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Saturday, 28 December 2019 - Imphal Times

Constitution of India in grave danger – O Ibobi; We need 2nd Independence movement to free the people – Gaikhangam

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Imphal, Dec 28

On the occasion of 134th Foundation Day of Indian National Congress, Manipur Pradesh Congress party punched a slashing criticism to both the BJP led government at the centre as well as in the state.

While, leader of the opposition Okram Ibobi shows serious concern over the fate of the Indian democracy and the safety of the constitution of India, Congress Working Committee member, Gaikhangam called on the people for the need of a 2nd Independence movement to free the people of the country in general and the people of Manipur in general.

“Fundamental Rights of the people have not been respected, dissents are treated as antinational and arrested anytime, India got Independence from the Colonial British and India needs another independence movement to free the people from the present regime”, Gaikhangam said while speaking at the 134th Foundation Day of Indian National Congress held at Congress Bhavan, BT road Imphal.

The Congress leader also criticized the BJP government for playing an exclusive politics while ruling the country saying that India is a land of multiethnic community with diverse culture, they cannot run the country for the sake of few people.

“There is an undeclared emergency, where any person are arrested for any criticism to the government policy and programme. Our fundamental rights – freedom of speech, right to dissent have no meaning’, Gaikhangam said. He added that where there is no voice of the people then there lies danger in democracy.

Leader of the opposition, Okram Ibobi Singh while speaking on the occasion lambasted the government over the arrest of CPI leader L. Sotinkumar.

“Where is the democracy, when political party leader like L. Sotinkumar have been arrested?” Ibobi asked.

He further said that every voice of dissents have been suppressed, media have been silenced and democracy is in grave danger.

“The Congress party will not remain as silent spectator when the constitution of India and democracy is in grave danger”, Ibobi said

Ibobi also questioned the way that the BJP led government was formed in the state of Manipur is constitutional or not.

“We are in the Single largest political party in this legislative Assembly but instead of inviting the single largest party the Governor of the state under pressure from union minister had accepted an MLA of the Congress party to join them and invited them. Is the constitution safe?” Ibobi asked.

A perfect example is the recent statement by Sharad Pawar at which he said that Maharastra is not Manipur or Goa where they can form a minority government, Ibobi said highlighting the series of event that took place during the formation of Maharashtra government.

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BJP organizes rally in support of CAA; Chief Minister N. Biren says – question of discussing CAA in Manipur does not arise

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Imphal, Dec 28

BJP Manipur Pradesh today organised a mass rally cum public meeting to show their support to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) 2019 at Basu Ground in Thoubal district today afternoon. Large turnout of BJP workers from Thoubal district including Meitei Pangal were seen joining the pro CAA rally. However, placards thanking the central government for introduction of the Inner Line Permit, which exempted the state of Manipur from CAA were seen carried by the BJP workers.

Chief Minister of Manipur while speaking on the matter said that his government is all set to introduce the Inner Line Permit System under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation here in the state of Manipur and for that he will be holding a final sitting with his cabinet and other related officers tomorrow.

Regarding the CAA, the Chief Minister said, “What is the need for discussing CAA for the state of Manipur? We are working hard for the formal implementation of ILP.”

He however said that the people of India should be the one that decide on who should be allowed to enter the country. Will the decision on whom to allow be given to Pakistan, USA or any other country? The Chief Minister questioned justifying the BJP led government stand on CAA.   

“We should appreciate the visionary leaders of the BJP – PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Defence Minister Rajnath and Tourism Minister Ram Madhav, for giving us hope for protecting the state and its integrity”, Biren said adding that in his life he had never come across any leader who are so concerned about the state of Manipur other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

Pointing figure to those who are against in the state of Manipur, the Chief Minister asked, “Do they know what CAA is? Let’s debate? I will surrender if the act violates the Article 14 because Article 14 says equal treatment to all religions. Is there anything that says that some persons belonging to specific religion will be driven out?  There are some leftist people in Manipur too who speak anything they like to create chaos in the state.”

“It is only the PM Narendra Modi and HM Amit Shah that can assure the integrity of Manipur”, Biren said. 

Taking a dig to the Congress party Biren called on the people to recall on the condition of the state  three years from now. Many had been killed in fake encounter, people cannot come out from home during night, he added. 

PWD Minister Th. Bishwajit while speaking on the occasion said that people should know that which political party had ruined the state of Manipur.

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“Jio” users no longer allowed to recharge old prepaid plans

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Mumbai, dec 28

As a sequel to directions by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), “Reliance Jio” has stopped the tariff protection service, with which the prepaid customers were able to get the benefit of previous plans, earlier.
The tariff protection was available only to Jio’s prepaid customers who were not on any active prepaid plan. The removal of tariff protection means every Jio prepaid customer will have to recharge the newly launched plans. The new Jio prepaid plans starts at the same Rs 98, but the plans with bundled off-net calling starts at Rs 129, whereas the same plans from “Vodafone Idea” and “Airtel” starts at Rs 149. On the same note, “Reliance Jio” is still charging six paise per minute for off-net calls, whereas “Bharti Airtel” and “Vodafone Idea” are providing unlimited voice calls without any charges.
When it commercially launched “LTE-only” (Long Term Evolution of telecom technology that enables High Definition voice and high-speed internet access), in 2016, “Reliance Jio” promised that it would provide the best tariff plans in the industry.
After announcing the price hike recently, Jio silently allowed its prepaid users, who were not on an active plan, to avail the old recharge plans itself. For example, Jio’s prepaid customers got the Rs 149 plan even after the tariff hike which offered them 1.5GB data per day, unlimited “Jio-to-Jio” voice calling and 100 SMSes per day for 28 days. Some Jio customers even recharged the Rs 1,699 yearly prepaid plan whose price has now been increased to Rs 2,199 (available at Rs 2,020 for a limited period).

Due to the six paise interconnect usage charge (IUC), “Reliance Jio” is expected to lose  subscribers since “Airtel” and “Vodafone Idea” are likely gain. The Airtel managed to add 12 million customers in October and November. Airtel’s net additions per month over the last few months was just around 1.5 million, but it has seen a rapid rise of late. For the uninitiated, Jio had introduced IUC Top-Up vouchers in October this year.
TRAI is yet to reveal the November 2019 subscriber data, but the information regarding Airtel’s numbers was provided by a company’s official itself. It will be interesting to see how Reliance Jio’ subscriber additions would be.
Reliance Jio customers who are yet to get a prepaid recharge, can now get a recharge done at the earlier rates by leveraging the tariff protection feature. To avail this, Jio users need to log in to their Jio account via the company’s official website. After they have logged in, they will need to click on the settings option located next to the text box containing “your Jio number”. There they will get to see a Tariff protection option, located on the right side, which once clicked will reveal a list of the old prepaid plans, which the customer can then pick and purchase.


This will only work for Jio users who don’t have an active plan on their number. So if there is an active plan running, one will not get the ability to pick an old plan. It will also not be made available to users who have run out of their new tariff plans.

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We are trying to preserve our culture and CAA is a threat: Artists of Manipur

A group of artists has come together with other concerned citizens of Manipur in the series of protests against CAA. In a short conversation with the participating artists, some of them expressed their views on the role of artists in the current issue of CAA. Cultural dancers and langden performers, Nirupama and Telish also participated in the protest. Nirupama said, “The people of Manipur have been worried that the indigenous community is at the verge of disappearance.” She further added, “As artists, we have a huge role to play. The implementation of CAA is a threat to our culture, language, and tradition, which we, as artists, have been trying to preserve.” Tellis said, “Apart from the usual forms of protests, art should be used as a medium to reflect the issues of the state and educate people with a touch of entertainment, just like sumang leela.” They requested all artists, cultural activists, and teachers to come out and protest against CAA. According to them, “We should boycott to participate in any kind of festival organised by the state, only then the central government will show interest in finding out the reason. Otherwise, it will be like us agreeing to the implementation of CAA.” Akhu, singer and songwriter of Imphal Talkies, said, “As per my understanding, the creativity of an artist stems from the soil of their land and surrounding, be it a poet or singer or any artist who has been my inspiration.” He further added, “This time, it is very fortunate to have independent artists come together and even write a song for the protest. It is rare, but I believe it has strengthened the bond among us artists and also has helped in making each other aware of the political situation of Manipur.” He said that art has always been inspired by his environment. “As a responsible citizen and an artist, I want to express our happiness and sorrow using art as a medium.” Another singer, Silheiba said. “Everyone has their own interpretation of art, but before being an artist, we are humans living in our society. For me, I do not ascribe to the idea that art should not offend anyone and should focus only on its beauty. We should all voice out whenever there is any kind of oppression or suppression in our society.”

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Reality of the dark times ?

Mahatama Gandhi’s Satyagrah wouldn’t have work had there been a ruler similar to the present day India government. And we have seen that. Irom Chanu Sharmila’s 16 years of fast-unto-death protest against Armed Forces Special Powers Act was made useless by making it into an event of attraction and finally turning it into a mockery. The world had seen it and is seeing peaceful non –violent protests getting foiled when the rulers used shrewd methods. The protests in mainland India at large has remained peaceful, more so in non-BJP ruled states.
In BJP ruled states, the protests have turned violent and people have died. The videos surfacing in social media and new channels reveals people in police union are vandalising and even looting shops. Are they police officers ? There are police men without name badges roaming at the roads of Delhi, where the police is not under Aam Aadmi Party government but with Central Government. We have seen protesters who are stone pelting and even firing at the police. Who are these people ? Videos from Assam in its initial phases which turned violent showed involvement of right wing forces. The story must be more than that. However,  the situation is already fishy. Police denied firing at all in Uttar Pradesh and Jamia Milia Islamia University. However, reports and videos surfaced after the events revealed that police fired at the protesters. Is there a method in this madness? If there is, then that method would be considered a shrewd one.  
Loiyumba Sinyen, an ancient written code of conduct of the Meitei Society, tells the rulers of the nation not to utter contradictory things. It writes “Meidingu Apanba will not utter two irreconcilable statements. The outcome of making two conflicting statements is a national problem.” BJP’s manifesto and Home Ministers’ speech in the parliament clearly reveals that there will be NRC. Now Prime Minister is saying that there was no discussion on NRC. The Chief Minister of Manipur is waiting for instructions on NRC from the Centre. Is there an underlying method to this confusion ? Do we see an intention to perpetuate national problem by making all sorts of conflicting claims. Now we see more conflicting claims in NPR and NCR from the ruling party.
Universities have been converted into battleground, students were treated like militants, libraries were vandalized, voices of dissent have no place and any persons who raise voice against the government are terrorist or Pakistani agents. This is about mainland India. If this is the situation in Hindi belt, imagine the situation in a state like Manipur where armed forces are empowered to rule the people. Everything has been silenced. Attempts to mount any mass protest have been crushed with a heavy deployment of armed forces. Even a sigh of dissent is met with repressive measures. When the artists, musicians, film makers and eminent personalities came out on streets for a peaceful protest, it was met with section 144 in Imphal West for two months. Much more malicious measures would be undertaken if mass movements happen against CAA.  Even a twitch would not be tolerated. This is a attitude with which people of Manipur are ruled over. While one stops to ask at this moment, the most politically potent question, what is to be done, we see the world slipping out of our hands. But this question must be asked nevertheless.  
BJP Manipur, as a part of the all India campaign urging people to support  the newly amended citizenship act, is organising a rally on December 29 in Manipur.   While all these things are happening, Akhil Gogoi, the tallest of all mass leaders in the political scene of today’s North East, became the first person to be charged with the newly amended Unlawful Activities Prevention Act and now he is made to suffer. Maybe it is because he is a man of political integrity and courage.

12th National Conference -”Safeguard Our Constitution, Uphold Women’s Rights”

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Mumbai Dec 28

Over 800 delegates from 24 states and 50 dignitaries including ex-Ministers, attended the rally organised by the All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) at Azad Maidan in South Mumbai on Saturday.
Many dignitaries including MLA Vinod Nikole, CITU State secretary and AIKS President Dr Ashok Dhawale, AIDWA President Malini Bhattacharya, AIDWA General Secretary  Mariam Dhawale, addressed the rally.
The rally was organised as part of the three day national conference based on the theme “Safeguard our Constitution, Uphold Women’s Rights – All Together, Fight Together, Forward Together” being held at the Saboo Siddik College of Engineering Hall at Byculla in South Mumbai. It was inaugurated by renowned actor Swara Bhaskar, who is also an ex-student of JNU and known for her commitment to the democratic movement.
The conference will discuss the problems faced by the women as citizens, as workers and as women. The focus will be on social and caste oppression faced by them and their struggles against this oppression which are going on all over India. Some of the survivors of atrocities from West Bengal, Tripura, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra will be felicitated in the conference.
AIDWA has more than 10 million membership spread over 23 states of India and is known for struggles for women’s rights, equality and safety.
Earlier this week,  the AIDWA members in large number had participated in an anti CAA/NRC rally. AIDWA seeks to defend rights of the people of the North East, defend secular character of the country and safeguard women’s rights.
In the meanwhile a rally in support of CAA was organised by the “Samvidhan Sanman Manch” at historic “August Kranti Maidan in South Mumbai on Saturday. Former Maharashtra Chief Minister and the present leader of the Opposition Devendra Fadnavis and other leaders participated in the rally. They joined the march from August Kranti Maidan to the statute of Lokmanya Tilak located at Girgum  Chowpatty in South Mumbai.

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