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Saturday, 14 December 2019 - Imphal Times

Filmmakers, Journalists, students support Anti-CAB movement; Shows solidarity with Assam and Tripura

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Imphal, Dec 14

A group of people from different walks of life today gathered near Western Kangla Gate at around 11 am today morning and showed solidarity to the anti-CAB movement at Assam and Tripura. A one minute silence was also observed as a mark of respect to those departed soul who had sacrificed for the cause of the indigenous people during anti –CAB protest at Assam and Tripura in the last few days.

Young Film Maker Amar Maibam, while talking on the occasion said that he had even thought of going to Assam to join with the people there who are fighting for the future of the Indigenous people of the region.

“I was shocked and very angry with the Government of India who fail to listen to the people of this North East region, I was hurt when I heard news about our brothers and sisters at Assam being killed by the bullets of security personnel while protesting CAB, I became restless when I heard news about our indigenous brothers killed by immigrants who were supporting the contentious CAB in Tripura”, Amar Maibam told Imphal Times.

Editor of Imphal Times, Rinku Khumukcham also joined the solidarity demonstration.

“I am hurt by what has been happening at Assam and Tripura and I feel ashamed of sitting inside my news room writing about what has been happening, so I feel it is my responsibility to join with the people”, the Imphal Times Editor said, adding that he will not only write but will go in the street for the cause of the Indigenous people of this region.

“As for the state of Manipur, an air of relief is blowing with the extension of Inner Line Permit under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1853, however, the kind of regulation is not a full protection of the state from CAB. Due to numbers we may not be able to raise voice for scrapping of the new legislation, but we in the North East can jointly fight together to exempt CAB 2019 from the entire states of North East”, Rinku said.

A student from Manipur University, who join the demonstration, said that he will stand against CAB and he will join any movement of the people.

“To be frank I am fed up of this so call democracy which does not look like democracy. Today the voice of the people is not being heard, the government is not listening the voice of the minority and they are doing things that they think are correct which is wrong for minority people of North East states”, Mangal, the student from Manipur University said.

Event Manager James Mayengbam, who also joined the demonstration, said that it is time that we stand for the indigenous brothers together to jointly fight for the cause. CAB is anti people in general and for indigenous people of the state in particular. If we care for our children we should fight against it, James Mayengbam said.

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MANPAC’s review meeting re-affirmed to intensify protest against CAB

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Imphal, Dec 14

Review meeting of the Manipur Peoples’ Against CAB today re-affirmed its stand to intensify agitation against the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019, which was recently passed in both the houses of the Parliament and that has become act after the President of India has assented the Bill.

The review meeting held at Lamyanba Sanglen today was presided by Convenor of MANPAC Yumnam Dilipkumar and Co-convenor Amu Kamei and Mangcha Haokip.

The MANPAC condemn the gross violence of human rights in parts of Assam and Tripura by security forces while suppressing the peoples’s democratic movement against CAB. The MANPAC also resolved to support any movement by the NEFIP against CAB.

Speakers during the review meeting discussed in depth about the recent development in the aftermath of the passing of the CAB in different part of North East states. The killings of protestors at Assam have been vehemently condemned by speakers in today’s meeting.

On the other hand speakers on the review meeting also seriously discussed about the divides that has been played among the people of the North Eastern states. 

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Protest staged urging Manipur HC for speedy disposal of cases related to crime against women and children

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Imphal, Dec 14

Members & Volunteers of Conflict Widow Forum, United Women’s Rights Defenders, Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights, Domestic Violence Survivor Forum today staged a protest demonstration in front of Manipur High Court at around noon demanding disposal of the pending cases related to crime against women and children at around noon.

“ We demand the Honourable High Court to dispose all pending cases which are related to crime against women and children in view of the hardship face by victims and the family members of such heinous  crimes”, a volunteer of  Conflict Widow forum said to reporters.

 “ We also demand the Honourable High Court to direct the government for recruitment of more Judges to fill the vacancy and to strengthened the Forensics Science Lab (FSL) by installing DNA Testing machine” , she added.

The demonstrators also urged the Manipur High Court  to direct the District/session court for Speedy trial of cases related to crime against women and children.

“Even though today is holiday of the High Court, we organize the protest demonstration so that It wouldn’t affect/disturb the Court atmosphere”, the volunteers of the NGO said.

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CAB turns India into a fanatic anti-Muslim land:  Popular Front

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Imphal, Dec 14

A statement by  Popular Front of India, National Secretary, Anis Ahmed, has observed that the passage of Citizenship Amendment Bill has turned the country into a fanatic, anti-Muslim land.
“The bill is a significant step in downgrading our democratic and secular state in to an authoritarian and racist nation by singling out Muslims as second class citizens or even non-citizens without any civil rights.  More than a Hindu Rashtra, a kind of Muslim Virodh Rashtra (Anti-Muslim Fanatic Country) is being created by law with the passing of the new bill”, Anis Ahmed said in a statement.  
The statement added that it must be a matter of concern of every Indian citizen that not only Muslims but all the people including those whom RSS and BJP boast to protect will suffer from the social unrest and civil strife triggered by the passage of the bill.  Earlier Modi-Shah government had set people of Kashmir against the country by brutal oppressive measures and deprivation of human rights. Now similar measures are also being tried in North East region where the new law will have more immediate consequences. Nothing constructive can be expected from such legislation which can only create chaos.
Anis Ahmed however, congratulated all the members of both houses of the parliament and their parties who opposed the bill.
“They have truly upheld the spirit of Indian constitution and natural justice at a critical time”, he said.
He however condemned those MPs from non-BJP parties who colluded with BJP thereby betraying the people who trusted them, the constitution and the oath they took in its name.
Anis Ahmed hoped that Supreme Court will ultimately struck down this draconian alteration of the very concept of citizenship which has demolished the basic structure of Indian constitution.

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Labour Welfare Association of CAF and PD staged protest; Police disperses the protestor

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Imphal, Dec 14

Police today dispersed sit-in-protest demonstration by the members of the  CAF and PD Labour Welfare Association at Keishampat Leimajam Leikai, Imphal, The Association alleges police of committing atrocities to the peaceful demonstration and alleged the male police to mishandling women protestors.

Romendrajit Moirangcha, General Secretary of CAF and PD Labour Welfare Association, said that the peaceful protest was suddenly forced to disperse using force by male police team despite the fact that there were female protestors.

“There were no female police and they strike to the female protestors”, Romendrajit said and added that the kind of move by the police will never succeed in cooling the anger of the labour community which has been demanding increase of labour charge, it will only harden the stand.

Laishram Hemabati , General Secretary CAF and PD Labour family committee, reportedly sustain injury in police action.

Two of the members of the CAF and PD Labour Welfare Association have been picked up by the police team. 

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One day Social Service Camp at District Hospital Thoubal

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Imphal, Dec 14

District Police Thoubal, District Hospital Thoubal, Thoubal Municipal Council and NYK Thoubal volunteers jointly organised one day social service camp at District Hospital Thoubal, today.

Surrounding campus of the hospital, Nursing Institute area and public pond of the hospital area were clean up.

Superintendent of Police Thoubal, Dr.S.Ibomcha said that the social service camp was held with the objective of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness as on surrounding area of the hospital which is frequently use by people and patients.

All together 250 people including VDF personnel, security personal participated in the social service camp.

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A wake up call: Should we remain calm when our brothers are in frying pan

When some among the people of this state under the initiative of the government of Manipur celebrate for getting ILP that exempt CAB from the state of Manipur, our own blood brothers in Assam are dying. So far 6 people including students are reported died in police action while protesting against the contentious CAB that has been passed in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha which finally gave assent by the President of India. In Tripura an indigenous person was reported killed in mob action by immigrants supporting the CAB. The situation of the indigenous in both the states of Tripura and Assam is in critical juncture. The one time stand from other states where CAB has been exempted by ILP including Manipur has now seems diverted and the trust for a common platform for all the indigenous people of the region has been breached with the kind of attitude responded.

It is all right for the BJP government to be exited, but it not so when it comes to the so call civil society bodies to remain idled when our brothers and sisters whom we stand together folding hands one another are facing bullets and bomb of the security forces.

This newspaper, even though term the enactment of ILPS under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation 1873 as an ‘interim relief’ as it is a tool that Contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019 has been exempted. However, this newspaper Imphal Times will spare no pain in joining hands for our brother and sisters of Assam and Tripura.

When Tripura and Assam burnt we as brothers and sisters certainly feel the heat. And if we ignore the immediate heat we will surely feel the heat in the coming days. We the people of Manipur need to wake up and extend our helping hand to our brothers and sister of Assam and Tripura. 

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