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Friday, 12 October 2018 - Imphal Times

Many welcomes HC verdict on Manipur University case; The HC judgment is a landmark and historic – says Veteran Politician O Joy

IT News

Imphal, Oct 12,


While welcoming yesterday’s judgment by the division bench of Justice Kotishwar and Justice Nobin, veteran politician Okram Joy today term it as a landmark and historic judgment.

“ The judgment of the division bench of Manipur High court is a victory of the people, victory of justice and victory of all those who love and care for Manipur University”, O Joy said speaking to reporters at his residence today.

The 5 times MLA from Langthabal Assembly constituency however condemns state government disparities towards the people of the state and attitude of some politician in the government which suppressed the freedom of speech and also rights of politicians.

During the course of agitation some from the ruling had expressed as if politician who did not win election cannot express their views.

“Such attitude or words which they use to suppress the politicians can be only found in the dictionary written by fools” O Joy said.

O Joy also stated that the judgment is a blow to the center and state government which have agenda to saffronise Manipur University.

O Joy terms the judgment as victory of the people as it contain directives to both the center and state government to restrain from the University while trying to bring normalcy by the newly appointed administrator.

He added the root of the prolonged impasse at Manipur University was VC Prof. AP Pandey and the court directed the Union government to maintain the suspension of AP Pandey.

“The judgment has chained Prof. AP Pandey”, Joy added.

He further stated that even the Pro VC Yugindro appointed by VC AP Pandey which has been suspended and Prof. Shyamkesho , who accompanied Prof Yugindro in breaking the locked room of VC by the enquiry committee has also been suspended.

O Joy also stated that prolonged agitation at the Manipur University was a war between the right and the wrong, between justice and injustice and between what is to be done and not to be done.

During the strike, people of the state witness intrusion to the fundamental rights of the people.  He was referring to the prohibition of the district administration while he himself along with some other politician tried to stage rally showing solidarity to the Manipur University Community.

Even though he welcome the court judgment, he condemn the center and state government for taking too long in settling the issue.

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Retrospections for a better future

From IT Desk
Imphal, Oct 12,

The shroud of gloom hanging over Manipur University has finally been lifted and after more than four months of agitations, midnight raids, protests, arrests and allegations flying thick and fast from both sides of the divide, a faint of ray has finally emerged in the form of a directive from the state high court. The timing of the decision of the court to step in could not have come at a more appropriate moment, and in appointing Jarnail Singh as Administrator, the state can heave a collective sigh of relief as he had proven himself to be an able administrator beyond reproach and more importantly, one who knows the sentiment and way of thinking of the people of the state. He will be in office till such time as deemed necessary to bring the varsity to order with administrative powers of a Vice Chancellor and protected by the court from any individual or party contemplating any disruptive steps in his efforts to bring the house in order. The people of the state repose its trust and support to the newly appointed Administrator and is expectantly waiting to start putting things in motion and make the varsity function as it should once again.
The present development, however promising it might look, should not be seen as a solution. Far from it, this arrangement should be seen as a last ditch effort in a bid to restore the sanctity and relevance of the varsity, and everybody should now come forward and extend full cooperation and support to the Administrator to speed things up and salvage the lives of thousands of students whose academic career has been put on hold for so long. This is the perfect opportunity for the officials, teachers, students and all stakeholders of the University to retrospect and retrace the events leading to the present situation. Such an exercise should present a clear picture of what should have been done, what to have been avoided, how things could have been handled differently, and most importantly, learn how things would have to be done to avoid a repetition because there cannot be a better teacher than experience. And while the Administrator and his hand-picked team goes about setting things right, the students, teachers and staffs should get back to academic activities in right earnest to try and make up for lost time. 
The state government should also take proactive role in bringing about an amicable settlement to the issue of the arrested teachers and students of the varsity. The fact that a few counter FIRs has already been lodged against the suspended Pro VC might very well snowball into another eruption of agitations and violent protests if timely action and intervention is not made by the state government.
Manipur University should serve as a study of how small and often seemingly insignificant oversights- intentionally or otherwise-could build up over time to become a mountain of problems that has threatened to wreak the future of thousands of students and its own existence. There could not be a better time to own up and make efforts to ensure such an unfortunate event is not repeated in the future.     

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MPCC welcomes court verdict: MU community demands released of arrested faculties without condition

IT News

Imphal, Oct 12,

Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) while welcoming the court verdict has appealed the state government to released all the detained students and faculty members of the Manipur university and also to complete the ongoing enquiry committee at the earliest possible time.

In a press conference held today at Congress Bhavan MLA K Ranjit said that justice is expected after yesterday’s court verdict. He however said that the two member independent enquiry committee need to to restructures as Independent enquiry committee constituted under the Inquiry Committee Act 1958. He said that those responsible for the prolonged agitation should be punished as per the law of the land.

He further added that the FIR lodged against the students and the faculty members should be withdrawn and that all those detained should be released without any condition immediately.

Meanwhile the Manipur University community comprising of representatives from MUSU, MUTA and MUSa today meet the Chief Minister at the CMO office conference hall at 3 pm today.

Soon after receiving the invitation from the CMO the MU community had written to the secretary CM that the MU community will stand with the demand for release of the arrested teachers and students and that until the matter put up by them has been fulfilled they are left with no option but to continue the demand.

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British Council and NEC sign MoU On educational and cultural collaboration

From a correspondent

Guwahati; Oct 12,

Alan Gemmell, OBE, Director British Council India and Kh. Siile Anthony, Director (HRD & E), North Eastern Council (NEC), today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen educational and cultural cooperation, to support the knowledge ambitions and economic growth of the eight States of the North East.

The overarching MoU celebrates the British Council’s 70th anniversary in India, in particular the rich cultural connections the Northeast has had with the UK, and seeks to strengthen the relationship for the next 70 years. The MoU will support the higher education, English language, skills and cultural aspirations for the young people from Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura.

As a result of this of this MoU, artists and the cultural community of all the Northeast states would get the opportunity to share culture, creativity and ideas with the UK. Government school teachers and faculty members of higher education institutions would gain access to English Language learning, quality education and internationally benchmarked assessments.

The MoU will work towards improving English communication of State civil servants, developing capacity-building initiatives in State Governments, supporting improvements in the teaching of Mathematics and Science, capacity-building programmes for faculty and senior administrators of higher education institutions and it will seek to increase student and academic mobility, for all 8 states of the region.

The British Council has worked continuously with the various states from the North East, the most recent example being Mr. Alan Gemmell’s meeting with Hon’ble Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Mr Pema Khandu, to discuss British Council’s support in the state’s English language teacher education, skills development for young people, and greater collaboration with the UK in arts and culture, last month. Also, British Council presented London-based musician Nubya Garcia at this year’s Ziro Festival of Music in Arunachal Pradesh. In 2016, British Council presented two leading bands from the UK at the NH7 Weekender festival in Shillong.

British Council had provided technical support to the Asian Development Bank-funded ‘Supporting Human Capital Development in Meghalaya initiative’ of the state government to enhance the employability of its youth.

Earlier this year, British Council launched Mix the City Northeast which gave 14 musicians access to an international platform and audience. To strengthen employability and promote gender inclusion, British Council had launched Premier Skills Guwahati earlier this year, in which UK Premier League coaches trained 48 football coaches from the Northeast, including a coach from Meghalaya. British Council initiative Crafting Futures gives artisans from the Northeast access to national platform,Lakme Fashion Week. In the sphere of education, British Council works with the Sikkim government in the primary school sector; and has offered scholarships to 6 women from the North East to pursue higher studies in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Alan Gemmell OBE, Director of the British Council in India, said, “We’ve been inspired every day of the last 70 years by the artists, students, scientists and policy makers we’ve worked with in India and the North East. Our work in the last two years has started to make a difference – we created Mix the Cities Northeast, put the Himalayan Poppy as the central attraction of our India: A Billion Dreams garden at the Chelsea Flower Show, presented a brilliant musician at Ziro Festival of Music and we have trained 48 football coaches from all eight states, including Sikkim. I am very proud to have led our strategy to engage on scale, sustainably and consistently with this very special part of India, responding the vision that the Chief Ministers and the Prime Minister have about the Northeast.  

This year we want to inspire young people from the Northeast and India to build a relationship with the UK for the next 70 years. By signing a MoU with the NEC, we are able to make an impact across eight states simultaneously, and I hope it will enable more young people to realise their aspirations in education, skill development and arts and culture.”

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We create friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries. We do this by making a positive contribution to the UK and the countries we work with – changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust. We work with over 100 countries across the world in the fields of arts and culture, English language, education and civil society. Each year we reach over 20 million people face-to-face and more than 500 million people online, via broadcasts and publications. Founded in 1934, we are a UK charity governed by Royal Charter and a UK public body.

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Popular Front National Executive Council appeals judiciary to protect religious freedom and personal laws

IT News
Imphal, Oct 12,

The National Executive Council (NEC) meeting of Popular Front of India held at its headquarters in New Delhi stated that a series of seemingly liberalist and progressive judgments came from the apex court in recent months intensifies the apprehension among the religious minorities that they may pave the way for Uniform Civil Code.
A highly impactful judgment given by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India was on the issue of religious conversion of Akhila to Hadiya and her subsequent marriage with a Muslim.On 9 April 2018, setting aside a Kerala High Court judgment which annulled the marriage, Supreme Court said that “the right to marry a person of one’s choice is integral to Article 21 (right to life and liberty) of the Constitution”. It was one of the most important judicial interventions in recent history of the country to protect the fundamental rights of ordinary citizens against powerful right wing forces who tried to block it. The state interference in religious affairs is against the spirit Indian constitution. Consequently, every community has the freedom to practice their religious customs and personal laws. However, the judgment that upheld the 1994 Allahabad High Court verdicton the status of Mosque in Islam and on the entry of women in habarimala temple in Kerala were alarming interference in the religious affairs of the respective communities. At a critical juncture when the country is awaiting justice for the illegally occupied and demolished Babri Masjid, a judgment negating of essentiality of Masjid in Islam does not give a positive message. The concern that such judgments would be misused by a communally motivated government was reaffirmed by the passing of Triple Talaq ordinance in the name of Supreme Court verdict. Hence it is high time the Supreme Court come forward taking a clear stand that the Ayodhya Masjid-Mandir title suit would be dealt with as per records and not according to any religious faith. This has become an onus on the part of highest judiciary in the context of consistent statements by some unscrupulous leaders that Ram Mandir would be constructed on the site of demolished Babri Masjid at any cost.
The judgments decriminalizing  homosexuality  and adultery claim to protect individual freedom and privacy. It may be interpreted that Supreme Court is merely imitating permissive values and concepts, which have already resulted in the decline of family and other social systems. The same enthusiasm was not seen in protecting personal freedom and privacy of individuals while ratifying the government decision on Aadhaar. The majority judgment failed to see the danger in linking every citizenship rights and availing of government welfare schemes and services with Aadhar. Though most of the recent majority judgments were presented in the superficial language decorated with liberalism and progressiveness, they are borne with far reaching consequences ruinous to individual, family and society.
The National Executive Council of Popular Front applauded the commitment of the Supreme Court that is being repeatedly shown in all available contexts that the Indian constitution and its values are supreme. The meeting observed that at a time when overt calls and covert attempts are being made by those who control the centres of power to subvert the democratic and secular foundation of our constitution, this uncompromising constitutional commitment must be seen as the ultimate hope of India.
The three days meeting of the apex body of the organisation discussed the socio-political situations prevailing in the country. The meeting also reviewed the activities of the organisation in different states. The determination and steadfastness shown by Popular Front leaders and activists of Jharkhand state in the aftermath of organization’s ban was commendable. The meeting has applauded the High Court decision that revoked the ban and urged the state government to ensure freedom of association in Jharkhand. The proposal by the Community Development Department to allot Rs. 15 million for post-metric scholarship during the academic year 2018-19 was approved.
Chairman E Abubacker presided over the meeting. Vice chairman O M A Salam, General Secretary Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Secretaries Abdul Wahid Sait, Anis Ahmed and other NEC members attended the meeting.

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Waiting for “Sorry”

Your Govt. is not afraid to say sorry if wrong, Mr. CM have said it many times, say “sorry” now people will be with you

Manipur High Court intervention to the 135 days long impasse at Manipur University is perhaps the only left over alternatives to settle the issue even as it seems more like an emergency rule. May be the verdict of the court for appointment of an Administrator for time being to normalize the situation goes beyond the Manipur University Act 2005, but sometimes, we need sacrifice if it really is to serve the cause of the people. After all laws are made for human being, if it fails to comfort the people by delivering justice there is nothing wrong in ignoring the matter, AG Gardiner wrote in an essay. As far as the motive is for the welfare of the people particularly the students in higher studies in Manipur and as long as the ruling of the court was not influence by any ruling government and had objective to maintain its autonomy, there is nothing wrong in the appointment of an administrator to settle the issue. It depends on the integrity of the newly appointed Jarnail Singh, the retired IAS officer, who has year long experience to the administration of Manipur.   
May be the court verdict reflects some sign of humiliation to the faculty of the Manipur University, but as long as the newly appointed Administrator by the court acted for the cause of the University and handed over the administration to the most qualified faculty member as in-charge until a new VC is appointed , then there is nothing wrong in assuming that half the issues of the Manipur University has been settled.
If the newly appointed Administrator is committed to settle the issue than it will not take even a week to convene Court meeting, Executive Council Meeting , Academic Council meeting and so on. The ongoing 2 member enquiry committee may also take only a week to complete the investigation about the series of allegations about financial and administrative irregularity on VC Prof. AP Pandey. Once the enquiry is completed the matter is almost finished as the people still believes the law of the land.
Now, after suspension of the Pro VC prof. Yugindro, it is now the police that have to act. It is known to the public that Prof. Yugindro had confessed to the first lady of the state he had lodged false compliant to the Manipur Police which resulted the midnight crack down at Manipur University. Chief Minister N Biren Singh had stated that the police acted as according to the FIR taken up by the police base on the complaint by Prof. Yugindro. If the FIR was base on the false report then why the police still is not taking up any action against Prof. Yugindro.
Moreover, who could have been the most trustworthy witness then the first lady – Her Excellency the governor of Manipur, for the police to take up action against Prof. Yugindro.
And another puzzling matter is about the 6 faculty members and the students who were detained base on the false report by Prof. Yugindro. They are still detained in judicial custody and there is not a single word from any of the sides running and maintaining the law and order situation of the state.
It is not only about those arrested base on the report of Prof. Yugindro who needs to be release unconditionally but also the two students arrested by police in yesterday’s uprising inside Manipur University complex.
135 days the Manipur University was totally crippled. May be the longest agitation is the first of its kind in the history of Indian University. On being examine on why taking such a long time, it is now open secrete that the interference of some highly influential political personalities make the government in dilemma in making a collective decision even as the government have limitation over the Manipur University. Its open secrete, but fear not , the court has given a direction, the head of the state is with the people, half the people of the state still support you and the remaining half which you felt like your enemy will surely become your best ever supporter if you act now without worrying about the chair you are enjoying now. “To be or not to be”, is not what your mind should be occupied but it is “Yes, I am the son of this soil and it’s my duty to save my citizen and students”, should be what you should convert into action.
After all, Mr. Chief Minister you had said time and again that your government is not fear of saying “I am sorry when you are proven wrong”, many times in public platform. This is the only chance you have now to prove that you are man of word.
Say “sorry”, and you will regain the name that this newspaper had once quoted – “The People’s Chief Minister”.

94th Birth Anniversary of Rk Maipaksana held Rk Maipaksana journalist fellowship conferred to Manindra Konsam

Imphal, Oct. 12,

 The 94th birth anniversary of RK Maipaksana, organized by RK. Maipaksana Memorial Trust Imphal was held yesterday at the Lamyanba Shanglen, Palace Compound Imphal. The RK Maipaksana Journalist Fellowship was conferred to former editor of the monthly journal ‘Sanathong’, Shri Manindra Konsam.
The function was presided by former director Audio Visual Research Centre, Manipur University Dr. Lokendra Arambam.
 As part of the programme, former principal D.M. College of Commerce Dr. Okram Kumar Singh delivered lecture on the topic, ‘People of Manipur and some historical facts for the consolidation of the State’, and a Souvenir was released, people paid floral tribute to the photo of RK Maipaksana.

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Bajrang, first Indian to get UWW World Championship seeding; World Championship scheduled from October 20-28 in Budapest, Hungary

From a correspondent
New Delhi, Oct. 11,

One of India’s most consistent performers in the recent times, Bajrang Punia becomes the first Indian to feature in the top seeds of World Wrestling Championships to be held in Budapest, Hungary, from October 20 to 28. He is seeded third in his weight category of 65 kg class of the Freestyle event.
He is accorded the pride of place with 45 points in the ranking list released by the United World Wrestling, the parent body of wrestling. The world body has introduced the seeding system for the first time ever for the World Championship, utilizing the pre-championship performance ranking points to determine the competitive seeds. This follows the new ranking series that was announced during the 2017 World Championships in Paris. Previously, wrestlers were pulled into the brackets via a random draw of lots.
Turkey’s Selahattin Kilicsallayan is the top seed (50 points) in the 65 kg class weight category while Ilias Bekbulatov from Russia and the Indian grappler are positioned second and third respectively and Haji Aliyev from Azerbaijan is stationed fourth in the seeding list.
Bajrang has been training for the last fortnight at the Mátraháza Olympic Training Center in Mátraháza, Hungary. He had reached Hungary before other team members arrived on October 10.
Understandably, Punia felt elated getting picked for seeding but he wants to match his performance according to the position accorded.  
“I had come here early to get acclimatized to conditions and am fully focused. I hope I can live up to everybody’s expectations and return home with a gold medal,” said the CWG Gold Coast Medalist, Punia.
The 2018 Asian Games Gold medalist had won a bronze at the 2013 World Championship and now aims to change the colour of the medal at the elite world event and wants to end the year on a high.
About Wrestling Federation of India (WFI)
The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) is the Governing Body for Wrestling in India recognized by Ministry of Sports, Govt. of India as National Sports Federation. WFI is registered under the Societies Act and affiliated to Indian Olympic Association and International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles [FILA]. WFI was formed in 1960 and Wrestling federations of all States/Union Territories are its Member Associations. WFI along with its State affiliates are entrusted to organize National Championships for all categories of Wrestling, players apart from Zonal, Inter State Championships and All India Ranking Tournaments in India. WFI also conducts various International Tournaments along with the various grassroot initiatives. WFI through its commercial partners Sporty Solutionz initiates a historic partnership with Tata Motors who come on board as a Principal Sponsor for the Sport till 2021.

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