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Friday, 26 October 2018 - Imphal Times

Fierce gun battle between armed rebel group reported at Moreh

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Moreh, Oct 26,

A fierce gun battle took place between unknown militant groups at 11 KV Power Sub-station gate of Indo-Myanmar Border Town Moreh, in the early hours of Friday.

The encounter started around 1:10am and lasted till 1:52am.

The incident is suspected to be between two militant groups who have base in Moreh town.

Incident of firing took place in front of Electricity Office Gate & Trade Center Office Gate. The firing continued till around 1:52 am. Bullet marks are found in the entrance gate of the electricity campus and front of the electricity building. Also bullet marks are found in the gate of trade centre, almirah and building wall. Blood stains are found just outside electricity gate, then on the main road between trade centre & electricity and entry road towards Elora Hotels. Around 250-300 empty cases are found in and around electricity campus, and also splinter of Blast Hand Grenade were also found.

Morning situation report is normal. The incident is suspected to be between Kuki Militant group’s and another militant group. Source said that one cadre of a particular group sustain injury in the gunfight.

One Live Hand Grenade and One Pistol with 7 round unused bullet recovered during Search Operation conducted at the spot by Police and Commando of Moreh Police Station. Staff of 11 KV Power Sub-station feel unsecured as they are one who was in the Campus during the encounter. For today the Staff will not open their Office but they will do their duty if any emergency comes. Some staff left the Sub-station Campus and Went to IB of Electricity Department to safeguard themselves.

It may be mention that an RPG modified as IED was planted at the Bridge few days back. If such acts occurred frequently in Indo-Myanmar Border Town Moreh than the Vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi about Act East Policy and the Business with other foreign countries will not bear fruits. And also it easily shows that the Border guarding force Assam Rifle is not fit to guard the Indo-Myanmar Border. Question arises what were the Assam Rifles doing at the time of the incident, who are posted to safeguard the Indo-Myanmar border, as such things happens frequently in the border town.

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AP Pandey’s non cooperation delay enquiry

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Imphal, Oct 26,

Non co-operation of Prof. AP Pandey in the processing of the Committee is one of the ground for the delay in completing the enquiry of the 2 member committee constituted by the MHRD. A source close to Imphal Times said that the two member independent enquiry committee had directed the MHRD to enforce its order dated 17/8/2018 by compelling the appearance of Prof. AP Pandey before the Committee in person on the next date of sitting that is on October 20, 2018.

Meanwhile, AP Pandey had challenged the Manipur High Court order which appointed an Administrator to look after the post of Manipur University today. The plea was however rejected today. Pandey’s lawyer had plea the court to stay the inquiry and to stop the new Administrator from sanctioning and taking policy decisions but was refused.


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‘Government of India Treating Human Rights Organisations Like Criminal Enterprises’

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Imphal, Oct 26,

Amnesty India’s bank accounts have been frozen by the Enforcement Directorate, effectively stopping our work. Amnesty India is thus the latest target of the government’s assault on civil society in the country. The accounts of Greenpeace India were frozen earlier this month.
“Government authorities are increasingly treating human rights organizations like criminal enterprises”, said Aakar Patel. “As an organization committed to the rule of law, our operations in India have always conformed with our national regulations. The principles of transparency and accountability are at the heart of our work.”
Around 1:30 pm on 25 October, a group of officers from the Enforcement Directorate entered our premises and locked the gates behind them. They ordered the Amnesty India staff to remain in office, shut their laptops, and not use their mobile phones.
The focus of the Enforcement Directorate’s questioning was the relationship between two entities: Amnesty International India Pvt Ltd and Amnesty International India Foundation.
Most of the documents asked for during the search were available in the public domain or were already filed with the relevant authorities. Details of our current structure, which was the focus of much of the questioning, have been available on our website since 2014.
However, ahead of the raids, the Indian authorities leaked a cache of their internal documents marked “secret” that appear to cast Amnesty India’s operations as a dark web of intrigue.
“Our work in India, as elsewhere, is to uphold and fight for universal human rights. These are the same values that are enshrined in the Indian Constitution and flow from a long and rich Indian tradition of pluralism, tolerance and dissent,” said Aakar Patel.
“We could not agree more with the Prime Minister when he says that periods of repression, like during the Emergency, have left a stain on India’s history. Sadly, those dark days are now casting a shadow over India again. Instead of protecting human rights, as it vowed to do, the government is now targeting the people who fight for them”, said Aakar Patel.
Over 40 lakh Indians have supported Amnesty India’s work over the last six years and around one lakh Indians have made a financial contribution.

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Three days annual Ukhrul Flower Festival begins

Ukhrul, Oct 26,

Horticulture and Soil Conservation Minister Thounaojam Shyamkumar today expressed his concern over the decreasing forest cover in the Ukhrul district. He appealed to the people of the Ukhrul district to plant more trees to increase forest cover.
Minister Th. Shyamkumar was speaking as the chief guest at the inaugural day function of the Annual Ukhrul Flower Festival held under the theme ‘Potted Fever’ at the Town Hall, Ukhrul. The three days festival is organised by Ukhrul Flower Society (UFS) and it will conclude on 28th October, 2018.
Stating that the State Government is committed to help the people of Ukhrul by availing the benefits of the various welfare programs, he said the State Government also needs cooperation from the people. He said with cooperation from every stakeholders development can be brought in the State.
Appreciating the Ukhrul Flower Society (UFS) for organising the flower festival, he said UFS should find a suitable location such as a hillock, where flowers can be planted and develop it as a flower park. He opined that the flower park can add to the scenic beauty of Ukhrul and attract tourists in the area.
Horticulture and Soil Conservation Minister further assured that he will consult with the officials of the departments under him so that welfare projects can be taken in the district apart from the ongoing projects.
Artax A. Shimray, Advisor, UFS said he had requested the State Government to frame a policy for floriculture so that various welfare schemes can be implemented apart from providing livelihood to the people. He said many medicinal plants and ornamental plants found in Ukhrul can be sold commercially to generate income. He also urged the concerned department to provide training programs.
The highlights of three days annual flower festival are flower show, exhibition cum sale of flowers, organic vegetables and fruits, local foods and cuisines, processed food items and local handicrafts. District Level Officers of Ukhrul district, Ningshim Shaiza, Chairman, UFS and locals attended the function.

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CRPF distributes Solar Lanterns to villages in Senapati district

IT News
Imphal, Oct 26,

109 Bn CRPF distributed Solar Lanterns in Civic Action Programme at Senapati , under the aegis of IGP M&N Sector CRPF today. During said programme special attention was paid to the villages which do not have electric connection, i.e. Katomei Nepali Part-II, Katomei Center Gopilana Part-II, Maram Kunhou Part-III and Oklong Khunou villages  of Senapati District where there is no electric supply.
Chief Guest on the occasion Sh. Pradip Kumar (IPS) SP Senapati, praised the work of CRPF for taking care of needy persons of the Senapati District. The Civic Action Programme was attended by the Sh. Sh. Lakshya Sharma (IPS) SDPO Senapati, Sh. Khovei David Manager of MSPDCL Senapati, Sh. James Hao Vice President of SDSA Senapti, Sh. Luikang Deputy Manager of MSPDCL Senapati, Shri Somanath Maharana Second-in-Command 109 Bn , Shri Alok Ranjan Dy Comdt and many dignitaries along with about two hundred villagers of various villages in Senapati dist. People were very happy and praised the CRPF for humble care of needy person of the society, Sh. Pradip Kumar (IPS) SP Senapati Concluded by saying, CRPF has been always at the forefront to help the needy and marginalized sections of the society.
Somanath Maharana Second-in-Command 109 Bn, in his Speech said that it is need of the hour and our primary duty is to take care of needy person of society and there smiles inspire us to do more and more for them. We have recently constructed a Public convenience/toilet at Karong, Senapati, and distribution sports items and student utility at Thong Upper Primary School at Senapati. And He also said they in coming months ,one passenger shed at Karong Village will be renovated by 109 Bn, CRPF. He also invited youth to join football tournament which will be organized in the month of December 2018 in Senapati District. He thanked everyone including the chief guest for gracing the occasion.

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2 day seminar on Hinduism in Manipur kicks starts at MU

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Imphal, Oct 26,

2 days Seminar on Hinduism in Manipur, organised by the Centre for Manipur Studies, Manipur University begins today at Political Science Lecture Hall no. 1, Old Social Science Block, Manipur University.

Administrator of Manipur University Jarnail Singh attended the inaugural function as Chief Guest. Prof. N. Lokendra (President), Prof. MC Arun (Guest of Honour) and Prof. W. Nabakumar share the dais.

The first day session began with presentation from Sr. Journalist Manindra Konsam on the topic Advent of Gaudiya Vaishnavism in Manipur: An Epoch of Manipuri Cultural Integration .

Chirom Rajketan, Asst. Prof., Kha-Manipur College, Kakching, presented his paper on Hindu Religion in Manipur.

Dr Th. Nishikant Singh, Asst. Prof., Dept of History, M.B.College, Imphal presented paper on Impact of Hinduism in the Coins of Manipur

Dr. K. Ruhinikumar, Asst. Prof., History Dept., Ideal Girls College, Imphal presented paper on the topic ‘The Impact of Hinduism in Manipur: A Historiographical Study’.

Dr. P. Milan Khangamcha, Philosophy Dept., Manipur University (MU) presenteted papers on The Political Implication of Manipuri Vaishnavism.

In the second session Dr. Yumlembam Khogen Singh, Sociology Dept., MU presented paper on Consolidation of Hinduism in Manipur: Explicating the Case of Meitei Vaishnavism.

W.Jibanlata Devi, Asst. Professor, History Dept., Maharaja Bodhchandra College presented paper on Impact of Vaishnavism on the Manipuri Society. Dr Th. Nishikanta Singh, Dept of History, M.B.College, Imphal  presented paper on the Impact of Hinduism in the Coins of Manipue.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Dr. B. Devdutta Sharma, Asst. Prof., Sociology Dept., WMG College, Thoubal presented papers on Nong Laoba: Rainmaking Rituals among the Meiteis.

  Linthoi Chanu, Freelance Researcher, presented paper on The role of Amaibi in preserving the Pre-Hindu tradition of Manipur.

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The toddler calls

 “Where a society has chosen to accept democracy as its creedal faith, it is elementary that the citizens ought to know what their government is doing.” -Justice P N Bhagwati
Easier is said than done - the saying still stands true. Like the nail float in water with the plank, a rowdy sometimes saves his or her life from being spoiled. Saying so, it is always the wisdom of the captain of the ship that the crew managed to sail their ship to the destiny amidst storms and whirlpools. But then had the crew member lacks discipline Columbus could never have landed in America’s soil to discover the country which becomes the most powerful country in the world today.
The state is more like a ship in the vast stormy ocean. In democratic state like Manipur, Chief Minister is similar to the captain of the ship. It is his wisdom that will sail towards a better direction. It is his command and qualities that will make his crew member follow rules and regulations frame by him. It is only at the time that all the crew members go by their respective assignment that the ship will reached destination. Similar, is with the running of the state, whether it goes upwards or falls, depends on the wisdom of the Chief Minister and his team.
But then, it is the Indian electoral system that stands as a hurdle to decide on which way to chose for a better society. Every elected representative needs a second thought to say no to his electorate. Particularly, the system practice in India showed that without some clique of strong supporters, it will become difficult for one to become Chief Minister as first thing that is important is to get elected as an MLA.   
Good governance is perhaps the single most important factor in eradicating poverty and promoting development. But sometimes the effort to bring good governance remains as a dream with the kind of hurdles from his supporters whom the man in the top post cannot deny as without them it will be difficult to get elected again.
Numbers of middle men including relatives are now the talk every people of the state. What more prove is required than checking the bank balance and the properties of these people in this 8 months? We have seen in the earlier days on how a pharmacist in the state health department became a millionaire just because he was a close relative of the then Chief Minister. Can anyone deny the fact that the pharmacist who became millionaire is a clean person because there is no evidence on how dirty is him?
Good leader falls, not because of his personality but because of those around him.
Coming back to what is going on in the state; everybody knows the amount being asked by these middlemen for the recruitment of Police constable.
On the other hand some of the promises are still yet to be fulfilled as stated by the Chief Minister himself. The more the promises are delayed the more people will criticize.
Well, instead of defending, it is better checking the middlemen so that what has been assured remains true.
Let’s make our state free from corruption.

Assam Rifles Organises Free Medical Camps

IT News

Imphal oct.26

Keithelmanbi Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted a Medical Camp in collaboration with Kangla Diagnostic Centre on the occasion of World Polio Day for small kids at Kakwa Nameirakpam Leikai, Imphal West District on 24thOctober. A dedicated medical team comprising of Unit Medical Officer and other medical staff provided treatment to over 250 people. Various medical facilities were extended to the attendees which included screening of lifestyle diseases and detection and treatment of hypertensive emergencies. A mobile dental clinic was also set up to render dental assistance. Along with the medical camp, lecture was also conducted to impart awareness about maintenance of healthy lifestyle. Medicines were distributed free of cost. The initiative of Assam Rifles was appreciated by the local people who conveyed their heartfelt gratitude to the Assam Rifles for conducting and providing much needed medical assistance to the people.

Also another Medical camp was organised at Shangshsk village on 25th October by Shangshak Battalion. Over 300 patients were attended to by the doctors and provided requisite medicines. Also the battalion screened entertainment and awareness films for the youth. Commandant Shangshak Battalion and Medical Officers participated in the camp.

Mantripukhri Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) conducted a friendly Basketball match at Sawombung Company Operating Base in Imphal East district on 25th October. The match was played between the teams of Pourabi Rising Stars Club and troops of Assam Rifles. All the participants showed competitive spirit and high standards of sportsmanship during the entire match. The local youth appreciated the effort shown by Assam Rifles in promoting sports.

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