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Items filtered by date: Thursday, 18 October 2018 - Imphal Times

Academicians and scholars have great role in shaping society: CM

Imphal, Oct. 18

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh said that the academicians and scholars have a great role in improving a society and shaping a society better. This was stated by him at the launching function of the book “Northeast India: A Reader” held at Durbar Hall, Chief Minister’s Secretariat today.
Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister stated that in the post independence era (1960s-70s), the intellectuals, academicians and scholars didn’t influence the politicians. If Forums/ Platforms like Manipur Research Forum were present at that time then the present burning issues such as ethnic conflict and unrest could have been avoided. Chief Minister elaborately spoke on integrity and communal harmony in the State.  

Mentioning that professionals such as academicians, scholars, doctors etc. are merely confined to their rooms, Chief Minister urged the professionals to involve in politics and give suggestions and advice to the politicians and government. He believed that such book would enlighten the people and future generation.
Replying to the media persons about the controversy over construction of Ras Lila Mandap at Kangla, Chief Minister clarified that the work programme was proposed by the previous government to the Centre in the year 2015. He said that he has keen interest to protect the sanctity of the sacred place like Kangla in the State. The government will seek suggestions and advice from the people, experts and scholars of the State in this regard, he added. He mentioned that he would convene a meeting with Kangla Fort Board soon. After the installation of the present government, the government decided to shift the Joint Interrogation Cell from the Kangla. Programmes such as ‘Nongpok Thong Hangba’ have been started by the present government, he added.
 Senior Citizen Dr. Arambam Lokendro said that such works needs to be translated into local language so that the local people can engage into the academic discourse and issues of the region.
The 450 pages book “Northeast India: A Reader” is a comprehensive Reader with collection of articles being edited by Bhagat Oinam and Dhiren A. Sadokpam and published by Routledge (London and New Delhi). The book is the first of its kind on NorthEast India and presents the widest possible range of topics on a single platform highlighting the inter-linkages of issues. Various renowned academicians and scholars attended the launching function.

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Chandel NPF not happy with BJP

IT News

Imphal, Oct 18,


The Chandel Divisional Unit of the Nags People’s Front (NPF), Manipur State Unit in a statement stated that the BJP Manipur State, an align partner both in the State government as well as in the District Councils has not taken the NPF into confidence during the recent appointment of Advisors and Executive Members and appointing members belonging to BJP only.

It must be noted that the NPF ADC members extended support to Mr. D. Ringo, a BJP member in the recently concluded election of Chairman, ADC Chandel held on 29th September 2018.

Mention may be made that NPF and BJP became align partners through an MoU signed by 10(Ten) NPF and 4(Four) BJP members of ADC Chandel along with representatives from both the parties in 2015. But BJP betrayed its align partner with the defection of its four members to Congress just before the election of Chairman. When the BJP formed the Council in the early part of 2017 with the en masse merger of all the Congress ADC members led by Mr. Lukhusei Zou, the then Chairman, no positions were given to the NPF ADC members. Moreover, the NPF members are also discriminated at the time of distribution of developmental funds. 

The Chandel Divisional Unit of NPF, MSU will not tolerate such treatment if its align partner, the BJP fails to run the council with true spirit of a coalition.

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SSUM stand firm to protect Kangla

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Imphal, Oct 18,


Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM) in a press statement said that even as the present government have used all force to suppress the movement for protection of Kangla by even hunting the leaders of the student organization beside arresting one of its member, they will keep rejecting the state government initiative to construct Ras Leela hall inside Kangla Premises.

A statement said that SSUM will take its role for safeguarding of the Kangla and there will be no turning back to the stand. The students body also reaffirmed its stand to face any consequences and stated that they fear not the threat of the police and they are ready to go to jail for the cause of Kangla.

SSUM also stated that their volunteers are ready to give their lives if the government machineries are planning staged fake encounter. The student body warned that there will be no turning back to the stand.

Terming the present regime as a fascist regime SSUM said that their trust to the police and government have now lose as one of its member was arrested by police after calling him for talk at Imphal East Police station. The way the police are treating the SSUM leaders showed that the police are trying to abolish democracy.

This is Hindutva Fascism and SSUM will continue its democratic protest.

SSUM statement further stated that the students’ body is now left with only two options. One, a talk with the government authority and another to intensify the agitation by calling bandh or blockade or organizing mass rally. SSUM said they have no problem sending a third party to talk over the matter.

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Erendro Leichombam to go fast unto death protest if Popilal is not released unconditionally

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Imphal, Oct 18

Convenor of the Peoples’ Resurrection and Justice Alliance (PRJA), Erendro Leichombam in his official Facebook post  stated that he will launch a fast unto death protest if his colleague Popilal who was arrested for supporting the Manipur University agitation is not released unconditionally . The young activist who had also contested last state general election also requested student bodies and Manipur University Community to urge the state government for unconditional release of Popilal . Erendro set deadline for the unconditional release in October 20. He further said that if Popilal is not released he will launch a fast-unto death protest from October 21.

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Manipur Maoist warns construction of any new structures which might derail the sanctity of sacred Kangla

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Imphal, Oct 18,

Armed Rebel Group Maoist Communist Party has slammed the ruling government saying except putting blamed to the earlier government they fail to give proper clarification to what the people of the state has been expecting from them. Thrashing strong objection to any kind of new construction which might affect the sanctity of the secret Kangla, the Maoist stated that the BJP led government cannot simply blamed the Congress on the ground that the construction has been initiated during their time.
The rebel group questioned whether the present day BJP Ministers are not in the Congress government as they keep saying that the even the Border issue started during the time of congress regime.
The Maoist also questioned whether the rape case which involved a BJP MLA will be ignore as the case happened during congress period.
The suppression of peoples’ movement in the name of maintaining law and order condition without thinking the genuineness of the demand is nothing but a regime of Fascist. All sort of activities against the uprising by the Manipur University community were an act of fascism and the true colour of the BJP government is easily notice on the way it detained a youth leader of political party PRJA Popilal who was arrested in connection with the protest supporting the causes of the Manipur University. Arresting of a protestor for throwing egg to the photo of those responsible for the impasse is nothing but insulting of the democracy, says the Maoist statement signed by one Kyonghan mangan, Coordinator , Standing Committee , Maoist Communist Party Manipur.
Regarding the construction of a Ras leela hall inside the sacred Kangla, the BJP is trying to remain clean putting the blamed to the congress party. If the proposal for the construction of the Rass Leela hall was approved by the Ministry of Tourism in June 29 of 2015 than both the Congress and the BJP are guilty for acting against the desire of the people of the state. If the BJP led government at the center had not given approval for the construction of the Ras Leela hall inside the kangla then the then Congress government even though wanted to construct the Ras Leela Hall could not have constructed the Hall. The then Congress government had not revealed anything about the construction of the Hall and no citizen of the people particularly the common people have no knowledge of the construction until the BJP government started implementing the construction work recently.
“what resolution had been taken up during the congress rule in 2015 has not been let known to the public and it was only after knowing that people started openly criticizing the government move.’ The Maoist said and added that the BJP regime had not made public about such construction inside the secret Kangla.
Secret initiative to construct the Ras Leela Hall has prompted the people to openly protest as it is the duty of all Manipur to protect the sanctity of Kangla. The Maoist have not problem to the restoration and repairing of the crumbling portion of the already existed historical structure. But if in case certain structure are totally devastated then measures to protect it should be taken up and it is called Rebury.
The Maoist further added that the newly constructed structure is nothing but to humiliate the sanctity of the Kangla. The Maoist also expressed apprehension if the Nungjreng Pukhre be converted into Swimming Pool. Will this be accepted by the people? The Manipur Maoist asked.
The statement of the rebel group further stated that if the present BJP led regime continue to do the work started by the congress then what is the difference of having a new government.  
The Maoist stand tight to oppose any sort of new construction which might  derail the sanctity of the oldest secret religious place – Kangla, the statement said.

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Needs for realizing the truth

The merger of Manipur to the Indian Union in October 15, 1949 after the controversial signing of the merger agreement between Maharajah Bodhachandra and the representatives of the Indian Union on September 21 of the same year at Shillong is the root of all mayhem in the present state of Manipur. For years people of the state have been witnessing several rebel groups observing October 15 as “Black Day” by freezing all wakes of live under the spell of general strike. The rebels do have their cause in calling the day general strike and most surprising thing the irresponsive attitude of both the state and central government to the calls made on this day. The silence of both the state and central government seems to be a clear indication on the righteousness to the call of the rebel or else why shouldn’t there be any statement from the government authority regarding the reasons that the rebels had put forward justifying their cause. A stitch in time save River Nile – the saying should be well think upon. For someone who wanted to go deep into the genesis of all this chaos arisen out of the conflict we certainly do have reason to blame the Central government authority for all the present state of our state.
In his book “Open Secret”, Maloy Krishna Dhar, the then joint director of the SIB, an intelligent agency had categorically stated the political and economic condition of the state. As according to him he had submitted reports on why the youths especially the Meitei had frustration to the merger of the erstwhile kingdom to the Indian Union terming it as ignorance from the part of the Union government authority. It was in the late 60s that intelligent agency had understood and further cautioned the Union leadership about the possible raise of a separatist movement as an outcome of negligence and proper understanding about the problem of the state.
Points here we wanted every guardian of the country’s constituency is the need of special attention to the problem of the state. A mere policy for awarding rehabilitation package to some of the rebel groups and signing of peace deal or cease fire is not a lasting solution. Rather it would bring major problem to the state. A wrong is a wrong, and a right is always right. What is wrong in correcting the wrongs. India now is emerging as a super power and it is not wrong to speculate in the possible interference of external force to distort the country’s unity. The only means to strengthen the ties of the country’s unity is through proper clarification on what had been committed before. It was a fact that people in the state believed that merger of Manipur with the Indian Union was Illegal- a resolution adopted by a peoples’ convention held at GM Hall Imphal in 1993.
Now the mindset of the youth had change a lot , no individuals are fool enough to be driven by some cheap provocative propaganda. So it is better the government accept what has happened before and should sort out the conflict with proper understanding. After all, rebels waging war are also human beings.

Hill Journalists’ Union of Manipur Lifts boycott to MLA Samuel Jendai

IT News
Imphal, Oct 18,
The boycott stand of the journalists fraternity against MLA Samuel Jendai has been lifted henceforth. The decision to lift the boycott was taken on a joint meeting of the Editors’ Guild Manipur, All Manipur Working Journalists Union and the Manipur Hills Journalists Union held at the Manipur Press Club Imphal this evening.
Lifting of the boycott followed an apology made by the MLA himself vide his letter dated 15th October 2018 regarding a fallout during his visit at Tamenglong on 14th October 2018 last.

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World Mental Health Day held at Chandel

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District Health Society (DHS) in Associate with District Mental Health Programme, Chandel organized “World Mental Health Day 2018” at District Hospital Chandel today.

The programme was held on the theme “Young People and Mental Health in a changing World” while Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Chandel Dr.Serthani Serbum as Chief Guest and Medical Superintendent of District Hospital Chandel Dr.S.Rajen as President, State Nodal Officer NMHP Manipur Dr.A.Ranita and Village Chief of Chandel Khullen Mr.Pashel Yumas as Guest of honours respectively.

During the programme, State Nodal Officer NMHP Manipur Dr.A.Ranita and Psychiatric of District Hospital Chandel Dr Kh.Robindro explained the underlying meaning of the topic “Young people and mental health in a changing world” to the students and highlighted important aspect of Mental Health.

CMO, Dr.Serthani Serbum said that, in earlier times, people preferred the traditional way of treatment administered by local healers but due to development in medical treatment people shifted their preference to doctors while taking treatment.

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EVM and VVPAT checking begins

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Imphal Oct 18,
 In an exercise for the Lok Sabha poll which will be held at the beginning of next year, the District Election Officer, Imphal East conducted the First Level Checking of EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) and VVPAT (Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail) at State Institute of Rural Development hostel, DC office Complex, Porompat, Imphal East District.
The process of checking the EVM and VVPAT and necessary clean up was done by a strong team of Bharat Electronics, Bengaluru in the presence of national and local political parties. Apart from participation of DEO staffs and officials, a number of BLOs (Booth Level Officer) were also involved in the prelude exercise of the Lok Sabha poll which is likely to be held during the month of April and May 2019.

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109 BN CRPF celebrates Police Commemoration Day

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Imphal, Oct 18,
09 Bn CRPF organized an “Essay writing competition” at Comprehensive Concept School, Sangaiprou, Imphal, Manipur. As a part of Police Commemoration Day, Somanath Maharana, Second in Command 109 Bn CRPF graced the occasion as Chief Guest, Shri. Oinam Samarendra Singh Principal of Comprehensive Concept School, Sangaiprou presided over the function. The function was attended by officers and other ranks of 109 Bn CRPF, various teaching, non-teaching staff of the school and students. During the function, Shri Somanath Maharana, Second in Command spoke about the importance of the day and paid tributes  to  the martyred police officers who  sacrificed their lives  in the line of duty.
  Total 25 Students participated in the essay writing competition whose topic was “Contribution/sacrifice of  CRPF & state Police towards the society”. Miss Nikie Yumnam- (XII-A) secured first Position & Miss Diana Thounaojam (XII-A) secured 2nd position and Mr Mohammad Nasibur Rahman (XI-A) secured 3rd position in the subject competition. They have been awarded prizes by Shri Somanath Maharana, Second in Command 109 Bn CRPF.

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