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Items filtered by date: Wednesday, 18 November 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Equality- privilege or right?

Humans, like any other living beings, are a creature of habit. Add to it the evolved mentality and concepts like aesthetics, power and pride- the resulting mix is one which threatens to change the very nature of the spontaneity of evolution and natural progression. The human brain- the one incredible enabling our race to control and manipulate everything else around us- living and non-living alike, except for one important and very interesting drawback- the inability to control oneself- rather the senses and urges that makes us who we are. This lacuna in our physiological make up which is apparently inherent is becoming more prominent with the passage of time. The uncontrollable greed for power and land that led to wars being fought throughout the world, the unnecessary struggle for increasing power and control- all points to an irrational urge manifests into deeds that go against the very grain of human behavior- or is it so? Nothing can be further from the truth. These bloody battles and physical challenges for power, supremacy and wealth of the early days have stopped- only to re-emerge in a more virulent and sinister yet subtler form at present. Equality- the very premise on which our present society was founded remains to this day an illusion, a convenient pacifying tool for those at the helm of affairs to keep the common public at bay so that they- some if not all- can continue with the activities induced by the very weaknesses afflicting every human. Is there any other rationale, however remote it may sound, to explain the widening chasm between the common public and those who are in power and influence- though everyone is equal- or so we are told to believe. A number of politicians serving themselves while doling out rhetoric speeches proclaiming their efforts for the public, armed forces personnel abusing their power and using force to get their demands from the frightened and defenceless public,  drug peddlers and their sources being shrouded in mystery behind a façade of power and money impenetrable by the public or the discretion of those who walks the hallowed corridors of power to speak out and express only those that they wish to be made heard- more often their own achievements and trivial triumphs blown out of proportions. Is there a thing such as being more equal than equal? Why are so many seemingly mundane and simple problems being made so complex and tangled up as to make them impossible to solve? Isn’t there any other way for the disturbed and concerned voices of the common man to be made heard other than be forced to resort to mindless destruction and mayhem- a natural, though unwanted, reaction of the frustrated and agitated souls who are made to feel less equal and cheated. This feeling of discontent is made all the more intense as the public believes that solutions to a lot of wrongs in the society is so clear and right within their reach while those who are entrusted to act accordingly chose to look the other way. The need of the hour is a bunch of people with rational minds and the resolve as well as the self-control to stick to the set plan with the habit to finish what has been started with the dignity to shoulder responsibilities for the same, and above all, a bunch that really regards the remaining majority of the population as equals. Will the search prove to be an exercise in futility- yet again?

How sincere is RIMS authority?

Imphal Times is the first and only public spirited newspaper in Manipur which dared to question where nearly Rs 16,00,000 collected from nursing candidates over 2 years ago had gone. Since the recruitment was not done Rs 200 collected from each candidate should have been refunded or adjusted in the current recruitment. However one powerful official had pocketed it and all high officials in RIMS know it. It explains why there has been no clarification by RIMS through its media adviser. It is good that the AMSU has started questioning the sincerity of the officials in the appointment of several persons. 116 nurses will be shortly appointed. As the AMSU release said, there is already passing of money under the table and it is contradictory to what the director in charge said about appointments of nurses and other employees. There is also a report that recently one officer was bribed Rs 80,000 for correcting wrong pay scale. Since the mistake was at the official level this should have been corrected once the same was pointed out. But the official refused to dispose of the file and having no alternative the employees paid the bribe to have the wrong corrected. There is no meaning in the statement that there will be no bribing in the appointment of nurses. People have not come across any minister or official who says that he had taken bribe for getting things done. In the larger interest of the people and the candidates it is to be hoped that AMSU will fight till the end and that it will not give up the campaign midway like some other organisations.

Sanjenthong Bridge inaugurated

CM blames frequent bandh, blockade and other obstacle for the delay in completion of the Bridge

The much awaited Sanjenthong Bridge was inaugurated today morning by the Chief Minister of Manipur. The Sanjenthong Bridge which is the main link between Imphal East and Imphal West districts and built across Imphal River was being inaugurated after a delay of one year. Earlier, the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh led Congress government had promised the people to complete the Bridge before last year Sangai Festival.
“Frequent bandh, blockade and other obstacles are the main cause for the delay in the completion of the Sanjenthong Bridge”, Chief Minister Okram Ibobi said during the inaugural function of the bridge.
He said as the materials which has to be transported through the National Highways could not reached here in Imphal due to frequent bandh and blockade, there has been much delay in the completion of the bridge. Besides, the unexpected rains and other problems also hindered the construction works of the Bridge. The Chief Minister however expressed regrets over its failure to hand over the Bridge to the people on time.
The Sanjenthong Bridge is being inaugurated today in view of the upcoming Sangai Festival scheduled from November 21. Many components are still yet to be completed.
Reacting to the media assessment about the loss of around Rs.35 crores rupees while the construction of the Bridge estimated less than Rs. 30 crores has been constructed, Okram Ibobi mockingly said that such assessment are lessons need to be learnt by each and every government machineries but appealed the media to publish another similar assessment of the loss during bandh and blockade. Interestingly, the chief minister received applauses from the learned gathering while spelling out the appealed. On the delay about the completion of the renovation works at Kanglapat, the Chief Minister blames the “unseen problem” as a factor that is hindering. He said unexpected rains once or twice in a week compelled to halt the ongoing works many a times. The renovation works is being conducted as preparation for the Sangai Festival.
Many are of the view that the unfinished works at Kanglapat is going to spoil the beauty of Imphal city.
Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam, who also attended the inauguration function, said that  Manipur is marching towards development and no power can stop Manipur from going forward.
So far around Rs. 20 crores has been spend to the construction of the Bridge, said Additional Chief Engineer of state PWD, Tenba. He said that more components of the Bridge are still yet to be completed. The Bailey bridge is the first of its kind in the entire North Eastern region, added the engineer.

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Tribal Cultural Fest 2015 kicks off

4th State Level Tribal Cultural Festival 2015 organized by the Tribal Research Institute, Manipur began today at its office complex, Chingmeirong, Imphal.
O Ibobi Shngh, Chief Minister, Manipur, Gaikhangam, Deputy Chief Minister, Manipur, Victor Keising, Parliamentary Secretary (TA & Hills and IT), Manipur, W.L. Hangsing, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary (PHED)(TAHSC/L), Government of Manipur attended as dignitaries of today’s function. Speaking on the occasion, O Ibobi Singh, Chief Minister, Manipur said the establishment of the Tribal Research Institute, Manipur was mainly to undertake research woks on the various tribal customs and put them into written forms for preservation of the age old tribal traditions, customs and practices. Manipur is inhabited by different ethnic groups which altogether constitute the proud Manipuris and has been living together peacefully for many decades, he added.
O Ibobi further said that the theme of today’s function is very appropriate as we the people of Manipur has already witnessed many attempts made  by some sections to drive wedge in our age-long unity. TRI will spare no stone unturned to do justice to its given objectives, he added.

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HT cable found wrecked at Kakching

Negligence or perhaps intentional damage cause to the MSPDCL, a portion of HT cable which was meant to fit underground was found wrecked at Kakching Sumak Leikai area along Burma-Sugnu road in Thoubal district. Locals said the cable could have been wrecked as heavy loaded vehicle often ran over it as it was left unattended along the route for quite a long time. Locals also said that unattended works of the kind not only damage properties worth lakhs or crores of rupees but also create inconveniences to the people.

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Naga Women Union Chandel organized Cleanliness Drive

Letmang Haokip
Chandel, Nov. 18: With the objective to keep the public places neat and tidy, the Naga Women Union Chandel (NWUC) organized a cleanliness drive at District Hospital, Chandel by conducting a social service today.
During the cleanliness drive, Volunteers of the Naga Women Union, a team of Chandel Police, Widow Association’ s members and staffs of the District Hospital Management swept and clean the surrounding as well as inside of the Hospital. Chandel’s DC Robert Singh Kshetrimayum, Chandel Naga People’s Organisation’s Ws. Kanral Anal, Naga Students’ Union Chandel’s President SR. Joyningam and Chandel Police Station’s Officer in Charge took part in the cleanliness drive.
Speaking at the sideline, Lh. Bliss Anal, President of NWUC told that the cleanliness drive was conducted to give a message to the people of the District that Cleanliness is next to godliness. Apart from personal hygiene, we have to keep our surrounding clean and public places including hospitals tidy, she added.
While appealing the concern contractors to complete the ongoing construction of 50 bedded hospital at the earliest, President of the Naga Women Union also urged the concern authority to provide solid waste management facility at the District Hospital for disposal of waste.

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Reachout demands immediate release of Mangneo Touthang

Assistant Editor of Khohui News Magazine Mangneo Touthang, aged about 30 years was reportedly arrested by a team of state force from Keishamthong Elangbam leikai, yesterday evening. A statement of the Reachout Manipur said that he was kidnapped by unknown persons who came in a Bolero vehicle from Leirak Macha, Elangbam Leikai, Keisamthong, Imphal West. When reported the matter to concern police station, it was learnt that Mangneo Touthang was under the custody of Imphal west police commandos. Reachout appealed the Government of Manipur to release Mangneo Touthang immediately as no arrest memo was provided. The organisation further added that it will take the course of action in the court of law if there is no positive reply from the government.

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