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Monday, 28 October 2019 - Imphal Times

State Government recommends Manipur be declared as Hill state by amending Article 371 C – Source

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Imphal, Oct 28

Amidst civil society’s anger over the skipping of Manipur’s stakeholders while inking a permanent solution to the issue of NSCN-IM, a source with the Imphal Times said that the GoI did sought recommendations from the side of the Manipur government regarding the matter.

As per the source, the Government of Manipur has recommended the Government of India to declare Manipur as Hill state with a bicameral legislation on the line envisaged for Nagaland state so that Manipur be brought under the Sixth Scheduled format. It however fails to reveal the modus operandi on how the state of Manipur could be declared a hill state without converting the majority Meetei/Meitei community into the status of Scheduled Tribe.

The source further said that the Government of Manipur strongly opposed any kind of ethnic based administration being set up in the state of Manipur for appeasing NSCN-IM, but recommended to name the existing autonomous district councils to North Autonomous Council, South Autonomous Council and Central Autonomous Council which will include the entire valley districts. For that, the Government of India has been recommended to amend Article 371 C. The recommendations suggested for listing the entire state of Manipur under the 6th Schedule of the Constitution.  

The source fails to disclose on whether the recommendation of the state government will be accepted by the government India or not but concealing the fact about contacting government of Manipur in connection with the talk create apprehension to the people of the state.

When questioned about the concept of converting the existing autonomous district councils into 3 autonomous council across the entire state , the source said that the North Autonomous Council may encompass the existing Autonomous district Council of Ukhrul (which is presently having jurisdiction over Ukhrul district and the newly formed Kamjong district), Tamenglong ( which is having jurisdiction over Tamenglong and the newly formed Noney district) and Senapati ( presently having jurisdiction over Senapati district) by having separate offices functioning from each of the respective district head quarters. Under the South Autonomous Council, the state government recommended to encompass the existing ADCs of CCpur, Sadar Hills and Chandel with offices from the respective district head quarters. However, border town Moreh being an important strategic location as per the Act East Policy of India, the state government recommended to place it under the jurisdiction of Central Autonomous district Council which will comprise of the valley districts.    

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MPCC submits memorandum to PM over FA between NSCN-IM and the NNPG

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Imphal, Oct 28

Representatives of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee led by the newly appointed MPCC President M. Okendro, CLP leader Okram Ibobi and former President of the MPCC today submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister of India through the Governor of Manipur Dr. Najma Heptulla in connection with the scheduled final agreement to be signed with the NSCN-IM and NNPGs.

The memorandum expressed apprehensions about hurting the people of the state as the Prime Minister still did not accept any appointment with a delegation of the all Political Party including the BJP till today even as the date for signing of the final agreement between the Government of India and NSCN-IM including the NNPGs is stated to be finalized on October 31.

Earlier talking to media persons, CLP leader Okram Ibobi had questioned the rationale behind the meeting of the all political party meeting convened by the Chief Minister if the delegations which are supposed to rely the stand of the political party in connection with finding any solution with the NSCN-IM could not be conveyed before October 31.

“Till today when it is only 2 days left for signing of the peace deal , the delegates of the all political party still have not been given any appointment”, Okram Ibobi said adding that there is no use submitting the stand of the all political party which is also a mandate of the people of the state if the agreement is already signed.

The memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister through the Governor strongly opposed any formation of any structures base on ethnic line like the formation of Pan Naga Cultural body or territorial council for the Naga of Manipur as it has the tendency to distort the integrity of the state.  

The memorandum also expressed apprehension for the alleged deployment of additional paramilitary force in the state saying that the situation is not a sign of peaceful solution.

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Women’s body stage rally, submits memorandum to CM and Governor over FA

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Imphal, Oct 28

12 major women’s organizations of the state, under the aegis of COCOMI, today staged a protest demonstration sending message to the Government of India of serious consequences if the final agreement likely to be signed between the GoI, NSCN-IM and the NNPGs hurts the sentiment of the people of the state.

The rally kicked start from Checkon area and proceeded towards the Chief Minister’s Bungalow. They were however intervened by a team of state police at Konung Mamang in Imphal East. Placards that read warning about serious consequences were displayed by the ladies.

A minor confrontation took place between the protestors and the police after the protestors started shouting slogans for protection of the state. Traffic along the route was put to halt for almost an hour at all direction coming from Porompat, Sanjenthong and Wangkhei area.

The situation was however brought under control after the police allowed representatives from each of the 12 Women’s organizations to meet the Governor of Manipur.

The 12 representatives of the women’s bodies submitted a memorandum to the Governor and the Chief Minister separately under the banner of the COCOMI.

The memorandum categorically stated that any solution to the vexed Naga issue must not be at the cost of the existing socio-political, economic and cultural setup of the State. COCOMI has been spearheading different modes of civil movement against any possible impact on the integrity of Manipur and its administrative setup as a result of any solution to the Naga peace talk.

On the other hand, at Jiribam Auto Rickshaw also staged a protest rally at Jiribam under the aegis of COCOMI.

Meanwhile COCOMI held a  press meet at Lamyanba Shanglen.

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The ‘facts’ is to decide the ‘fate’

The freezing wind that keeps the hills of Manipur, a once upon a time paradise for peace lovers, is finally getting warmer. People across this region feel warmer, not only because thousand trees have been cut down but also because there blows an uncertain wind that will only be felt after October 31, (if in case the government of India stands with its decision).
The fall out of October 31 is a daring challenge for all the people of Manipur even though it may be assumed as a blessing for the neighbouring state Nagaland. This is being stated as almost all Naga community belonging to various ethnic groups have united however, differences which still lingers among the various ethnic communities in Manipur due to the bitter truth of past events still divides the people. The unfortunate part is that some actors still fails to recollect the near past where thousands of our brothers and sisters have sacrificed but still spells the myth of far past history of feudal days.
Rose, the lady of our Tangkhul community, who ended her life – like the ending of an immature blooming orchid blown away by the unfriendly wind, is not even a reality to some actors who seem to be rusting the iron hearted youths of the region. But many ‘we’ still sheds tears for our sisters, aunties, brothers no matter they belongs to any community of this erstwhile kingdom because we were one and will be one forever.
Former Chief Minister of Nagaland SC Jamir may not want the Tangkhul community but no former Chief Ministers or the present Chief Minister had never ever felt the way that Mr. Jamir had felt for Tangkhul community. NNPGs have now united in Nagaland but no political groups still fails to unite even after knowing that the tomorrow of Manipur may be a different Manipur.  
22 years of working by way of exchanging ideas among some few actors seems to have forgotten to discuss the reality of today’s society who has been in this part of land. The trust that people of their own has been shattered and the guns that they bought from hard earn money of the people of their own are now no different from an ‘useless swords’. It is upto the government of India that will now decide the fate of NSCN-IM. Everyone speculate that the fall out of October 31 may either be – a burning Manipur or reducing the might of NSCN-IM to a mere war mongering group that will become ‘not admissible to anywhere’.  
 The entire people of the state which is a home of 32 different communities is now shrewdly kept in state of collusion. Fate of the erstwhile nation has now been totally handed over to the authority of a younger nation that this erstwhile nation joined with great hopes but shattered since then.
The present modus operandi of today’s society and the grievances of the people seem to be out of the purview of the so call peace making process. Hate, enmity and jealousness have been injected and now the one time united people have been divided into pieces.
It is likely that screwy bullets that had haunted the people of Manipur may once more start floating here and there and it is also likely that the situation after October 31 may create a stalemate to the free movement of the innocent public.
For decades, the state of Manipur particularly in the Hill areas people had witnessed countless life from unwanted sound “pheecheeong” from the bayonets of many guns.
The later part of early 90s in the state of Manipur, if one recalled had seen many non authority mushroomed to countered by empowering themselves with SLP (self loaded powers). The number of “pheecheeong..” had put all lives under tremendous fear, every community were terrorized. Yes, please recalls the bloodiest blood bath between two major ethnic groups of the state ignited by the NSCN-IM in the early 90s and please let us not make that bloody history repeat to any other groups.  

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