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MU Crisis- High Court suspended VC, Pro VC, appoints Administrator

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Imphal, Oct 11,

In what can be termed as a possible breakthrough in the protracted standoff between the Pro VC and combined body of teachers and students which have crossed more than three months, the high court have passed a resolution to appoint Jarnail Singh, IAS(Retired), and former Chief Secretary of Manipur as the Administrator fully empowered to discharge the functions of the Vice-Chancellor as provided under the Manipur University Act, 2005 and such other relevant statutes, whose primary duty and responsibility is to bring normalcy in Manipur University. Jarnail Singh had also served as Joint Secretary to the Office of the Prime Minister, with vast experience of administration in the State of Manipur and was awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration for the year 2007-08. According to the directions of the high court, Jarnail Singh is also fully empowered to pass any such order(s) and/or to review and revoke any such order(s) and to do such act(s) as he may deem fit for bringing normalcy to the University and defuse the volatile situation by engaging in constant dialogue and interactions with all the stakeholders so long it is not contrary to any order of the Court. The Administrator is also empowered to seek the assistance of the State Government and Union Respondent/Central Government in this regard who shall provide such assistance as may be necessary and requisitioned.
With no definite timeframe for expediting his duties, it has been directed that so long as the ADMINSTRATOR is functioning, The appointment of K. Yugindro Singh as the Pro-Vice Chancellor under order dated 11.09.2018 issued by Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey shall remain suspended, The appointment of Prof. W. Vishwanath Singh to look after the office of the Vice Chancellor vide order dated 01.08.2018 issued by Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey shall also remain suspended and the appointment of Shyamkesho Singh as Registrar in charge and Sri Sh. Dorendrajit  Singh as Registrar in charge shall also remain suspended.
The high court also directed the Visitor of the University/Union Respondent to ensure that the suspension of Adya Prasad Pandey as Vice Chancellor vide order dated 17.09.2018 issued by the Visitor of the University is continued and not revoked during the continuation of the office of the Court Appointed Administrator without specific leave of this Court.
All the authorities under the Manipur University Act, 2005 and all the respondents including the Union and State Respondents and Private Respondents are further directed to render their full co-operation and assistance to the Administrator in his duties to bring normalcy to the University and also, as and when the Administrator specifically seeks their assistance. No authority, including under the Manipur University Act, 2005 shall have any authority to curtail the power and functions of the ADMINISTRATOR without specific leave of this Court, the direction further added.
With the latest development, there is widespread expectation that the turmoil besieging the Manipur University will finally come to an end and normalcy will return, but it still remains to be seen as to how far the directions of the court be followed- both in letter and in spirit.

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Facilities of government e-marketplace should be opened to public as well: Y. Joykumar Singh

Imphal, Oct 11,

 Almost all facilities of Government   e-Marketplace (GeM) should also be opened to public for its effective implementation said Deputy Chief Minister Yumnam Joykumar Singh while inaugurating a one day workshop on “Government e-Marketplace” today at Hotel Classic Grande in Imphal.
Deputy Chief Minister who is holding finance portfolio said to curb malpractices in government procurements, GeM was introduced last year. He said, there have a number of problems in government procurements for the last many years. To check and solve such problems, Government e-Marketplace (GeM), a national portal to make the public procurement transparent and simpler, was launched. Envisages by the Government of India, GeM strives to keep pace with the ever-evolving technological challenges and stakeholder aspirations.
Stating that in small States like Manipur, where resources are limited, all government procurements have been made through limited tender, Joykumar Singh said, number of sellers are also limited. He further said, although government has been trying to procure products from the State alone, sellers have not been able to supply the required items. Therefore, sellers from outside the state have been ordered to supply the necessary items. Deputy Chief Minister said, for its effective implementation, GeM should be opened to the public as well. If public is approaching to GeM, they will have the confidence to buy products through this portal. He also urged authorities of GeM to look into the problems arising out of price fluctuation. Such workshop will definitely help sellers, suppliers and purchasers to come out and join to settle their problems, he added.
Director of GeM, Sanjay Josef said, 27 organisations and 96 sellers from Manipur have registered to GeM. He said, Government has made procurement of products and services available on GeM mandatory to all the Central Government Ministries, Departments and Central Government Organisations.
Secretary of State Information Technology Department, Sumant Singh said, so far 5,20,000  products have been made available through GeM. He said, technological solutions to various government departments and also solutions to conflict of interest among buyers and sellers with GeM have been given by the department.
Sellers, buyers, various stakeholders     and officials attended the workshop which was jointly organised by Department of Finance and Department of Information Technology, Manipur.

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Maoist reopens alleged rape case of a lady from Thangmeiband by an MLA

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Imphal, Oct. 11,

Maoist Communist Party Manipur (MCPM) today called on people to unitedly stand while fighting for justice of a rape victim from Thangmeibandh area. A statement of the Maoist has alleged the lady from Thangmeiband area to have been rape by an MLA from the ruling political party.
The Maoist also appealed all people of the state particularly the local leaders from Thangmeiband area to forget the past and stand together to deliver justice to the victim girl.
“There might be some misunderstanding or miscommunication earlier but as the court has directed the police to charge sheet within a stipulated time it is the need of the hour that all the people stand and support the victim girl and getting justice”, the statement said.
It further added that nepotism and favouratism had delayed the process for some times but as the court has now directed the police to submit charge sheet within a stipulated time it is now that all the right thinking people stand together.
“This is a sign of victory and result of the courage of the victim lady”, the Maoist said.
The statement further stated that it is up to the wisdom of the court to decide on who is right or who is wrong but what is unfortunate is the inaction of the law enforcing agency in dealing with the case. Had the accused been a common man than there could have been already many arrest, the statement added.
When justice delivery machinery remains pending for a common person to get justice the Maoist express apprehension on how the mob lynching will be stopped or prevented by the authority, it said.
The Maoist also alleged that the said MLA had still no respect for women and recently the MLA had again eloped a Nepali girl who use to stay as helper at the residence of powerful government employee at Thangmeiband by humiliating the lady victim who was raped by the MLA. The act is nothing but a showcase of how man in power can do anything at the cost of a common people.
The Maoist appealed the people to stand together for justice and said that it will continue to fight for justice of rape victim, fake encounter victim and displaced villagers due to construction of Dam.

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Prof. AP Pandey left Imphal

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Imphal, Oct. 11,

Minutes before the announcement of the verdict regarding the case filed at Manipur High Court in connection with the issue of the Manipur University, Pro VC AP Pandey who is under suspension today left Imphal.

The fate of the two member enquiry committee could not be ascertain as the AP Pandey refused to cooperate  as well as after the press statement by the Manipur University Community which stated that the community would stop giving cooperation to the enquiry committee  now confuse the people on whether it is being underway or halt.

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Indian players overall gainers in the 4th edition of the Vodafone Premier Badminton League; 43 Indian players will participate this season

From a Correspondent  
New Delhi, Oct, 11,

 The 4th edition of the Vodafone Premier Badminton League saw a sizeable jump in the overall earnings for Indian players compared to the last three seasons as the world’s most competitive badminton league is all set to see the 40 Indians in action among the 67 that participated in the auction pool earlier on Monday.
HS Prannoy, the most consistent player in PBL was elevated to a “Icon Status” for the first time, this season; his base prize in Season 3 was INR 30 lakh and he had fetched INR 62 lakhs, the highest in previous season. The World No 15 this year however has earned a whooping INR 80 lakh due to his marquee status and most teams bidding for him.
“I am extremely happy that PBL had promoted me to the Icon Category and I am thankful to my team, Delhi Dashers for picking me for the forthcoming season. PBL has always been a happy hunting ground and I will continue to give my best and help my team stay in contention till the end,” said the 2018 Asian Champion medallist who will be donning the Dalmia Cements Group owned Delhi Dashers colours this season.
Rising doubles star, Satwik Sairaj Rankireddy also witnessed a meteoric leap in his earnings since the first season of PBL. The quarterfinalist of this year’s World Championship, Satwik not only had a dream run throughout this season but also played a crucial role play alongside 2016 Rio Olympic Gold Medalist, Carolina Marin for the Hunters to lift the trophy last year. His opening bid value of INR 15 lakhs this season was almost quadrupled by Padmanabh Sports Pvt Ltd owned Ahmedabad Smash Masters, who went all guns blazing amidst fierce bidding to acquire his services for a staggering figure of INR 52 lakhs.
Shedding light on their decision to splurge on the youngster, Padmanabh Sports Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad Smash Masters owner Mr.Ashish Shah said, “Satwik is a utility player who can play both men’s and mixed doubles and is an extremely energetic team member. We are confident he will be an asset for the team on and off court. He has been in great form this season and will be an integral cog of the team ecosystem heading into PBL 4.”
2018 Commonwealth bronze medal winner and experienced doubles player, Ashwini Ponnappa was yet another Indian to break the bank after she was bought by the Awadhe Warriors for a hefty amount of INR 32 lakhs, a steep increase from the INR 20 lakhs, her base price buy last season.
Coming up the ranks fast, young and promising Lakshya Sen who also threw in the hat for the first time at the PBL auctions attracted interest from the franchises.  However, the reigning Junior Asian Champion was eventually picked for a lucrative INR 11 lakhs, more than double his base price of INR 5 lakhs by the Taapsee Pannu owned debutant Pune franchise, Pune7Aces.
The list of key Indian gainers also includes, 2018 Swiss Open Champion Sameer Verma who was bought by Mumbai Rocket once again for INR 42 lakhs, fetching him more than double his base price of INR 15 lakh. His elder brother, Sourabh Verma too saw a jump in his base price as he was sold to Ahmedabad Smash Masters for INR 16 lakh.
Manu Atri (INR 18 Lakh-Mumbai Rockets); Chirag Shetty (INR14 Lakh- Pune7Aces) Sikki Reddy (INR 29 Lakh-Ahmedabad Smash Masters)MR Arjun (INR 5 lakh- Awadhe Warriors)- the doubles specialists saw a sizeable jump in their earnings this season.  
The auction has not just been beneficial in springboarding the Indian players, but strategic buying by some of the teams have also allowed them to save up from their total team purse. Chennai Smashers, Pune 7 Aces and North Eastern Warriors were the biggest savers, managing to keep INR 19 lakhs, INR 14 lakhs and INR 8 lakhs respectively even after putting together the teams.

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Forsaken farmers-food for thought

While the state has been witnessing more than its fair share of protests, agitations and campaigns for issues ranging the spectrum of human needs and then some, it is not often that the farmers of the state take to the streets to highlight their plights and make public their concerns. For unlike the rest of the agitators/protestors who can prolong their stand to push for their demands, farming is a very time dependent activity and one practiced by a majority who has limited approach and influence in the political sphere. And when these farmers put their tools down to take to the streets and raise a concern risking the damages of inattention to their crops, everybody should not just listen but understand that a very genuine and immediate point is needed to be made. It is for this very reason that the sit-in-protest staged by a group of farmers yesterday needs to be given the required attention of each and every one who has anything to do with farming in the state, including the consumers.
So what was the point they were trying to make? First off, the vagaries of nature have already done the damage and total product of paddy is expected to fall by at least fifty percent if not more. They are in need of resources including cash which have been used up to keep their crop from drying up due to the worsening shortage of water in the fields which have reached an alarming level in the hills for a while now. The farmers are in need of compensation as an immediate relief measure to try and salvage their crops or what is still left of it. But more than anything, what concerns the farmers of the state is the absence of a long term practical policy for implementing progressive farming practices and measures to counter the rising uncertainties of nature as well as climate change which is here to stay. While the state government and respective department have declared that canals and irrigations facilities have been made available to the majority of farmers with efforts to expand the operation to reach maximum coverage, the reality on the ground presents a different picture and farmers are still shouting themselves hoarse to provide irrigation facilities of a sustainable nature. Unavailability of fertilizers and other vital agricultural inputs in time to the farmers still pose an insurmountable puzzle for the government officials entrusted with the task. Schemes and projects under which farming equipments are distributed remains accessible to those farmers with connections and are in the know of officials while the really needy ones remains out of focus from the whole exercise.
As one farmer puts it succinctly, identifying of real farmers through a process of registration and subsequent issue of documents such as Kishan Credit cards will go a long way in streamlining the distribution of various benefits and assistances designed to help the farmers to improve their activities. However, all these exercise and efforts will come to naught if a system of effective assessment and redressal is in place. Caring for the farmers is caring for the health of the people of the state.

RAJKUMAR MAIPAKSANA: An eminent Political Activist, Journalist, Revolutionary & Teacher

By: Seram Neken

A few years ahead of the end of British rule in Manipur in 1947, some conscious and educated youths of Manipur came out strongly against the anti-people policies of the Kingship under the British India regime. From the late 1930s to the period of Manipur’s merger into Indian union in 1949, numerous twists and turns were witnessed in Manipur politics. During this period, leading social thinkers and political activists turned up to decide the fate of Manipuris.
Those who defied the atrocious governance of the King under British India wished for having a democratic and responsible government for Manipur. One of the options was to grasp ‘Democracy’ in line with the propagations of Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress party in India. Rajkumar Maipaksana was one such youth who had worked earnestly for bringing in democratic and responsible governance in Manipur during this transition period.
However, frustrated over the attitude of India government after Manipur’s merger into India in 1949, on one occasion he took the initiative for the formation of ‘Revolutionary Nationalist Party of Manipur’ in 1953 (April 19) to demand for an ‘independent buffer state’, if the Indian Union did not grant responsible government to Manipur. Consequently, Maipaksana along with erstwhile leaders Sagolsem Indramani, Yangmasho Saiza and Wahengbam Prahlada were arrested and put in 6 months rigorous imprisonment.
Born on 11th October, 1924 to Rajkumar Sanahal @ Aminsana @ Guneshore and Haobam Ningol Bidhumukhi Shija of Singjamei Mathak Chongtham Leikai, Imphal, RK Maipaksana popularly known by the present generation as ‘Matamgi Wapham Writer’ for Imphal Radio station’, was an ardent political activist and journalist during the period of Manipur’s transition from kingship under British hegemony to establishment of democratic form of government before its final merger into Indian union.
He took a commendable role in the conversion of Nikhil Hindu Manipuri Mahasabha formed in 1934 with Churachand Maharaj as its chairman into Manipur State Congress Party in 1946. He became an important member not only of the Manipur State Congress but also the in-charge of its Student volunteers. Since the late 1930s, Maipaksana during his schooldays joined political activities in association with erstwhile prominent leaders like Hijam Irabot and Elangbam Tompok.
RK Maipaksana passed matriculation from Churachand High School under Calcutta University in 1942, during which Manipur was in complete turmoil for being an important battleground of the World War –II. (On 11th May 1942, Imphal witnessed the first bombing by the Japanese forces). In ‘1948, Maipaksana passed IA and in 1950 he got the BA degree from Calcutta University in Economics and Philosophy.
Following a reception programme for the Indian National Army (INA) members of Manipur at the residence of RK Maipaksana at Singjamai Chongtham Leikai in June 1946, the ‘INA Relief Committee’ was formed with him as the secretary. He was also the secretary of INA Volunteers’ Corps for which Ex-INA Thokchom Angou was the president.
On October 4, 1946, a meeting was held at Aryan Theatre Hall at Imphal to form a political party called “Manipur State Congress”, which actually had no relation/connection with the erstwhile Indian National Congress, although the name was taken from it. Rajkumar Bhubonsana and Yumnam Khoimacha were the president and General Secretary of the party. Rajkumar Maipaksana, who happened to be one of the six youths who took active role in organizing the meeting, became the member of the working committee of ‘Manipur State Congress’
Manipur State Congress had its mouthpiece local newspaper called ‘Prajatantra’ since 1946 with Keisham Kunjabihari as its editor. During 1948-49, RK Maipaksana became its editor as well as Publicity in charge of the Congress. He also served as vice-president of Manipur State Students’ Congress during 1948. After around 2 years, he parted himself from the publication and became the editor of Manipuri Daily ‘Janmabhumi’ published at Chingamathak Bijoy Press during 1949-1951.
As an eminent journalist, Maipaksana served as the Imphal Correspondent of Shillong Times published in Shillong (1948-50), Hindustan Standard (Calcutta) (1949-50 and Assam Tribune (Guwahati).
Considering his skills in journalistic profession and its rising need for a publicity institution. Manipur Government appointed RK Maipaksana as the first Publicity Officer of Manipur on 1st November 1949. The charge of publicity officer had been earlier held by Laishram Gopal who was superintendent of Government Press and later allotted to Rajkumar Sanahal (B Com) who was the Taxation Officer. However, Maipaksana resigned from the post on 3rd December the same year, as he thought of serving independently in newspaper establishments with which he was associated.
The day on which RK Maipaksana was appointed Publicity Officer of Manipur Government (November 1) has been being observed every year as ‘Information & Public Relations Day’ by the Government since in 1991. In the year, 1992, RK Maipaksana along with Keisham Kunjabihari, and Thiyam Meghachandra were honoured by the Government with the State Journalist Award for their commendable works in the field.
Thinking that the expectations of the Manipuris for a responsible government under the Indian democratic set-up were derailed by the Congress Party rule in India, RK Maipaksana departed himself from the State Congress party, and along with Elangbam Tompok formed the Gandhi Sevak Sabha in 1951. He became the General Secretary of ‘Gandhi Sevak Sabha’, of which Elangbam Tompok was the President. Representing the new party, RK Maipaksana contested the State Electoral College elections in 1952 and elected as a member of 30-member Electoral College from Singjamei constituency. Elangbam Tompok, who contested for the Lok Sabha seat under Gandhi Sevak Samaj, was however defeated in the election held the same year. The Electoral College, of which Maipaksana became a member, was to nominate a member to Rajya Sabha.
Numerous significant events which occurred in the year 1952 became a turning point in the political history of Manipur. In the midst of the first ever election in Manipur under Indian Constitution, drastic famine due to rampant export of rice, and the visit of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to Manipur, frustration haunted the visionary politicians of the erstwhile Part-C state of Manipur, including RK Maipaksana for non-establishment of responsible governance in the state. Accordingly, the ‘Manipur Democratic Front’ was formed by amalgamating four non-congress parties namely Praja Shanti, National Union, Gandhi Sevak Sabha and Communist Party to oppose the Chief Commissioner’s one-man rule instead of the democratically elected government and appointment of non-Manipuri officials with communalistic outlook as heads of departments.
Later in 1953, RK Maipaksana took the initiative for the formation of ‘Revolutionary Nationalist Party of Manipur’ to demand for an ‘independent buffer state’, if the Indian Union did not grant responsible government to Manipur. Consequently, Maipaksana as General Secretary of the Revolutionary Nationalist Party of Manipur’ along with erstwhile leaders Sagolsem Indramani, Yangmasho Saiza and Wahengbam Prahlada were arrested and put in 6 months rigorous imprisonment.
Thereafter, RK Maipaksana gradually distanced himself from active politics, while deciding to remain in the teaching profession. Maipaksana was the teacher in Churachand High English school, Head Master of ‘New Girls and Adult Night High School’ (1954-55), teacher in Residential High school (1957-58) etc. During the last part of his life, RK Maipaksana worked in the News Section of All India Radio Imphal. His appealing and forceful ‘Matamgi Wapham’ episodes are still lingering the ears of the contemporary generations. On 18th October 1983, the eminent political activist, revolutionary, teacher and journalist breathed his last, leaving his indelible imprint on social and political history of Manipur.
(This write-up is published in connection with the 94th Birth Anniversary of RK Maipaksana)

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Meetei Tribe won’t grab land and reservation quota of Hill Tribes

By- Dr. Thangjam Ranjit

Indigenous or indigenous people, according to a common definition, are those who inhabited a country or a geographical region at the time when people of different cultures or ethnic origins arrived. The new arrivals later become dominant through occupation, settlement or other. The term indigenous has prevailed as a generic term for many years. In many countries, the term is synonymously used as tribes, first peoples/nations, aboriginals, ethnic groups, Adivasis or Janajati.
According to the Supreme Court of India, in one of its landmarks judgments, it has been stated that the present STs are the descendants of the original, first settlers’ aborigines or adivashi of the country.
Meetei is one of the Principal indigenous tribes of Manipur and N.E. India. When Meetei community returns to its original fold/tribal status by enlisting in the scheduled tribe list of the country, the land and reservation quota of the present scheduled tribes of the state will never affect at all. Many people, including the well known leaders of prominent civil societies/organization as well as individuals, both in the valley and hill districts of   the state, who do not know much about  Scheduled Tribe’ and Human Migration Theory’ are circulating malicious rumours to the simple and innocent people, particularly of the Hill Districts that the land and reservation quota of hill tribes (scheduled tribes) will be grabbed once  Meetei community is included in the scheduled tribe list under Article 342(1) of the Indian Constitution. It is unfortunate that some organizations based, both in the valley and hill, are instigating people to counter this popular demand of the Meetei community. Many people, both in the valley and hill districts of the state believe in this canard being spread by pseudo scholars, pseudo leaders, or hypocrites. In reality, the rumours are unfounded and are engineered by some who have vested interests, and some who want to throw the seeds of mistrust, disunity and disharmony among the consanguineous ethnic communities, who have been living in love, understanding and harmony since time immemorial.
The very theory that the land and reservation quota of our brethren in the highlands will be grabbed by Meetei is out of the question. After inclusion of Meetei tribe in the ST list of the country, the state will have two separate reservation quotas under two different names/nomenclatures. Meetei ST will be  known as Plain ST, New ST, Backward  ST, Advanced ST or any other name; whereas, the present STs as Hill ST, Old  ST, Backward ST, Advanced ST or any other name suitable to make distinction between the two STs. The existence of reservation quotas within quota in a state or union Territory UT is empowered by the constitution of India under Article 16 (4). In  a new and pragrmatic approach to quotas within quota of ST in the state, bigger STs like Tangkhul, Rongmei, Mao, Paite, Hmar, etc, may have separate quota and the smaller STs like Koireng, Kom, Monsang, Chothe, etc. in another quota, in the way Nagaland State is  doing, for uniform growth and development of the indigenous communities  in the state. Under the same Article, in Assam state, Scheduled Tribes are categorized as Plain Tribes and Hill Tribes with corresponding reservation quota of 10% and 5%. Similarly, in Meghalaya state, different ethnic tribes  have separate quota based on their population. Thus Khasi and Jayantia, 40% Garo, 40% and others, 5%. In Nagaland state, there are three different categories of Scheduled Tribes (i.e . quotas within quota). Chang, Khiamungan, Konyak, Phom, Sangtam and Yimchunger with 25% Chakeshang Puchury, Zeliang and Sums of the Tuensang, Man, Longleng and Kiphire  districts as backward tribes with 12% reservation quota. The remaining ST quota goes to the remaining tribes under unreserved quota in the name of Advanced Tribes (Ao, Angami, Lotha & Sema). Thus when indigenous Meetei community is enlisted in the scheduled tribe list, and consequently, when Manipur becomes a tribal Hill State, there will be no question of grabbing the existing ST quota of the state by the Meetei community in any manner. Therefore, there should not be unnecessary apprehension about this reality guaranteed by Indian Constitution by our brethren in the hills rather they should welcome this paradigm shift, to take place in respect of indigenous Meetei community, in the light of a prosperous and peaceful Manipur in near future.
Regarding the fear of losing lands of our brethren in the hills in the hands of Meetei, when the latter is included in the ST list of the country, people should not believe in such rumour as it is unfounded, malicious and misleading without any iota of truth. Simply it is fuss about nothing. When settlement in villages in the hills are under strict control and management of vigilant village  chiefs in Kuki areas, and village authorities in Naga  areas, Then, why there should  be un-necessary apprehension in the minds of our brethren in the highlands of their lands being encroached upon or grabbed by Meetei STs?
Again, Meeteis will not turn their face towards hills, except foothills and low hills for settlement, as there is scarcity of water as compared to that of valley districts, where water is plenty and almost  perennial. In reality, Meetei community having been embraced Hinduism during the reign of King Pamheiba (1709-1748) , about three hundred years ago, have the practice of taking bath on daily basis and therefore, would prefer to settle in valley area where water  is abound. Therefore, settlement of Meetei in the hill areas of the state in colonies, leikais, or villages, is far from possibility. If may be noted that Meetei do not settle even in the hills located  in Imphal valley except the foot hills and  low hills,  let alone settlement in remote  hill districts of the state. This may be because of the fact that Meetei worships mountains as abodes of gods and goddesses of the forests and hills. The proof is that Koubru, Thangjing, Marjing, Wangbren, Khoriphaba, etc. are all located in mountains/hills of the state and people have their veneration and high regards of these deities. Meitei, the important indigenous tribe of the state, who was nestling in the hills in the early times, do not feel to return to its old habitat but to old fold/tribal status to be with other indigenous and related 36 or more tribes in the state and live in the fertile land areas of the valley districts, mingling with other communities as before, once again.
According to the ‘theory of human migration’, movement of people  from one place to another take place on the  basis of availability of better facilities,  for education, health care, livelihood, job, secured life, weather and climate, transport, communication, etc, among others. In the context of Manipur, Imphal is the hub of all activities and all walks of life, and as a result people from different districts inside the state as well as outside the state, settle in large numbers in colonies and villages by different communities in different parts of the valley districts. Therefore, when Meetei is included in ST list and becomes a recognized tribe of the Govt. of India, hardly he will go to the hills for settlement against the theory of human migration but to other places where better facilities are available than Imphal. People in the state should not have even the slightest misconception of grabbing lands of highlanders in the hills by Meeteis living in the valley.
The demand for ST tag by Meetei community of the state is fundamentally banked on the following hard realities.
Firstly, to save the Meetei, one of   the important and dominant indigenous people of the state, which is showing signs of its gradual degeneration in the last few centuries and rapid downfall in the last few decades in population, land, culture, language, economy, social status, etc. in his natural habitat under the Article 342(1) of the Constitution of India?
Secondly, to save the fertile lands and wetlands in the valley which are producing maximum food grains, vegetables, fishes, etc. for the people, both in the valley and hills, from being owned  by more skilled, hardworking, strong, advanced and united non-indigenous people i.e. to save the indigenous people in their natural  habitat.
Thirdly, to foster a harmonious, peaceful, united and progressive Manipuri society based on ethnic equality (as ST) among the indigenous communities of consanguineous relation who have been living together since time immemorial.
Fourthly, to enable Meetei community, like other indigenous people in the state, to compete confidently well with other communities of India having similar social status (i.e. scheduled tribe) in the field of education, service sectors of Central Govt. etc, to earn more laurels, medals, positions, awards, privileges, etc, for better economic, social, educational, cultural and political status of Meetei in particular and Manipur in general, by discarding and discontinuing decades long practice of competing with highly advanced educated  and organized communities wrongly in General Category/OBC of other states in the country.
In fine, the demand for restoration of ST status is to save Meetei from being extinct in its own habitat and to bring harmony, progress and peace among the indigenous people in the state, and hence, the indigenous people in the state should see this great historic event of Meetei’s returning to its original/tribal fold to be in equal footing with other ethnic tribes as home coming and should extent warm and hearty welcome by all the indigenous people of the state, without any reservation. We all need to remember the very well known proverbs – “blood is thicker than water” and “birds of the same feathers flock together” at least in the context of present Manipur.

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Dr. Ambedkar Chamber of Commerce Manipur Chapter launched in Imphal

IT News
Imphal, Oct 11,

With the aim of promoting all the schemes available in the State government and government of India for the economic empowerment of the youths, Dr. Ambedkar Chamber of Commerce Manipur Chapter was launched at MSME-DI Conference Hall, Takyel Industrial Estate, Imphal yesterday.
The launching ceremony was organized by National Small Industries Corporation Ltd., and Micro Small and Medium Enterprise Development Institute.
As a part of the function an awareness programme on NSIC and MSMEs Schemes in Manipur for SC/ST hub was also done.
Chairman of MIDC Manipur P Loken Singh talked on the topic “the urgent needs of Micro and Small Enterprise development by the SC/ST youths”. Deputy Manager of NSIC Ltd., Imphal L Ibetombi on the topic “role of NSIC for the development of SC/ST youths through SC/ST hub scheme”.
Director i/c of MSME-DI Imphal Tali Longchar on the topic “role of MSME-DI for the development of SC/ST youths and its various schemes.
President of All Manipuri Scheduled Caste Welfare Association N. Biren, Working president forum of SC/ST Legislature and Parliamentarians Inder Iqbal Singh Atal, MLA of Henglep AC TT Haokip, MLA of Thanlon AC Vungzagin Valte and Director i/c of MSME-DI Imphal Tali Longchar attended the function as chief guest, president and Guest of Honour respectively.

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Letter to His Excellency, the President of India in connection with MU impasse by MIYC

Greetings to His Excellency, the President of India!
His Excellency, the President of India might have been well aware of the 134 days old ongoing Manipur University Disaster regarding the removal of Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey from the Vice-Chancellorship of Manipur University on the ground of his administrative and financial irregularities that have totally jeopardised the functioning of the Manipur University in every direction.
Never in the history of independent India had such a thing happened where an academic institute of highest learning stands completely deadlocked for 85 days (almost three months; 30 May 2018 – 22 August 2018)  by virtue of the incapacity, misconduct and violation of statutory provisions by an incompetent and irresponsible Vice-Chancellor and the subsequent and continuing military siege of the Manipur University from the intervening night of Thursday, 20 September 2018 and Friday, 21 September 2018 in the aftermath of the arbitrary directives from one Mr. Vijay Kumar, Under Secretary to the Government of India inciting one Prof. K. Yugindro Singh (under suspension vide MU Office Order No.MU/3-159/85/85/FCY dated the 18th September 2018) to hold the charge of Vice Chancellor, Manipur University. The whole of Manipur University Fraternity - the Manipur University Students’ Union (MUSU), the Manipur University Teachers’ Association (MUTA) and the Manipur University Staff Association (MUSA) have stood together for the ouster of Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey from the Vice-Chancellorship of Manipur University for his dictatorial regime in running the Manipur University by bringing down the sanctity of a university at its lowest form. Amongst the several charges levelled against Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey, the most crucial ones include the non-functioning of the important statutory bodies comprising the Executive Council, the Academic Council and the University Court in clear violation of the Manipur University Act, 2005, norms and precedents; and the payment of Rs. 2,00,000.00 (Rupees Two Lakh) to Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), Manipur.  
Normalcy resumed in the academic atmosphere of the Manipur University after signing the landmark Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the Manipur University Community and the Joint Secretary of the Union Ministry of Human Resource, Government of India on 16 August 2018 in the presence of the Commissioner (Higher & Technical Education), Manipur and the Chief Minister of Manipur and his Council of Ministers. The University reopened from the 23 August 2018 with examination results declared and processes for admission to MA/MSc Courses being initiated.
Fresh crisis has flared up again at Manipur University since 1 September 2018 after                  Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey (on leave till the completion of the enquiry, corroborated by the MU Office Order No. MU/VC/02 dated the 30th August 2018) declared his resumption of work in a self-issued order as the Vice-Chancellor of Manipur University and single-handedly banning teachers and staff associations of the Manipur University in total disrespect of the MOA and the Enquiry Committee instituted. The wilful actions of Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey in issuing repeated unwarranted orders appointing different posts in the Manipur University admist pending enquiry against him has again pulled down the university into turmoil. The Manipur University has triggered into an undeclared war zone with the deployment of a large number of security forces including central paramilitary forces apart from the state police forces after the 20-21 September 2018 midnight military onslaught of the university campus. The arrest and subsequent detention of several students and teachers has ravaged the sanctity of the academic atmosphere of the university bringing the normal functioning of the university into an abrupt halt and chaos. The military siege of the Manipur University and excessive atrocities meted out to the students and the teachers shall ever remain written in black letters in the annals of the history of Indian democracy in general and the oppressed history of Manipur in particular. It would not be unjust to say that the act of continued putting of Manipur University till writing this letter under military siege is an act of State Terrorism.
We are writing to bring some key issues regarding the Manipur University Impasse to the notice of His Excellency, the President of India, the largest democracy in the world and bring forth a viable solution to save the Manipur University from possible extinction.
Nullifying every competent order issued regarding giving leave to Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey and the terms of the leave, the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) signed on 16 August 2018 placed the leave of Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey on extension till the completion of the enquiry of the “Two Men Independent Enquiry Committee” and the follow-up action taken on the enquiry report by the competent authority. As such, Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey’s unwarranted order dated the 10th September 2018 regarding the appointment of one Prof. K. Yugindro Singh, Department of Physics as a Pro-Vice-Chancellor without the approval of the Executive Council, Manipur University is null and void since Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey has been on official leave vis-a-vis pending enquiry against him and does not have any legal authority to appoint someone as a Pro-Vice-Chancellor. The Section 4 common to both the “Statutes of the University” under the Manipur University Act 2005 and the “Statutes of the University” under the Central Universities Act 2009 clearly states that:
“The Pro-Vice-Chancellor shall be appointed by the Executive Council on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor.
Provided that where the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor is not accepted by the Executive Council, the matter shall be referred to the Visitor who may either appoint the person recommended by the Vice-Chancellor or ask the Vice-Chancellor to recommend another person to the Executive Council.
Provided further that the Executive Council may, on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor, appoint a Professor to discharge the duties of a Pro-Vice-Chancellor in addition to his own duties as a Professor.”
As no Executive Council Meeting was held after the last meeting of 28 February 2018 regarding the appointment of a Pro-Vice-Chancellor, the position of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Manipur University shall be deemed still lying vacant and hence the appointment of a Pro-VC by Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey (on leave and then suspended by an MHRD Order on  17 September 2018); the arbitrary directives, dated the 19th September 2018 from one Mr. Vijay Kumar, Under Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Higher Education, Government of India and                         Prof. Shyamkesho’s (under suspension since 7 September 2018) notification (Office Order dated the 18th September 2018) regarding assigning Prof. K. Yugindro Singh as the Pro-Vice-Chancellor as well as the Vice-Chancellor in-charge of Manipur University have no legal validity rather than an act of the violation of the Manipur University Act 2005 and the Central Universities Act 2009 and the complete violation of the MOA signed on 16 August 2018. Both Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey and Prof. Shyamkesho Singh may be entitled for befitting Statute of Limitations.
The present deadlock/total shutdown and military siege of the Manipur University has resulted from the unexpected and unceremonious entry of Prof. K. Yugindro Singh and               Prof. M. Shyamkesho Singh into the tension-filled Manipur University Campus on               20 September 2018 in their attempt to assume charges of Vice-Chancellor, Manipur University and Registrar (i/c) respectively and subsequent filing of an FIR against the students (admission by Prof. K. Yugindro Singh in his meeting with Her Excellency the Governor of Manipur on 21 September 2018, validated by the Letter dated the 6th October 2018 addressed to Prof. K. Yugindro Singh, VC i/c, MU from Shri. Th. Chittaranjan Singh, OSD/Secretary to the Governor of Manipur). The Manipur University has once again come to a complete shutdown after the military siege of 20-21 September 2018 with the students boycotting semester examinations and locking of different faculties. The scuffle between the students and the security forces continues till today. In fact, Prof. W. Viswanath Singh and Prof. Sougaijam Dorendrajit should continue as the VC in-charge and as the Registrar in-charge in strict adherence to all the terms of the Memorandum of Agreement.
The Manipur University Debacle made a U-turn when Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey filed a petition at the High Court of Manipur on 5 September 2018 challenging the MOA signed between the Manipur University Community, the State Government and the Union Ministry of Human Resource. The 17 September 2018 hearing of the Writ petition filed by Prof. Adya Prasad was deferred as the High Court of Manipur was told about the filing of an SLP before the Supreme Court of India by Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey, who could not produce relevant documents before the High Court of Manipur. The filing of the SLP by Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey at the Supreme Court of India before any judgement is made by the High Court of Manipur regarding his plea is in complete violation of the spirit of the Article 136 of the Constitution of India, of which His Excellency, the President of India is the Guardian. This act of Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey is against the ethos Constitution of India, and if not checked, it may upset the constitutional law and the democratic secular character of this vast country.
The Manipur International Youth Centre (MIYC) congratulates His Excellency, the President of India in serving the nation as the 14th President of India. We pray that the Almighty God shall grant His Excellency, the President of India wisdom and health to lead the country in this.
As the guardian of the Constitution, we convey through this letter the concern of the Manipur University Community in particular and the Manipur People in general about the present scenario in Manipur University with thousands of students on the brink of losing their bright academic career and make this solemn urge to bring an end to the ongoing Manipur Univeristy Disaster by demilitarising the Manipur University and by removing Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey from the Vice-Chancellorship of Manipur University in your capacity as the Visitor of the Manipur University and in exercise of the powers conferred on you under the provisions of the Statute 2(5) of the Central Universities Act 2009, which states (excerpt):
 “Notwithstanding anything contained in Clause (4), the Visitor may, at any time after the Vice-Chancellor has entered upon his office, by order in writing remove the Vice-Chancellor from office on grounds of incapacity, misconduct or violation of statutory provisions:”
May your term as the President of India be blessed by the Almighty God so that your office could be a blessing to all citizens of the country!

Yours sincerely,
MC Meetei
Manipur International Youth Centre (MIYC)

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