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Friday, 27 December 2019 - Imphal Times

Concerned citizens of Manipur strike back with another series of Anti-CAA protests

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Kakching, Dec. 27

Artists, singers, musicians, lawyers, social activists and imminent personalities protested peacefully at Kakching Keithel against Citizenship Amendment Act today. The protest started at Ibudhou Khamlangba Lai Haraofam, Kakching, with the song, “houraklo houraklo tumliba khunnai, nangi chingleibakse mee gi oikhidoure,” which a group of singers specially composed for this occasion.

The protesters marched from Ibudhou Khamlangba Lai Haraofam to Lamyanba Irabot Park at Kakching Keithel singing songs, beating langden and shouting slogans, “we oppose CAA” and “back off fascists.” They carried the banners stating “Respect indigenous existence or expect indigenous resistance” and “meeyanchagi khundalam natte, yelhoumee gi leibak ne.” Some locals, including youths and street vendors, also joined the protest and together marched on the street, expressing their strong disagreement against the CAA. 

The protesters carried placards saying “Release Akhil Gogoi,” “No to Settler Colonialism, No to CAA,” “Assam Tripura gi Yehoumee na Yaifare,” in the rally which culminated at Kakching Keithel. The protesters also addressed the people of Kakching about the dangers of the newly amended citizenship act. One protester stated that “the protest is organised without the support of any student organisations or CSOs. It is completely voluntary. This spirit of voluntarism must be encouraged.” Another protester, a musician, said “this is the first time we are composing and singing protest songs. This is something very new.”  

From Kakching, the protesters then moved to Khongjom and staged a protest in front of Khongjom War Memorial. The protesters chanted “We oppose CAA” and “CAA, down, down.” Later, the protesters moved to Tentha Khongban to participate in a public discourse on CAA organised by local club, meira paibi, and ningol lup of Tentha at Tentha Khongban Multiplex. 

It is worth mentioning that these concerned citizens started to come out voluntarily without any organisational affiliation to break the silence that prevailed and in solidarity with the indigenous people of northeast. Earlier, these concerned citizens of Manipur had organized a series of protest at Iroishemba and Ima Keithel earlier on December 20. On the next day, District Magistrate (Imphal West) imposed IPC 144 in Imphal West for two months to prevent people from gathering and expressing their views against CAA.

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State Khadi Board Launches New LED Bulb

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Imphal,Dec. 27

Locally made LED Bulb under the brand “Khadi Bulb” manufatured by Khadi & Village Industries Board, Manipur was launched in the state.
Khadi & Village Industries Board, Manipur vice-chairman Yumnam Nilamani Singh formally launched the new LED Bulb at Wangoi Bazar on Wednesday.
Launching the bulb, Khadi & Village Industries Board, Manipur vice-chairman Yumnam Nilamani Singh said that the new bulb brand has been manufactured by State Khadi Board in collaboration with New Delhi based MacLife Company.
Locally made “Khadi Bulb” is not lower than any other brands of well established companies in terms of quality, emission of light. Even the price of Khadi bulb is cheaper by 50 percent than other bulb brands available in the markets in the state.
From today onwards, Khadi bulb is made available at KS Electronics, Wangoi Bazar Imphal west, he said adding that the same will be made available in other districts, remote hill areas by opening manufacturing units and sales outlets.
He said that members of Bharatiya Majdhur Sangh, Manipur unit will take the lead in promoting, selling and manufacturing of the new bulb brand.
Reiterating that State Khadi Board is playing a vital role in improving economy of the educated unemployed youths of the state, Nilamani went on to say that LED bulbs widely used in every household of the state are procured from outside and as such, a huge crores of money is thrown away to outside. Once people of the state encourage local products, it will help boost up state economy and provide jobs to thousands of educated jobless youths in the state.
Khadi bulb is manufactured in five different kinds based on watts -  5 Watt, 7 Watt, 9 Watt, 12 Watt amasung 15 Watt. He appealed to the people to encourage the product of Khadi Board.

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Wushu Association says IPSA plays as mediator to sort out differences

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Imphal, Dec. 27        

Wushu Association of Manipur has slammed Mayanglambam Birmani, an employee of the GAD, Government of Manipur for misleading SAI Coach Maibam Premkumar, International Judge and the International Peace and Social Advancement (IPSA).

Reacting to a news report appeared on December 23, 2019, a  statement jointly released by Imphal West District Wushu Association,  Imphal East District Wushu Association,  Bishnupur District Wushu Association,  Ukhrul District Wushu Association, and Senapati District Wushu Association said that  Maibam Monoranjan , a resident of Ningthem Pukhri Mapal , Imphal East, who associated M. Biramani has nothing to do with the Imphal West District Wushu Association.

The statement said that M. Biramani has been using the Wushu Association of Manipur as his family property and has been using for admission of his daughter to MBBS and for appointment of his son as an employee at YAS as coach of Wushu.

The statement also said that taking advantage of being the founder secretary of the Wushu Association. M. Biramani has been taking players for international match without conducting trial selection for players at his own choice. This act has demoralized the Wushu players and as confrontation erupted between the Biramani group and other players, the IPSA intervene to sort out the differences on August 24, 2019. A meeting was held with 5 representatives from the Biramani group and another 5 from the other Wushu players and an agreement was signed in the matter. However, Biramani instead of respecting the agreement gave wrong information to one Somi of the rebel group and following the wrong report the rebel group summoned members of the Wushu Association at Tamu on 23-10-2019 and quashed the agreement signed under the initiative of IPSA.

The statement said that IPSA was only playing mediator and has no relation with any of the rebel group.

The five Wushu bodies of the five districts said that they do not recognized M. Biramani.

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Amidst festive mood, cold wave sweeping Manipur

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Imphal, Dec 27

With festival mood filled the air, the state of Manipur has  started to experience a cold wave with the mercury plunging to 2.7 degree Celsius on Thursday, according to official weather data in Imphal.The minimum temperature recorded by Indian Council of Agricultural Research(ICAR)Manipur centre at its Lamphelpat premises in Imphal. The maximum temperature for the day was 22.2 degree Celsius.
Otherwise the state capital recorded a minimum temperature of 3.1 degree Celsius on Wednesday while minimum temperatures for other districts are Kangpokpi 3.6 degree Celsius, Churachandpur 3.4 degree Celsius, Tamenglong 4.6 degree Celsius, Bishnupur 5.1 Degree Celsius, Imphal East 5.5 Degree Celsius, Kakching 6.5 Degree Celsius, Noney 5.8 Degree Celsius, Tamenglong 6.65 Degree Celsius, Tengnoupal 6.2 Degree Celsius and Ukhrul 7.8 Degree Celsius, according to the daily weather reports of Directorate of Environment (Climate change cell), Government of Manipur.
Chilly wind is sweeping Imphal since the last four days. The maximum (average) temperature recorded on December 25 was 26.3 degree Celsius against December 24 26.8 degree Celsius, while the minimum temperature in the State, has been hovering around 4-5 degree Celsius since December 20.
The  With the sudden fall in temperature, consumption of charcoal as well as buying of electric heaters are on the rise particularly in Imphal valley, according to charcoal traders and shop keepers in the state capital.
The cold wind came early this time comparing to previous records, a weather observer here said.The cold wind usually came here in January in the past years. 

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CAA/NRC will hit 40 per cent Hindus: Prakash Ambedkar

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Mumbai, Dec 27

Dr B R Ambedkar’s grandson and President of the Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi (VBA) on Thursday claimed that besides Muslims, the CAA-NRC will hit at least 40 per cent of the Hindus in the country and its implications are yet to be fully understood.
Addressing a huge an anti-CAA rally at Khodadad Circle in Dadar in Central Mumbai, Ambedkar warned that not only the Muslims but even the Hindu community would bear the brunt of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register for Citizens(NRC). These include “Tribals, Vanchit Jatis and Nomadic tribes” who comprise 12-16 per cent nomadic tribes, around 9 per cent tribals, besides small migrant labour communities), who have no documents of any type, he said.
The nationwide exercise expects the citizens to furnish documents to prove that they or their ancestors were living in the country prior to the cut-off date of March 26, 1971.
“Under such circumstances, if these communities are asked to produce their birth certificates and if they are unable to do so, they will be liable for action under the NRC,” Ambedkar pointed out and added that this fight is not about Hindu-Muslims, but it is about “RSS citizenship versus Constitutional Citizenship”.
Giving an example of the Mang community, which falls under the Scheduled Castes (SC) category, he said that the people of this community worships a goddess “Kadak Laxm” and  asks for money in her name. They earn livelihood through this traditional nomadic job. Where from they will get the basic documents to prove their identity ? The people of this community are spread over Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana.
As the new citizenship law ensures that the Muslims are excluded from the NRC if they are unable to furnish the documents, some “Islamophobic” sections of the society have extended their support to it without realising that this subtle bigotry is harming lakhs of others within the Hindu religion itself, he said and added that an attempt is being made to snatch the identity of minorities by the Modi Government and we will oppose and expose this act”,
Ambedkar said.
In another development, the nomads led by former member of the National Backward Class Commission Dr Kailas Gaud have organised a state wide convention to decide future course of action at Sion in East-central Mumbai on Saturday. They are also planning to submit a memorandum to Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray urging him to take up the matter with the Union Government.
The Nomadic Tribes and Denotified Tribes comprise about 60 million people in India, of  which nearly five million live in Maharashtra. There are 313 Nomadic Tribes and 198 Denotified Tribes. They are in dilemma since they do not possess caste certificates or any other proof to prove continuous stay.
In Maharashtra, they have to get caste certificates from the state social welfare department. But they find it difficult to get them since they are being asked to submit many documents, including the documents to explain where have been residing before 1961.
In fact the people belonging to nomadic tribes are spread across the country including West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi, UP, Bihar, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Tripura, who are placed under scheduled caste, scheduled tribes by different states. They are known by different names in different states.
Due to the wandering tradition of over several years without any ostensible means of livelihood, they were forced to live under sub-human conditions. The large section of these tribes is known as “Vimukta jaatis” or the Ex-Criminal Tribes because they were branded as criminals by birth under the “Criminal Tribes Act 1871”. That act was replaced with the Criminal Tribes Act (CTA), 1911 and eventually it was repealed in 1952, but the nomads are still treated as criminals and subjected to harassment and persecution and do not get reservations under “Denotified”, “Nomadic” or “Semi-Nomadic” categories, Dr Gaud said.

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State of our state

Times are a changing- but the sort of changes happening in our state is nothing to write home about- or rather everything that should be made public. It has become a breeding ground for unscrupulous elements where the name of the game is “instant wealth”.
Gone are the days when enterprising people, by dint of their sheer tenacity and unwavering pursuit made fame and fortune. The “get rich quick” mantra being increasingly subscribed to by the younger generation has begun to bear fruit- rapes, murders, extortions, thieves and burglary, drug trafficking and corruption- the list growing longer by thee day.
The race to amass wealth- even at the cost of giving up one’s peace of mind and the hearth and home have taken precedence over the concept of a peaceful and fruitful easy life. Conscience and morality have been shoved off to the furthest corner of one’s mind- shedding the last remnants of humility to enter the temple of mammon. The result is a society where might is right and truth is relative.
Honesty and sincerity is at a premium and the ideology of high thinking – simple living having been replaced by the reckless aim to attain power and influence. Humility and respectfulness has begun to be looked down upon and is being equated with weakness- a trait to be avoided. Truths are being sold and brought at a price and the collective mentality has started to revert back to the Stone Age where survival of the fittest holds true. Making things worst are the growing number of indolent youths accustomed to luxury and exhibitionism influenced in no small measure by the western cultures but failing to capture the essence of the dignity of work and the regard for fellow humans that underlines the basic principles of these western societies. Abusing the powers entrusted to them and turning their official domain into their personal fiefdom is the order of the day for bureaucrats and politicians while the common people are left in the lurch with a feeling of betrayal and alienation in their minds.
This has created a chasm that is growing wider with each passing day leading to a feeling of suspicion and getting cynical of the steps the Government is taking up for the professed good of the public. This social turmoil paves the way for a breed of human parasites living off the sweat of another’s labour- intimidation and fear being their weapon of choice and not thinking twice about taking lives if their whims are not catered to. Shouts of negligence and deprivation trying to drown out the screams of the unfortunate public destined to lead a life of uncertainty and fear. Tolerance is no longer a virtue and wealth is the benchmark of a person’s worth- never mind the means one used to acquire it. Public memory has inexplicably shrunk to let matters pass- if only to wash their hands off the trouble of facing the bitter reality or to rectify it. Rationality has succumbed to power and ethics is an alien notion. A bleak future is in the offing- it is for us to stand up and stand fast- for the life we lead the way we want to. It is in us to walk with our heads held high and taste the sweat and the fruit of our own labour.
At the end of the day what really matters is an unburdened mind and a good sound sleep.

On the issue of Nupi Manbi Community

Dear Imphal Times,

I am glad to have people like you who are sensible towards gender and sexual minorities’ rights. We have been receiving support from Imphal Times continuously and help in scaling up awareness to the people about the reality faced by Nupi Maanbi Community.
Today I have read an article from your end and it has reflected  certain corcerned of the community that has been neglected by the state inspite of the legal developments that comes out in the recent years.
However in the article there are few areas where I found confusion and conflated.
* The transgender rights bills comes out later 2014 and it is extremely regressive and harming the community. And the introduction of the article seems the bills is in favour of the community and because of the non implementation community have not been getting benefit out of it. Which I think it falsely address the bill
* The bill recognised only transgender/third gender but not as either male or female which has totally against the rights to self determination, body autonomy and gender non binary and this is contrary to the Supreme Court NALSA judgement. And the article convey the supportive message the recognition of third gender and failed to reflect the direction of SC NALSA judgement on freedom of self identification
* Manipur has transgender welfare board and it was formed in 2017 and chaired by the minister of social welfare but is not functioning. The article didn’t mention this fact
I would be happy to share information in the near future, if any of the journalist wish to write article about the community of the state.

Warm Regards,
Santa Khurai

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