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Tuesday, 17 December 2019 - Imphal Times

JCILPS urges CM for framing of effective guidelines for BEFR 1873 which has already been extended in Manipur

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Imphal, Dec 17

While welcoming the extension of the Inner Line Permit System in Manipur, the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System has urged the government of Manipur to frame a modalities or guidelines for effective implementation of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873 in the state of Manipur.

Speaking to media persons at JCILPS office at Imphal, Convenor of the Committee Y K Dhiren said that a memorandum has been submitted to the Chief Minister of Manipur urging him to frame guidelines for effective mechanism of the regulations.

In the memorandum the JCILPS urged the government to fulfill the will of the people while framing of the guidelines for the ILPS . The Memorandum also expressed hope that the government of Manipur will consult with representatives of the JCILPS while framing the regulation’s modalities and guidelines to fulfill the aspiration of the people.

YK Dhiren further said that the ILP under the BEFR 1973 has been extended and that the regulation should be properly implemented by accommodating some provisions from the Manipur People’s Bill, as there is no base year or any sections for chalking out of the already entered outsiders.

He said that the JCILPS has been spearheading various form of agitation for framing of regulations to check the influx of illegal migrants in the state of Manipur for protection of native indigenous people. During the course of the series of agitation for implementation of a ILPS like legislation, a student of Ananda Higher Secondary School , Sapam Robinhood sacrificed his life after being hit by bullets from a security force. The long demand of the people has been fulfilled while passing the CAB in Parliament and we welcome it but it’s no time to celebrate as the regulation is still hollow with no effective protective mechanism which the state has to frame. 

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Peace Rally staged demanding honourable conclusion of Indo-Naga Peace talk

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Chandel, Dec.17

Civil Societies Organisation, Chandel organized a Peace Rally demanding Honourable and Logical Conclusion of Indo Naga Peace Talk under the aegis of United Naga Council (UNC) at Chandel district head quarter today.

The rally started from Maha Union Higher Secondary School ground Chandel DHQs and passed through Japhou Bazar towards DC office Chandel while the Students and Peoples held placards which read as “Translate Framework Agreement into Honourable Solution”, “Naga Solution must be Honourable and Acceptable”, “People Deserve Peace”, “Peace is Patient, 23 Years Sufficient”, “Change the History of Conflict to Peace”, “Honourable Naga Solution for Peaceful Co-Existence”, “Justice Delayed Justice Denied”, “We Want Honourable Solution”, “Respect Framework Agreement”, “Resolve Political Conflict with Honour” and “Honourable Indo Naga Settlement for Peace and Dignity” during the rally.

Later, Chandel CSOs submitted a memorandum containing their demands addressing to the Prime Minister of India through the Deputy Commissioner Chandel, Krishna Kumar.

Speaking on the sideline of the rally, Former President UNC, Gaidon Kamei said that the Naga People acknowledged and appreciates all the former Prime Ministers of India who has made sincere efforts and immensely contributed to resolve the Indo-Naga Issues.

We highly valued the recognition of the “Unique History and Situations of the Nagas” by the government of India under the leadership of the then Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee in the year 2002, which demonstrated the seriousness and genuine concern for settlement of the protracted violent conflicts in the Indian Sub-continent, it Said.

Under Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi able leadership, the Historic Indo-Naga Framework Agreement was signed on 3rd August 2015 in New Delhi paving the way for a final settlement which we hope will be acceptable and honorable to the Naga people, Gaidon Said. The Naga people wholeheartedly endorse the Framework Agreement with the belief that our Identity and Rights is respected and secured, it added.

While assuring our unwavering participation and support to the peace building initiatives in our land, we earnestly entreat you to conclude the Indo-Naga peace process keeping in mind the Unique History and Situations of the Nagas and based on the true spirit of Framework Agreement signed on 3rd August 2015. We are also convinced that a separate Naga National Flag and Constitution must be recognized by virtue of the unique history and shall form the basis of the final settlement, he added.

The Rally was also attended by Speaker of United Naga Council (UNC) WS.Kanral, Secretary Education of All Naga Students Association Manipur (ANSAM) Dewman Pola, Members of Women Societies, Village chiefs and Village authority etc.

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KSA demands for exclusion of non native SC list of Manipur

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Imphal, Dec 17

The Kangleipak Students Association , Manipur once more draw the attention of the government for exclusion of certain non – native people including Dhobi , Mochi, Namasuddra, Patni, Sutradhar from the list of Scheduled Caste that has been listed in the Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe Order (Amendment) Act 1976 and also to identify “any Kuki, Kaha Naga and Any Mizo that has been listed in the similar act amended in 2002.

A statement by the KSA said that the matter has been put up to the notice of the government time and again and till today after assurance from them nothing has been notice that initiates for exclusion of the non native communities from the list of SC as well as no clarification of the any Kuki , any Mizo or Kacha Naga has been made public.    

The KSA questioned if the Dhobi , Mochi, Namasuddra, Patni, Sutradhar are native people of Manipur. Drawing the attention of the government of Manipur about the needs for identification of the so call any Kuki or Any Mizo in the ST list , the KSA question if any Kuki or Mizos who came from Myanmar or Mizoram will be included or not.

The KSA urged the government to do the needful before 2021 census.

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NYK Chandel Organise Adventure Camp

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Nehru Yuva Kendra Chandel organized Adventure Camp near Chakpi River upper stream at Thangkin village in Collaboration with Manipur Sports Climbing Association and 18 Assam Rifles, Chandel from 11th Dec. to 16th Dec 2019.

The Adventure Camp was flagged off by Ajit Khetri Commandant of 18, Assam Rifles Chandel in Presence of Major Kunal Sharma and Ng Rameson Monsang District Youth Coordinator Nehru Yuva Kendra Chandel. 31youths from Kakching district, Thoubal district, Tengnoupal district and Chandel District participated in the camp.

The aim of the Camp is to encourage the spirit of adventure and risk taking amongst youth and inculcating spirit of nature appreciation with emphasis on ecology and conservation of natural resources. Trekking, Mountain Rappelling, River Crossing and other activities were undertaken with guidance of the resource person from All Manipur Sports Climbing Association Surchand and the AR personnel.

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Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Programme

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Imphal, Dec 17

109  Bn  CRPF,  Organized  culinary  festival/mela  and  free Medical camp/ Heart check up camp under Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat Programme on 17/12/2019 at BN HQr, Mongsangei, Imphal.  
In the culinary festival/mela 109 Bn exhibited cuisine/food of different states. The mela showcased culinary practices of different parts of  India  like  South  Indian  dishesh,  Biryani  (Veg  &  Chicken),  Gulab-Jamun, Samosa Chole Bhature, Litti chokha, Pani puri, Sugarcane juice, Jhalmuri,  etc  and  presented  to  public  &  Jawans/Officers  through  food stalls.  On  this  occasion  of  gaiety  &  merriment  ,  Ek  Bharat,  Shreshtha Bharat  cultural  team  showcased  cultural  programme  of  various  states and Nukkad-Natak displaying socio-culture richness of the country was befittingly presented to the joyous gathering.
Various  sporting  events  like  Ring  throwing,  Spoon  race, Musical chair, Foot Ball game, Magical show , dice game  etc were also organized  by  109 Bn  and  enjoyed  with  fervour  by  all participants.  Last but  not  least,  this  unit  arranged  free  Medical  Camp/  Heart  check  up camp on 17/12/2019 from 09.30 a.m. to 04.00 p.m. in collaboration with team of SKY Hospital  Doctors as well as unit doctors in which Jawans, their families and local populace availed free heart care health check up at  camp.  Diabetic  patients  also  took  the  benefits  of  the  free  heart  care Medical camp.
On the joyous occasion, Dr. Ashok Kumar, DIG (Medical) ,  Vinod  Kumar,  Comdt-109  Bn,  Dr.  Deepak  Kumar,  CMO, Kiyam  Rajiv  Singh  D/C,  K.K.  Pau,  A/C,    Jugal  Kishore Mahapatra, A/C and Abonmai Kaipou were present and encouraged all Jawans to enjoy the Mela with zeal and enthusiasm .

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‘The Alchemy of Protest’

The best of intents does nobody any good unless acted upon. The same goes for issues that needs resolved. Protests, demonstrations, marches, rallies and agitations provides a means of raising social and political issues and flaws that needs to be addressed in time. Protests have a remarkable emotional appeal – often morally persuasive and deeply moving. Yet they can also be disappointing, with the immediacy and vitality of the protest often challenged and sometimes marked by the reassertion of existing authority.
In an article reflecting on ‘The Alchemy of Protest’, Christian Caryl points out that the power of demonstrations lies in the overtly public nature of the challenge that they pose. On the same breadth, it must be understood that protests are not, and should not be considered the means to obtain or achieve the stated objective or goal. Protests create space for discussions and deliberations on the issues and objections raised by the participants. A more objective view of protests should be one where it is treated as a catalyst for the change and a point of initiation of public dialogues, discussions and negotiations.
The turmoil across the nation against the CAA is a serious issue, which the central government should understand . However, the protest against the idea of CAA is not similar across the nation. The protest seen here in North East State is different from those at other part of the country. The issue with the CAA with NE states is not about Hindus or Muslim , it is all about protecting the indigenous native people. We the citizen here in this part irrespective of what profession they hold should equally understand their responsibility as it is about the future of this region.
Well, as for the state of Manipur, after the enactment of ILP under the BEFR, the CAA has been exempted. But if certain part of the NE region are not exempted than the ILP will not be able to protect the state from illegal influx despite being exempted from CAA. We all know that there has been already many illegal migrants dissolved in the state of Manipur before CAA. In states like Mizoram, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh where ILPS is enforced the outsiders numbers became a threat to the respective states. These outsiders do not seem to be from Indian states but mostly from neighbouring countries who entered with Indian mask. The entire NE needs to be united for the common cause of protecting the native people. And the NRC should be done in all the NE states by exempting the CAA.

Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019: A step towards Hindu Rashtra?

K Kaluto Chishi,
B A 2nd Sem , political science (hon)
Tetso college, Dimapur

The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 was brought as a Citizenship Amendment Bill for the purpose of amending the Citizenship Act of 1955 to make illegal migrants who are Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis  and  Christians f rom  Afghanistan,  Bangladesh and Pakistan, who entered India on or before 31 December 2014, eligible for Indian citizenship. It also seeks to relax the requirement of residence in India for citizenship by naturalisation from 11 years to 5 years for these migrants.  Immediate beneficiaries of the Act, according to IB records, will be just over 30,000 people, but how far is it true when the local population of Nagaland and other neighbouring states have been surrounded by millions of Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants?
Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) that is now an Act; is perhaps another one of the contentious and controversial bill like GST, Demonetisation, Art. 370, Triple Talaq and also the Uniform Civil Code (Which I am sure is kept hidden the pipeline). Considering the nature of Bill presented before the parliament by the present government clearly indicates its social and political agenda. On the fateful day of 11th of December, 2019 this Citizenship Amendment Bill was given FREE passage by the Rajysabha. The Bill was passed amidst the sorrows, cries, protests in different parts of the northeast India. This is how I learned how democracy can be murdered.    
This demonic Act is nothing but a smart conspiracy to divide the citizens of India on religious grounds. It is in the sense of modern day that this Act propagates the two nation theory. The rise of Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 has a potential to destroy the very core foundation that the nation was built on i.e Equality, fraternity and secularism. It will have adverse impact on the demographics, social, cultural and economic life of the local indigenous of the North-eastern States. No state will be able to escape from the wrath of the Act. It will also strain the age long Hindu-Muslim relation and last but not the least it would also strain the bilateral relations of India with the three aforementioned States Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh on the issue of an unsubstantiated allegations of Religious persecution taking place in their respective Countries, hence, a threat to the international image of India.
Whilst Understanding that this is a Hindu Majority nation, we should also delve deeper in the history of modern India and understand that the great visionary leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. B.R Ambedkar, Jawaharlal Nehru to name few who stood firm and strong on the principles of a free India that believed in emancipating the people from all social evils and who worked tirelessly for a united India.  Sadly this is an era of Bhakts and not the era of ushering peace, prosperity and development that the founders of this great nation envisaged upon. Now we can understand why we say there’s a flaw in “DEMOCRACY”, now I know why Socrates hated Majoritarian Democracy.
“Majority Always Wins” Is what we have learnt since our childhood and when it comes into effect in the political realms that’s when we realise that this is a great threat to fragile unity of the nation. The BJP under the wings of The RSS have done nothing great for the betterment of the common good. They hampered the country’s economic growth, unemployment rates are ever increasing, high rise in the prices of goods and commodities, ever rising of crimes perpetuated against the Women, downtrodden communities, religious minorities and so on. Now in this dark hour the nation stands divided. Will BJP repeal this bill under the pressure of ‘Public Mandate’ that nulls the Constitutional values, BEFR 1873 and true spirit of Citizenship Act 1955 which never ever extended citizenship rights based on ‘Religion’ ?  Or Will BJP Divide the Nation? Future is unknown, however this Act now will be challenged in the Supreme Court. What will be the mandate? I don’t wish to think, however, as a human being and a citizen of free and secular India the constitution of which guarantees me the Right to Free Speech under Art. 19, I will keep on recording my dissent, I will keep on asking questions, in the interest of today and future of generations to come. KUKNALIM!

Maharashtra unlikely to implement CAB

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Mumbai, 17 December

While chief ministers of West Bengal, Kerala and Punjab have already expressed their opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) 2019, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has said that his Government will take a call only after Supreme Court delivers its verdict on the issue in response to a couple of petitions filed.
Speaking to media in Nagpur where the winter session of the Maharashtra legislature is underway, Thackeray said that the constitutional validity of the CAB is yet to be verified and the clear picture will emerge only after SC directions. In a related development, some of the Congress MLAs from Maharashtra held a meeting with party Chief Sonia Gandhi last week and sought her intervention in the matter.
PWD Minister Nitin Raut (Congress) told media that they have urged Sonia Gandhi to oppose implementation of CAB in Maharashtra. Raut said that they have also requested Thackeray not to implement the CAB and he has given positive indications. Thackeray heads  a coalition Government of the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress in Maharashtra.  
Initially during the debate in Lok Sabha, the Shiv Sena had supported the bill. Later in Rajya Sabha, three Shiv Sena members opposed the bill and walked out. Now the bill has already been passed by both the houses of the Parliament and the President has given consent to it converting into the act.
Thackeray said that there was no need to pass the CAB in a post haste when the country was already surrounded by burning issues like growing unemployment, farmers’ woes and crime against women. The NDA Government passed the bill just to divert the attention of people from basic issues confronting the country. Union Home Minister Amit Shah did not reply to queries raised by our members in the Parliament. We had suggested that voting rights of illegal migrants be withheld.
Besides, the CAB was against idea propounded by Savarkar, that there should be one nation from “Sindhu to Sindhu Sagar”(one country surrounding Sindhu(Indus) river originating in Tibet, running a course through Ladakh and then flowing along the entire length of Pakistan).
“Is BJP is in a position to implement such plan ? Thackeray asked and added that the BJP wants to “import” Hindus from already divided countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan as if India is under-populated. If Hindus, Parsis, Jains, Christians and Buddhists are persecuted in these countries, then BJP led Government of India should have courage to tell these countries to ensure protection to religious minorities.
Referring to a stand off between BJP and Congress over Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s jibe at a poll rally in Jharkhand, that instead of PM’s slogan “make in India’, now the country should be labelled as “Rape in  India”, going by cases of crime against women, and his refusal to apologize saying “My name is Rahul Gandhi, not Rahul Savarkar”, Thackeray said that the Shiv Sena will not compromise its respect for Barrister V D Savarkar.
In the meanwhile, describing the CAB as a “divisive and destabilizing” move, some of the civil society groups have announced plans for a nationwide strike and protest against the bill on December 19. They have vowed to continue the struggle till the government abandoned the move. Similarly the Samajwadi Party has organised a huge march at Marine Drive in South Mumbai on 19 December.
By now several organisations including IIT Bombay Students’ Union, TISS Students Union, NCP youth wing and SFI, have already staged protests against CAB and the agitations are on practically everyday.

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Delhi fashion club presented north east handlooms show at IFW Chandigarh

Bala Hijam & RK Sushant walks as showstopper  & Harshit Dhingaun show Director

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Imphal Dec.17

 ”Make in India” is one of the most important initiative which needs to be promoted among the youth to build strong base for Indian goods and economy globally, hence with an aim to boost trade and awareness about Khadi, Handlooms and North east textiles a show was organized with a theme “LOCAL TO GLOBAL KHADI” was organized by Delhi Fashion Club in Chandigarh during “International Fashion Week”  which was held on 14 December 2019 at Hyatt Regency, Chandigarh. With this show DFC also celebrates 150yr of Mahatma Gandhi and 100 yrs of Charkha.

Through this show DFC tried to give a platform to such designers who are working closely with the weavers , artisans & making garments with a vision for a better tomorrow for the world and the nation. DFC Promotes “sustainable fashion” concept which is spreading globally & not only talks about eco-friendly fabrics but also urge to design zero waste garments. This helps in saving our environment & Forests as well by avoiding the use of toxic dies and chemicals. Looking at the initiative big appeal & influence, its being supported & appreciated by Department of Forest & Wildlife, Punjab ( Govt. Of India ) as well.

To Promote the cause During this Fashion Week, Delhi Fashion club Organized a Unique Fashion Show consisting of two designers -  Arbin Tonjam from Manipur (Represented North East Handloom ) and Celebrity Designer Ashok Maanay from Bangalore (Represented National Handloom & Silk).

If we talk about the designers , Arbin Tonjam is one of the Most talented young designer from Manipur who have showcases at various platform locally , with this show he made his International debut at International Fashion Week.

Delhi Fashion Club presented this show on day one of the fashion week which witnessed the richness of Handlooms & textile of North Eastern State Manipur. Show started with North east textile promotion followed by National Silk handlooms show, Arbin presented his Manipuri handloom to promote north east & accessories for the models includes wooden sticks headgear which were beautifully amalgamated with Manipuri sensibilities of designs. The Showstoppers include Manipuri Actress Bala Hijam and Actor R.K. Sushant, who walked gracefully on the ramp.

On the entry of both the showstoppers complete hall was full of cheers, claps & whistles. Their beautiful walk & presentation increased the grandeur of the show, everyone was stunned to witness the angelic aura & feel of the complete show. This show was curated & directed by Mr. Harshit Dhingaun , assisted by Thamin from LPU and  Omendra Gautam from Delhi, Photography was done Shimri Chawang. DFC Plans to promote the cause of handloom promotions in other states like Mumbai, Bangalore etc. DFC launching its presence in Paris as well by 27 December to connect the designer with right platforms for there promotions.

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Spear Corps Celebrates Vijay Diwas

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Imphal Dec,17

Rangapahar Military Station celebrated ‘Vijay Diwas’ on 16 December to commemorate the India’s historical victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war. On this day in 1971, the Commander of the Pakistani forces, Lieutenant General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi, along with 93,000 troops, had surrendered unconditionally to the gallant Indian Armed forces and the victory led to the liberation of Bangladesh.
As part of these celebrations, a number of activities were organised. The day started with Lt Gen Rajeev Sirohi, AVSM, VSM, Officers and troops paying rich tributes at the war memorial for the Martyrs who laid down their lives during the war. They further took a pledge to protect the country at all costs from external aggressions and internal threats.
Special screening of a movie on the 1971 War was also organised in the Manekshaw auditorium for the Veterans, Civil dignitaries and Army personnel who witnessed the courage of the brave soldiers and their selfless sacrifices. The Veterans were then invited to recount their experiences of the war, whose stories of valour, courage and bravery against all odds were truly inspirational.
GOC, Spear Corps, then felicitated the Veterans and expressed his gratitude for their contribution in India’s ‘Finest Hour’. The Veterans also interacted with the troops motivating them to make every sacrifice to keep the country safe.  

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