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Thursday, 04 October 2018 - Imphal Times

Now Prof. Yugindro throws the ball to CM and Manipur Police; says CM has strong media team

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Imphal, Oct 4,


In another development to the crisis at Manipur University , Prof. Yugindro had stated that the Chief Minister of Manipur , N Biren Singh had a strong team of journalist from media houses. The statement was given by him to a group of women working in the Manipur University while discussing on how to bring a solution to the problem.

The Voice record of the conversation between a group of Women and Prof. Y Yugindro went viral on social media. He said that he waited for long while trying to meet the Chief Minister and it was through his media team that allow him to meet the Chief Minister. The other thing which confused the people is that Prof. Yugindro while talking to the women team said that he did not have any idea of the act charge by the police in the FIR.

“The police have charge them under serious act and this I don’t know”, Prof. Yugindro stated. On a question asked about his assurance to the students for withdrawal of the FIR, Pro. Yugindro said that the process has started and it will be withdrawn as per the law of the land.

Regarding the suspension of the 2 staffs and the 4 Professors, Prof. Yugindro said that it was due to pressure from the Union MHRD.

These people from the MHRD is watching the development in Manipur University and as per the pressure given to him on why he did not take action to the teachers he was compelled to issue the suspension order . Prof. Yugindro said that the suspension was a symbolic one and it can be revoked during the meeting of the executive council.

Two questions comes up after listening to the voice of Prof. Yugindro is that who are the strong media team of Chief Minister who is helping him in negotiation. Has the police wrongly charge the MU community without studying the complaint filed by Prof. Yugindro?



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Chief Minister of Manipur should have acted after looking into the legitimacy of appointing Prof. Yugindro as Pro VC

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Imphal, Oct 4,

Regarding the debate on the controversial appointment of Prof. K Yugindro Singh as V.C in Charge of Manipur University some few points related to the clarification on the confusion is being highlighted.

So far there is no official letter or notification order directly written from the side of MHRD, clearly stating by name that Prof, K.Yugindro Singh, Department of Physics M.U. has been appointed as V.C (i/c) of M.U. from a particular date and for a particular period . There is also no official order from MHRD stating by name that Prof. K. Yugindro Singh has been recognised as Prof-VC of Manipur University as a part of official confirmation of the order issued by Prof, A.P Pandey who was supposed to be on leave according to MoA signed with MHRD in the presence of Chief Minister of Manipur. (The follow up action of the MHRD after the suspension of AP Pandey is by virtue of the MU Act, 2005, Regarding the appointment of the MHRD seemed to be misguided)

On various grounds the appointment of Prof. K. Yugindro Singh as Pro-VC of MU by the order of Prof. A.P.Pandey, is still controversial Shri N.Biren Singh would have invited MU stakeholders to discuss the matter before he sent state and central forces to MU campus and advised Prof. K.Yugindro Singh not to join VC (i/c)forcefully.

On August 16,2018, the MOA was signed between MHRD and MU Stakeholders In the Presence of Shri N.Biren Singh C.M of Manipur. One very important point in the MoA is that Prof. A.P.Pandey should be on leave during the period of enquiry against him and till the action is taken on the report of the enquiry. Accordingly, the then Registrar (i/c) Prof. Sh.Dorendrajit Singh with the advice of the Chancellor of MU, issued an order on the extension of leave of Prof. A.P.Pandey from 1st September 2018. The matter was also intimated to MHRD by the chancellor of M.U.

It should be noted that the two member enquiry committee which was formed on 17 August ,2018 officially started its duty w.e.f.23 August, 2018 with its office at classic hotel. The first sitting of the two members was held on 6th September 2019. Therefore, leave of Prof. A.P.Pandey is consistent with enquiry commission and MOA.

According to Manipur University Act.2005, the appointment of pro-VC is possible only by the power of executive council in its meeting The appointing authority is the executive council only and the vice-chancellor can only propose name of the candidate for pro-VC in the meeting of executive council It is write clear that vice –chancellor cannot appoint by his power “in anticipation” a pro –vc without holding the actual executive council meeting. We cannot declare in advance a candidate “elected “in anticipation before a proper election.

In short the wrong appointment of Prof. K.Yugindro Singh as pro-VC  by the power of Prof. A.P.Pandey, is very clear. During this period Prof. A.P.Pandey was on leave and he had not convened any executive council meeting for the purpose. Its handing over charge of VC to prof. K.Yugindro Singh is also wrong.

The main objection of MUTA,MUSA and MUSU is the wrong appointment of Prof. K.Yugindro Singh as pro VC by Prof. A.P Pandey, and subsequent upgradation of Prof. K.Yugindro Singh as VC.(i/c) of MU in clear violation of Manipur University Act. 2005.

The disturbance created by Pro.K.Yugindro Singh on 20 September 2018,while trying to take charge of vc (i/c) of MU in the presence of Prof. W.Vishwanath Singh is very unfortunate and condemnable, the untoward incident resulted in the complain of FIR by Prof. K.Yugindro Singh and the attack on the Manipur University Campus by the state and central security Force on the order night of 20 September 2018 by the order of CM of Manipur Shri N. Biren Singh. The honourable CM Should try to understand the details of the episode before sending the force. The CM should not try to put the police department and law court in his personal pocket in the name of democracy.

To conclude, the FIR should be withdrawn first, and all arrested teachers, students, and non teaching staffs, should be released unconditionally. Prof. K.Yugindro Singh should be adviced to leave the office of vc(i/c) without delay to return the normalcy as it is the only possible solution .

All of us must respect the MOA in good sprit which was signed in the presence of Mr. N.Biren Singh ,CM of Manipur in chair . Certain level of honesty from Government is required at this juncture.

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Court Convicts Soibam Dhanabir on Murder charge

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Imphal, Oct 4,
District Session court of Imphal West today convicted Soibam Dhanabir on murder charge under Section 302 IPC and Section 201-IPC for destroying evidence.
Soibam Dhanabir son of S. Tomba of Ningombam Mayai Leikai has been charge of murdering a lady identified as RK Ratanmala from Khurai area on January 30, 2010. Verdict for sentence will be announced on October 8, 2018.

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RTI Week

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Imphal, Oct 4,

Days after filling up the vacant posts, Manipur Information Commission is all set to celebrate the Right to Information Week from October 5 to October 9 at Lamyanba Sanglen, Palace Compound, Imphal.
Works Minister Th. Bishwajit Singh, MLA L. Rameshwor Meetei and MLA Y. Surchandra Singh will inaugurate the celebration. Besides discussing the issues of the RTI and peoples’ roles in the implementation of the Act, an Essay writing competition will be held as a part of the celebration.
Mention may be made that the state government had recently appointed Retd. IPS Officer Dr. S. Ibocha and Sr. Journalist Oinam Sunil as the State Information Commissioner. Th. Ibobi Singh was the Chief Information Commissioner.  

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‘Chadong’- the victim of development

There are all sorts of reactions in chemistry and the speed of reactions is an important area of research. Many reactions, such as rusting of iron, are slow reactions. Years ago, reactions that took a few seconds were considered as fast reactions! But now reactions taking milliseconds may be called medium fast! The concept of fastness has changed standards! Life is also a field of actions and reactions! Some are slow and some are fast etc! If we touch a flame, the reaction of feeling the pain (of hotness) is immediate while ageing is a slow reaction. We do not touch the flame again but people do not care much about ageing! People learn to adjust fast in the case of fast reactions while the response is slow in the case of slow reactions! Heavy drinkers and those who indulge in excessive sex (with different partners) get fast reactions in terms of short-lived pleasures. One can see such people in millions all over the world with the associated crimes, diseases and deaths! These actions have other slower reactions such as damage of brain, kidneys, liver and venereal diseases. Such slow reactions are ignored by the millions to end up in untold pain, miseries and premature death! The human mind tends to ignore slow reactions and so does not learn! Had the reactions been fast, people would have learnt to make the world a better place to live. Excessive tapping of underground water, polluting the rivers, atmosphere, oceans etc are ignored (being slow reactions) that will certainly entail dangerous consequences for the planet! Who cares about slow reactions that are dangerous! The human mind is getting more polluted by such reactions! The future is indeed frightening!
The way the society is marching toward development is also an irony for human kinds. Some of the most beautiful places in Manipur’s Ukhrul district have been submerged under water as an impact of the Maphou Dam constructed in the name of development. Chadong Village under Litan Police Station of Ukhrul district is now history. The next generation will never know that there was once a peaceful village called Chadong inhabited by some 1000 household in the state of Manipur. After the entire has gone under water, some villagers managed to find alternative villages and started new live from the beginning but some are left with no choice but to fight for their survival along with their little ones who are forced to leave the school (at a time when govt. talk about RTE) as the school they attended no more existed because of the situation created by the Mega Dam.
This newspaper had reported about some pregnant women being shifted to neighbouring Yangangpokpi area at a time when they are supposed to provide best form of relaxations.
The construction of the Maphou Dam may have been due to the requirement because the process of development cannot remain stagnant. But when the kinds of development are meant to sabotage the lives of common man and extinction of some of the precious place, there is reason to put up this question – Why and for whom the development are meant for?  It is pertinent to note that who is paying the costs and who is receiving the benefits of these sorts of constructions being taken up in the name of development.
The modern definition says that “Development is a process or set of processes characterized by  the consequence of general sustained economic growth, and  sets of natural, human, technological, cultural, financial, and organizational conditions.”
“Development” in a common sense is the systematic use of scientific and technical knowledge to meet specific objectives or requirements. But these are for the benefit of the people. If the so called development works failed to benefit the people then the kind of constructions cannot be counted as developmental works.
Chadong was a small village with a population of not more than 3000 people. It is already known to the planner of this mega Dam that the village will no more exist once the Dam started commissioning. So, why did the government failed to shift this village to some other location where they can make a better living. A mere compensation to please them will not make their live better – this is a common sense. Everyone knows that money is important but it is not everything. When the folks they have been living from a very long time cannot gather to continue the kind of happy life they shared, the so called money provided to them in the name of compensation are valueless.
This senseless government has failed to understand that ‘Development’ is not the construction of costly project but it is to provide better living to the citizens. If the construction is to suffer the people, it is not called developmental project.  

India, Myanmar pull off NSCN(K) split

Indian Defence News
Imphal, Oct 4,

Armed with peace deals, India and Myanmar have jointly completed a surgical split in the Myanmar-based NSCN (K) — one faction comprising Indian Nagas and the other faction of Myanmarese Nagas, mostly the Pangmi tribe (Heimi) of founder leader Shangwang Shangyung Khaplang, who died last year.
This is the third time that India pulled off such a strike. In 2003, it convinced Bhutan to launch a military offensive to drive out Ulfa, NDFB and Kamatapur Liberation Organization, who had based their headquarters there. In 2009, India got Bangladesh to cleanse its territory of Ulfa. Not only the outfit’s top leaders were handed over to India, but the strike successfully split the outfit into two — a pro-talks faction and an anti-talks faction (led by Paresh Baruah).
The joint bloodless strike by the two countries yielded the results within a little over a year since the death of Khaplang and appointment of Indian-origin Khango Konyak as his successor.
India held back an announcement of the peace solution with seven Naga groups, including NSCN (IM), to give time to Myanmar to play its part. Subsequently, Myanmar stepped up military pressure on NSCN(K) in Sagaing region and after its Union Peace Conference at capital city of Naypyidaw in July declared that the outfit will not be allowed to sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) until it drops demand for an independent Naga homeland covering Naga inhabited areas on both sides of Myanmar-India border.
“The NSCN(K) is a peculiar case, whose demand involved interests of two countries, who are also neighbours. There could not have been a peace agreement with two countries. Either they had to stick to Myanmar territory or the Indian territory. NSCN(K) has already signed a ceasefire agreement with Myanmar in 2012 and abrogated another such agreement with India in 2015,” a source said.
“The day Khango became the chairman, India knew it had the best possible chance for India to convince an Indian-origin leadership for peace talks. We don’t want to leave behind any group outside the peace process in Nagaland and bringing NSCN(K) on board was extremely crucial,” the source added.
Last month, the Myanmar faction led by its new ‘chairman’ Yung Aung, nephew of Khaplang, “impeached’ Konyak and sent him and his Indian followers packing out of the base at Taga. In the meantime, the Aung faction gave its nod to Myanmar to accept the condition for signing the NCA.
The Konyak faction on arrival in Nagaland claimed that they were the real NSCN(K) and Konyak was the legitimate chairman and sent out feelers to facilitators that they are considering entering the peace process with the Centre. The Aung faction shot back that they were the real NSCN(K) and ‘sacked’ Konyak and all of his men.
Konyak’s information secretary Isak Sumi in his Facebook post said, “There cannot exist two parallel NSCN/GPRN in Nagaland, the Myanmar NCA secessionist group led by a Hindu and a Meitei half-breed Yonghong (Yung Aung), an arch opponent of Naga integration must never be allowed to create any disturbances in Nagaland, Nagas from India occupied territories must understand that NSCN/GPRN led by Khango is the only legitimate organisation. Few Nagas from India who are still affiliated to Yonghong group must also seriously contemplate their fate once NCA is implemented, they would be compelled to become Myanmar citizen or to finally surrender before India because even the GOI will not offer ceasefire to a handful of desperate people without base or refuge.”

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Executive Committee Meeting of BJP Khangabok Mandal held

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Executive committee meeting of BJP Khangabok Mandal was held at M/s Sorojini Filling Station, Khangabok today.

The meeting reviewed the organisational & election related works in connection with ensuing Parliament election 2019.

The meeting unanimously adopted several political resolutions for revision and to be put up to the higher authority for due consideration and necessary passing of the resolutions. The meeting was organised by BJP Khangabok Mandal.

Secretary General (Org) of BJP Manipur Pradesh P.Premananda Meitei, Former Vice President of BJP Manipur Pradesh Thokchom Jadumani Singh, BJP Thoubal Distrcit President L. Deven President of BJP Khangabok Mandal L.Tomba Khuman, Vice-President of BJP Thoubal District L.Rameshwar, Mandal In-charge attended the Meeting.

Presidium Members and BJP Khangabok Mandal members Paid floral tribute to Dr.Syama Prasad Mookerjee and Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay on Mandal Executives committee meeting.

Th.Jadumani Former Vice-President BJP Manipur State Unit, motivated the district and unit party leaders stating that if they sincerely work hard according to the ideology of the party then the higher authority will not fail to recognize and acknowledge the sincerity and contribution to the party.

The meeting resolved to seek approval for extension of healthy co-operations to the development works to be carried out in the coming years by the Executive Members.

The meeting was also attended by Councillors, Pradhans, Members and Mandal Members of the party.

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BSF Organizes Free Medical Camp & Distributes Sports Items and Sewing Machine

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The 54 battalion BSF under the Aegis of Sector Headquarters Border Security Force, Koirengei today Conducted a free medical camp at Veterinary Ground of Pioneer Club, Wangjing Hodamba in AOR of CI-Post Wangjing.
Medical Officer and Supporting staff from 54 Bn BSF and PHC Wangjing attended and provided free health checkup to more than 100 patients and also distributed free medicines.
The medical camp and Distributes Sports Items and Sewing Machine to Civilians is a part of series of civic action programme being organised by the battalion.
Suneel Kumar Singh Commandant 54 Bn BSF Present at the occasion had a meeting with Tekcham (o) Surmila Devi Pradhan, Members and Population of Wangjing Gram Panchayat on the Security Scenario and BSF Public relation.
As part of the ongoing programme under the command of Suneel Kumar Singh, commandant of the battalion, distributed various utility, Sewing machine, sports and stationary items to the local clubs and Wangjing Public Lower Primary School, Tekcham Leikai. Pradhan and the population of Wangjing Gram Panchayat area appreciated the efforts undertaken by BSF.
The civic action programme is conducted as a welfare measure for the needy schools and villages as well as to foster a good relation between the people and the BSF, it said.

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After detaining 6 years and 6 months in Assam Jail, 7 Rohingyas were deported to Myanmar today

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Imphal, Oct 4,

The 7 Rohingyas who were detained for  6 years and 6 months at Assam jail were deported to Myanmar, by Assam and Moreh police at Indo- Myanmar friendship gate No. 2. The 7 Rohingyas were handed over to the Myanmarese authority at around 1 pm by the Indian authority as per the order of Deputy Secretary Assam Political (B) Department.

Assistant Commandant 6th AP Bn. , SDPO of Moreh Police IPS Shandeep Gopal Das , Officer In charge of  Moreh Police Letkhohao Vaiphei , Officer In-charge Immigration Moreh Md. Tajjudin  were present from Indian side during the handing of the 7 Rohingya . From Myanmar side SP of Tamu police U Mg Mg Taw , Deputy Director of Immigration of Tamu Mr. Aung Myo and Immigration Officer of Tamu Mr. Maung Maung Tar were  present during the deportation .

The deportation took place after completion of paper works by both Immigration Officers of India and Myanmar. Deputy Director of Immigration of Tamu Myanmar Mr. Aung Myo said the 7 Rohingyas will be safely sent till Monou Northeastern Valley of Myanmar after Monou the responsibility will be their own. After finishing the paper work there were also photo session with immigrations of both the countries Along with 7 Rohingyas .


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Minister Bishwajit distributes Sewing Machine, Fly Shuttle Loom & Weavers Card to beneficiaries

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Imphal, Oct 4,

Commerce and Industries Minister Th. Biswajit Singh today distributed Sewing Machines, Fly Shuttle Loom & Weavers Card to beneficiaries at Ningom Thongjao under Thongju Assembly constituency.
Chairman of the Labour Welfare Board Dingo Singh, MLA, ZP member of Basikhong  Z.P, Director of Handloom and Textile K. Lamlee Kamei and Deputy Director , Handloom and textile attended as dignitaries on the occasion. The Sewing Machine, Fly Shuttle Loom & Weavers Card to beneficiaries were distributed under the Department of Labour , Handloom & Textile , Govt. of India.

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