Meeteis having been officially documented as a tribe or principal tribe earlier, qualify both the old and new criteria of being a tribe in the context of Article 342 (1) of the Indian Constitution, and accordingly Meetei can be enlisted in the ST list of the state/country and receive constitutional safeguard for Manipur Valley where Meeties can inhabit in scheduled Area in the same manner as that of the hills areas of the state by hill people. This way fertile Imphal valley area  which is producing tasty and substantial  food grains, vegetables,  fishes, etc. can be saved for livelihood of both the people living in the hills and valley.
Had Meetei is been enlisted in the ST list along with our brethren in the hills, without indulging in corruption by the then so called educated people of the state to the visiting members of Minority Commission of the Govt. of India in 1950, the present situation of mistrust and seemingly hill-valley divide among the people in the state would not have been existed but a peaceful, progressive and harmonious tribal society of a hill state called Manipur. We can achieve this status of Manipuri society in near future  if the Meetei are given ST status  by Government of India under Article 342(1) of the Indian constitution.
We should remember that   the indigenous people in the state are looked upon as tribes by the people of North East, India and world over except few immigrant STs.

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