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Sunday, 21 October 2018 - Imphal Times

Casted-Out Rahul Kumar Jain back to Manipur to sell his Mantripukhri property

As per sources Rahul Kumar Jain has very fiercely gotten back to the town on 19-10-2018 via Jet Airways flight with the idea to sell out M.R.Roller Flour Mill after being burdened with terms and conditions by the High Court Of Manipur which he has not fulfilled till date.

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Imphal, Oct 21,


Rahul Kumar Jain is finally back in town. After fleeing from the state several times and escaping the police and all legal allegations, he is currently residing in town on anticipatory bail granted by the High Court of Manipur based on the following conditions:

  1. Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain will have to execute a personal bond in the sum of Rs. 1, 00, 00,000/-(Rupees One Crore Only) to the satisfaction of Jurisdictional Magistrate Court.
  2. Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain will have to deposit a sum of Rs. 25,00,000/- (Rupees Twenty-Five Lakh Only) in the name of the Registrar (Judicial) of the court of SBI, High court Branch, Manipur to be kept in recurring fixed deposit until further orders of the court.
  3. Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain will have to furnish two securities for Rs. 50, 00,000/-(Fifty Lakh Only) each before the Judicial Magistrate Court.
  4. Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain shall have to appear before the Investigating Officer at 10:00am every Monday and Friday until further orders.
  5. Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain shall have to report before the Bank Manager SBI, M.G. Avenue Branch at 11:00am on every Tuesday and Thursday until further orders.
  6. Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain will have to bind himself before the Magistrate Court and not leave the state of Manipur without prior permission of the court and will deposit his passport.

As per sources, there have been cash transactions in State Bank of India of over a sum of Rs. 8.40 Crore in Account No. 31781664257 within a span of 28 days.  Despite not being in town a sum of more than Rs. 1.50 Crore  as on 16-10-2018 and Rs. 1.90 Crore on 19-10-2018 was deposited in Cash anonymously in the State Bank of India, M.G.Avenue Branch, Imphal Account Number 31781664257 in a single day. An integral question rises in the minds of people as how or from where are Mr. Mahendra Kumar Jain and his partners getting the huge amount of money? Or who is the person depositing the cash into the bank on behalf of the proprietors? Is the person depositing the money trying to buy the outright ownership of M.R.Roller Flour Mill? How is it possible to deposit such huge amount of cash in such a short span of time when M.R.Roller Flour Mill has been non-functioning from the past 3 financial years.

M.R.Roller Flour Mill has failed to file income tax return ever since 2016. The directors of M R Roller Flour Mill Pvt Ltd. submitted  different sales and purchase figure of the M.R Roller Flour Mill to the Income Tax department of the financial year from 2011-2016. It is found to be a difference of over more than 170, 00, 00, 000 (one hundred and seventy crore) and purchase figure of Rs. 1,53,07,64,194.24/- (Rupees one hundred fifty three crores seven lakhs sixty-four thousand one hundred ninety four and twenty- four paisa only). They also failed to  submit the Income Tax Returns after the financial year 2015-2016 and also do not  have  records of the stock in hand of than Rs. 14 Cr. The sales tax returns was recorded to be of Rs1 lakh of sales in one month and the directors paid Rs. 10 to 11 lakhs of interest to the bank .It clearly shows that this is a case of money laundering by the directors of M .R. Roller Flour Mill.

 Several reports have been published on the fraud that has been carried out by the Directors of M.R. Roller Flour Mill and no interrogation or investigation has been taken up by any department. Income Tax Department should pay heed to the transaction that has been going on in the bank by the proprietors.

The Directors of M.R. Roller Flour Mill faked the Jamabandi as on 09/02/2004 and took a bank loan from the State Bank of India, M.G Avenue, Manipur of more than the sum of amount of Rs. 8 Cr. (approximately).     The original Jamabandi (land patta) of the M.R. Roller Flour Mill as on 15/01/2018 was on an Agriculture Land (Phoural) in the settlement department and Khajana (Land Revenue) of the M.R. Roller Flour Mill.  Cash was deposited on 02/03/2011 of the agriculture land (phoural) of sum of amount of Rs.137/-+ Rs. 50/-.

The director of M.R. Roller Flour Mill  constructed a fake factory on the agriculture land (Phoural) which is against the law and took wheat quota from the year 2004 to 2016 at a subsidized rate which was made for the Below Poverty Line (BPL) people of Manipur and sold it in an open market for more than 250 Cr. (approximately) and took labour, industry, power subsidies and quota of wheat from the Central and State Government of more than the sum of amount of Rs. 100 Cr. from the year 2004 to 2016.

The directors have been accused of multiple frauds and have the records of getting arrested due to the repayment of loan. It’s high time that the Revenue Department of Manipur, Goods and Services Tax Department of Manipur, Industry Department and Income Tax Department investigate on this matter and take necessary actions before all the three run away from the state with public money.

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Myanmar government unhappy with frequent checking along Imphal Moreh Route by Assam Rifle

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Moreh, Oct 21,

Frequent detention of Myanmar citizens travelling inside Manipur along Imphal Moreh road in the name of verification of passport has become an issue to the Narendra Modi govt. ambitious Act East Policy.

In a meeting of Indian delegates and Myanmar delegates held at Tamu DC office of Myanmar, President of the Myanmar India Trade Chamber of Commerce (Tamu- Kalay- Kalewa), U Hla Maung while putting up the issue questioned the Indian delegates on how the good relations between the two countries could be established if legal Myanmar citizen who travel via road are harassed and detained even after showing their passport by the Assam Rifles personnel.

He further stated that when Indian entered Myanmar they were checked at only one point and are let free without any disturbances. But when Myanmar citizen entered India, they are checked at ICP and then at Moreh Gate No.1 by the Assam Rifles. This is not the end, the Myanmar citizen who were already checked at two check post were again checked at Khudengthabi and then at Tengnoupal. While checking, around 2/3 hours are being wasted in the name verification and checking, U Hla Maung said.

“This is not the end, the Indian security harassed the Myanmar citizen by asking them to provide Photostat copy of their passport and other travel documents even as they could have easily completed it by looking at it”, U Hla Maung said and added that if a Myanmar citizen had to provide Photostat copy of every travel documents to all the check point then there is no way that the relationships will grow.

RK . Shivachandra, Convenor of the Act East Policy Manipur assured the Myanmar government authority to discuss the issue with the Chief Minister of Manipur. He also assured to hold a meeting of top police officials to sort out the inconveniences.

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Maoist send tough words against rapists

 IT News
Imphal, Oct 21,

Maoist Communist Party Manipur, an armed rebel group operating in the region today categorically stated the changing trend of media after the ruling government started utilizing it for their personnel proposes. Most mainstream media now remain quit when Dalit and Adivashi and other Minority women or women from Kashmir and north Eastern part of India are being raped and harassed under the draconian act AFSPA, a statement of the Maoist Manipur said.
Me Too campaign in social media now is substituting the national media and is gaining its momentum. The voice of the people today compelled the union Minister of External Affairs (State ) MJ Akbar to resign from his post.
When it comes to Manipur MLA who is involved in rape crime is being protected, even the police had not filed any charge sheet against the MLA of the ruling party.
The statement further stated that the MLA showed his high handedness by engaging a girl from the locality of the girl he had raped. The Maoist however tender apology for terming the word helper to the girl of a high class person whom the MLA is being engaged. It clarified that indeed the girl was legally adopted by the family. But the matter is no different as the MLA continues to show its high handedness.
The Maoist said that the people of the state should not remain quite to the matter of the Thangmeiband rape case. It said that until justice is delivered to the victim girl, the outfit will continue to fight.

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Tribal body demands to reveal news source to reporter

IT News
Imphal, Oct 21,
It is beyond journalism ethics, but an organization called  All Tribal Rights’ Protection Forum Manipur, has urged media houses in the state whoever carry a news item under the heading “Money collected for pension benefits”. While the said Tribal body stated that they took the matter seriously and stated that whoever responsible are liable in accordance with law and answerable to the public, the tribal body urged the newspaper to reveal the source.
“ Source of the news was not mentioned but it was by staff reporter of the newspapers. We demand that the source of the news should be clearly mentioned as there are two-three organisations dealing with this particular matter, i.e. Pension for Employees of ADCs”, the statement said.

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A scientific view to the uniqueness of the sacred Kangla and Sanamahi’s indigenous Philosophy

By- Dr. L I Meetei


We, Meetei worship the Nature God, popularly known as ‘Umang Lai’ located within the landscapes of the valley as well as the Hills of Kangleipak (Manipur) since thousands of years. We don’t  try to create any structure within such sacred lands as it may disturb the natural ecological system, because structures are temporary and pollute the nature earth as per the philosophy of Sanamahi.  If Sanamahi follows worship only inside structures such as temple or Mandir or church, then there would have been 360 structures at the named sacred holy spots inside the Kangla itself which might have converted Kangla into a metallic Island but luckily we have little structures except by the Britishers, and our oldest national emblem called Kanglasha statue (A Lion like animal which is named after Kangla) and Kingdom symbol called Kangla Utra.  Please don’t construct anything in the sacred place as Meetei indigenous faith doesn’t want to harm nature for a  commercial dance and festival or regular inference by inviting stranger crowd into our scared places except those who are meant to worship and learning about the value of Sacred Kangla.

It is always better not convert the green sacred Kangla into hubs of  metalic and cemented structures by promoting and  promising huge structural or Mandap projects for mere vote bank politics, for running exotic Entertainment & cultural items which is not at all suitable with the sanctity of Kangla. Pulling mass Crowds for non ritual entertainment  program inside the Kangla will pollute the ambiance, ecology and green/ Umangs in the future.

Our harmony and wish is that please don’t go for financial benefits by giving free hand to  few rich contractors by making new unrelated non existent structures in this Heritage of sacred Kangla . Most of our Laipham/scared places are still within the natural ecological system in local level by protecting forest and it’s ecology as you all know.

Development of structures by damaging huge natural forest and landscape doesn’t always create a good philosophy or civilization of the past  so it is better to save nature by preserving green Heritage site but don’t fall into money making religious organizations like some other religions do, who are fighting for religious construction and  mushrooming growth of Worship places using huge construction material by digging up the mother earth.

So, the construction of structures in the name of  religion and worship place is not according to the concept of Umanglai of Sanamahi philosophy, unlike other major religion does.

How many worship places are there in every village,  town,  city and far flung places away from the city in this world in the name of religion and it’s expansionist idea, but Sanamahi religion has a good concept that this worship place should be within the house of an individual or family, which generally don’t need to construct thousands of  worship places  as extra structures in the name of Sanamahi religion, unlike other by digging mother  earth. 

That is the beauty of Meetei indigenous religion but please understand our valuable contribution in keeping world as a green lung of human and other living beings so, don’t encroach our sacred holy places which are located in the Kangleipak and the Kangla as these places are not Khasland or free space to  those who are looking for religious and festival based  construction, we prefer natural landscape more than such temporary beauty of structure made from construction materials.

We should worship at our sacred places by keeping  and maintaining Kangla as per the recommendation of 2003 Kangla Charter before Kangla was handed over to the people of Manipur by former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh in the month of November 2004.

Let’s keep away from construction materials like Iron, sand , bricks and tiles  from Kangla, so Kangla can be preserved as a true  heritage of Meetei inhabitants living in this world and we don’t want to make ourself an agent of pollution and  climate change. Meetei should not entertain more assimilation in its history and heritage site  by  accepting exotic align projects in the name of funded project given behind some other motives which may affect the minority community like Meetei who has its own religion, language, script, arts,  culture and 2000 years old written  history. So, for the Kangla we don’t need more construction based projects, what we need is only preservation and protection of sacred land to maintain a natural landscape. We should not make our valuable sacred place to emulate exotic religious structures against the philosophy of indigenous religion. We don’t want to lose scared Kangla as it is representing  pure tradition, culture of nature worshiping idea which are  originated from this little land in the heart of the Imphal (Yumphal) city acting like a lung ( forest land) of this congested city  which is finally based on Our forefather’s concept and civilization based on Sanamahism & Umanglai.

To conclude with, from the scientific as well as religious point of view, the Kangla is to be used as an island of a true identity of a human race called Meitei/Meetei and also as lung of Imphal city, but not to spoil with non Yelhoumee/ indigenous based assimilation concepts done by past few kings and individual leaders for their individual objective and motive since 300 years. India govt must protect the rich heritage of Meetei and Manipur as it is and will be a unique example in this world for preservation and conservation of original heritages.

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City Bazaar

By-Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Morning’s so lazy dull and dirty and stinking;
Boring and calm and composing and collecting;
Yawning and scratching; relaxing and unburdening;
Unwary and thoughtless; careless and unwatchful;
Less Driving and empty and all seeing cautious;
Poise and pacific; bright and sunny and cloudless;
One Five and ten fifty and hundreds;
Coming and gathering; loading and parceling;
Peep peep and peep; teett teett and teett teett;
“Dawn” the best; selling’s fresh and plenty;
Oh! It’s early, ‘I’m the early riser’ she thinks
‘Let my vegetables sells’ quickly and hurriedly’
As she sells and calls and calls; she isn’t tired;
She sells and she moves; she talks and she blames;
She sings and she relaxed; she loves and she’s done.

Busy as buzzing bees, swamping over in and out;
Busy as I walked through, consuming and burying;
Indulging and besieging, flooding people again and over again;
Walking and talking; running and tension;
Shouting and laughing and yelling and calling;
Screaming and hurrying and shrieking and boring;
Murmuring and smiling; breathing and sighing;
Battling and muttering; whispering and complaining;
Driving and sitting and charging and controlling;
Sweating and heavy; thirsty and hungry and empty;
Dealing and buying; regulating and supervising;
Driving and honking peep peep peep and peep;
Coordinating and operating and Beating and charging;
Working and performing and directing kak kaka kak and kak;
Rickshaw rickshaw and Rickshaw Rickshaw;
Auto Auto and  Auto auto.

Brighter the day, it’s thirsty and sunny;
Busy and conducting; unknown to unknown;
Stranger to stranger; pulling and loading;
Selling and selling and bargaining and leaving;
Trading and exchanging; trafficking and promoting;
Marketing and advertising; pimping and procuring;
Strolling and dashing; styling and sporting;
Darling and smarty; trimming and well-dress;
Bitching and winning; dressy and flattering;
Crossing and criss-crossing; hither and thither;
Colliding and facing; touching and moving;
Eating and drinking; tired and weary and thirsty;
‘Come’ and ‘buy these’ ‘I want to go home’
Echoes by echoes, ah! Those waving hands;
Those hands ‘rocking the cradles’ by their laps;
Alas! I fear to notice those, with hundreds
Spotting dreams and discerning desires to life;
A city a bazaar, a grouse and a precious prize
A perfect blend to practicing a home to life

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NIA findings reaffirms that “Love Jihad” was a manufactured myth: Popular Front

IT News
Imphal, Oct 21,

General Secretary of the Popular Front of India, M Muhammed Ali Jinnah in a statement said that the NIA findings regarding the non-existence of “Love Jihad” is a triumph for truth and a big blow to the forces that survive on falsehood. After investigating the 11 cases of inter-faith marriage the NIA could not find any evidence of the planned conspiracy of forceful conversion which was hyped by the media and fascist forces as love jihad.
“It is to be remembered that Kerala and Karnataka police had earlier found such allegations as baseless. NIA’s latest findings reaffirm the fact that the ‘Love Jihad’ myth was a clever vicious campaign with dire and far-reaching consequences, launched by right wing Hindutva forces to create religious polarization in the society. Some sections of the media are also responsible to create the hype about love jihad and defame the Muslim community and organizations. It was also an attempt to curb the rights of an individual guaranteed by the constitution of the country,” the statement said.
It further stated that Hadiya was one of the victims of the campaign. It was the unique and relentless struggle for justice put up by Muslim organizations and Human Rights groups and activists that helped Hadiya get justice and freedom.
“Though NIA has brought out the truth, it must be pointed out that the way the agency dealt with the case has caused a severe damage and disrepute to the individuals and the groups who stood for Hadiya fundamental rights as well as Muslim community at large. After the examination of 11 cases of conversion to Islam, NIA now admits that there is no conclusive evidence for Love Jihad and coerced conversion but unfortunately the arguments of NIA advocate in the Supreme Court were quite contrary. NIA’s stand often fell in line with that of propaganda of the right wing forces and Hadiya’s father Ashokan. It is undeniable fact that NIA’s intervention in the case delayed justice to Hadiya. The lack of transparency and the ‘sealed cover’ reports submitted by the agency in the court created mystery around the case, which catered to vicious vilification campaign against Muslim community.
“Now that NIA has found the truth, we hope that it prompts the agency for serious soul-searching so that it’s stands are not misused by fanatic forces for their divisive campaigns. In the light of these findings, we call upon the media, administration and the people of the country to be cautious of such malicious propaganda in future which aims to polarize the country and creates enmity between communities for the political benefits of the communal forces”, the statement said.  

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An Overview of the Buddha’s Teachings on Kamma (Karmma)

Thangjam Sanjoo Singh


What is ‘Kamma’ and what does it have to do with Awakening? Well, as a word, ‘Kamma’ is the Pali language version of the Sanskrit term ‘Karma’ which has split into colloquial English as meaning something like a person’s fate or destiny. Taken in this way, the notion can support a passive acceptance of circumstances: if something goes wrong, one can say ‘it was my Kamma’ meaning that it had to happen. Where the idea really go astray is when it is used to condone actions, as in ‘it’s my kamma to be a thief.’ If kamma meant this, it would rob us of responsibility for our lives. Furthermore, there would be no way in which we could guide ourselves out of our circumstances or past history: which is what Awakening is about. However , ‘kamma’ in the way the Buddha taught, it means skillful or unskillful action – something that we do now, it is the active aspect of a cause and effect process known as kamma-vipaka, in which vipaka or ‘old kamma’ means the effect, the result of previous actions. And, for the most part, we bound up with the results of our action.

However, as ‘action,’ kamma supports choice. We can choose what actions we undertake. Cause and effect governs the activities of volcanoes, plants and planetary systems, but karma relates specifically to beings who can exercise choice over what they cause – which means you and me. Also, not everything that we experience is because of past kamma (other than that of being born).’ So if you are sick or caught up in an earthquake, it is not necessarily because of you did bad things in a previous life. Instead, kamma means centers on your current intention or ‘violation’.

The teachings of kamma therefore encourage a sense of responsibility for action; the responsibility to give attention to the many conscious and half-conscious choices we make in terms of what we do. What this means is that in this present moment we do have a choice as to how the future pans out: whether we will feel joyful and at ease with ourselves, or anxious and depressed depends on our actions now. And similarly, through our actions now, we can be liberated from the past, present and future. That is what Awakening to kamma brings about.

Bodily, Verbal And Mental Kamma

‘ Kamma means ‘action’ in more than physical sense ; it also includes verbal action – whether we insult and yell at people , or say truthful and reliable things and that includes the ‘internal speech’ of thinking ! But actually the kamma of our emotive responses – ‘mental’ (or heart) kamma – is the strongest. Responses – and the inclinations that they are based upon – govern the actions of body and speech and also engender results in the domain of emotions, attitudes, and mind states. Similarly, we do only things physically or verbally because of convictions, assumptions, interpretation and attitudes – mind. By itself, the body does neither good nor evil; these ethical qualities are rooted in the mind that initiates the physical deed. It is the same with speech and thought: language is neutral – it is the kindness or malice of the mind using the language and concepts that brings fortunate or unfortunate results.

Considering kamma in this light motivates us to clear the mind of ill-will or greed because these lead to verbal and physical actions that leave an unpleasant tone: they endanger harshness and grasping and demanding – and later on worry, regret, and doubt. On the other hand, actions and thoughts based on compassion give the mind clarity and warmth. Hence the teachings on cause and effect: they associated with any action. As our actions bring conflict or harmony into the context within which we live, taking hold of kamma allows us to have a positive effect on the world around us. Understanding kamma then also offer us the significant realization that our own well-being is not separate from how we act towards others.

The Dynamics Of Kamma

The law of kamma is that an effect or result cause is inevitable from an active cause. If I curse and abuse someone today, the effect of that is that they get hurt – and that means that they are probably going to be unpleasant towards me in the future. It is also likely that that action will have immediate effects in my own mind: agitation and remorse. Or, it may be that I get accustomed to acting in that way: so I continue to act abusively, develop and insensitive mind and lose friends. So effects accrue both in terms of state of mind ( offence and remorse) and also behavioral structures ( a pattern or program of being loud-mouthed or self-centered ) the really problematic stuff is the ongoing programs, formations,’ or , in Buddhist language, sankhara. These behavior patterns become part of our identity, and because we don’t see past our own ingrained habits, these patterns and programs sustain the rolling-on, or samsara, of cause and effect.

It is important then if we want to get free, to get a hold on how we are operating. And it is possible, because the kamma-vipaka process forms feedback loops of mental feelings of stress or agitation or ease that we can contemplate and consider.Moreover we can response in different ways to the results of our actions – so each effect does not inevitably endanger a corresponding cause. Here is the choice: I can pause, come out of the mind-state of irritation or recklessness, and give it due consideration and try to do better in the future.That is the first step towards liberation.

The teaching on kamma is most readily accessible in the context of external behavior. The Buddha saw that clarity in regard to behavior offers a pragmatic way in which suffering and stress can be avoided, and peace, trust and clarity generated. Hence in spoke of dark karma – actions such as murder, theft, falsehood and sexual abuse that lead to bad results, and bright kamma and dark kamma – actions which have some good intentions in them, but are carried out unskillfully. An example of this would be having the aim to protect and care for one’s family but carrying that out in a way which abuses one’s neighbor.

Kamma is also dynamic – we act according to input and as we receive the feedback of agreeable or disagreeable results, that moderates our further actions. However as some feedbacks doesn’t occur immediately, and may even take years to occur, aspects of the feedback loop are chaotic. This means that our rate of learning doesn’t necessary keep up with the rate at which we can commit further action. We were blithely polluting the atmosphere for decades before it became clearwhat was going on; by which time other actions had taken place – establishing industries and lifestyles depending on unsustainable resources – that make it difficult to bring it about change.

This point is significant: it encourages us to put effort into clarifying awareness of the mind and its impulses. We need to investigate our minds and mental programs more thoroughly and more often. Then it is possible to interrupt the feedback loop with input that arrests or moderates our impulses. This input is the kamma that leads to the end of kamma, and it is the hinge-point of the Buddha’s teachings. In it is deepest fulfillment it can lead not justto changes in behavior but to complete liberation.

The writer is lay Buddhist

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Old Age Pension Distributed

IT News

Old Age Pensions sponsored by P Bihari Charitable Foundation, PBCF Wangjing was distributed to aged persons of Wangjing-Tentha AC at Wangjing Wangkhei Community hall on Saturday.
The pension exclusively for the constituency sponsored by the PBCF was established in 2013 and is awarded every 6 months to individuals above 68 years of age who have not avail State sponsored old age pension.
The pension carries a sum of Rs 1,200 (for 6 months). The foundation awarded the pension to a total of 891 aged persons.
Those absent at the pension distribution ceremony today will be given the pension later at their respective homes, MLA Brojen said.
The event was attended by MLA Paonam Brojen, Vice president of Wangjing Tentha Kendra Development Committee L.Brajeshwor Singh, S.Kesho, General Secretary of Committee W.Jugindro and Member of Wangjing Tentha Kendra Development Committee H.Biren Singh.

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Manipur sets to host the first ever North East Olympic Games

IT News

Imphal, Oct.21,

Manipur is all set to host the first ever North East Olympic Games at the Khuman Lampak sports complex in Imphal from October 24 to 28. Altogether around 2000 sports persons from eight north eastern states will take part in the upcoming games wherein the athletes will compete in twelve different sports disciplines. The disciplines are archery, athletics, badminton, boxing, football, judo, karate, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo, weightlifting and wushu.

All the sports persons and participants in the game will be staying at the youth hostels, national sports university hostels and others inside the Khuman Lampak sports complex in Imphal.

In view of the development, Manipur Olympic Association (MOA) headed by its president Th Radheshyam Singh who is the schools education minister in the BJP led coalition government in Manipur led MOA officials in association with the Youth affairs and sports department and Manipur police conducted a social service camp at the Khuman Lampak sports complex which is the venue of the Games on Saturday.

Around 600 sports persons including players from Sports authority of India, police personnel under training in Manipur police training centre at Pangei near Imphal, members of MOA and others participated in the day’s social service.

However the proposed Press Conference to be addressed by MOA President Radheshyam Singh along with the technical officials of the first NE Olympic Games, 2018 at the office of MOA at Khuman Lampak, Imphal has been postponed tomorrow(October 21).

Meanwhile Manipur Judo Association has announced players for Manipur Judo team who will take part in the Games to be held at Imphal for the first time.

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