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Sunday, 29 December 2019 - Imphal Times

MLA Joykishan accepts CM Biren challenge for debate on Article 14; ‘The best platform is Assembly floor’

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Imphal, Dec 29

Congress MLA Khumukcham Joykishan today accepted Chief Minister N. Biren Singh’s challenges for debate on CAA and Article 14 of the Indian Constitution.

Chief Minister yesterday challenged for debate with anybody if the CAA had affect the Article 14 of the Indian Constitution while speaking in a pro- CAA public meeting held at Basu Ground, Khangabok in Thoubal district.

Speaking to reporters today afternoon, MLA Khumukcham Joykishan said that he is ready to accept the challenge of the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh over the issue of CAA and Article 14 but said that the appropriate platform for such debate should be State Assembly floor where the representatives of the people debated over issues of the state. He further said that if the Chief Minister felt it inconvenient then the debate should be held in a platform where all the people of the state can present.

“ Paras of the Article 14 do not necessary need to mention the CAA, what concern is the provisions in the CAA that violates the provisions of the Article 14”, Joykishan said replying to the challenge by Chief Minister N. Biren Singh where he asked the people that which provision of the CAA violates the Article 14.

He further said that the government should know that people who are speaking against the policy of the government cannot be suppressed by detaining them under certain charges. The government should respect the right of the people and detention of Political Party’s leader L. Sotinkumar will not be accepted by all.

“We know people of the state are against CAA, if the government want we can take a referendum of the people on CAA”, Joykishan said.

In connection with yesterday’s pro-CAA rally at Thoubal district, Joykishan said that we can see the number of people supporting CAA and opposing CAA.

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New species found in Manipur, named after Prof. Potsangbam Kumar of Manipur University as Trichodesma Kumareum

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Imphal, Dec 29

A new species Trichodesma Kumareum has been discovered in Manipur and named after Professor Potsangbam Kumar of the Life Science department, Manipur University. The new species is locally known as Ching Hawai Maton  and is found at different part of Manipur.

Talking to Imphal Times, Professor Potsangbam Kumar said that the new species was found by his team and has been recognised in October 2019.

The voucher species of the new species were collected from four localities of Kakching (Heikakpokpi Hill Range, Wairi) and Chandel (Monsang Hills, Pallel) of Manipur during June 2016 to March 2018.

According to paper published  in Reinwardtia – A Journal on Taxonomic Botany, Plant Sociology and Ecology , the genus Trichodesma (Boraginaceae) consists of 45 species and distributed in tropical to sub-tropical region of Asia, Arabian Peninsula , Africa and Australia.

The paper published was submitted by Sanatombi Devi Yumkham and Naorem Premita of Ethnobotany & Plant Physiology Laboratory, Centre of Advance Studies in Life Science, Manipur University, Canchipur, Sandhyarani Devi Khomdram , Department of Botany, Mizoram University, Aizawl and Mayanglambam Roma Devi, Department of Botany, Kha-Manipur College, Kakching.

The voucher species of the new species collected from Manipur was compared with closely allied preserved specimens deposited at CAL ( Botanical Survey of India, Central national herbarium, Calcutta), Assam ( Botanical Survey of India , Shillong), herbarium JCB ( Herbarium Joshep’s College, Bangalore, etc


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CAA should be repealed, NPR is unnecessary - Ashabala

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Imphal, Dec 29

The Secretary of the All Manipur Democratic Women’s’ Association(AMDWA) Ayekpam Ashabala Devi , a delegate from Manipur to the 12th National Conference of All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) which is in session at Mumbai , addressed the August gathering.
The Draft Report of the conference was placed by the General Secretary of the AIDWA Comrade Mariam Dhawale. The Draft Report highlights the women’s movement all over the country launched by women organisations particularly by AIDWA and its affiliates. Introducing the Draft Report she said that the women aren’t getting their legitimate rights even though the rights are enshrined in the constitution. She demanded that the 33% seats in parliament and legislatures should be reserved for women.
Ashabala , participating in the discussion on the Draft Report, said that the recently passed law on the citizenship, CAA , is against the Indian Constitution and the law will affect the interest of the entire North Eastern Region of the country irrespective of government’s declaration that the region wouldn’t be affected. Ashabala concluded her speech with a strong warning that the present regime should respect the people’s movement.

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Cultural march against Black laws including CAA forced to return back by police

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Imphal, Dec 29

A group of Responsible Indigenous Youths of the state gathered at the Laikhulembi Community Hall of Khurai Sajor Leikai today and took out Cultural Procession to demand to repeal all the Black Laws which are implemented in the Land of Indigenous Peoples which Includes CAA, 2019, AFSPA, 1958 etc.

The march was escorted by two torches, two Langdel (Traditional Drum), two Pena (Ritual Instrument) and Selbung (Alarm Bell).

The Protestors were on their way towards Kangla Fort to worship to save the Indigenous people of the state and region at large from those Black Laws, a team of Imphal East Police and Commandos and police personnel stopped them at the Lamlong junction and pushed back the rally.

A heated argument took place between the protestor and the security personnel, however the protestors returned back to the starting point.

One of the participants namely Mr. Phajaton expressed that “The government must not act against the Indigenous People (IPs) by passing various black laws and being imposed and implemented in the IPs land which cannot be accepted by us “the future generation” and we cannot compromise our culture, tradition and land for those who want to stay in Power is unacceptable by us. We march with the slogan “Houro Houro Yahouro, Yelhoumee Kallase, Amuba Wayel Pathaptagi Cheksin Phirep Lourase”. We will continue with such non violence action until it is heard by them i.e. the Government for the People!”

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Anna Hazare asks Maharashtra Government to withdraw his security

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Mumbai, Dec 29

Noted social activist and anti-graft crusader Anna Hazare has asked the Maharashtra Government to withdraw Z plus security provided to him in view of the “unsafe” women and growing criminal incidents against them in the country.
In a letter sent to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Friday he has stated that the security cover to him was a waste of public money.Instead of him, the women need better security since they are vulnerable and continue to be victim of the incidents like rape despite existence of different laws.
“I reside in a temple and living life like a sage. Why do I need security ? Anna has stated and added that the security given to him, won’t be able to prevent his death if it were to happen. He says the arrangement is a burden on the state exchequer too. “Before this, I had written to the state government at least four times telling them that I don’t need police protection. But instead of withdrawing it, the government is increasing it”, he has written in the letter.
The 80 year old veteran is on “ maun vrat (fasting into silence) from 20 December onwards at his native Ralegan Siddhi village in Ahmednagar (Maharashtra), as a protest against delay in awarding punishment to the accused convicted in Delhi “Nirbhaya” gang rape case (16 December 2012). He began his agitation after he reportedly did not receive response to the letters written by him to the prime minister and the President of India on 9 December and 10 December respectively.

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Who was afraid of NK Sanajaoba?

NK Sanajaoba was born on December 30 1936 in an ordinary family of Nk. Ibocha and Muktarei at the eastern bank of Imphal River at Singjamei Wangma Kshetri Leikai, Imphal. No one, at that time, knew that a pioneer has been born. He was not the son of a noble family.  His parents, just like most people, served the king and his noble men. They were not rulers but were ruled on. NK Sanajaoba was born at a time when Manipur was disturbed with storms from all directions and in this dark rainy sky he would rise as a shining star, overshadowing the clouds.  The storm of confusion over formation of new Manipur and continuity of feudal-colonial rule was the political atmosphere that he grew up in. He was known to his friends for his witty comments on the administrative and political events taking place at that time. His childhood friends still remember his courage to make comments on political issues of his day when nobody could dare to speak up. He began his education at Singjamei Wangman Kshetri Leikai, Khongman LP School now Torban Kshetri Leikai Junior High School and later attended Raja Dumbra Singh High School (RDS High School), which was a prestigious school during his time, till his matriculation. For his graduation, he went to Dhanamanjuri College (DM College) in Imphal.
Late Nongmaithem Pahari’s book “EIGI DAIRIDAGI” reveals that when United National Liberation Front (UNLF, henceforth) was formed in November 24, 1964 which is still one of the largest and oldest revolutionary groups  in Manipur. And he was one of the founding central committee members along with Laishram Kanhai, Nongmaithem Pahari and Longjam Manimohon. His comrades Kalalung Kamei and Thankhopao Singsit were the President and vice-President respectively. The eminent scholar and playwright
 Arambam Somorendra became the first General Secretary of United National Liberation Front (UNLF).
His struggle for justice and national liberation found a medium of expression, without any fear, in the monthly publication of Pan Manipuri Youth League (PANMYL) mouthpiece Lamyanba.  PANMYL was founded by progressive and radical youths of Manipur at Guwahati University in the month of December 1968. NK Sanajaoba was one of vital key actors in establishment of PANMYL. He became the first editor of PANMYL’s mouthpiece monthly publication, Lamyanba in 1969.He was the driving force behind this publication. His publication stood out for its critical observation on Manipur’s administration, which was a Part C State and Territorial Assembly after she lost her sovereign status in 1949.
Lamyanba Journal brought out the corruption, nepotism and the malpractices that went on in post-merger Manipur tirelessly.
His keen observations on corrupt practices of political leaders, administrators and bureaucrats of Manipur created a bunch of enemies against him. Still he wanted to show the people of Manipur that corruption became an inherent quality of the political system which the people suffered.
He was hated by those who were toeing the line of the political system which was based on inequalities and which generated further inequalities. His fearless expression of truth became a model for the educated youths of his day. But the government, unsurprisingly, tried to suppress his views in Lamyanba. His home was raided by the police. The information of this raid by two police trucks was published as a letter in Lamyanba Journal in November issue of 1969. In the same year, he was arrested from his office. He was kept in prison multiple times in the 1970s when he was the editor of Lamyanba on different charges, including sedition.
His body was tortured in the dark cells of prisons But his love of justice constantly encouraged him not to bow down in front of those who perpetuate this injustice. Police arrested him in the last week of April 1987 claiming that he was involved in militant activities. He was put in jail under the draconian National Security Act.  He was moved to Naini Jail in UP. He was then released in October 1987.  
Throughout the 1970s and till the mid of 1980s, the talk of the town was the writings and rebellious tone of NK Sanajaoba. For him, it was the political system which had brought injustices to the people and his quest was to change the political system. He believed that fighting the unjust system would require a new language and a new style of expression. His choice of words and his coinage of new words to express the practices of corruption are remembered by the people of Manipur till today. The language of royalty or well educated literary persons is not strong enough to fight corruption in the political and administrative circles. He saw that people needed a new language to fight haabijabis of the men in power and the system which legitimize haabijabis. PANMYL under his leadership published books such as WHATS IS WRONG IN MANIPUR (1970), MANIPUR TODAY (1971) and BHARAT KI LOILAM MANIPUR (1993). Bharat Ki Loilam Manipur became a classic text for one of all. This book is a sharp political narrative on how Manipur became a colony of India. He also talked about the lived experience of the colonized people. He fell victim to the truth he spoke.    
NK Sanajaoba took so many risks in his life because he believed in revolution. He was a revolutionary who saw that his political goals lie beyond the prevailing system. He followed those who have fought to end the political and social systems which created haves and have-nots. He loved the people of Manipur. His belief in secularism was firm. He did not have a religion and rejected revivalism. He did not accept those who romanticized tribal way of life. He rejected clan loyalties. His vision was of a United Manipur, which is free from all forms of exploitation and inequalities.  
He was a revolutionary writer, and wrote throughout his life. His article on the great revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh called Khura Ho Chi Minh  in Manipuri appeared in the fifth page of CHINGKHEI HUNBA  Journal in 1993 July-August issue. He died on November 11, 1995.
NK Sanajaoba had the courage to fight for a free Manipur. He fought for a freedom which rejected all forms of inequality. He had the courage to fight back all the injustices done to the people of Manipur. His words attack the wrongful acts of the men who possess power. Though his loves for justice and for Manipur are still alive in the collective mind of the Manipuri people,   Lamyanba Complex which is the epicentre of Manipuri identity and pride of Manipuri community is becoming a commercial centre. The footprint and ideology of our leaders are losing its ground to the younger generations gradually.

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AR seizes illegal pine wood in Ukhrul

Imphal Dec. 29

Troops of Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) seized nine Trucks of Pinewood being illegally transported from Phungyar and Nungshang in Ukhrul District to Imphal.
Based on reliable input received, a team of Assam Rifles established a Vehicle Check Post at Finch Corner, Shakpao in Ukhrul District and seized nine Trucks carrying huge quantity of Pinewood logs worth Rupees 10 Lakhs without a permit for the same. The smuggled pinewood was obtained from Phungyar and Nungshang and was being illegally transported to Imphal.
The drivers of nine vehicles along with illegal consignment have been handed over to Forest Beat Office at Finch Corner.
Meanwhile, Joupi Battalion of 28 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) extended assistance to Mr Thongminthang Khongsai resident of Joupi village who requested to provide aid to conduct last rites ceremony in memory of his wife Late Martha Hoijaneng Khongsai on yesterday.
A headstone of Late Martha Hoijaneng Khongsai was unveiled during the event at Joupi village. The ceremony was attended by approximately 300 villagers from all nearby villages. Officials from the Joupi battalion attended the ceremony and conveyed heartfelt condolence to the family of Mr Thongminthang Khongsai. Joupi Battalion provided all assistance to the village for smooth conduct of the event.

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