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Wednesday, 18 December 2019 - Imphal Times

9th session of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly begins; 16 MLAs of the ruling party absent without informing the house

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Imphal, Dec 18

The first day of the 9 session of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly, which begins today shattered hopes of the people of Manipur, as 16 MLAs of the ruling BJP led government including the Chief Whip MLA P. Sharat did not attend the sitting without giving prior information to the Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly. The session though not emergency or special, have been a demand of the people in the aftermath of the passing of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 as well as the extension of the Inner Line Permit under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873.

Another 3 members including two from the ruling and one from the opposition too were absent; however, Speaker of the house announced that MLA Ginsuan of the ruling and MLA Korungthang of the opposition had applied leave application. Leader of the house, who is also the Chief Minister, N. Biren Singh said that Agriculture Minister V. Hangkhalian has been at Delhi on Government related important issue.

The proceeding of the house was however not disturbed as member present is 40 plus.

Reason for the absence of the 16 members including the Deputy Speaker has not been known. These members had not officially announced any reason neither they put any demand officially through newspaper about the reason for their absence.

However, source said that the 16 members stay away from the session demanding reshuffle of Ministry. The source also added that the MLAs are camping at Hotel Classic when issues about the implementation of Inner Line Permit and Price hike of essential commodities has been brought up as calling attention motion in the house.

Former legislature Okram Joy while talking to Imphal Times said that such large number of absence during an important session will be surely questioned by the people.

“People will surely question on the solidarity of the MLAs to the temple of Democracy, they will asked about the responsibility and dignities of the state Assembly. 

It may be mentioned that civil society bodies of the state including COCOMI and other political parties including the opposition party Congress has been demanding a special or emergency assembly session to take resolutions for protection of the boundary, identity and administration of the state in the wake of the final settlement of the Naga Settlement. People also expect a collective decision of the state assembly in connection with the development arises after amended citizenship act.   

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Opposition MLAs grill Govt over implementation of ILP; “Gazette notification for implementation of ILP will be issued by January 1, 2020 – CM

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Imphal, Dec 18

Congress MLAs Khumukcham Joykishan and RK Imo today grilled the government over the implementation of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation (BEFR), 1873 questioning the leader of the house regarding the guidelines for implementation of the regulation for the state of Manipur during calling attention motion in the 9th session of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly which begins today.

Leader of the house, Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that the state government is working out for framing guidelines for implementation of the ILP and an official gazette will be notified soon by January 1, 2020. 

“Is there any official gazette notification for the state of Manipur for implementation of the ILP under the BEFR 1873 which has been extended to the state of Manipur by the President of India on December 11? As per state government, Union Minister Ram Madhav is the first outsider to enter Manipur with ILP permit on December 13, then what were the modus operandi of those entering the state from December 11 to December 13? If December 13 is the day for implementation of the ILP regulation then what is the total number of outsiders entering Manipur with the permit? What about those non –local who had already entered the state, will they be exempted from the purview of the ILP?”, MLA Khumukcham Joykishan draw the attention of the Chief Minister for clarification.

MLA RK Imo , another congress MLA, who jointly moved the calling attention motion said that as there is no base year mentioned in the BEFR, How far the regulation will be effective in protecting the interest of the state.

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh while replying to the calling attention motion said that the state government is working out for a guidelines of the regulation for implementation of the BEFR in the state. However, the President of India has already extended the ILP under the BEFR by an Official Gazette Notification on December 11. And following the Gazette notification Manipur has been exempted from the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Biren said Inner Line permit is a long standing demand of the people of Manipur and it has been granted by the Union government in connivance with the passing of the CAB in Parliament.

“We have every reason to be happy, we have every reason to appreciate the present government at the centre for granting the long awaited demand”, the Chief Minister said.

Regarding the issuing of permit to Union Minister Ram Madhav for entering to Manipur, N. Biren said that as Ram Madhav being a Union Minister and as the government of India had already extended ILPS, he felt it important to respect the gazette notification and for that the state Home Department issued a permit.

“As of now the government is working for implementation of ILPS entry point at Moreh, Moa, Behang etc. besides the government will open offices at some locations including state owned Manipur houses at different cities in India”, N. Biren Singh said.

In connection with the base year, N. Biren said that NRC will be exercise soon and as the NRC is also the desire of the Central government across the country, the state will have no problem in checking out the illegal immigrants.    

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Around 250 goods loaded trucks including fuel and LPG tanker trucks arriving Imphal today – CM

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Imphal, Dec 16

Scarcity of fuel and LPG as well as essential commodities will be solved as around 250 loaded trucks including 25 petrol tankers, 42 Diesel tankers, 53 LPG loaded trucks and 128 loaded trucks of other essential commodities have crossed Jiribam area and entered Manipur today morning. This was stated by the Chief Minister of Manipur N. Biren Singh while replying to a calling attention motion by Congress MLA Govindas and MLA Surjakumar Okram.

Taking suggestions by both the MLA about the need for establishment committee like Price Fixation Committee to check the inflation, he said that the state government will be seriously taking the issue at which some traders are reportedly controlling price of essential commodities at time of bandh , blockade or situation that are happening today.

Some stringent mechanism to check inflation and price by traders will be initiated, the CM said.

Replying to MLA Govindas, the Chief Minister said that PDS rice (Super fine ) should not be available at market. Govindas earlier said that the price of superfine rice reaches Rs. 27 at market.

The Chief Minister said that he will check on how the rice are available at market. As per the report 82% of the people eligible for NFSA card had been getting rice at subsidize rate. However, there are some possibilities that some genuine beneficiary of NFSA card are still not getting what they should have got. The Chief Minister said while replying to a shocking revelation by MLA Okram Surjakanta about a widow who tried to commit suicide with her three children due to poverty at Sekmai.

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3 Months Special Free Coaching for HSLC appearing students commence

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Imphal, Dec 18

Naga Student’s Union Chandel (NSUC) in collaboration with Chandel Naga People’s Organisation (CNPO) commenced a 3 Months Special Free Coaching for students who are appearing for the upcoming HSLC examination 2020 at Chandel Indoor Stadium, today under the sponsorship of District Police Chandel.

During the commencement function of the special free coaching, Superintendent Of Police Chandel District, N.Madhunimai (MPS), Additional SP Chandel Augustine Janminthang Khongsai (MPS), Deputy SP Chandel M.Bimolchandra (MPS), SDPO Chandel O.Sukamar Singh (MPS), OC Chandel PS Inspector P.Surajkumar Singh, RL Chandel Inspector Shongshur Jimmy Paul, Chandel Naga People’s Organisation President Paulhring Langhu, Vice-President Wilson Charaga, Naga Women Union Chandel General Secretary Yepuram Maku, Naga Student’s Union Chandel Vice-President Joseph attended as presidium members.

Superintendent of Police Chandel District N.Madhunimai stated that the special free coaching was organised in order to provide good and well-rounded education to the students as they are the future pillars of the nation. He added that students should not think of only scoring good marks in the examination. He further said that students should have a goal in their life and should work hard in order to achieve their goal.

Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry subjects on HSLC pattern will be taught in the special free coaching to around 60 students.

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United struggle against Citizenship Amendment Act- AMMSO

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Imphal, Dec 18

A statement by The All Manipur Muslim Student’s Organisation (AMMSO) stated that the parliament of India has passed the ‘anti-indigenous’ Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 on the 11th December 2019. The Aftermath of the passing of the Bill has led to a total chaos and disorder in the entire NorthEast where state forces have systematically oppressed the indigenous people who resist against the passing of the bill. The passing of the CAB is a part of the Hindutva nation building process of India. The people of the North East has continuously resisted and revolted against assimilation and annihilation of the indigenous population and we are now seeing such resistance and will continue doing the same in future.

“The Introduction of Inner Line Permit System in any state of the North East Region cannot solve the genocidal impact of demographic war that is systematically perpetuated by the Indian State”. The statement added.

The All Manipur Muslim Student’s Organisation as a collective body of the Pangal (Manipuri Muslim) student fraternity of Manipur strongly condemns the passing of CAB in the parliament against the democratic wishes of the people of North East Region. 

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Keithel Ema - We do not trust the leaders of CAB protests, They made a U-turn and ran away

Citizenship Amendment Bill is, now, Citizenship Amendment Act. Earlier this year, people of Manipur and the whole of northeast fought tooth and nail against the passing of the bill. With the sudden implementation of ILP in Manipur, the government claims Manipur is safe from CAB and MANPAC, which was spearheading the anti-CAB protests, suspends the agitation. The movement in Manipur eventually slowed down while Assam and Tripura, especially, were still burning. However, the people of Manipur, especially the Keithel Emas, have a different take on the claims of the government, suspension of the protests, and slowing down of the movement. In a brief interaction with Keithel Emas, one said, “For the people, we will always participate with full support in any agitation be it organized by AMSU or MANPAC or COCOMI. We will face all, but we do not want the dirt. We do not trust all the leaders. Only the people are suffering. It’s only women participating in these agitations and women are also the ones suffering while the leaders made a U-turn and ran away.” The Ema expressed frustration over the leaders by further saying, “They had come to offer prayer to Keithel Lai before going for the meeting with Amit Shah, but they did not convey anything after returning. Why? We are suspicious of them if something is cooking. On top of that, they have not come to clarify it all, so we have lost all our trust on them.” Regarding the slowing down of the movement, another ema said, “At that time, people just took a sigh of relief because ILP was implemented and CAB was exempted, but it was not a decision taken after proper discussion in detail. Even we were not clear about it. Having said that, I do not think that the movement will stop, there is a possibility that it might start again.” Another ema said, “We do not want CAB at all. We are a bit happy for ILP implementation. The movement has not slowed down, there is a lot of anger inside.” As another perspective towards this sudden turn of events, one ema said, “The slow down happened after CM Biren announced ILP implementation and those who lacked knowledge of the entire situation backtracked, hoping that our demands will be met. He has been talking about it in various media outlets and some bought into it. But we want to continue the movement, we should not retreat. Another reason is also the absence of leaders, in spite of the anger and frustration inside of us all. We wonder why these sudden halts in a movement. Since there has been various breaks, it has demotivated us, making us think that it is not going to be fruitful. In one moment, they announce for bandh and in the next moment they call it off. The very fact that the leaders have gone into silence mode is making us wonder if they had compromised.” Speaking on the issue, another ema expressed, “We sat for the protests. We spent nights. The sudden slow down weakens our position and we do not want to slow down also. The youth should come to the front, educate and instruct us so that we can co-operate because we also have a family to manage. Those who were leading are also silent now.” When asked of this culture for an organisation to lead and no public uprising if not, one ema said, “It is a bit difficult for women to lead because many are uneducated. They know everything and they can lead, too, but they have to manage their families also. If explained everything in detail and shared all information with transparency, women can. Another ema said, “We just know how to write our names. We are uneducated about the details of the situation. MANPAC members used to visit us often, but after ILP implementation, they have not visited us once. It is because of their silence that the movement has slowed down. No one has explained to us the merits and demerits of ILP implementation and CAB, even if it has been exempted. They need to educate us, then we should all move forward together.” Another ema opined, “Having an organization is necessary. Just a few 5/10 of us cannot do what the leader of an organization can. If they say, students and emas will all come out. But this time, it was the MANPAC shutting down the movement after claiming to intensify it. If they had pressurized to move ahead at that time, the movement would have continued.”

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Beating the odds

Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown – and none in the state would feel the uncomfortable truth more acutely than the present Chief Minister. Contrary to what he set out to accomplish as the elected head of the state, and despite the show of bravado, the fact that the trust factor in the present government is at its lowest has not escaped anybody. To be fair, it is not an easy task looking after the affairs of the state even at the best of times, and right now, the times are bad, to put it mildly. With a bevy of ministers making news for all the wrong reasons, it would not have helped him none in his efforts to make things right. And the present issue of contention regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) putting him and his government in a fix, the boat is definitely rocking right now.
Beyond the perceived failure of the Chief Minister to effectively show solidarity with the more vocal and proactive counterparts of the other states in the country decrying the CAA, due share of the credit must be given to the CM for persuading the centre to implement Inner Line Permit in the state which, even if a temporary relief from the looming shadows of the threat of CAA, should be viewed as a breather and an opportunity to draw up a better and more comprehensive defence against the approaching danger. Having said so, as the elected head of the state on whose shoulder the aspirations of the people rests, there is an urgent need for the state government to pull up its sleeve and get down to the task of finding ways to allay the fear and concerns which the CAA has created in its wake. As someone who have promised a better life and future for the state, the trust and studied suggestions should be taken into consideration and discussions with CSOs and legal as well as political experts should be sought without further delay to ensure that the threat to the lives and subsequent existence of the indigenous communities of the state is effectively thwarted.
The concerns of the people in these states rising against the CAA go deeper beyond religion. It is a legitimate fear of the possibility of one’s own roots being uprooted and displaced, and reducing to a minority in their own land. Politics is a game of numbers, and understandably, these numbers suits the present government at the centre just fine. This controversial Act is also a ploy to ensure the continuity of their sway over the nation, but there comes a time when one has to draw the line, and that time for us might very well be now. It is time for the Chief Minister to transform from an elected head of the state to a leader who stands tall and lead from the front. Political maneuvers and games are all well and good, but when it comes to the question of the very survival of the indigenous people of whom he is very much a part, there should not be any ambiguity of his thoughts and action.
Right now, the state is in search of a leader who can rise above the nitty-gritty of politics and deliver what is needed without any consideration to his personal welfare or safety. Recent developments have shown few individuals from other neighbouring states standing up to those in power and speaking their minds without mincing any words, obviously without giving a damn to the consequences because they need to. Those are the traits of a true leader- if anybody is asking. And with a true and fearless leader who can steer the enthusiasms and fervor of the people, together we can definitely beat all odds.       

An open letter to the people

An open letter to the people
Khrotsolo Rhakho
BA 2nd Sem (General)
Unity College, Dimapur Nagaland.

The (CAB) that have been passed is not a matter that should be taken lightly it is a very serious issue that will clearly destroy us in the days to come. Citizenship Amendment Bill which is now an Act will reshape the whole of India but not in a good way. This Act is not only a direct threat to the fabric of Secularism but also the rights of indigenous people. No promise, No assurance and No legal/administrative measures from government can save us from the “irreversible change” that this unconstitutional, scary, communal Act will bring. This Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 is going to create following troubles:
1. It will grant citizenship to already existing Illegal Bangladeshi Hindu Immigrants who are millions in number. Every Naga knows this fact. When I wake up and go to College I witness this reality.
2. It will gradually create irreparable, irreversible damage to the demography of a region.  
3. Inner Line Permit System, 6th Schedule, Autonomous District Councils and special provisions like Art. 371 (A) will be useless, helpless, meaningless to tackle the menace that would soon be created by Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019.
4. As it is by bringing ILP in entire tribal region of the northeast this cunning Act created new class of people which is against the spirit of the Constitution. This is a clear cut attempt of ‘APARTHEID’.
5. Finally, this Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 is highly discriminatory. This ‘specific’, ‘hidden’ feature of Act becomes visible when its provisions are read with the provisions/rules of N.R.C.  The Illegal Immigrants (numbered 19,06,657 according to ‘The Hindu’ newspaper) could not make it to NRC/ excluded from N.R.C. now  will be ‘legalized’ and ‘naturalized’ through Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019. Moreover it is learned that maximum illegal immigrants who are out of NRC are Hindus (Reference: https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/nrc-final-list-bjp-worried-over-exclusion-of-hindus-inclusion-of-illegal-bangladeshi-muslims-1593966-2019-08-31). 19 Lakh is not a small a number. In Nagaland we have millions of Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants, other states in the northeast too face more or less similar situation. Total number of Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants will be much more than what we can ever imagine. Therefore, this matter of CAA is not that simple to understand.
As we all know that India is known for its diverse culture but this ‘Citizenship Amendment Act’, 2019 will clearly destroy the diversity of India. We all should know the critical condition that we are in right now and should take a stand if not now; then the Citizenship Amendment Act will become the root of all the problems that we will face in the later days to come. If we do not wake up and stand against and oppose it strongly in Constitutional way, then later it will become a Cancer and bring darker days not only to our generation but for our future generations also.
Remember; peace and justice cannot be achieved just by sitting at our home and asking for it but instead it is fought. We the people (in general) have the bad habit of waiting for others to take a stand first then we fallow. Why? (“The question remain”).This monstrous piece of legislation called as Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 might not show its symptoms right now in Nagaland but mark my words, and I am bringing my words on record; that later it will surely do and when that does we will stand to lose our right to complain because it was us who did not take a stand at the first place. When entire India was exercising its constitutional right to protest we were waiting in line to stock up petrol. Why? Have WE forgotten our fighting spirit due to easy prosperity, money and little power? Where are our Civil Society Groups, Where are our Students organizations?
With UNITY our ancestors fought good battles in the past. We were undefeated. Our forefathers fought against every injustice with bravery. Now, the battlefields have been shifted, “Thoughts and Pen” has taken place of “Dao and Spear” and the “Constitution of India” has become our shield. If we are to keep quite now and see others suffering then later the problems will face toward us and when that happen imagine suffering without any comfort from other (it will be hell).If there is any hope for those who are suffering then be that hope be that ray of light in the life of those who are suffering and are already in the darkness. I beseech all of you to kindly exercise your Constitutional Rights under Article. 19, Article. 21, Article. 32, Article. 226/27  of the Constitution of India and save  Nagaland from the upcoming dark shadow of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019.
We now know very well that every protected area including ours and all those areas under their own special constitutional provisions as well as 6th Schedule, and Autonomous Districts are going to take the first blow of the Act. How are we going to protect ourselves? Politically speaking, it is a fact that, the state Government is not in a position at all to oppose the Law, or take position against it. Inner Line Permit is an Illusion. Assurance from Central Government is not going to work.  Therefore, the time has come that every citizen of Nagaland must invoke his Fundamental Rights under Constitution of India. Article 19 of the Constitution gives us right to dissent and protest in peaceful manner. When are we going to use this right? Art. 32 which in itself is a Fundamental Right give us a right to approach to Supreme Court to challenge violation of our Fundamental Rights. Introduction of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 is direct, total, absolute, complete, systematic violation of our Fundamental Rights as individual, as well as people. We cannot afford to be selfish and be happy in our own world. I am a college going student, but I want to tell my people to educate themselves about the evils of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019. We must oppose it not just because it is unconstitutional, but because it is like a chronic incurable disease that once caught is bound to deliver ‘patient’ in the arms of death.
Entire northeast including Nagaland is infested with Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants. This is not a question of just a survival of the Secular spirit of India, but also a social, cultural, political and economic survival of you and me-us as people!

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