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Imphal March 11

As the date for the upcoming Lok Sabha election was declared yesterday, the Model Code of Conduct has been enforced in the state since yesterday till the end of the election and also the drive to remove various poster and banners in public places has also begun yesterday.

Speaking to Media persons at Lamphel DC complex Chief Electoral Officer Naorem Praveen said that expenditure monitoring teams have been activated and 39 flying squads are put functional just after the declaration of election date. He added that all the banners and postures have been started removing and will finish removing from the public places by 5 in the evening today.

He added that the number of polling stations in Imphal West is 524 and all the stations were inspected and the requirements were discussed to ensure the facilities before the election. He added that 26 polling stations with only female polling parties will be open in all the Inner parliamentary constituency with 2 stations each in one assembly segments.  A model polling station will also open at each of the 13 assembly segments.

Naorem Praveen further appealed the people to download the cVIGIL app and give any complaints through a mobile application regarding the violation of model code of conduct to the CEO ensuring free and fair election. He added that voter slip alone will not eligible to cast vote from this election unlike previous years. The voters need to show their EPIC for their identification or other related 11 documents for identification.

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Thoubal, March 11,

Four days after Police team of Thoubal police busted a counterfeit Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) Factory at Thoubal Athokpam area, another manufacturing factory of the similar IMFL has been busted by the Thoubal Police at Khongjom Keithel around 7.30 am today.
Police team under the supervision of SP Thoubal, Dr. S. Ibomcha had been conducting the drive against illegal illicit liquor since the last couple of weeks.
After getting specific information about the existence of illegal counterfeit liquor factory have been received a team of Thoubal Police including women personnel raided the house and busted the illegal manufacturing unit.
Additional SP (Ops), Sachidananda Soibam, DSP (CDO) O. Wangkhomba and Inspector  N. Sadananda Singh (OC/Cdo) led the team which busted the racket of illegal liquor manufacturing area.
The police team beside arresting the manufacturer gang which included  Heikrujam Bikramjit Singh (37) s/o H. Manao of Khongjom Bazar and  Ms. Changamayum Usharani Devi (43) D/O (L)  Ch. Tomba Singh of Athokpam Awang Leikai several articles used for manufacturing the counterfeit IMFL including 11 Empty Plastic Jeri cans (20 litres capacity each) ; One wooden frame for screen printing; Rolex ink blue in colour; Four plastic packets of colouring powder of  gold colour; One bottle of unidentified liquid for processing illegal liquor; an unit of two big  aluminum pots for processing illegal liquors; three local made iron machines for assembling illegal liquors’ bottles; and one bottle of liquid suspected to be reducing agent for screen printing from their houses were seized.
The police team also picked up one Md. Ajit Khan(39) s/o Md.  Abdul Latip of Heiyel Labuk for supplying unidentified chemicals in liquid form used in the manufacture of the illegal liqours .
The arrested persons along with seized articles have been handed over to Khongjom Police Station.
The police team on further raid also detained Laishram Tilotama(56) w/o Shyam of Lamding Laishram Leikai and recovered 5 bottles of OC Blue 750ml, and 31 bottles of Caravan whisky 750 ml  and 48 can beers of Diablo 500 ml.  The arrested persons along with the seized articles have  been handed over to Thoubal Police Station.

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Imphal, March 11,

All Manipur Primary Teachers Association (AMPTA) has expressed strong apprehension about issuing of ‘No Objection certificate’ to 4444 under matriculate/ matriculate/under graduate/ primary/ Hindi Primary teachers who were appointed under Ex-Post De-Facto approval by the Additional Director (Hill/Valley).

The AMPTA in a press statement said that after an inter- seniority list of the teachers had been prepared on February 2, 2019, the AMPTA has been preparing a final seniority list of the teacher.

The statement signed by Gunachandra Kakchingtabam, Secretary Information and publicity, AMPTA said that the association will strongly stand against the issuance of the ‘No Objection certificate’ to the said teachers as education sector cannot be run under emotion and sentiment.

Drawing the attention of Chief Minister N. Biren, Education Minister Th. Radhesyam and Director of Education (S) Thokchom Kirankumar, AMPTA statement said that they have an apprehension that the Additional Director (Hill/Valley) might issue ‘No objection certificate’ for the academic qualification of those who were recruited but was later approved by the government through Ex-post facto to study further during the time where AMPTA tried to hasten the process of declaring the final seniority list by the government. He further said that they will not allowed such act if happen and appeal the government to not let the education sector be emotionally driven as it will not help in improving the Education where the government tried to improve it through its mission of ‘School Fagat-Hansi’.

The statement further said that after preparation of the inter- se –seniority list of the teachers, claim and objection has been completed as per the Performa of the teachers. If the “No objection Certificate’ has been issued the AMPTA will left with no other option but to take the help of the law court. It appealed the government as well as the concern department to look into the matter.

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Monday, 11 March 2019 17:09

MNPF observes 6th Foundation day

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Imphal, March 11,

Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) today observed its 6th Foundation Day at its General Head Quarter (GHQ), Mobile Battalion Unit, and at all department of the organization.
A statement of the Deputy Secretary, Publicity, MNPF said that the Foundation Day observance begins by honouring the party flag followed by paying tributes with revolutionary salute to the martyrs who had sacrificed for the cause of the revolutionary movement.
Speaking on the occasion Chairman of the organization John Francis thank the almighty for His blessing to the party making it existed for 6 years, the statement said. It added that Manipur is a home of various communities, leaving aside one community will not make Manipur. At a time when the India government is playing divide and rule among the people to distort the unity, each community should never think beyond building up a unity among the various communities. It further added that in order to unite all communities respect to each community from both side is the need of the hour. Protecting the integrity of the Mother Manipur is the responsibility of all communities of the state. The Chairman also sought the blessing of the almighty for success of the struggle.
The Chairman also thank the revolutionary organization of WESEA region and paid revolutionary salute for supporting the party   

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Imphal March 11,

Numerous problems faced by unorganised workers of the state, today were highlighted today in a one  day discussion program organised by Manipur Senmit Ehou Lup (MASEL) today organised at Manipur Press Club .
Vice President of MASEL Akoijam Narjit Meetei, in his keynote address said that various labours and unorganised sector workers in the state with their wants to earn their livelihood making a cut throat competition as many workers mushroom in one particular work leading to failure of the work or the business they did. He added that the discussion was organised to solve such problems.
He further said that the workers need to be aware of various schemes and programs for the welfare of the unorganised workers thus benefiting them leading the lives of the workers a brighter future.
Labour inspector of Labour Department M. Bheigyachandra talk on the topic of un-organised workers Social Security Act and Ex Deputy Commissioner of Labour Department E.Tomba speak about Un-organised workers Social Security Scheme.
The function was attended by Mayor of IMC L. Lokeshwor, President of MASEL H. Nanaocha Meetei Cooporator of IMC P.Debala devi, Ex Deputy Labour commissioner of labour department E. Tomba, Labour inspector of Labour department M. Bheigyachandra, President of Manipur Keithel Fambi Apunba Lup L. Memma and President of Khwairamband Nupi Keithel Semgat Sagatpa Lup M. (O) RK Radhesana as Chief Guest, President and Guest of Honours respectively.

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Imphal, March 11,
The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India held at its headquarters, in a statement issued after the Supreme Court  order on Ayodhya dispute, while welcoming the  court monitored mediation process, expressed strong reservations about the inclusion of controversial figure Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the three member panel. The meeting also demand a retired judge instead of a sitting Chief Justice among the three member penal.
A statement of the Front said that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is known as an open campaigner for constructing Ram Mandir on the site of demolished Babri Masjid. 
“He was repeatedly demanding Muslims to give up their claim of Babri Masjid and accept the Masjid outside Ayodhya. He is reported to have once threatened Muslims that if they don’t give up their claim on Ayodhya India will become Syria.  On another occasion he told to media that if the court rules against the temple, there would be bloodshed and the government might not be able to implement the court order. It is heartbreaking to note that a controversial person with such a background of openly instigating violence is being deputed to play the role of a mediator.  The meeting appealed the Supreme Court bench to modify the order by removing the name of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar from panel”, the statement said.
Since the past seven decades, Ayodhya issue has been a source of violence and chaos in the country. In the interest of justice and for long lasting peace and harmony among the two major communities in the country, it is essential that the title suit is settled immediately by the Supreme Court.  If mediation will help to resolve the issue, it can be given its chance. At the same time, in the past too there were attempts for mediation, but they failed due to Hindutva groups trying to influence the outcome for political gains. The meeting viewed the present mediation as different from previous attempts, because it is under the watch of the apex court.  Popular Front reiterated the view that whether it is in the court or on the mediation table, the matter should be examined and adjudged not on the basis of religious belief and mythology, but purely on the merit of records and facts. 
Popular Front Central Secretariat also suggested the Supreme Court to instruct the panel to start the mediation process only after Lok Sabha elections, by way of amending its order.  The meeting expressed apprehensions about urgency being sought in the matter to coincide with Lok Sabha elections, since there is chance of political misuse.

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Monday, 11 March 2019 17:06

Traffic woes

The state of Manipur, and Imphal city in particular has been witnessing a phenomenal increase in the amount of vehicles- an indication of the rising social status of the public and improving economic conditions in the state. While these factors are a welcome sign, the fact remains that the concerned authorities have failed to keep pace with the times and the changing social scenario in the state resulting in heavy traffic jams and delays which needs to be addressed immediately.
The short term policies and systems being implemented from time to time in an attempt to ease the congestions and traffic jams have not been able to alleviate the problem in any way, on the contrary these ad-hoc measures have managed to confuse the public and compound the problem the authorities have been trying to solve. The formation of Traffic regulation and parking committee has not been of much help, and one can only wonder if they are functioning at all. Queries put up to the concerned departments have only resulted in more bewildering responses- a classic example of the effectiveness of passing the buck around that has been at work in all government set ups.
While formulation of policies and systems to control and regulate traffic may be a beginning in the right direction, the fact remains that the increasing number of vehicles need additional space to accommodate them and juggling acts of the traffic system by the experts, however efficient and experienced they may be, will not bear fruit.
Construction of additional parking spaces at strategic locations, bypasses and flyovers, and most importantly providing subways at important and crowded junctions will go a long way in reducing these problems. Construction of public utilities does not automatically guarantee improvement- their proper usage is as important- an obvious example being the use of footpaths by the vendors and shopkeepers to stock and ply their goods forcing the pedestrians to walk on the road.
The need to streamline and re-orient the traffic police personnels is also being felt by the public. Turning a blind eye to the irregularities being committed by the drivers of various public and commercial transport vehicles in consideration for a “quick handshake” has been well documented- despite the dangers and inconveniences such greedy acts causes. The present government ministers and high ranking officials may not be feeling the burden such traffic jams causes as they seem to have a prerogative of the right of use of the road over the common public but unless some concrete steps are taken up very soon, the only option that would be available to them would be to use their feet with their retinue of escorts and assistants wading through the impossible traffic- surely a distracting relief for the stranded common public on the road.

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Imphal March 11,

Aryans College of Law, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh today organized a seminar on the Need for Balance on “Rising influence of Social Media vs Present Judicial System” at its Campus. Dr. Vijay Nagpal, Prof, Department of laws, Panjab University, Chandigarh was the Chief Guest while Dr. Bhupinder Singh Virk, Prof, Department of Laws, Punjabi University, Patiala was the Guest of Honour on the occasion. Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group presided over the session. The seminar was attended by LL.B, BA-LL.B students.
Dr. Vijay Nagpal while speaking said that For the police, social media has given them unprecedented access to the public, and vice versa. Via Facebook and Twitter, police and the public can communicate in real time about incidents and events. This has proven invaluable not only during times of crisis but also on a day-to-day basis and at the local level. Furthermore, the social media “broadcasting” of criminal trials has added an extra level of transparency to criminal proceedings.
Dr. Bhupinder Singh Virk said that social media has been accused of posing risks for many users, particularly young people. Social media has been used to facilitate “new” crimes such as revenge porn, prompting calls for harsher punishment. Also, the ability for criminals to use social media platforms to track potential victims
Principal, Aryans College of Law, Dr Hansraj Arora said that previously, it’s been thought that people form their opinions about crime from what they see or read in the media. But with social media taking over as our preferred news source the understandings of the crimes have been changed now.  People follow and accept the trends of social media without even knowing the actual facts.
Vice Principal, Aryans College of Law, Sh. SP Verma speaking about the future said that social media will continue to provide challenges and opportunities for criminal justice officials, as well as change the way the public perceives and engages with issues of crime and victimization. Capitalization on its benefits, and preventing or minimizing its negative effects in relation to crime and the criminal justice system is required.

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New Delhi, March 11,

Former Asian Championship gold medallist Shiva Thapa and Mohammed Hussamuddin led the march as six Indian boxers assured berth at the finals of the 38th GeeBee Boxing Tournament in Helsinki, Finland.
The youngest Indian to play in Olympics, Thapa outclassed Russia’s Mikhail Varlamov to notch up a unanimous 5-0 victory. The three-time Asian medallist will next take on local favourite Arslan Khataev in the summit clash. 
Following suit was Commonwealth Games bronze-medallist Hussamuddin. In a thrilling contest, the Indian held on to his nerves to get the better of Kazakhstan’s Zhanbolat Kydyrbayev in a narrow 3:2 win. 
It will be an exciting all-Indian final in the 56kg category with Hussamuddin taking on Kavinder Singh Bisht, who got the better of Frenchman Jordan Rodriquez to make the summit showdown. 
Also advancing to the last-two stage were Dinesh Dagar (69kg) and rookie Govind Sahani (49kg).
Dinesh Dagar, who defeated former Olympic bronze medallist Evaldas Petrauskas earlier in the tournament continued his impressive run, producing a gritty 4-1 victory over Sergei Sobylinski of Russia in his semis clash. He will be facing Commonwealth Games gold-medallist England Pat McCormack in the finals, a two-time European silver-medallist.
The final berth was secured by Govind Sahani who produced a flawless performance to outclass Russia’s Artysh Sojan 5-0. He will square off against Thailand’s Thitisan Panmod in quest for the gold.
Finishing off with bronze medals were Sachin Siwach (52), Sumit Sangwan (91kg) and Naveen Kumar (+91kg) after their respective semi-final loss. The former world youth champion, Sachin incurred a 1-4 defeat against Kyrgyzstan’s Azat Usenaliev while Sangwan suffered a similar fate after a 0-5 loss to England’s Chevon Clarke. In the Super Heavyweight category, Naveen Kumar lost 1-4 against Australia’s Justis Huni.

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