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CAB destroys the basic structure of Constitution - Prof. MC Arun

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Imphal, Jan 18,

Speaking in a one day public discourse on Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2016 at Manipur University organised by Manipur University teachers’ Association (MUTA) Prof MC Arun said the contentious citizenship Amendment bill 2016 violate the basic structure of the Indian constitution.
The public discourse was attended by various academicians and leaders of organisations and activist. Around 15 speakers talked on the issue and make their arguments. All the speakers condemned the controversial bill and appeal to withdraw it.
Prof MC Arun said that the motive behind the CAB is very questionable. It implies a big threat to minority while making one Hindustan. He said that there is a big demographic threat occurring in the North East region. The pressure of demographic threat can’t be overcome and shielded by the protection given under schedule list, he added.

He said that the usual pattern of the agitation going on in the state can’t fight with the gigantic policy of India. And he added that strong argument should be initiated at the national level.
Retired professor Ksh. Bimola said that the contentious bill is very helpful in some ways. She said that the bill let the people of the North East unite even more while condemning against the bill. She also added that if there is a conflict between the National Interest and State Interest the former will surely overcome the latter in the centralised federation structure of the nation, so the whole North East should unite to fight against it regardless of their political parties and favours.
As a speaker in the discourse President of AMMUCOC SM Jalal said the motive behind the CAB 2016 is to make India a Hindu Rashtra and also to hindunised the minority people of the North East. The contentious bill is not people oriented, he added.
He further said that the bill will surely impact the whole masses of the state and the North east even if ST bill is passed in the state. He assures that a cooperated and a collective movement is needed until the contentious bill is withdrawn or removed. Unorganised movement will be in vain to fulfil the objective and the centre has already started to disrupt the people’s movement, he added.
The public discourse organised by MUTA resolve that they condemned the contentious CAB 2016, to be united for the identity of the North East not only for the CAB, to attain a special political autonomy to be moved by the politician, another public meeting to be held regarding the bill and to let known the stand of the government  and called an assembly session at the earliest.

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Tribute paid to veteran journalist AK Sanaton; many condoles

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Imphal, Jan 18,

Fitting tribute was paid to veteran Journalist AK Sanaton, at Manipur Press Club Imphal. The veteran journalist who struggle all his life for the welfare of the journalist community and also for the society left for heavenly abode yesterday evening. He was 71.

The untimely demise of the veteran journalist has shocked the journalist fraternity as well as many civil society organizations.

The Editors Guild Manipur, in its condolence message stated that late AK Sanaton during his life time have been a very vocal journalist and had served as the Editor of Ehou daily and President of All Manipur Working Journalist.

He was instrumental and pushing through the journalist pension scheme which every working journalist is entitled to today. Apart from being a respected journalist, he was also politically and socially active, having served as the General secretary of Manipur Peoples party and President of SEYO Club. In his death Manipur has lost a precious “son of the soil” who had served as conscience for many journalists who use to consult him at times of not only personal crisis but state issues. He had been a constant advisor to all of us. We will greatly miss him. 

He was 71 years old when he passed away and is survived by his wife, two sons and one daughter. Members of the Editors Guild Manipur, share the sorrow and grief of the family.

The All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union also expressed shock and condoled the demise of the journalist.

Team Imphal Times also condole the demise of the great journalist who had many times guided us in our profession.

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Chief Minister launches ‘Go to School’ mission

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Imphal, Jan 18,

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh launched ‘School Fagat-Hansi’ mission, an initiative under the Government’s popular ‘Go to Village’ mission, at a function held at Yumnam Huidrom Government High School in Imphal West District today.
The scheme has been introduced with an ambitious objective to give renewed thrust towards improvement of Government schools both in terms of physical and manpower infrastructure. One Government school each in all the 60 Assembly Constituencies of the State will be developed as model schools in the first phase under the mission. All these schools would be run and developed in a uniform pattern.
Speaking at the occasion, N. Biren Singh said that the ‘Go to Hill’ and the ‘Go to Village’ missions have been successful in connecting people with the Government. Now, the Government intends to put special focus on improvement of Government schools because economic condition of the common people is not improving despite Government’s efforts as they generally spend huge amount of money in children’s education, he said.

As such, after a thorough discussion, the Government decided to enhance the condition of Government schools by way of initiating ‘School Fagat-Hansi’ mission for an overall long term and sustained development of the State, he added. The Chief Minister expressed hope that the new mission would garner trust of the people towards Government schools. He said that all the model schools would have classes from pre-nursery to Class-X. The Chief Minister also said that no teacher would be transferred from these model schools for at least three years in order to maintain stability in teaching manpower.
Observing that involvement of local people, educationists, local club members and Meira Paibee leaders in the scheme is of immense necessity, the Chief Minister urged all concerned to extend cooperation in making the mission a success. In addition to the existing School Management Committees, selected schools under the mission would be managed by re-defined Managing Committees headed by circle MLAs concerned, N. Biren said.
In a Well Wishing ceremony held at Hapta Kangjeibung on January 28, 2018, Shri N. Biren Singh said, the State Government announced to give incentive awards to meritorious students of Government schools, who secure positions in Class X and XII examinations conducted by BOSEM and COHSEM. For this purpose, he announced, Rs. 50 lakhs had been sanctioned by the State Planning Department for early distribution of cash prizes to students.
The Chief Minister said that in addition to providing free education under Right to Education (RTE), the State Government has recently launched a scheme known as ‘Lairik Tamhansi – No Child Left Behind’ in which school dropouts are readmitted in Government schools.
He expressed happiness that Directorate of Minorities Director Shri Ng. Uttam had sought permission from the State Government to adopt Tampha Junior High School. The Chief Minister also urged the public come forward and Regarding insecurity felt by the common people in the aftermath of passing Citizens Amendment Bill by Lok Sabha, the Chief Minister observed that indigenous people can be saved themselves from being outnumbered by outsiders if no land is sold to outsiders. One should never sell precious ancestral lands to get a simple Government job or own a car.

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Five students’ bodies set for series of agitation against CAB; Mass sit-in-protest on Jan 20

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Imphal, Jan 18,

Five students’ bodies of the state including Manipuri Students’ Association Delhi (MSAD) and four others namely Socialists’ Students’ Union Manipur (SSUM), Reformists Student Front (RSF), All Meitei Pangal Students’ Union Manipur (AMPSUM) and All Manipur Muslim Students’ Organisation (AMMSO) is all set to organised series of agitation against the Citizenship Amendment Bill , 2016 from January 20.

In a joint press conference held today at the office SSUM, the representatives of the 5 students’ bodies announced that a mass sit-in-protest at different parts of the state will be organised. The students’ bodies are demanding withdrawal of the CAB 2016 and caution of severe form of agitation which may cross beyond limit of democratic form of protest is the Bill is not withdrawn. The students’ bodies also said that after the mass sit-in-protest series of democratic form of protest will be follow up but may go beyond that if the government fails to listen to the demand of the student bodies.
General Secretary of SSUM , Bhusan Longjam while talking to Imphal Times after the press meet said that the 5 student bodies have agreed to go ahead with the demand for withdrawal of the Bill and also decided not to take any U-turn until the Bill is withdrawn.
“We will not compromise with any appeasement policy from the government on the CAB , we will struggle till the last drop of our blood falls”, Bhasan said.  

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Govt. school teachers appeal to follow NCTE guideline in promoting teachers

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Imphal, Jan 18,

All Manipur Primary Teachers Association (AMPTA), a joint body of Hindi Primary Teachers and primary Teachers, has appealed the state education department for schools to follow the guidelines of the National Council of Teachers Education (NCTE) while promoting the primary teachers to Graduate teachers.
A statement of the AMPTA said that on November 29, 2016 when N. Praveen Singh was the director of Education (S), relevant document of 1379 primary teachers and 175 Hindi primary teachers who had completed five years of regular service, had been collected for promotion to Graduate teacher as per a notification order No. AO/156/PPT/2011(6)-DE(S) Vol –I. On May 21, this year the present Director of Education (S) Th. Kirankumar Singh had issued seniority lists of primary teachers officially. However, due to reason best known to the department of education (S) the process for promotion of primary teachers to graduate teachers has been delayed despite the fact that there are lots of vacancies in Graduate teachers.

The AMPTA said that the Primary teachers whose document had been submitted are all qualified for promotion to graduate teachers as per the guideline of the NTCE. They all possessed either B.Ed or D.EL.ED which is required for the post at the time of joining as Primary teachers.
The primary teachers’ body also appealed the government to follow the guidelines of the NCTE notification dated 12 November 2014, which have to be followed across the country and also the Manipur Recruitment Service rule for promotion of the primary teachers to graduate teachers.
As per First Scheduled of the regulation of the NCTE for promotion guidelines – there are three levels for Primary and Upper primary teachers; for High School and Secondary teachers there are four levels; for Senior Secondary and Intermediate there are 5 levels. AMPTA in the statement said that there is apprehension that the state education authority may violate the NCTE guidelines.
The apprehension arises as the government education authority seem to be taken up measures to include the teachers appointed under SSA under the category of  Primary teachers, which is gross violation of the NCTE guideline. This means that the primary teachers which is under level 3 are trying to equalized in the similar status with Senior Secondary teachers of Level 4 by not following the guidelines of the NETC.
All Manipur Primary Teachers Association, said in the statement that any violations which would violates the rights of the capable and qualified teachers will be challenged and as the first step memorandums regarding the matter will be sent to all concern government authority including the Union Ministry of Human resource.

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Dr. Thokchom Asha honoured Accomplished Teacher Educator Award

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Imphal, Jan 18,

Dr. Thokchom Asha Sinha, Associate Prof. of G.P. Women’s College, Dhanamanjuri University ,was honoured with “Accomplished Teacher Educator Award” by Council For Teacher Education  (CTE),India South Zone. The award was handed over by Prof. K. Aiyappan Nair Emeritus Professor, Edinboro University Pennsylvania, USA.

at a function held at Mount Tabor Training College, Pathanapuram, Kollam Dist. Kerala. in connection with international seminar and Xvii Annual Convention Of CTE Kerala.

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Saving tomorrow for our children

The Day After Tomorrow, a science fiction movie directed and produced by Roland Emmerich which was based on the book The Coming Global Superstorm by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber, depicts a catastrophic climatic effects following the disruption of the North Atlantic Ocean circulation in a series of extreme weather events that usher in global cooling and lead to a new ice age.
The Hollywood blockbuster which had successfully spread the message about the deteriorating climatic condition is not the concern of this writer, as the concept of the necessity of being Humanism is also a message of the movie. This writing is a speculation about the fate of the Indians particularly those living in the North Eastern part of the country and Manipur. Like the way that the earth freezes in the movie due to lack of common sense and humanity to human kinds, we the people of this region see sometime see a total disaster of our children in the day after tomorrow. From being Manipuri, we have become Meitei, Naga, Kuki, Meitei Pangal. The concept of Manipuri is fading away slowly and the concept of Meitei, Naga, Kuki, Meitei pangal etc. has already taken its shape.
This writing is not about the probable disaster that the Human Being may face in the coming days depicted in the Hollywood blockbuster movie, but this writing is about forecasting the fate of our children of tomorrows.
After British left India 70 years back, India is yet to complete to sort out a workable policy programme which would make all the citizen – a sense of Indianess. The largest democracy which constitutional expert always pointed out still seem to have left out some provisions that would make all citizen felt that we are Indian. The continuation of the programme and policy that the British had adopted to rule the country making laws in their own conveniences disregarding the tradition and culture of the different ethnic community make the lower class and middle class people felt that “ Are we a Free Citizen”.
70 years the rich keep on earning more, the powerful gets more power , the farmers and lower class people continue to sacrifice unable to bear the atrocities committed the ruling regime. No matter the change of guard in the government make no differences in the country as the system still continue to exercise when it comes to the issue of lower class people. In North Eastern part of the country which was merged to the Indian Union people are treated better by the colonial British ruled. Various acts which lawmakers and activist called draconian law still impose to suppress the poor and harass people in the name of building the nation stronger .

The longer rule by a specific political party make stronger those who stood against their policy. And it was out of the anti –incumbency that another political party comes up and hold power in the center. All things expected did not happen. The people face more alienation from the nation called India as the rule and their policy incline more towards a specific majority community. The government which is running the country is no difference from those of the fascist authoritarian regime of the 19 century.
The need of the hour is a collective move for a change India. Untold stories of Adivasis have slowly come up in the limelight. Story of how indigenous people are slowing absorbing by major community is known by everyone. Quasi federal structure is slowly becoming history with the present regime centralizing all power. And the day after tomorrow may be an India with only fascist Hindu without Muslim, Christian, and Meitei. The logic for this speculation is that when the once upon a time Manipuri started introducing them as Meetei/Meitei, Naga , Kuki and Muslim, the pride of being Manipuri of the erstwhile Asiatic nation, the community will become meager which definitely meant that it will be surely dependable and some critic or activist may come up to take advantage by merging the identity with the majority one.
This was witness in the state of Manipur. Due to wrong; somewhere in the process of making the Manipur Nation, we had seen the NSCN-IM accumulated all minor ethnic community and formulated a Nation like character call NAGA.
Recent development in the Manipuri society is that the Meetei/Meitei now started demanding to become Schedule Tribe. This demand is coming up out of necessities and more likely – a struggle for survival.
The Day After tomorrow needs to be saved for the children of tomorrow.

The Miraculous Kangen Water

From Lun

In fifteen years of practicing chiropractic and travelling around the world lecturing on the Gerson Therapy, I have been approached by dozens of people trying to sell me their “miracle” products which I have always refused and replied, “No, thank you, I already have my miracle products; chiropractic and the Gerson Therapy.”
In March of 2011, in Charlotte, North Carolina, that came to an abrupt end when I was invited by a pharmacist to lecture on the Gerson Therapy.
Two hours before I was to give my lecture, I sat in Billy’s pharmacy and watched one person after another walk in and fill up their water jugs with water that comes out of a special Japanese machine that Japanese people have been using for nearly 48 years. As each person stepped up to fill their containers with this special water, Billy had them tell me their stories of miraculous recoveries from their different conditions by just drinking the water and, on occasion, utilizing various supplements specific to their condition. Their stories were nothing short of shocking; High blood pressure gone within two weeks; people off their diabetes medication in four to six weeks; cholesterol lowered 100 points in six weeks; a woman on Depression, Anxiety and Sleeping medications for SEVENTEEN years completely off of them in ONE month; a man scheduled to have both legs amputated due to Diabetic Gangrene cancelled his surgery after two weeks; malignant melanoma and basal cell carcinoma Tumors gone in 4-6 weeks; cancelled Knee Surgeries, recovery from Asthma, Advanced Skin Conditions, one right after the other successfully treated of their condition. Furthermore, all the people who were Overweight noticed an average Weight Loss of 10-20 pounds per month! I was absolutely dumbfounded as these are results we typically see on the Gerson Therapy which requires drastic changes to diet and intense detoxification but, with these people it was just drinking the water and, perhaps, adding a few condition-specific supplements. Two weeks later, I spent a full day at Billy’s pharmacy and watched at least fifty more people come in and continue to tell me their incredible stories.
So what is the secret?
One of the main things that makes the Gerson Therapy so powerful is its ability to alkalinize the system; but what does that mean?
When we talk about acidity in the body we are referring to the build-up of Hydrogen ions inside the cell (H+). This causes a cascading of different events that are extremely harmful to the human body but the most dangerous result of the accumulation of hydrogen ions in the cells is that the cell will repel oxygen away from it because of the positively charged hydrogen. All energy production (by definition your metabolism!), which is essential for  maintaining a healthy immune system, and most certainly for curing a sick and dying one, is dependent on oxygen. If there is no oxygen the mitochondria in the body cannot produce energy, your metabolism shuts down and your immune system weakens. When we drink fresh pressed juices those juices break down to an alkaline ash in the body in the form of Potassium Hydroxide. The Hydroxide portion of that molecule (OH-) literally enters the cells and reacts with Hydrogen(H+) to neutralize the acidity through the formation of water(H2O). That reaction is one of the greatest secrets to human health that exists. In today’s society our diets and lifestyles have become so acidic that our cells can no longer meet the energy requirements necessary for basic immune system and metabolic functions which is why we are coming down with such deadly diseases and we are becoming increasingly obese. The only way to begin reversing this acidity is through the mass consumption of raw fruits and vegetables or KANGEN WATER! Japanese and Russian scientists figured out a way to create water with MASSIVE amounts of Hydroxyl (OH-) ions that can enter cells immediately and neutralize the acidity. Before Kangen water, the only way to accomplish that was juicing or vast amounts of fruits and vegetables. Do not be fooled by bottled waters that claim to alkalinize the system—THEY DO NOT! These bottled waters on the market, claiming to alkalinize the system, are gimmick waters that have alkalinizing agents added to them such as Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium Bicarbonate or Potassium Citrate. These additives do give the blood and urine alkaline readings BUT they do nothing to neutralize the accumulated acidity inside the cell as they do not contain HYDROXYL ions. Again, the only thing that can do that is the Hydroxyl ion mentioned above which these alkalinizing agents clearly do not contain. Fortunately, there is nothing that can produce a greater concentration of hydroxyl ions than the Kangen water machine (not even a freshly pressed juice) which is why every single household in the United States must have this unit in their homes. It is the best investment, other than a juicer, that a family can make in its health— hands down! This is why 1 out of every 6 households in Japan has this technology in their homes. It is vital to human health.
The other property of Kangen Water that gives it tremendous healing power is its microclustered properties. Today, our water typically comes in molecular structures of 13-20 units. Molecular structures of that size make it difficult to penetrate cell membranes and deliver vital oxygen to the mitochondria. The Kangen water machine literally breaks down the structure of the water to 6 molecular units. What does this mean? What it means, is two things. First, the ability of the water to penetrate cell membranes and deliver oxygen (and the powerful hydroxyl ions of Kangen water) is exponentially greater. However, equally important, is that microclustered water is able to penetrate, breakdown and utilize nutrients on a much greater scale. It will literally dissolve supplements you take into your body in minutes. This can be demonstrated over and over again using a tea bag. If you take any tea bag and use tap and Kangen water at room temperature you will see the following results: when putting the tea bag in room temperature tap water for 30 minutes nothing will occur. After 30 minutes, no tea will be extracted from the bag as we obviously know we must boil water in order to extract the tea from the plant. With Kangen water, however, immediately upon submerging the bag into the water you have a FULL-STRENGTH cup of tea. It is truly miraculous. Not only that, you can dip that tea bag into TEN cups of Kangen water and get TEN FULL-STRENGTH cups of tea with ONE tea bag! It is nothing short of shocking. The same thing occurs when this water is utilized with supplements. The supplements are immediately dissolved and utilized by the body. This is why you cannot drink the pH 9.5 Kangen Water when you take medications. It will dissolve and absorb the meds too quickly. You must take meds with the pH 7water created by the machine. Again, this is just yet another miraculous property of this machine that is changing people’s lives. It is alkalinizing the system and delivering vital oxygen and nutrients greater than anything available today.
Kangen, in Japanese, literally means, “BACK TO ORIGIN.” There are still five places on the planet today where people line up to fill their water jugs with water similar to what is coming out of the Kangen Water System. Those 5 places are;Lourdes, France,
Tiacote, Mexico, Nadan, India, Nordenau, Germany and the Himalayan mountains.
You could travel to those places and fill your water jugs with the same, high-powered water. Wouldn’t it be cheaper, however, to have a Kangen water unit in your home?
Not only does the Kangen water unit produce the miraculous healing properties above, but the machine’s capacity to produce EIGHT different pH levels gives it a myriad of other household and cosmetic uses specific to each varying pH. Here is a list of those uses at its varying PH levels.
pH 8.0-9.5: This is the PH that people classically use to drink and transform their health but here is a list of its other uses:
1.    To prevent hangovers before going to bed
2.    Brewing green tea, coffee, English Tea gives it a mild flavor and wonderful color.
Green Tea: Prevents tannins in the tea, gives it a rich color and eliminates the bitter aftertaste
Coffee: Improves aroma and color while obtaining a FULL, RICH taste with only HALF the amount of beans normally used
1.    Add to whisky for a smoother, milder flavor: Whiskey is highly acidic but diluting it with Kangen water will help prevent hangovers and make it taste much smoother! The same will occur with Sake, Beer and other spirits
2.    Preparing SOUPS: Kangen water will draw out the flavor of the soup stock even when little flavoring is used. Its dissolving properties, mentioned above, will draw out it flavors!
3.    Add to seasonings and condiments: use 1/3-1/4 the usual amount of soy sauce and other condiments by diluting with Kangen Water
4.    BLANCHING green vegetables in Kangen Water will preserve their vibrant green colors.
5.    MEATS: If you soak LIVER, MUTTON and other meats with strong odors for 30 minutes it will drain off the blood and reduce the odor
6.    Heat Conduction: Kangen water boils quicker cutting down on utilities and cooking time
7.    Watering Plants and Flowers: Use PH 9.0 to extend the freshness of plants and restore the health of sick plants!!! **** NOTE**** Some plants like Roses and Blueberries favor an ACIDIC environment so dilute their water by 300%
8.    Seed Germination: Kangen water stimulates germination and improves seedling development.
9.    PETS HEALTH: Your animal’s health will improve dramatically. Unpleasant body odor will decrease as well as the odor of their feces and urine.
10.    DYEING CLOTHES AND CRAFTS: vibrant colors are obtained when using Kangen Water
11.    ANTI-AGING: This water reduces free radicals and has been acclaimed as FREE RADICAL WATER.
12.    EXPONENTIALLY enhance your supplement protocols: The microclustered properties of the Kangen water give it the ability to dissolve supplements in your body and carry them to your cells with an uncanny capacity. Anyone who uses or recommends supplements will benefit greatly from the addition of Kangen water. Practitioner’s clinical results will be greatly enhanced.
pH 4.0-6.5(BEAUTY WATER): women love this water for its toning and firming of skin
1.    Add to Bath Water: keeps your tub free of rings and keeps skin beautiful
2.    For washing your face: astringent properties are effective in toning and firming your skin. Pat and leave the skin dry. It is also an excellent toner after shaving

3.    Hair Care: Use instead of rinse: Reduces annoying tangles and brings out a radiant shine.
4.    Use in the rinse cycle of your washing machine: soaking in acidic water before the spin cycle will soften your clothes naturally. No more toxic fabric softeners
5.    PET CARE: Great for grooming your pet: Brush with acidic water to obtain a soft and shiny fur.
6.    Housecleaning: Remove dirt from hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, without leaving a sticky residue.
7.    FOR POLISHING: Polish mirrors, eyeglasses, glass objects and windows to a high sheen.
8.    WASHING DISHES: Dishes and glasses will come out sparkling clean.
9.    FOR REMOVING TANNINS FROM TEA CUPS AND CLEANING BURNT POTS AND PANS: To remove stains, grimes and grease leave it to soak in water for 24 hours.
10.    For frozen foods: spray foods with acidic water when freezing so that foods like fish and shrimp do not lose their flavor when thawed
11.    BOILING EGGS: even if the egg cracks during cooking, the egg yolk will not leak out of the shell!! You will also find that eggshells peel off very easily.
12.    In batter for fried foods: Fried foods will turn out nice and crispy, not oily, even when left to sit for extended periods of time.
13.    For washing and preparing fruits and vegetable containing ANTHOCYANINS: The vibrant colors of cherries, plums, grapes, strawberries, red cabbage, eggplants, asparagus, etc…will not change when washed and prepared with this water.
14.    COOKING BEANS: Beans will cook to perfection using this water. Acidic water will speed up cooking time so be sure not to overcook15.    BOILING PASTA: Boils pasta to an AL DENTE consistency
***Strong Kangen Water is not suitable for drinking even though it is a powerhouse of anti-oxidant activity. It contains small amounts of sodium hydroxide making it a powerful cleaning agent. It is the most potent degreaser available and will effectively degrease restaurant grills better than the leading degreaser PURPLE POWER. It is also a potent disinfectant***
1.    **Cleaning fruits and vegetables**: This is 11.5PH’s greatest use: Today, pesticides are petroleum-based chemicals with high mercury residues that CANNOT be washed off by tap water. On the contrary, when washed with tap water, loaded with chlorine and fluoride, the pesticide will actually ABSORB the chlorine and fluoride INTO the fruit or vegetable. This can be proven by testing your water for chlorine and flouride before and after washing your fruits and vegetables. After washing, your tap water will be TOTALLY free of chlorine and fluoride. Where did it go? It went straight into the fruits and vegetables and the petroleum-based pesticide it is coated with. Take 11.5PH Kangen water and literally watch the petroleum-based residue drip right off. Try this experiment at home. Take pH 11.5 Kangen Water and submerge a bunch of cherry tomatoes in it. Also take tap water and do the same thing. Wait 15 minutes and take the tomatoes out of both waters. Your pH 11.5 water will be filthy dirty with the pesticide residues and your tap water will be as clean as a whistle; MINUS THE CHLORINE AND FLOURIDE. Your pH 11.5 tomatoes will taste delicious while your tap-water washed tomatoes will taste awful. This alone is a reason why you should have a Kangen Water System in your home.
2.    Cleaning cutting boards and dishcloths: This is due to the potent anti-bacterial properties of the 11.5PH water.
3.    DISH WASHING: Use less detergent when washing. Save on water bills as well as 1/3 to ¼ of the water usually needed is adequate to rinse off dishes.
4.    Cleaning: Good for cleaning oil and tough grime from vents and general cleaning in the kitchen. Also great for getting out stubborn toilet bowl stains.
5.    Stain Removal: The extra-strength absorptive powers of this PH will remove coffee stains, soy sauce and oil stains with ease.
6.    Rinsing Fresh Fish: Will eliminate the strong fishy odor and flavor from fish.Tenderizing meats: The BEST, MOST NATURAL way to tenderize your meats(9.5PH also can accomplish this)
****In the food Industry strong acidic water is regarded as having EXCELLENT disinfecting properties and can be substituted for alcohol and chlorine solutions****
****In the medical industry it is widely used to prevent the spread of infection(INCLUDING MRSA), general cleaning and washing of hands. For this purpose even Sheraton Hotels Worldwide has instituted the cleaning of its rooms with pH 2.5 water instead of the expensive, deadly, toxic chemicals used today in most hotels and households***
 ****In the agricultural industry, the water has been received with great interest for its role in reducing the amount of agricultural chemicals needed****
****Use as a compress over cuts and wounds to insure rapid healing and prevent infections—-can also be used over external tumors by applying for 3-4 weeks straight****
****Soak diabetic ulcers and gangrenous lesions 15 minutes per evening for two to three weeks to see miraculous results of these lesions disappearing****
As you can see the miracles and uses of Kangen water are extensive and can save people from tremendous amounts of suffering and pain. It also has a MYRIAD of household uses that can save someone countless dollars annually.
One out of SIX households in Japan has this technology for obvious reasons. It has been in India for only
1 years and in Lamka, Churachandpur (Manipur) only 1 month. Already becoming a household name even though very few people have yet to truly understand what it is capable of.
To own a Kangen water unit is not that difficult to achieve. The price for a unit is Rs 2,77000.00 and comes with a 5 year warranty—though units typically last up to 20-25 years. You also become an automatic distributor of the machine so you can sell this amazing machine to friends and family and change their lives forever and for the better. With Kangen Water being so new in this country the business opportunities alone with this machine are enormous as the machine sells itself because of its amazing healing  properties and household uses. If you are interested in a Kangen Water System contact us at the phone number or email below. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Assam Rifles recovers weapons of foreign origin

IT News
Imphal Jan.18

After seizing a huge cache of contraband drug worth Rs 5.78 crores on 13 January 2019, Tengnoupal Battalion of 26 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) once again proved its might and on 17 January 2019 the battalion successfully recovered weapon of foreign origin from area near Khudengthabi. Assam Rifles is committed in ensuring that no weapon, contraband or illegal items enter into the state.   
On 17 January 2019 at around 1530 hours while carrying out area domination around area Khudengthabi - Pillar track junction - Village Chalwa track, the team of Tengnoupal battalion spotted an individual carrying a bag of charcoal, who was climbing up towards the track. Upon seeing the security forces, the individual threw the charcoal bag and ran down towards the nallah. The entire area was sanitized and the party searched for the individual. However, he could not be located and had disappeared in the thick undergrowth of the nallah.  On checking the charcoal bag a total of three weapons of foreign origin including two rifles and one pistol along with two magazines were found hidden inside the bag in disassembled condition.
 The weapons were further handover to Manipur Police authorities for further investigation.

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Manipur gears up for the 17th Lok Sabha Election - 2019

Imphal, Jan 18,

In the upcoming 17th Lok Sabha Election - 2019, voters across the State will exercise their franchise at 2,861 polling stations out of which 603 are in the urban and 2,258 in the rural areas. A total of 19,30,912 photo electoral rolls have been registered for the 60 assembly constituencies of the State, out of which 9,39,926 are male, 9,90,960 are female and 26 are third gender voters. This is for the first time that trans-genders have done registration. The number of male voters has increased to 7,135 and that of female to 8,508.
Addressing the media persons at the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Lamphelpat, Shri PK Singh, CEO Manipur said that the figures of the final electoral rolls published on 11th January, 2019 will change as intensive revision/updates are being done which will continue till the day of the nomination. Stating that Manipur was the first State in the country to publish the electoral rolls and upload it on ERO Net, he informed that the Election Commission of India (ECI) praised the Office of the CEO Manipur for the job.
He announced that for the first time in the State in the 17th Lok Sabha Election, the Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETPBS) will be used for the Service Voters who are at present registered at 16,643 and the final list of the service voters will be published on 22nd February, 2019. He informed that for the first time VVPAT (Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail) will be used across all the polling stations.

He informed that the ECI has lowered the limit of cash transactions by candidates for campaigning purposes from Rs 20,000 to Rs 10,000 per day. The candidates and parties will have to make payment using cross cheques, drafts or electronic means, including NEFT/RTGS, through the account of the candidate opened for electioneering which will be monitored, he informed.
Informing that special focus has been given to the Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) who are marked at above 4,000 in the electoral roll, he said that for the first time EPIC and Voters Slip will be printed in braille for the blind voters apart from giving preferences to the PWDs to exercise their franchise, mapping them with volunteers and providing transportation. He informed that above 800 blind voters have been marked till date.
He informed that a single toll free helpline number 1950 will be launched on National Voters Day on 25th January, 2019 and a model polling station will be set up with basic amenities in every constituency. Stating that the State has achieved 100 percent photo electoral rolls and issued 100 percent EPIC, he said that the distribution process of remaining 53,000 EPIC cards will be done by National Voters Day.
Stating that citizens can download Android based cVIGIL App from the Google Play Store, he said that the App allows voters to send geo-tagged videos and photos of any violations of the model code of conduct that take place during the election. He said that political parties will appoint booth level agents to check and solve any problem in collaboration with the Booth Level Officer (BLO).
It is worth mentioning here that the Election Commission of India (ECI) has assigned the CEO Manipur to develop the creative multimedia campaign for the print and social media for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019 after the grand success of the SVEEP campaign “I am ready” prepared by the CEO Manipur in the print, electronic and social media.

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