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Thursday, 24 October 2019 - Imphal Times

Thousands of women came out in the street of Imphal and threatens serious consequences if the agreement between GoI and NSCN-IM contains any clauses that affect Manipur

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Imphal, Oct 24

Manipur today saw over thousands of women mostly from the three Khwairambandh Keithel, here in the heart of Imphal staging a mass rally cautioning the Government of India of serious peoples’ uprising if the agreement proposed to be signed between the Government of India and the NSCN-IM plus Naga Political groups, contain any clauses that have the potential of distorting the unity of Manipur.

Even as NSCN-IM and the interlocutor of the Government of India RN Ravi , exchange heated war of words through media regarding some disagreement  to the content in the peace deal , there are indications that the agreement have some clauses to disintegrate Manipur state as per disclosure by RN Ravi.

Convenor of the Coordination Committee of Manipur Integrity (COCOMI), Sunil Karam while questioning the sincerity of the Government of India said that even as the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had assured to discuss about the agreement that is going to be signed with the civil society organisation’s representatives of Manipur, no intimation or invitation had been offered even as it is only a week left now.

“As per revelations and from other sources we know that some clauses are in the agreement that may affect the integrity of the state and as there is still time the Government of India should omit those points that the people of the state has been opposing “, Sunil Karam said while the women were shouting slogans that warn of serious agitation, if anything that is against the will of the people have been agreed to the NSCM-IM.

The number of women may have cross over 10, 000 (ten Thousands) who came out in the street here at BT Road holding placards demanding assurance of full proof security that will ensure protection of the territorial and political boundary of the state of Manipur.

Around 10 am today the vendor ladies started gathering near the main Ima Keithel and after few minutes more and more women gathered confusing the security personnel deployed at Khwairamband Keithel. Police team re-inforce to control the situation but the women protestors outnumbered the security forces and they were left with no choice but to allow them to continue the protest rally.

Both sides of BT road starting from Samumakhong to Kangla western gate was seen packed with women protestors. The air in Imphal was filled with the voice of the ladies that shouted protection of the territorial integrity of the state.

“A mere apprehension on the unity of the state had brought over 10000 women in the street, I wonder the fate of the state if the agreement that may sign on October 31 to end the 22 years long peace talk with the NSCN-IM contain at least a single clause that the people have been opposing”, a senior citizen who happen to witness 2001 June uprising that burnt the state of Manipur after the Government of India committed a single mistake by extending the ‘cease fire agreement’ to the state of Manipur.

“Around 22 people have given up their lives for safeguarding the integrity of the state, I have no idea how many more lives will be lost this time if the Government of India repeats the same mistake.  

 As the women protestors started thronging to the office of the Governor, the police team handled the situation by requesting the agitator not to cross beyond the silent zone area. Later as per the request the women representatives were allowed to meet the Governor of Manipur where they submit a memorandum.

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NSF expresses strong resentment on RN Ravi’s dual role

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Imphal, Oct 24

The Naga Students Federation (NSF) has expressed strong resentment against R N Ravi alleging him of playing as the GOI interlocutor as well as the Governor of Nagaland. A memorandum in the regard had been submitted to the Prime Minister of India.

The students’ body said R N Ravi has been indulging in rhetoric words and practices which has resulted in much chaos and confusion in the Naga society.

“It has come to light through various sources and media houses that the Indian interlocutor has been adopting the practice of twisting and misinterpreting the words enshrined in the historic framework agreement against agreed terms and principles to suit his political overlords. Such a practice is inimical to the unique history and legitimate rights of the Naga people. It has also become crystal clear to the Naga people that GOI is approaching the peace process from a bureaucratic lens which is leading to the misinterpretation of competencies that has been mutually worked out so far between the entities. 

The statement further said that the Indo-Naga peace process has been ongoing since the last 22 years making much progress. However, the recent development wherein the GOI interlocutor has been resorting to imposing a deadline of 31st October’ 19 upon the Naga negotiating team is against the universally accepted principle of a peaceful and mutually agreed negotiation.

“No honorable solution can be brought about if one of the teams to the negotiation starts to throw their weight around and tries to impose the same upon the opposite party” it added.

While stating that the NSCN and GOI entered into second ceasefire on 1st August, 1997; with the initiatives for a peaceful resolution to the indo-Naga conflict, the NSF statement said that the present political dialogues between the Government of India and NSCN representing the Naga people are a) without any pre-condition b) at the highest level and c) in third countries.

On June 14, 2001 in Bangkok it was re-affirmed that the ceasefire agreement is between the Government of India and NSCN as two entities without territorial limits. The process was further strengthened on 11th July, 2002, the then Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee declared recognition of the ‘unique history and situation of the Nagas’ by the GOI and later by signing FA in 2015.

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MSWDC distributes machineries to trainees

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Imphal, Oct 24

Manipur State Women’s Development Corporation (MSWDC), Government of Manipur has distributed Weaving  , Embroidery swing machine and Fly Shuttle looms to 90 trainees after the 6 months completion from 3 centres at Tera Bazar centre  , Khamnam Leirak centre and Yaiskul centre  .

The distribution programme was held today at Sagolband Tera Loukrakpam Leikai Neinasang club community hall.

Speaking to the function at the sideline of the function , Chairperson of  MSWDC, S. Satyabhama Devi said that the Corporation has started the training center for Imphal West District and Imphal East District. Women of this district would get free training on weaving, embroidery and tailoring for 6 months. After the completion of the training, all the trainees would get a certificate along with a set of equipment so as to enable them to start their own enterprise. Some  programme also done by the MSWDCL only for women like computer learning , doll making and  Mushroom cultivation.

Ng Uttam Director cum Managing Director Manipur state women’s Development Corporation while speaking in the function said that  Manipur society need skill development for the women. For the programme 70 % of the cost is Govt and 30 % by trainers and monthly stipend were also given to trainers.

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Wired barricades in Imphal – a sign of apprehension on Government side

Police barricades with concertina wires have again set its foot on the soil of Manipur particularly in Imphal city, to contain any unwanted public uproar, as the final date of the Indo-Naga peace talk settlement approaches.
The security forces have taken their places in most of the nooks and crannies of the Imphal valley. As much as it can be considered as a preventive measure in case of another uprising from the people of Manipur, it also reflects the apprehension of the BJP-led Manipur government regarding the final verdict of the peace talk.
Maybe the government of N. Biren Singh is also not sure of what actually would be the outcome, even though they have been affirming that there will be no negative impact on Manipur, as said by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. Their apprehension is also valid because we have seen similar promises from the Prime Minister in the past during the CAB issue as well, which is also knocking on the door. At the same time, fear is hovering over the people of Manipur that this peace talk might be another step towards breaking down Manipur, in addition to the upcoming CAB.
Having said that, the fear will only be translated into another uprising only if the peace talk is going to disturb the integrity of Manipur, not just territorially but also socio-economically, politically, and ethnically. The underlying tone of implementation of Article 371A along with the Pan Naga cultural body and autonomy has a strong hold in instilling this fear and worry in the hearts and minds of the people.
If the government of Manipur was so sure that the peace talk would not affect Manipur no matter what, then they might not have to worry much. Either the Biren-led BJP government is not made aware of anything by the BJP government in Delhi or the Biren government does not want to share the truth with the people of Manipur or the Biren government is aware of the truth but cannot do anything about it. As a result, the only thing BJP-led Biren government of Manipur can do what is under their control, is to just install these wired barricades with armed security personnel. Another major factor contributing to the chaos and confusion amongst the people is R.N. Ravi with his statements. He seems to have the control over the emotions of the people by continuously making triggering statements, reminding us of the once-upon-a-time AP Pandey.
Even as a result of this, what the Manipur government can only do, is bear the brunt of RN Ravi and install the wired barricades with armed security personnel around Imphal valley. With such events going around, the fear of the people is real and the actions of the BJP-led Manipur government is suspicious. It seems like everytime there are issues of Indian government trying to disturb the integrity of Manipur, the only thing that the Biren government can do is to install police barricades with concertina wires to face people’s uprising.

United Nations and Climate Action Day, 2019

By - N. Munal Meitei

The 24th October is the United Nations Day which was formed on this day in 1945. United Nations is responsible for maintaining international peace and security, protecting human rights, delivering humanitarian aid, promoting sustainable development and upholding international law.
After its formation, the major tensions so called wars between the nations have been fairly reduced except for some minor conflicts and the cold wars. The consisted roll of UN with observers for monitoring, reporting and confidence-building between the nations have bound up significant trust and peace in the 193 member countries worldwide today.
Now for maintaining peace and security, our most challenging task has become to take the climate action. In this vast universe, the earth is the only planet where living beings can survive. If we do not take action to fight the climate change right now, then the beautiful hills, lakes, fields, meadows, forests and all living beings on the earth will be perished. Therefore, the celebration of International Day for Climate action on this UN day i.e. the 24th October itself has the greatest meaning. But the ugly part comes when the major greenhouse emitting countries tried them to escape from these global common goals.
Caring for the planet is the moral issue. Countries have recognized that climate change presents an ever growing threat to development, poverty and the welfare of the citizens. The impacts of climate change are already being felt by every country on the glove. We have felt the increase in temperature and of the extreme climates like flood, drought, cyclone, earthquakes etc. as compare to the previous years. But we felt its seriousness when the farmers are not allowed to plant and harvesting of crops due to scanty rainfall which was not happened as frequently as in Manipur today.
I always used to talk to the cultivators of Kakching. Some years back; this place was the sugar bowl of Manipur. All the foot hills in and around this mini town were with full of sugar cane plantations. But now almost 95% of the sugar cane plantations have been reduced. While I asked some of the cultivators who are well-trained in this field, told me that scanty rainfall has forced them to stop the sugar cane plantation. As we know, sugar cane contains 90% water and hence its cultivation needs a lot of water. Earlier, they could get about 70-80 tins of condensed sugar juice, Chuhi from one acre of land but now-a-days with their maximum effort, they get only about 30-35 tins. Thus, they have stopped the sugar cane plantation. While asked to go for other alternative crops also, they told that nothing is left except for the good rainfall. Such environment impacts have changed their entire livelihood and societal set up. Now some of them are forced to pull back their school going children and put them to other income earning jobs to help the family.
Such is the similar condition in many parts of Manipur. In Thanga and Karang, earlier each family could catch as much fish as to earn a manageable amount to run their families and for studying their children. But now, it is impossible for them to catch the fishes to earn their livelihood although they invest much more labour and equipment. Thus, the climate change is impacting the whole aspects of the human and natural ecosystems.
The Loktak Lake being the largest fresh water lake in North-east has all the qualities of inscribing in the lists of World Heritage sites. The lake has its own cultural legacy. The great epic of Khamba-Thoibi still echoed in the wave of the Loktak Lake. This is not the poetic of Shri Hijam Anganghal but it really nestled deep in our culture. Everything that a Manipuri has seems to be embedded deep inside the Lake. But now, to due the environmental degradation and climate change, everything seems to be emerging in the cloud.
Manipur has lost almost 18 important species of fishes from its Lakes. Huge volumes of plastics are carried down by the Nambul River into the Loktak Lake thereby polluting the lake beyond tolerance. Due to indiscriminate felling of trees in the catchments, huge siltation is going on in the lake. The lake is now swallowing with an unexpected speed that we may not be able to see the present Loktak Lake in the next 20 years. The same is for the other wetlands also. To meet the demands for the over flooding population, all the important wetlands have been encroached upon for cultivation and fish-farming. But we should never forget that wetlands are the cradle for living beings.
The Loktak Hydel Power Project has changed the Phumdi eco-system of the Loktak Lake by disturbing the annual cycle of the black vegetative mass. The decaying of phumdi is synonymous with the extinction of our lovely Sangai, the state animal. The recently concluded Siroy festival, in Ukhrul has also many environmental callings. The habitat of the Siroy lily is much constricted and threatened with the intensive tourist activities during the blossoming period of the lily, May last to June first. The dumping of waste, plastic, plucking of flowers and uprooting has threatened the sustenance of the endemic species. The species is also endangered by the invasion of Machun which is kind of miniature bamboo species growing profusely in Siroy’s habitat. Therefore immediate attention is called for from all sections of the society to save our state animal and the flower.
Forests provide benefits to life. As a natural green capital, forest assets are important in all aspects of mankind and other living beings, ranging from providing subsistence to mitigating the impacts of climate change. In Manipur, the rate of deforestation is overwhelming. Maximum felling of trees are meant for fire-wood production and mass poppy plantation. This is a serious issue in almost all the hill districts of Manipur. If the Govt. does not find out an alternative solution for the livelihood of these cultivators as an immediate measure by providing some other alternative income generation activities, then it will be not only a huge menace to diminish all our forest but a deadly drug war for the state also. Selling of firewood becomes a major business to supply to all the mushrooming brick kilns in the state. These kilns should not be allowed to use fire-wood but due to easy availability and cheaper in cost between firewood and lignite or coal, these kilns are using large quantities of fire-wood. Most of the small scale industries in the state such as blacksmith, goldsmith, hotels, dhobi and many households are also using large quantities of charcoals that are produced by uprooting the trees mostly of coppicing species. Thus, a total area of about 400 sq.km forest is lost annually in the state.
As predicted, the climate change will affect the human security as the conflicts brew over competition for water, food, and land. The question of climate refugees such as Rohingyas migrating across borders is a much concern for many governments provoking in civil wars.
The United Nations under the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, the global temperature is proposed to cap at 1.5°C to 2°C by 2100. But as per IPCC WGI Fourth Assessment Report, the climate change predictions are not encouraging; the further increase in temperatures may be 1.8°C to 5.8°C by 2100. This is really our most dreaded challenge.
Ocean plants including the coral reefs produced 85% of the oxygen we breathe in the air. Due to climate change, the coral reefs are exposed to bleaching events - possibly leading to their mass extinction. Once the ocean plants and coral reefs are extinct, the whole Biodiversity of the planet will be collapsed. Amazon forest which we called lungs of earth is also damaged, cleared and brunt extensively on second to second basis and nobody including the United Nations is taking action and the depletion of large area of rain forest are continuing without an interruption. This is another horrible issue for the planet. Climate change also affect the terrestrial biodiversity by species shifting ranges, changes in the timing of biological cycles, migration of pests and invasive species, among other phenomena.
Climate change will also have tremendous impact on social and cultural aspects, with communities changing the way they live, work, settlement and landscapes, possibly leading to migration and the abandonment of their original homes altogether.
It is an undisputed fact that climate change is always interconnected with all environmental issues affecting the whole living beings on the earth. Therefore, we now have to take a firm stand to fight the climate change to save our environment and the beautiful planet for the sake of our future generations.

The writer can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bangladeshi Cricket Players end strike as BCB accepts demands

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Dhaka, Oct 24

The striking Bangladesh players ended their boycott and decided to return to the field next week after holding talks with the Bangladesh Cricket Board officials at Mirpur late night on Wednesday.
‘The talk was successful, the BCB president and directors who were here they heard our demands and they assured us they will fulfill them at the quickest possible time,’ said national Test and Twenty20 captain Sakib al Hasan.
‘Based on that assurance our first-class players will start playing from Saturday and our national team players will start camp (for India tour) from Saturday,’ Sakib said.
Sakib said that the officials of the Cricketers Welfare Association of Bangladesh also agreed to organize an election at the earliest possible time to accommodate the representative of current players.
BCB president Nazmul Hasan said they agreed to fulfill at least nine demands of the players.
‘Among the 11 demands they made, the first demand is not in our hand [CWAB] and we told them that we will decide about the last demand [participation in more than two franchise leagues]. Apart from these two demands, we have agreed on all their nine demands,’ said Nazmul.
‘We wanted to cancel the third round of NCL. But the players said that they wanted to play and they wanted to reschedule the third round of play. So we have decided to start the third round from Saturday,’ he said.
Nazmul said they sent the two new demands of the players to the Board’s legal department.
‘We haven’t made any decision about the last two demands. When we saw that a legal advisor is involved in the case, we referred the matter to our legal advisor,’ he said.
Supreme Court lawyer Mustafizur Rahman Khan earlier in the evening read out a list of 13 demands on behalf of the players at a news conference, which included two fresh demands – a share of BCB revenue and better wages for women players.

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