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I travel far and alone,

Like a lone ranger;

Thinking only of my journey’s end;

Passing through the woods fearing,

 No harm could venture;

Volunteering all my strengths to travel happily,

I fear no worries, no insecurities;

 Amidst the thorny buses, comfortably and energetically;

As I travel far and alone.


I see no move, I wander aimlessly;

Ramble and rambling,

I hesitate to hear distant cackle;

I condemn my pleasure,

I bear no burden,

I smell of earth,

And I breathe ravish;

As I travel far and alone.


How obscure I am, bothering not

Where to ends my journey;

I start in the middle of nowhere;

Dark and lonely into the woods;

I see no one, still mystery

No backwards, No side wards

Nor I step forwards;

Puzzling and unfathomable,

As I travel far and lonely.


I baffle to hear sounds lingering,

I baffle to see stream flowing by;

Nagging and gnawing,

As I struggle to march forward,

I move not a single pace;

Enduring an ingrain texture,

As I travel far and lonely.




I am curious to know, how deep I travel

Into the dark and lonely woods;

Nagging and gnawing,

Amidst the thorny buses;

Abiding by my immeasurably thirst,

That I hardly wear its durability;

I try to move and daze,

This huge indestructible stun;

As I travel far and alone.


I learn not physically, my unfeeling

Yes, I am carried away far and very far;

Into this dark and lonely wood,

Nagging and gnawing, as I try

Oh! My numbness, bewildering to feel my own sense;

This unfailing perennial death of mine;

I Frighten coming out,

Amidst the thorny buses,

As I travel far and lonely.


I realize this truth, the strength all I need

As I carried away far and dark deep into nowhere,

It’s just a trance, a fantasy of my will

Reliably well grounded;

My perception and creativity I do always have,

Penetrating through, as I travel far and alone

Carving hard all about my urge, strongly

Nagging and gnawing,

Amidst the thorny buses;

It’s just about my one sleepless night,

That fancies my reverie,


As I travel far and alone.


By: Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi


Associate Research

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