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Imphal, Oct 17

No matter how stormy is the sea, if the captain of the ship is dedicated and equipped with wisdoms of how to overcome by building trust and confidence of crew members, they make it to a safe shore. Once upon a time Manipur Police was known across the country for its expertise on counter insurgency operation and of course alleged fake encounter, but today the state police is proving its intellect on investigations by not only pulling up dozens of drug smugglers along with illicit items but had successfully destroyed several illegal heroine No. 4 factories at various parts of Thoubal district. Report about drug haul in the Thoubal district was rampant when Dr. S. Ibomcha Singh, the MPS cadre took charge as the Superintendent of Police of the district.

After drugs, the district police of Thoubal have successfully traced a chain of arms smugglers and arrested at least 2(two) of them yesterday, another two are on the hunt. The investigation was done by selected police officers of Thoubal district under strict supervision of the district SP Dr. S. Ibomcha after combined team of Assam Rifles and Thoubal district Police Commando arrested one Arms smuggler identified as Riyazuddin @ Tomba from Kalaikhong area in Thoubal district on October 13. Two AK-47 Rifles and one 9mm Pistol along with magazines were reportedly recovered from his possession. As per release of the Assam Rifles, the weapons were recovered while searching his residence at Kalaikhong in Thoubal district.

Briefing media persons at Thoubal yesterday evening , district Superintendent of Police Dr. S. Ibomcha said that an investigation has been carried out following the arrest of armed smuggler Riyazuddin @ Tomba after registration of a case under FIR No. 107(10)2019 at Lilong Police Station under section 400 IPC and 25(1-C) A Act. During the course of interrogation it was learnt that Riyazuddin @ Tomba purchase the seized two AK -47 Rifles from one armed dealer namely MD. Azad Khan @ [email protected] Ali Khan (aged about 45 years) sone of MD. Abdul Ajiz of Lilong Turel Ahanbi Yangbi Leikai. The pistol seized was reported to have been purchased from one of his associate arms dealers namely Md. Tabarak from Kwakta Ward No. 8 in Bishnupur district.

“At around 10.30 am (October 16) our police team led by Shri Sachidananda Soibam MPS , Aditional SP (Ops), Thoubal, assiated by Shonjakhup Haokip MPS, deputy SP CDO, Thoubal, Inspector N. Sadananda, OC /CDO Thoubal, Inspector O. Ajit OC/ Lilong PS , Sun Inspector Md. Isha Khan arrested the arms dealer Md. Azad Khan @ Ad. Ali Khan from his residence at Lilong Turel Ahanbi Yangbi Leikai”, Dr. Ibomcha said.

He added that some tools which have been used in making illegal arms were also recovered from the house . The arrested arms dealer also reportedly revealed that the weapons seized from Md. Riyajuddin , who is in police custody were sold by him two months back. He also disclosed that the similar arms seized were purchased by him from one Md. Tabarak from Kwakta Ward No. 8 in Bishnupur district. The police team also recovered another pistol hidden by Md. Riyajudin at the back of his house, Dr. Ibomcha added. 

The also came to know that MD Azad Khan is a professional arms  maker. Dr. Ibomcha while talking to the media persons said that some months back he handed over one Single barrel gun, which he made,  to one MD Ayujuddin , son of (Late) MD Sanato of Moijing Awang Kangleibung Leikai. The single barrel gun was recovered by the police team.

Dr. Ibomcha further said that Md. Ayajuddin could not be arrested as he managed to escape. On the other hand the police team also raided the house of Md. Tabarak ( the one who sold the pistol)  at Kwakta Ward No. 8 in Bishnupur district but could not found. Tabarak was originally from Phaobakchao Konuma presently staying at Kwakta. 

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Thursday, 17 October 2019 18:19

Of Women : today & tomorrow

Waking up the slumbering oppressed women of the present day Manipuri society is not an easy task, no matter multiple women activists have been trying to pull them out of the groove. Every experts know the obscure and oblivious problems of the contemporary women of this society. But except giving lectures, none has given an plausible hopes of ray for struggling the dark side that, they have been experiencing since the nostalgic past to the present days.

Modern contradictory theories now come up on what and what should not be to the girls of today. Is it right that women are confined under strict limitation of traditions or is it time that they too should come out of the groove? – A matter much debated in today’s Manipur.

Today, the traditional Manipuri women and the present day women, are immensely influence by the so-called modernization or in the are being influenced by borrowed culture of other society. Since, time immemorial women are most of the time put as commodities by their male counterpart; they are considered sometime as their cook, or sometime as their slaves. However, the traditional Manipuri women had no complaint; they tolerated and spared all their energy for a better and prosperous future society. But as the instrument of legitimate violence to some of the authority has been provided the tolerance shifted towards another direction. The coming of armed soldiers with license to torture any people of this land seems unbearable to them. They came out with torch in their hand to struggle the changing face of inhuman tortured to them. But many times they fail and fall as a victim of indecencies.

From 1980s till late 2000s there were many reports of women being raped and tortures by the Indian Security Forces in the name of wiping out insurgencies. The case of Ahanjaobi, Pramo and Monorama etc. cannot be forgotten by each and every one of us. There were/are many unfortunate women who have to struggle for survival disregarding their values of dignity. The emergences of flesh trade girl child trafficking are a matter of serious threat. People of the state had witnessed extreme form of exploitation to women but still are not courageous enough to even voice for them.

Today many experts have highlighted the societal conflict and problems that are based on true events. News report published in newspapers where the extreme atrocities on women are committed and many others facts and reality are just another kitchen talk . Even as they felt sorry nobody comes to the rescue. They remained as a silent spectators always waiting for someone to act. They remain at home without wanting to utilize what they have been provided to ponder upon. To be precise, everyone understands the pains and sorrows that the women of this society are facing but nobody is ready to take the risk of fighting it.

It is a fact that, the ailment and the predicaments in family through the spread of HIV/AIDS, the physical and mental torture from marital discords, and the pain and the sheer violation of dignity of women through rape and torture, the loss of sons and daughters through ethnic and violence has indeed shattered away the prestigious status of the present day Manipuri women.

From sociological perspectives, the importance of ‘endogenous’ development at which modernization does not necessarily required to borrow culture from other society. It should be our own culture that will make our society unique.

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The arrival of Hinduism to the Manipuri Society during the 17th Century is the root of all this confused state of my mind. Various Manipuri scholars, historians and social activists had interpreted the entry of the Hinduism in their own views and perspectives. Some said it was the beginning of a new Manipuri civilization but some said it was an invasion. As found at some of the writings of social scientists - the arrival of Hinduism during the reign of Miedingu Pamheiba (1709–1748) had brought tremendous change in the religious practices of Manipur.

I am neither a scholar nor a social scientists, I am simply an insignificant person who always look forward to perform the rituals of being born to my parents. And I am more in touch with my parents and my grandparents rather than those great great grandparents.

In his letter to his daughter Indira Gandhi, the first prime Minister of India wrote – Gods comes as a product of the fear of mankind. If scientists have succeeded in making a time travel machine, where we could go back to the prehistoric days, all sorts of confusions would have been solved. Even though we don’t have the opportunity to go back to the pass we could still culled the series of events that might have happened during the days.

Scholars say – early people had to struggle hard for their survival. Professor Ratan Kumar Singh of the Manipur University while presenting his famous paper –”God in Manipuri Literature” in the Oxford Round Table Conference during April month in 2011 vividly explain the life our ancestors. As according to his presentation the early people were surrounded by hostile forces of nature and the environment. Their living conditions, to a great extend were influenced by the forces beyond their control. And they had a need to provide some explanations and accounts for the good and the bad things which happened to them along with those of the favourable and the adversaries. It is a very interesting fact that many of the forces were often personified and given name and personalities. This phenomenon was perhaps the first step for having beliefs and religious rituals. And consequently a number of gods and goddess representing the various elemental forces and qualities appeared.

The reason for bringing up this piece of write up is to remind that religions and rituals are the product of human civilization. Be it metiesm Sanamahi or the Hinduism  or the Christianity – they are product of the human civilization.

To my perception my foremost ancestors might not have a god or a religion as they were yet to begin a civilization. The great grandparents of my great grandparents who were survived before the reign of Meidingu Pamheiba might have been following a religion which was counterproductive of their ancestors. May be after force conversions or willy-nilly adoption, my ancestors, who were born after the reign of Meidingu Pamheiba have become Hindu. In course of time the Hindu rituals finds its way to the veins of the Manipuri society and become a part of it. The rich culture of the region which were flourished since Meitei civilization became into existence began to establish in a new outlook. These new traditions, along with the ancient indigenous traditions, were in existence simultaneously in Manipuri Culture. To the words of Professor Ratan – It was in some aspects we find a beautiful amalgamation of pre-Hinduism and Hinduism element in Manipuri Culture.

The rich heritage of Manipuri Culture and its recognition to the world community is the product of the ancient indigenous traditions streams through the newly invaded religion called Hindu. The Hindu that has been flourishing to the society this erstwhile kingdom is in no way a curse but rather a boon.

Somewhat I feel that traditional meiteism culture and the newly entered Hinduism adopted by our ancestors as the two sides of the same coin. I see beauty and respect to the rituals of Hindus and I find pride to the rituals of my Sanamahi religion.

Except that I find guilty in identifying myself as Hindu while travelling to the mainland country.

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Guwahati, Oct 17

Journalists’ Forum Assam (JFA) has expressed dismay over relentless incidents of killing of scribes in different parts of the country and urged the Union government in New Delhi to formulate special protection laws to safeguard the media personnel and ensure justice to the bereaved families.

The latest incident of  journo-murder has been reported from Andhra Pradesh, where a young reporter was hacked to death by miscreants. K Satyanarayana, 50, who worked for  Telugu daily ‘Andhra Jyothy’, was targeted  at Annavaram village of East Godavari district on the night

of 15 October 2019.

“Local scribes revealed that Satyanarayana was targeted in an earlier occasion too and it was reported to the police. We appeal  AP chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to take personal initiative to identify the culprits along with their motives and punish them under the law,”

said JFA in a statement issued to the media.

Previously, a Kushinagar (Uttar Pradesh) journalist was murdered allegedly by his neighbours. Radheyshyam Sharma, 55, a local reporter of Hindi daily ‘Aaj’ and also a part-time teacher in a private college, was killed by slitting his throat on 10 October. The police have already nabbed an accused and UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath has reportedly asked them to solve the case urgently.

Prior to these incidents, a Thiruvananthapuram based scribe (K Muhammed Basheer, 35) lost his life as a running vehicle, driven by IAS officer Sriram Venkitaraman had mown down the Malayalam daily ‘Siraj’ reporter on the street on 3 August. Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan had already  made it clear that proper actions would be taken against Venkitaraman, who is presently under suspension.

Earlier three incidents were reported from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh this year, however, all three cases need specific investigations if the journalists were targeted because of their

journalistic exercises. A magazine editor of Nityanand Pandeyand a news channel contributor Anand Narayan of Maharashtra were killed in separate incidents. Similarly an MP freelancer, Chakresh Jain was found dead with severe burn injuries.

“We as a nation lost six journalists (Navin Nischal, Vijay Singh, Sandeep Sharma, Syed Shujaat Bukhari, Achyuta N Sahu and Chandan Tiwari) to assailants last year. We also demand a national action plan to safeguard our interest in the line of military, police and physicians on duty” added the JFA statement issued by its president Rupam Barua and secretary Nava Thakuria.

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Imphal, Oct. 17

Horticulture and Soil Conservation Department under the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) scheme today distributed vegetable seeds to 32 registered farmers of 12 districts. The vegetable seed distribution function was held at the Training Hall, Khonghampat, Horticulture Complex, Imphal West.

Speaking as the chief guest of the function, Horticulture and Soil Conservation Minister Th. Shyamkumar said that the department is distributing winter seeds to the registered farmers every year so that they can plant the seeds at their respective land or courtyard.

Th. Shyamkumar further said very soon a meeting will be held with the officers of the department and the farmers in order to address to the grievances and to discuss for the welfare farmers. He advised that the farmers should keep the habit of collecting and preserving some portion of the seeds for the next season to become self-reliant.

Rajen Singh, Deputy Chairman, State Planning Board, MLA Lamsang Assembly Constituency highlighted the imported food products which are occupying the market in the State. He said it is alarming situation which is threatening the indigenous and locally grown food products of the State.

Hareskrishna, Commissioner, Horticulture and Soil Conservation stressed that timely distribution of the seeds to the farmers is necessary for better yield of crops. He said the Horticulture and Soil Conservation Department is focused on early disposal of grievances. He also spoke on organic farming and conventional method of farming.

The function was also attended by Kh. Sayakiran Devi, Director, Horticulture and Soil Conservation (H&SC), N. Premananda Singh, Mission Director, MIDH, (H&SC), N. Joymati Devi, Deputy Director of Agriculture (H), Directorate of H&SC, farmers among others.

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Thursday, 17 October 2019 18:16

Awareness Camp on Skill Development

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Bishnupur, Oct. 17

A mass awareness on skill development courses was jointly organised by Humanism Foundation and 11Gurkha Rifles at Ngaikhong Siphai Community Hall.

Managing Trustee of Humanism Foundation, Wahengbam Rorrkychand Singh; Pradhan of Ngaikhong Khullen Gram Panchayat, Moirangthem Bala Devi; President of ULASO Club, Ngaikhong Siphai and Major of 11 GR, Rajan Kumar attended the awareness as presidium members.

During the awareness camp Managing Trustee of Humanism Foundation, Rorrkychand  extensively talked on courses being offered by Humanism Foundation under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikash Yojana scheme of National Skill Development Corporation at it’s skill development center situated at Lakoipat, Bishnupur.

While encouraging youths of the locals, Pradhan of Ngaikhong Khullen also appreciated the skill development initiatives being jointly implemented by Humanism Foundation and 11GR in Bishnupur District.


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Imphal, Oct 17

National Institute for the Empowerment of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (Divyangjan) organised a “One Day Orientation Training Programme on Holistic Management of Infants and Children with Intellectual Disabilities” at INA Moirang  in collaboration with Relief Centre for the Welfare of Differently Abled Persons and State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities.  

Dr. Mary Anurupa,(Resource Persons) had explained NIEPID as an autonomous body that operates under ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and its headquarter is located at Manovikasnagar Secunderabad. She said that with the objective of empowering person with mental retardation NIEPID is extending various training programmes and services in many part of India from the past 34 years. As a part of it the services are reaching in all North East States. The hardest thing for any parent to hear is that their child has a physical or mental disability. It may come as a complete shock; you may have thought that your child was just a little slower than others their age. After the fear subsides and you realize you are not alone and your talk it out in counselling and with your partner, the guilt and confusion is likely to set in. You wonder if it’s caused by something you did while you were pregnant and you wonder why on earth this has happened to your child. 

Ravi Prakash Singh, (Resource Persons) Lecturer in Special Education, NIEPIE RC, Navi Mumbai, elaborated on various topics such as types of disabilities, causes, prevention, inclusiveness of persons with disabilities in the classroom, society and home, etc. There are also many causes and volunteer works done to promote greater awareness of disability situations all over the world. Every year, celebrities, athletes, philanthropic organizations, civic groups and many others stage events to bring the limelight to various disabilities.  

Mugesh Thulasikantha, (Resource Persons) Occupational Therapy, NIEPID, Hyderabad, Talking to other parents who have children with disabilities and joining a support group is the easiest way to deal with the news. These are great places to find out about programs you can enrol your child into and how to care for someone with a disability. The three sessions went with audio and video presentations with interactive sessions in between and the programme.

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Imphal, Oct 17

Almost all visitors in the grand Shirui Lily festival have visited Shechef corner at Tangkhul Naga Long Ground. The venue is now the talk of the Shirui Lily Festival for two reasons. One – young or old chaps finds beautiful flat nose, small eye, yellow skin charming young lady serving exotic food items both traditional and international, and two – the venue celebrate the festival to empower women of the region under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s auspicious “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” scheme.

SheChef 2019 (earlier known as ShiChef) is a cooking competition organised by Popa Restaurant in collaboration with Exotic School of Cooking as part of the Shirui Lily Festival 2019. Even though all male visitors visited the venue tt is opened for only women under the banner of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”, an organiser said.

SheChef competition started yesterday right after the inaugural ceremony of Shirui Lily Festival 2019 at TNL Ground, Ukhrul. The inaugural ribbon cutting of the SheChef venue was done by MP Dr. Lorho Pfoze. He was accompanied by W. Ibohal Singh, Director, Department of Tourism, Manipur and MLA Leishiyo Keishing, 43-AC Phungyar, Ukhrul District.

The theme of the first day of SheChef was Signature Dish. Contestants prepared their own versions of commonly known indigenous dishes for an hour, after which there was a judging round.

The competition will continue for three more days with different themes for cooking.

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Thursday, 17 October 2019 18:12

Minister Biswajit launches SAMARTH in state

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Imphal, Oct 17

Textiles, Commerce and Industries Minister Thongam Biswajit Singh launched the Live Streaming and Training of SAMARTH, Scheme for Capacity Building in Textiles Sector today at the Manipur Trade & Expo Centre, Lamboi Khongnangkhong, Imphal.

Addressing the formal launching function, Biswajit said that Manipur is the first State to launch training under the scheme. He said the State had signed an agreement on August 14, 2019 in the presence of Union Minister Smriti Zubin Irani to take project SAMARTH and impart skill development to 25,000 youth in the State.

He said SAMARTH which is also known as the Scheme for Capacity Building in Textile Sector (SCBTS) will provide demand driven placement oriented skills. He said the scheme aims to enable provision of sustainable livelihood either by wage or self employment to all sections of the society.

He continued that the scheme in the State targets to provide skill development trainings to 25000 youth in batches. He said that if there are any possibilities the concerned authorities should focus in imparting the training in all the districts so as to encourage weavers of all districts. 

Biswajit said that the State has witnessed an increase in the number of weavers and looms over the years. Citing the Fourth All India Handloom Census 2019-20, the Minister said the number of weavers has increased to 2,12,481 weavers in 2019-20 from 2,04,319 weavers in 2009-10 and 2,11,148 looms in 2019-20 from 1,90,634 in 2009-10.

          He said that the increase in number of weavers only show the standing of handloom in our society.

          Biswajit also observed that the handloom/textile sector is second to only agriculture as a source of livelihood.

          Encouraging the youth, Biswajit said that no skilled labour or worker will remain idle. He said if all workers become skilled

Acknowledging the efforts and support of the weavers,

Seeking support and cooperation of all, Biswajit said that the department cannot survive alone and needs cooperation and sharing of ideas with all.

Biswajit also explained various schemes and programmes including Mission for Economic Empowerment of Traditional Artisans & Craftsmen (MEETAC), Delivery Scheme among others. He also talked about the upcoming MANITEX.

Director Lamlee Kamei delivered the welcome address.

The programme was also attended by MHHDC Ltd. Chairman S.Rajen Singh as president, KVIB, Chairman L.Radhakishore Singh, MANIDCO Ltd. Chairman Dr.Radheshyam Yumnam and Kshetrigao A/C MLA Nahakpam Indrajit as guests of honour. Principal Secretary (Textiles, Commerce and Industries) P.Vaiphei attended as the chief host.

Meanwhile, as part of the programme Project Managers District Handlooms and Textiles, Manipur, WSC Imphal were honoured in recognition of their contribution in the field.

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Imphal, Oct. 17

Union Minister of State, Independent Charge Prahlad Singh Patel has expressed that Manipur has everything ranging from fusion music, martial arts to variety of traditional attire. However, when we visit Nagaland we cannot find these diversities. All this diversity need be accumulated and preserved continuously so that the next generation will also move forward. The Manipuri University of Culture will play an important role in preserving all these diverse culture and tradition, Minister added.

Speaking as chief guest at the inaugural function of the INAT, a Cultural Cum Literary Meet held at the auditorium of Manipur State Film Development Society, Prahlad Singh Patel assured that the state and centre work together at their capacity. University is the highest plate form to train and enlighten the youths. The cultural fusion of Manipur is a prototype which is found in the world. Other state may be famous in one particular field but Manipur is a multiplex of many areas. The Manipur University of Culture will benefit the youths of the country not only by providing jobs but also bringing fame of the state through Art & Culture, he added.

Delivering presidential speech, Art & Culture minister, Manipur L. Jayantakumar Singh said that he is fortunate to hold the portfolio of minister in charge, art & culture. Jayantakumar also appreciated the union minister of state, independent charge, Art and Culture, Government of India, for taking up initiatives to promote and develop the art & culture of Manipur. It is through the medium of culture that peace and solidarity of the nation can be maintained. It is also a vast subject as no one can master all the avenues of art and culture, he added.

Minister Jayantakumar also mentioned that paucity of fund of this department has hampered the pace of development of this sector. He appealed the ministry of culture, Government of India to provide adequate fund to construct develop the infrastructure of Manipur University of Cultural, MUC through the union minister. Project proposal of the Manipur University of Culture has already been submitted. Ministry has also given green signalto start part by part construction. Forest department has also given clearance for the site for construction of MUC, he added.

Minister Jayantakumar also sought the blessings and participation of the public to make the construction of MUC successful.

The inaugural function was also attended by Dy. Chief Minister, Manipur, Y. Joykumar Singh, Letpao Haokip, Minister YAS, Irrigation & Flood Control, Dr.RK. Ranjan Singh, MP, Nahakpam Indrajit Singh, MLA, and Bobby Waikhom, VC Manipur University of culture as guests of honour. Varieties of cultural performance were also shown by students of MUC as a part of the inaugural function.

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