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Life-A Bubble

 By: Joykumar Thokchom

Suddenly like bubble, man comes to the arena
Expand its peripheries, feeling bold and happy
Moves with ease, here and there
Takes a decisive part in the human medium.
With infinite time he goes
Believes not in the extermination of self
And obsesses with the power currency of the world,
Bickering only for the unholy money.
He never sees the truth
Never believes in true religion

But like a true devotee, he acts instead
Then greatest sinner he is.
Oh! Vain mortal beware
It’s not that God is blind to
The truth and faults
God acts accordingly, only time will tell.
Time has come to depart
Soon the crazy wind blows
Don’t feel like so, but it’s inevitable
O! Mortal, you wake up three score after
Have to leave the world unwillingly
Burying the hopes and aspirations far behind.

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