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Saturday, 21 December 2019 - Imphal Times

Chief Minister attends diamond jubilee celebration of Namdunlong

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Imphal, Dec.21
Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has said that there is need for mutual respect among different communities and equal development to maintain unity in the State. He was speaking as the chief guest at the Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Namdunlong village in Imphal East District today.  
N. Biren Singh said that there have been immense positive changes in the hill-valley bond in the past two and a half years. Now, people have no hesitation and apprehension in visiting or staying at any part of the State, the Chief Minister said, and added that people should never allow themselves to get carried away by any bad influence, which may undermine the age-old fraternal bond in the days to come as well.  
Reminding the centuries-old relation between Kabui and Meitei communities, the Chief Minister said that the machete held by Kabui men in performing their traditional dance is used by the Meitei community as well in their Lai Haraoba ceremonies. It indicates that the two indigenous communities share common ancestry and have unbreakable blood relation, the Chief Minister observed and added that nobody can forget Kabui Salang Maiba’s story passed down from generation to generation in Manipur’s folklore.  
Regarding Indo-Naga peace talks, the Chief Minister urged one and all to pray for a peaceful and honourable solution acceptable to all. As a Manipuri, the Chief Minister said, he does not want to see the State getting disintegrated in any manner. Stating that there is nobody in the world, who has not committed any mistake in his/her lifetime, the Chief Minister urged the public to adopt the spirit of forgetting past mistakes and forgiving fellow beings so that different communities may reside together harmoniously as in the past. Stating that conflict and enmity won’t bring anything good, the Chief Minister said that sacred books of every religion preach people not to harm anybody because life is so precious.
Regarding Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019, the Chief Minister clarified that the Act is not anti-Muslim, and added that there would be no impact on the citizenship of Muslim brothers and sisters of this country. The Act simply aspires to provide citizenship to the persecuted minorities coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, he added. As there was apprehension in people’s mind that the State would witness large influx of migrants if CAA is applicable in Manipur, the State Government requested the Centre to include a protection clause for the State, the Chief Minister said. Fortunately, the Centre decided to extend Inner Line Permit (ILP) system to Manipur thereby excluding the State from the purview of the Act, he added.
Maintaining that there have been many developmental changes in different parts of the State including interior areas like Tamenglong and Tamei in the past two and a half years, the Chief Minister said that Manipur would become a developed State only when people allow the Government to keep on this momentum in the days to come as well. As such, there is need to extend cooperation to the Government and help maintain peace and understanding, N. Biren observed.
Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency MP Dr. R.K. Ranjan, Tamenglong AC MLA Samuel Jendai and Wangkhei AC MLA Okram Henry also attended the function as dignitaries.
Earlier, N. Biren Singh opened the two-day Diamond Jubilee celebration by lighting torch and hoisting village flag. Traditional dance and music were presented as part of the celebration. The dignitaries also released a souvenir published in connection with the celebration.

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One day state level awareness programme held

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Imphal, Dec.21

 A One-Day State Level Awareness Programme was held today at the Auditorium of the High Court of Manipur with Law & Legislative Affairs Minister, L. Jayantakumar as the Chief Guest.
L. Jayantakumar said that the present two and Half years old Government, amidst so many crisis, has now introduced the long awaited “LOKAYUKTA”, an anti-corruption Ombudsman organization. Lokayukta or Ombudsman  is a public Officer/Institution whose function is to investigate the grievances raised by the Citizens regarding mal-administration of the Government authorities.
Through this institution the Citizens have the legitimate power to lodge complaint against the concerned authority if there are gross lapses in the functioning of the public administration, i.e. this Institution can be empowered to investigate the cases of corruption in any form not only against the Government Officials but also against the judges and the Ministers irrespective of their ranks & file. the Minister added.
Jayantakumar said that Ombudsman is something like a tool or device to make Democracy more meaningful and free from any stigma. Usually, we find that ordinary people are the victim of the negligence of public administration or wrong policy of the Government or corruption of the Government officials and the selected members of the Assembly running the Government. To maintain the true spirit of Democracy, there ought to be an Institution whose main function shall be to oversee whether proper policies are adopted and more important whether the adopted policies are properly executed, he added.
Ombudsman protects individuals from the injustice done to them by any of the three organs of the Government-Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. We should maintain & we should not forget that No one is above Law, Minister said.
Minister Jayantakumar said that Corruption, as everybody knows, creates a sense of bitter feeling to everybody that keeps them at a distance from the decision makers. And this distance makes them feel abandoned or even rejected and they eventually lost interest in public matters. It is a hard blow to the spirit of democracy and Ombudsman is a solution to these grievances.
The commissioning of Lokyukta under “ The Lokpal Lokyukta Act, 2013” in our Manipur State is one of the greatest achievements of the present Government & I do believe, with the functioning of this Lokyukta the real meaning of the Democracy will be materialized to the fullest extent, he added.
The function was also attended by Hon’ble Justive, T. Nandakumar Singh, Chairman, Lokayukta Manipur as the President.
Hon’ble Justice Kh. Nobin Singh, Judge, High Court of Manipur, Shri Ameising Luikham, IAS (Retd.), Member, Lokayukta Manipur and Mr Justice B.D. Agarwal, Member Lokayukta Manipur also attended the function as Guests of Honour.

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11 years old boy died in road accident in NH-37

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Imphal, Dec 21

An 11 year-old boy died after a truck heading from Imphal towards Jiribam reportedly ran over him accidentally at Khumji Part-II under the jurisdiction of Noney Police Station on National Highway 37 around 5:15 pm yesterday. The boy reportedly died on the spot. The deceased has been identified as Gaidanpou Kamei S/o. Grungleirung of Khumji Part-II. The driver allegedly drove away the truck towards Jiribam. However, after sending messages on mobile phones villagers of Awang khul village came out on the highway and waited for the truck. When the truck was seen coming towards Awang Khul the villagers signal the driver to stop it and the driver was caught by the villagers. Reports on how the driver was treated by the angry villagers are yet to be confirmed. Vehicular movement came to a halt at Noney because of the mishap. The family of the deceased boy and owner of the truck had talks about the incident.

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Anna Hazare begins fasting into silence against convicted accused of Nirbhaya gang rape case

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Mumbay Dec.21

Noted social activist Anna Hazare has began ‘maun vrat (fasting into silence)’ at his native Ralegan Siddhi village in Ahmednagar (Maharashtra), as a protest against growing crime against women and delay in awarding punishment to the accused convicted in 2012 Delhi Nirbhaya gang rape case.
Hazare who began his agitation at after paying obeisance to Yadavbaba on Friday, has vowed to continue the agitation till such time the Nirbhaya case accused are hanged. “If the accused are not hanged immediately, I will start indefinite hunger strike”, he said before beginning his “maun vrat”. The 6 accused had gang raped a paramedic Jyoti Singh (who was named Nirbhaya) in a running bus in New Delhi on 16 December 2012. The victim subsequently died in a Singapore hospital. One of the accused Ram Singh, committed a suicide in Tihar jail on 11 March 2013, while a juvenile served was released after serving three year jail term.
Hazare had complained to the prime minister that no rapist had been hanged since August 14, 2005, and 426 convicts were on death row.
 ”Whole country rejoiced after 4 accused involved in the rape and death of the 27 year old  veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy in Telangana, were killed by police in an encounter on 6 December, because people’s faith in judiciary has been eroding”.
The rules related to police investigation are not followed properly. Despite fast-track courts, the judgements are delivered late. There are number of unfilled posts of judges and the litigations have been piled up through out the country. This emboldens the criminals. “The Union Government is responsible for keeping the posts unfilled leads to delay in justice”, Anna said.
He said that in a letter dated 10 December 2019 to Prime Minister Narendra Modi he had given him the idea of his agitation but there was no response. As such he began the agitation. The four accused convicted in 2013, are yet to be hanged. Nirbhaya’s mother has been waiting for justice for the last 6 years, but the government does not bother about tears in her eyes, since “it has become blind”, Anna said.
He also demanded re-introduction of the  “Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill 2010” saying that such act would bring in discipline in judiciary. The bill “was passed by Lok Sabha on 29.03.2012 but it could not be taken up for discussion in the Rajya Sabha as Parliament was adjourned. It lapsed after dissolution of the 15th Lok Sabha. Subsequently the department of justice said that “at present there is no proposal to bring a fresh Bill”.
The bill called upon judges to follow certain standards of conduct and any violation of these standards could lead to complaints to a “National Judicial Standards Oversight Committee”. It also sought to make it mandatory for judges to declare their assets and liabilities and that of their spouses and children. At present, the procedure for complaints against judges of the Supreme Court and High Court is governed by the Judges (Inquiry) Act, 1968 under which only an MP can make such complaints through a motion presented in Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha. The Bill, however, met with resistance from a section of the legal fraternity which felt that it would compromise judicial independence.
It may be recalled that Anna had stirred the country by his agitation at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to demand introduction of the Jan Lokpal Bill in April 2011.
In the meanwhile the Tihar jail authorities on 18 December issued notices to all four convicts- Akshay, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Mukesh Singh of the Nirbhaya case, giving them a deadline of seven days to move for mercy petition. If they fail to do so, the Jail authorities will decide the next course of action.

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ILP extension order by President under Clause 2 of the article 372; How valid is it?

Imphal Times is perhaps the first newspaper in the state of Manipur to appreciate the extension of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BEFR) 1873 to the state of Manipur as there is a clause in the amended Citizenship Act, which states that States in North East India where the ILP is enforced will be exempted from CAA.
The Chief Minister and those in the government celebrated the day when the extraordinary gazette of India was officially released by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs as The Adaptation of Laws (Amendment) order, 2019 in the name of the President of India. Many sections of the people expressed gratitude to the Union government particularly the Union Home Minister Amit Shah. Even those undergoing prolong protest for implementation of ILP in the state even expressed happiness to the extension of the ILP, even though there are some exceptions. But the question is – Is the extraordinary gazette of India published in the name of the president of India by the MHA constitutionally a valid one? What if any persons with the help of the judiciary challenges and said that the order is null and void?
We the people of Manipur even though know that ILP under BEFR 1873 is not the perfect tool to safeguard the indigenous people of the state appreciate the move of the MHA as the amended Citizenship Act is exempted from the states where ILP is enforced.
Now in the gazette notification dated December 11, 2019 which was released by the MHA in the name of the President of India for extension of ILP in Manipur along with some adaptations it is stated that “In exercise of the powers conferred by clause 2 of the article 372 of the constitution of India and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, the President is pleased to make the following orders.
This order is passed by the president of India under clause 2 of the article 372 of the Indian constitution. And no other clause or sub clause of the article 372 has been incorporated in that order.
Clause 2 of the article 372 of the Indian constitution says that – “For the purpose of bringing the provisions of any law in force in the territory of India into accord with the provisions of this Constitution, the President may by order make such adaptations and modifications of such law, whether by way of repeal or amendment, as may be necessary or expedient, and provide that the law shall, as from such date as may be specified in the order, have effect subject to the adaptations and modifications so made, and any such adaptation or modification shall not be questioned in any court of law”. But then the clause 3 sub sub-clause ‘a’ says, “to empower the President to make any adaptation or modification of any law after the expiration of three years from the commencement of this Constitution”. This shows that the order of the president under the Clause 2 of the article 372 of the Indian constitution naturally is null and void.  It will be no different from the kind of permit issued to Union Minister Ram Madhav, when the state government is still yet to publish its own official Gazette.
The intention seems to be more like to treat not only the people as a fool but all those in the government in order to control peoples’ uprising against the passing of the Bill.
It is time that both the government and the people rethink about this, or else our future generation may call this generation as ‘idiot’.

Challenging Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019: Straight from the heart

By Tokika Sumi
BA (General) 2nd Sem
Tetso College, Dimapur    

“Majoritarianism cannot be the law.  Even the minority has the right to express its views.  We must also remember that in India we follow the first past the post principle. Governments which come in with a huge majority do not get 50% of the votes.  Therefore, though they are entitled to govern or be called as majority, it cannot be said that they represent the voice of all the people.”
Justice Deepak Gupta during valedictory address on the topic “Law of sedition in India and Freedom of Expression” at the Workshop of Lawyers organised by Praleen Public Charitable Trust and Lecture Committee at Ahmedabad,Gujarat.
We are the Nagas who are proud to be called and recognized as the Naga Nation, who holds the pride in our great Naga history of our ancestors who’s blood is still flowing in our veins. We are the Nagas who are called as Christians in religion who also dream ‘Nagaland for Christ’. Is this dream even getting stronger or is it just a name being called? Are we all just becoming a mockery? Mocking by those people who do not know about our rich culture, our rich lifestyle and that land of warriors, yet we are being forced to follow this unconstitutional Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 by them! Or maybe it wasn’t at all by force, maybe if we were as rich as our culture as strong as we really think we are, as United as other states think we are, then maybe life would be at ease today. Just maybe, maybe with that set of United spirit, these all mess would never even have occurred, as it’s happening and soon coming straight to our doors. Today we’re blaming the minister; tomorrow the other upcoming minister will be blamed too. Now come on all! Why are they being blamed when we are the one who’ve chosen the wrong candidates? People in the state itself are to be blamed more than those few ministers whom they think they’re ruining it all. It’s okay if we support people from our tribe or clan but what actually do we gain when it’ll only bring chaos which will threaten our ancient civilization? We all knew but we did it-knowingly or unknowingly. Didn’t we?
Since we all now know that we had chosen the wrong people for our state so maybe now in next election probably we’ll all choose the better candidates/party we know we can count on. Or.. are we still about to attempt the same crime , just knowingly! I see now that I’m growing up and we are only talking professional but acts very unprofessional, aren’t we all tired of this drama, just fooling ourselves when time is running out like a sand slipping through our fingers?
We speak too much, gossiping actually killing our intellect, whereas the foes come in actions and that cuts all the point of what we’ve actually talked and deliberated upon, which destroys everything making it as a permanent Chaos. Our history was not only rich but great, however, our present should be even greater in act! Let’s pray that it’s not the permanent Chaos but a life lesson for us all. Ah! The prayers!….while praying, are we also acting like we’re praying? When prayers are being offered and yet if the person does not act likewise his prayers, then what actually he is doing is all pointless, just like a person who wants to live life but does not understand its actual purpose. Are we living in an era of contradictions? Are we politically apolitical? Are we religiously areligious? Are we morally immoral? Are we innocently cunning?
It is said that, we all want real freedom but instead we’re almost about to become the slave of the people who are not even the original inhabitants of our land, they are aliens, they are strangers who have been illegally living among us like termite, they are illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants. Truth is, we are just letting things go pass by as the way the calamity wants to take us and then to exit away when our time expires, and this will also follow by the future generations as and when their time come if WE do not act now. Will things go worse than what’s happening at this present scenario? I was just thinking, not much, not deep. Will survival of my people, culture,
and language be at stake? Will Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 give new life to those illegal aliens who are eagerly waiting to overpower us, evaporate us? Will it give strength to the hands of those who desire to change the nature, character and identity of this Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Republic of India? Will this Act a step forward to realize the theory of one nation, one leader, one government, one political party, one language, one culture, one law and one identity? In school I was taught that India is an example of ‘Unity in Diversity’, but now with CAA I realize that the idea of unity is politicized. Will idea of unity imprisoned forever with the introduction of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019? I am worried. Please help!
Eventually we’re all going to leave this mortal body, however; you must not just go away that easily, please set goals, be a protector, teach your younger ones, even to those kids of 4. Let those kids of 4 too become enthusiast and support their people struggling for survival and justice naturally as they grow old, teach them to fight for justice, teach them to claim what is theirs.  Let them understand better than us as they grow older, let’s build a generation where everyone is actually hungry to walk for the rights, for one’s own crucial rights so that they will be able to build the future of their choice. We must all become hungry for truth because without being hungry, how can a person even stand to understand a thing of what someone else is saying or to even go beyond. A hungry person will even climb mountains to fulfil his needs. The more we fall over, the more we sleep over our rights, our freedom and life will be brutally jeopardized.
Knowledge is a key to Justice. The time has come to educate each other and also our people about the true nature and intention of government of India which has been reflected in the unconstitutional provisions of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019, even though this issue goes silent, let’s not just stay calm thinking it’s all over! The more we let time go and stay at ease, the more the chaos on the way. Do not say it’s not ‘your cup of tea’, you’ll only tremble and will face the unbearable consequences though you didn’t want this to happen!
I know this is not the end! Humanity must come back! One heart of Naga nation must come back and show to other NE states that we’re burning in the pain of flames of injustice too. With wisdom and knowledge, with right teachings and education to our friends, to the elders and mainly the upcoming younger generation we can at least make people aware of what they are going to face as a direct impact of the implementation of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019. It may take some times but we can do this together. Let’s not become the real mockery, let’s wake up first and show that we’re undefeatable and bring back what is ‘Just’ for us! Our Land is Ours. Our Soil is Ours. No Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrant will ever be allowed to steal the wealth that has been bequeathed to us by our great ancestors. Let us oppose Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 by Constitutional means and modes. Let us not shy away from invoking our rights enshrined in the Constitution of India under Art. 19, Art. 21, Art. 32, Art. 226/227 to challenge the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 in the interest of our survival.
The future of our people is in the hands of us. The future of this nation depends on us. Knowledge will make one realize the truth of his own existence. Only knowledge will make one realize how much capable he or she is to change the destiny of millions of helpless people. Only knowledge is the way out of darkness, to the glorious light. Let us be the architect of our own destiny, let us be the light in the dark. Let us say no to Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019. Let us say no to the Majoritarianism. Let us express our constructive dissent peacefully by constitutional means and modes, and then victory will be ours.

AR Celebrates Christmas With Ema Foundation

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Imphal Dec.21

Keithelmanbi Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of HQ IGAR (South) celebrated Christmas with the children of Orphanage being run by EMA Foundation on 20 Dec 2019.
Mrs Shubhra Kabthiyal, Zonal President, Assam Rifles Wives Association (ARWWA), along with other ladies of ARWWA visited EMA Foundation and extended warm Christmas greetings to the children. The event commenced with an interactive session with all the children present at EMA Foundation followed by a small cultural programme organised by the children.
The Zonal President ARWWA along with the other ladies of ARWWA gifted various items of daily-use including a Juicer Mixer Grinder, Pressure cooker, cloths for children, Utility hampers containing daily use items and eatables to the foundation and assured every possible help to make the place a beautiful “home away from home” for them. The program concluded with a Christmas cake cutting and refreshment for all.
The endeavor of the Battalion to reach out to the children of the foundation to extend warm wishes on the eve of the most fondly celebrated festival of the Christian community was appreciated by the children and staff. The foundation expressed gratitude to the kind gesture and requested for more such interaction in the future and wished “Merry Christmas” to all ranks and families of Assam Rifles too.

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