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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 10 October 2018 - Imphal Times

Manipur University once more turns as war field; at least 20 students picked up

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Imphal, Oct 10,

Manipur University has been once more converted into a war field as large number of police force has intensified its counter measures to suppress the students protest inside the University complex.

At least 20 student agitators were reported to have been picked up by the police after conducting raid at Boys Hostel of the University. Identities of those picked up could not be confirmed at the moment.

Report says that Students of Various departments of the University today staged democratic protest in front of their respective department demanding immediate and unconditional release of the faculty members and the students who were arrested by the police on the midnight of September 20 from inside the University.

Manipuri Department of the University today shut down their department demanding the justice and speedy completion of the ongoing enquiry against VC Prof. AP Pandey.

Similar protests were also staged at other department too. But at around 12 noon large number of students throng towards the Administrative Block demanding immediate and unconditional release of the arrested teachers.

As the large number of students reached the A-Block a large team of state security force which were already present there tried to stop them at the gate. The irate students confronted the police team for a while. The police team charged the students with batons and fire smoke bomb to disperse the students. Some among the agitators were reported injured in the police action. After hearing the police excess large number of students too thronged to the Manipur University but police closed the gate and prevented them from entering the University complex.

Later, additional force of police team raided the boy’s hostel of the Manipur University for the second time.

Students from inside the hostel were paraded in front of the hostel and conducted verification. This is the second time that the hostel of the Manipur University has been raided in connection with the ongoing agitation. The first is the September 20 midnight crackdown.

It may be mention that the agitation which began May 30 this year and normalcy was partly restored after 86 days after the signing of the MoA between the Government of Manipur, MHRD and the Manipur University Community on August 16. The crisis started once more on September 20 after the alleged Pro VC Prof. Yugindro who was appointed by former VC AP Pandey on September 10, when he was on leave and forcefully entered University and tried to take charge of the VC as per a letter from the MHRD. The legitimacy of then appointment of the Pro VC is being in question. The police crack down inside the university is reported to be as per a report filed by Prof. Yugindro. But later he had admitted to the Governor of Manipur that he had filed false report to the Police. Still then the police are conducting raid inside the University complex as per the complaint filed.

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Has Rahul Kumar Jain made a Mockery of The High Court of Manipur?

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Impha, Oct. 10,


Out of the three directors of M.R. Roller flour Mill, one of the Directors, Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain aged about 34 years and is the son of Mr. Mahendra Kumar Jain and Mrs. Shobha Devi Jain is on the run from the state of Manipur since the past 8 months.

As per the sources he is currently residing in a huge expensive bungalow which extends up to 10,000 sq/ft area in Shyam Nagar which happens to be one of the most expensive and decorated colonies in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan.

It has been known that the State Bank of Indi M.G. Avenue, Imphal, based on sanctioned order obtained from LHO Guwahati  G.S.Road had sanctioned a loan amounting to Rs. 8 Crore on the basis of stock available in the M.R.Roller Flour Mill.

As per SBI Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain, his father Mr. Mahendra Kumar Jain and his mother Mrs. Shobha Devi Jain are partners in the firm M.R.Roller Flour Mill, Imphal. The loan was granted on the basis of stock available in the godown. However, it has come to the knowledge of the bank that the stocks were secretively removed with intent to defraud the bank and misuse the banking facility.

 On investigation earlier by the vigilance authorities of the bank, no decent amount of money was available with Mr. Mahendra Kumar Jain or his stated partners and hence the Bank filed an FIR for the failure in repayment of the loan. The bank claimed in a statement that the hypothecated goods were missing from M.R.Roller Flour Mill as on the present date. It is highly apprehended that Mr.Mahendra Kumar Jain and his partners in M.R.Roller Flour Mill had diverted/hidden/concealed/disposed off the aforesaid hypothecated goods in order to defraud the SBI, M.G.Avenue Imphal Branch.

Mr. Mahendra Kumar Jain and Mrs. Shobha Devi Jain who were arrested on 06.09.2018 and have been released on bail on 11.09.2018. Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain has deposited a total sum of Rs. 3.90 Crore till 08.10.2018. Taking into consideration the big claims made by all the proprietors of M.R.Roller Flour Mills, it comes to a question that from where did they get the money or how are they promising the bank to repay the loan amount before 25.10.2018, when M.R.Roller Flour Mill has been non- functioning since the last 4-5 years. The vigilance department of the bank on investigating found no traces of stock of raw materials in M.R.Roller Flour Mill against which Mr.Mahendra Kumar Jain and his stated partners have taken loan. 

Big question rises as to how Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain filed an anticipatory bail in the event of arrest in connection with FIR No. 113(09)2018, dated 06.09.2018, City P.S. under the Section 420/406/34IPC. He has also pleaded for an absolute bail in the High Court of Manipur in the event of arrest stating that the loan amount will be settled. 

The case should be investigated and the accused should be questioned at length regarding the availability of money and promising of repayment of loan. Should the general public consider this to be a case of Money Laundering?

There are several conditions drawn by the High Court of Manipur under which Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain shall be granted bail:

1.Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain will have to execute a personal bond in the sum of Rs. 1, 00, 00,000/-(Rupees One Crore Only) to the satisfaction of Jurisdictional Magistrate Court.

2.Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain will have to deposit a sum of Rs. 25,00,000/- (Rupees Twenty-Five Lakh Only)  in the name of the Registrar (Judicial) of the court of SBI, High court Branch, Manipur to be kept in recurring fixed deposit until further orders of the court.

3.Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain will have to furnish two securities for Rs. 50, 00,000/-(Fifty Lakh Only) each before the Judicial Magistrate Court.

4.Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain shall have to appear before the Investigating Officer at 10:00am every Monday and Friday until further orders.

5.Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain shall have to report before the Bank Manager SBI,M.G.Avenue Branch at 11:00Am on every Tuesday and Thursday until further orders.

6.Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain will have to bind himself before the Magistrate Court and not leave the state of Manipur without prior permission of the court and will deposit his passport.

Not even one of the conditions has been seen to be fulfilled by the accused Mr. Rahul Kumar Jain. On that note no actions have been taken by the concerned authorities on punishing the accused.

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Human Rights Alert (HRA) urges DGP to release detained MU students, teachers

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Imphal, Oct 10:

Human Rights Alert (HRA) expressed concern at the ongoing protest initiated by Manipur University Community demanding the removal of suspended Vice Chancellor Prof. A.P. Pandey and subsequent Police action resulting in injuries to a large number of students and arbitrary arrest and detention of students and teachers of Manipur University.
Babloo Loitongbam, Executive Director, HRA, in a letter addressed to the Director General of Police (DGP), states that HRA is particularly shocked by the two incidents, which are not just ordinary offence, adding that  the wounds inflicted on students and university teachers may not heal very soon, the way the police personnel acted against the students and teachers is unacceptable.
Firstly, regarding the search and cordon operation conducted in the death of night on 21 September 2018 at the behest of a complaint by Pro VC Prof. K. Yugindro Singh, the letter reiterated that Police should be sensitive in dealing with a particular situation and exhaust all channels before resorting to use of force any kind of force, adding that it is mandatory to properly assess the whole situation otherwise any hasty action that goes out of control are often construed as post facto justified act.
The letter further elaborates that United Nations guidelines on the Basic Principles for Law Enforcement Agencies affirm the fundamental principles of necessity and proportionality. These principles require respectively that force should be used by police only when strictly necessary for law enforcement and maintaining public order, and that the application of force should be proportional i.e. force should be applied only to the extent required for the legitimate ends of law enforcement and maintaining public order. This Principle also affirms that injury or death from the use of force must be dealt with as a crime. Exceptional circumstances or public emergencies do not justify departure from these Principles.
Secondly, the FIR (No.223 (9) 2018 U/S 147/148/149/365/342/307/506/364/120-B/34 IPC & 7 Cri Law Amdt Act) that had been drawn at the behest of present VC (i/c) Prof. Yugindro results to subsequent brutal police action including arrest and detention of the students and university teachers are highly questionable as the allegation labeled in the FIR is far beyond the truth and charges are found to be fabricated. It was more evident that the entire scene was video-graphed and it is widely circulated in social media. The video evidence shows complete contradiction to the alleged offence mentioned in the FIR.
Pointing out the fact that in an official letter coming out of the Governor’s Secretariat, dated 5 October 2018, (No. GSM/MU-1/96 (Pt-III) a meeting was held between the Honorable Governor of Manipur and the VC (i/c) and charged VC (i/c) Prof Yugindro for defamation and crossing the limits of protocol and propriety and that during the said meeting Prof. Yugindro had admitted to Governor that he had filed a false FIR against the students as the students never manhandled him.
Under these circumstances when video evidence of the falsity of the charges have gone viral to the public and the office of the Governors itself have put down in black and white the fabricated nature of the charges, HRA seems not logic of prolonging the detention of the arrested students and teachers of Manipur University. The letter strongly urge the Director General of Police, Manipur to release them also further requested the office to see to it that the concern police station investigate the whole incident of abuse of power and hold the officials accountable, which has caused so much public distress besides compromising the career of thousand of students.

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Paddy products likely to decrease this year State farmers worries; Demand compensation as immediate measures, urges to frame a long time policy for farmers

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Imphal, Oct 10,

After farmers witness destruction of their paddy fields by frequent flash flood during the beginning of this year, they now face extreme hardship due to draught like situation in the state. Paddy production this year may reduce to half the annual production as almost all paddy fields in the valley districts of the state has been dried. The situation is even more devastating in Hill area.
Worried over the situation, representatives of farmers’ body from across the valley districts of the state today staged a sit-in protest at Keishampat Leimajam Leikai here in Imphal demanding compensation as immediate measures as well as paddy field owner to reduce their Lousal (rent on agri product). The protest staged today is being organised under the aegis of the All Manipur Progressive Farmers’ Association (AMPFA). The association also demanded a long term policy for the farmers so that genuine farmers could be easily identified and also to make sure of their security , the association also urged the state government to make sure that all genuine farmers of the state gets Kishan Credit Card.
“It was because of the lack of proper irrigations by constructing cannel and mini dams that we the farmers are facing hardship today”, President of the AMPFA, L. Dhana Luwang said while talking to this reporters.
He further added that they have got report about concern authority stating to media that almost all cannel construction works for the paddy field in valley districts has been completed. But in reality those construction work seems to be completed on table only as there are no proper cannel at any of the paddy fields.
General Secretary of the farmers’ body W. Inao while talking to this reporter said that the farmers appreciated the Chief Ministers’ announcement for distribution of Water Pump. But he expressed skeptical on whether the pump if distributed will be able to reach the genuine farmers of the state.
On being asked if it is okay to declare the present state of the state as draught, Inao said that even as if declared draught they don’t believe that it will serve the farmers as the package which may get will be distributed among the politicians and bureaucrats.
Manipur annually produced around 6 Matric Ton of Rice and this year due to scarcity of water the production may reduce half the total.
October month is high time for appropriate supply of water to the paddy fields, but due to scarcity of water, most paddy fields are getting dried.
H. Rajen, a farmer from Lamboi Khongnangkhong in Imphal East said that he cultivates one pari of paddy field and this time there will be total lost. A loss of one year can hardly be recovered in two years.
“I am worried as my family’s only means for survival depends on the Paddy field I cultivated, now I don’t know how to pay the lousal to my owner”, Rajen said.  
“There were report of water pump distributed for farmers last 2 3 years back but the reality is that the pump were for people who are near and dear one of the politician and it never reached the farmers. A farmer while taking to this reporter also asked where are all those pump which were distributed.

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First anniversary of Meitei/Meetei Chaokhat Lup

IT News
Imphal, Oct 10,

The first anniversary of Thoubal District Meitei/ Meetei Chaokhat Lup (TDMMCL) Mayai Loishang was observed today at Imoinu Shanglen of Khangabok Part-II. Th Jadumani- former Vice President BJP Manipur Pradesh, Kh Rajmohon- Khangabok Zilla parishad Member, S Opendro of Khangabok Part-II Gram Panchayat, N Lakpa- Nominee of Khangabok Part-I GP Pradhan, M Leishanu Devi-Pradhan of Khangabok Part-III GP and L Ashakumar- SDC Thoubal were present at the occasion as Chief Guest, President and guests of honour respectively. 
In his keynote address, Mangi- President Thoubal district Meitei/Meetei Chaokhat Lup stressed on the need to work on various loopholes and deficiencies of the community for which the body was formed. 
The seven-coloured flag of the seven clans was raised as part of the opening ceremony and later floral tributes were given to those who have worked tirelessly to preserve and revive the culture. Offerings were also made to Imoinu deity. A two-minute silence was also observed as a mark of respect to Laishram Engen Meitei of Wangjing who passed away recently and other deceased individuals who have contributed to the progress of the Meitei/Meetei community.

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MU Crisis- admissions and omissions

The formal apology tendered by the Manipur University vice-chancellor in-charge professor K Yugindro to the Governor of Manipur Dr Najma Heptulla days after the first citizen of the state reprimanded him for questioning her action have put the protracted issue unfolding currently at Manipur University in a new light. While the reason offered by the VC in Charge of being under mental stress sounds fairly convincing under the prevailing circumstances, it still cut no ice with anyone. It also points to the inherent inability to work under pressure- a prerequisite for any individual who is heading one of the most important and vital position in the sphere of education. The present continuation of the standoff and deteriorating condition inside the university is also a result of the inability of the incumbent VC in charge, in part if not in entirety, to make correct and appropriate understanding of the current situation and thereby failing to properly assess the condition- a point he have admitted to in his letter dated October 8, addressed to the secretary to the Governor.
Prof Yugindro also reportedly admitted to filing a false FIR against the students as he was never manhandled by the students during his discussion with the Governor at the Raj Bhavan. This very admission of the VC in Charge is a grave matter and one which is bound to have far reaching repercussions and unwanted fallout if the state government fails to take appropriate and timely action on it. And make no mistake, the already vitiated atmosphere which had spilled over into the public domain will surely pick up on the matter sooner than anybody would expect. 
The students and teachers who have been detained by the state security due to the FIR lodged by the VC in Charge for alleged manhandling are yet to be released, with non-stop protests and demand for their release by the students, teaching and non teaching staffs as well as numerous CSOs showing solidarity with the agitating parties. What is the state government waiting for when the very person who have falsely implicated a number of students and teachers of the University for manhandling have confessed to his deliberate mistakes to the first citizen of the state? worse still, the people will surely demand what course of action is to be taken up for such deliberate false implications which have resulted in midnight raids inside the University campus, detainment of a number of students and teachers and worsening the law and order situation not only in the University but the whole state? 
The present development is a challenge and an opportunity as well to take up concrete and timely steps to bring closure to the protracted crisis besieging the highest institution of learning in the state and end the dilemma thousands of students are undergoing at the earliest. How the state government as well as those at the centre handles the issue will determine the future of the students, the university as well as the political party in power at present along with its leaders. 


RTI Week Celebration concludes Politics should be totally excluded from the activities and agenda of RTI: Minister K Shyam


Imphal, Oct. 10,

CAF & PD Minister Karam Shyam expressed  that Right to Information Act 2005 is very important in a democratic State like Manipur for ensuring full transparency and accountability of the different activities and functioning of the Government for the service and interest of the public.

He said this while gracing the Closing function of Right to Information Week Celebration-2018  at Lamyanba Shanglen, Konung Lampak yesterday.

Deputy Chairman of Manipur State Planning Board, Sorokhaibam Rajen Singh; Chief Information Commissioner,  Th Ibobi Singh; Information Commissioners Dr. S Ibocha Singh and Oinam Sunil Singh also attended the function as President and Guests of Honour respectively.

The function was organized by Manipur Information Commission with sponsorship from Department of Personnel & Training, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pension, Government of India, New Delhi.

Comparing India with other civilized foreign countries, Minister Karam Shyam stated that RTI is not at all required to the same extent we need here because in Manipur, we face critical situation and big challenges in connection with bringing transparency in governance unlike them.

RTI activists need sound knowledge and power to be able to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently, he added.

Elected leaders should not abridge the rights of the people in any way and use properly the local area developed funds entrusted to them in the interest of the public, he assured.

Appealing the students to create a State without a need for RTI in their in times, Minister Shyam said that honestly should be inculcated since childhood.

S Rajen highlighted that Government schemes regarding health and start-up programmes with a total investment of Rs.3 crores with 30 % subsidy   for the innovative youths should reach the rightful hands of the people.

He also appealed the officials and RTI activists present at the function not to misuse the  RTI  for personal gains and political assassination.

Manipur strongly needs RTI for ensuring quality maintenance, bringing sound development in all departments and for striving for a corruption-free State.

Sharing his knowledge on RTI and its need in Manipur, Chief Information Commissioner Th Ibobi stated that information exchange is very important the public should use RTI for right purpose apart from bringing transparency and accountability.

Amarjit Okram , Namrata Chinglembi Konsam and Tourangbam Sonia Serafina clinched the top 3 spots of the RTI essay competition.

Government officials of related Departments, Public Information Officials,  Zilla Parishad members, RTI activists students took in the RTI Closing Ceremony.


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KCA lifted restriction of heavy loaded truck in Khengjoi

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 The Kuki Chiefs’ Association (KCA) Khengjoi Sub-Division, Chandel District lifted the prohibition on movement of heavy loaded truck in the Sub-Division.
In a Press Statement signed by its General Secretary Dominic J. Khongsai stated that the restriction of movement of heavy loaded timber carrying truck imposed by the Association will be lifted from 12th October, 2018.
The Chiefs’ Association also expressed gratitude to the general public, truck owners and all other concerned for extending co-operation during the imposition of the restriction.
It may be mentioned that Kuki Chiefs’ Association (KCA) Khengjoi Sub-Division imposed  restriction on movement of heavy loaded timber carrying vehicles in the Sub-Division following the arrival of the rainy season last July..

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Chairperson of CWC Thoubal, Charged Rs. 1000/- to a complaint of child custody   - YFPHR

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Imphal, Oct 10,

Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights (YFPHR) today alleged that Chairperson of CWC Thoubal, Charged Rs. 1000/- to a complaint of child custody.
In a press statement the Forum stated that, on the 3rd of October, 2018, a complaint was submitted to the Child Welfare Committee, Thoubal District by a separated woman for child custody of her 5 years old son who is now in the custody of her husband located at Khongjom. The complaint was not entertained as the Chairperson was not available on the same day.
On the 4th of October, 2018, the complainant visited the office of the CWC, Thoubal District to inquire about the same complaint which was submitted just a day before. We were informed that the Chairperson had warmly welcomed the complainant along with one other and shared a briefed about the matter. After the brief was taken, a letter was written to the Childline Thoubal District and Officer-in-Charge, Khongjom PS seeking for cooperation with regard to the matter.
While the letter was being printed by a man at the office of the CWC, the Chairperson, Child Welfare Committee, Thoubal District asked the complainant “to provide some amount for the Vehicle Fuel, Printing, Delivery charges and others in order to process the complaint”. Having less knowledge of the same, the complainant asked the chairperson about the charges. As a reply the Chairperson said Rs. 1000/-. The said printed letter was delivery by the complainant to the Childline and the Khongjom P.S.
On the 5th of October, 2018, as the amount was not available on the earlier day, the sum of Rs. 1000/- was given to the Chairperson for the Fuel, Delivery Charges and others”.
“In regard to the matter of charging Rs. 1000/- we would like to ask your department to kindly provide us a documents with regard to the specific amount which is chargeable by the Child Welfare Committee operating in the state as provided by the law” the statement by Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human Rights said.
The forum also urged to initiate an inquiry for charging Rs.1000/- as a fee to initiate a case by the Child Welfare Committee, Thoubal District at the earliest and review the functioning of the Committee as a matter of Urgency and in the best interest of children.

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