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Humanity grappling with the deadly blow of climate change

Written By: / Articles / Friday, 07 October 2022 17:38

Realizing the deadly impact of climate change, 195 countries of the world signed the climate treaty on December 12, 2015 in Paris, the capital of France, to protect the entire humanity from its future wrath. By the end of this century, it was decided to reduce the increase in temperature up to 3.5 degrees Celsius due to climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius (meaning less than 2 degrees Celsius in all cases). The emission of gases due to the use of petroleum products, industry, agriculture and man-made pollution promised to reduce but during this irresponsible behavior was adopted by various nations.
During the time of President Donald Trump, the US withdrew from this treaty, which was a shame. The current US President Joe Biden corrected this mistake after gaining power. People showed irresponsibility in preventing man-made pollution, the serious and deadly consequences of which have left people all over the world in awe during the summer season. The entire West was seen to be booming. July this year with the beginning of 2010, many countries of America, Europe, China, Mexico, Latin America, Africa, Australia and Asia had to suffer from heat waves. Last year, Layton town of British Columbia province in Canada was seen completely scorching with 49.6 degrees Celsius heat, but India was seen sweltering with 45 degrees Celsius heat only in March. In this month, the heat wave of 49.5 degrees centigrade was seen in the town of Nawab Shah in Pakistan.
In 28 states of America, there was a scorching heat, which is often in a hundred years once a year has been recorded. In the city of Toronto, Canada, the temperature was more than 30 degrees Celsius for more than 50 days. If climate change continues to increase at this rate, according to an estimate, in 2060, cities like Toronto will experience 38 to 40 degrees centigrade heat for more than 50 days. In London, the capital of Britain, which is famous for dark days due to rain and clouds, the fire brigade was constantly ringing bells everywhere in these summers. Every time there was a fear that the look wall would melt on the streets. It is not known when and where there will be a fire in the heat. It may come as a surprise to know that the whole of Europe was badly affected by the warm winds this time. The runways of airports in Britain, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, etc., were seen melting with the 54 degree Celsius heat and full of streaks of aircraft wheels. China’s Shanghai city was seen to be scorching with 40.9 degree Celsius heat this time after 1873.
The hot tropical air means that during this time the temperature rises by 90 percent in the surrounding areas, affects vegetation, fauna, water and the organisms that live in it. Since the 1980s, it has been observed that the sea level temperature is increasing rapidly due to temperature change. This has been revealed in the 2019 report of the National Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). According to the same IPCC report, in the middle of the current year 2022, warm winds were seen to cause environmental damage in northern India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, southwestern Europe, North America, especially in its state, Texas.. Their tumultuous tumult was recorded as being caused by human error. Professor Dr. Jason Smerdon, a researcher at Columbia University’s Lamont Earth Observatory, says that warm tropical winds affecting different regions of the world mean that the climate is warming overall. This hot climate is affecting the entire regions of the world.
According to Dr. Jane Baldwin, extreme heat waves are warming our Earth’s temperature. He says that the polar latitudes are faster than the equatorial ones are heated with The heat waves that have been seen flowing across the world in recent times are directly indicating that the fury of these heat waves may continue in the future. As they have broken previous summer records, this is indeed a very alarming phenomenon. According to Dr. Baldwin, these increased temperatures and heat waves are due to human activities. Our programs are not climate friendly. Acknowledging this truth, if we do not make climate-friendly changes in them immediately, then surely we will end up on this earth. We will be digging the grave of our destruction.
The entire world will have to come together to prevent rising temperatures due to our tragic anthropogenic phenomena. Are we not seeing the effects of this deadly temperature change? Europe continent has not seen such a big drought in 500 years. Water scarcity is being seen across Europe. That is why a big cut had to be made in the domestic shipping in Europe. Electricity production had to be reduced. Crop production was badly affected. According to the European Commission, 47 percent moisture deficit was observed in Europe. 17 vegetables rotted in percent area. In the current year, the production of corn decreased by 16 percent, soybean by 15 percent and sunflower by 12 percent. The water level fell by 14 meters in the south-east of France. Drought continues to wreak havoc in Mexico. In 32 states of the country, 1546 out of a total of 2463 municipal committees i.e. 48 percent are victims of drought. Factories, houses, computers, servers, public places and various cities in Canada were seen to be affected by the heat waves.
Due to heat waves, every region of the world is suffering from hunger, disease, inflation, poverty and unemployment.is The life of children, old people and poor people has become difficult. The developed countries have arranged cold conditions for the affected sections, but in the future, no one cares about the shortage of gas in the world, the bone-chilling winter, the face-to-face conflicts of different countries of the world. The famous corporate houses of the world have accepted that it is not possible to prevent human waste due to the urgent challenges in the future.
The French Prime Minister has accepted that the hegemony of the West in the world has died. Climate change is knocking the wasteland of Europe is the rich 100 West is in decline due to ageing, insecurity, migration and the rise of new powers. Immigrants from Latin America, Africa and the Middle East are forcibly entering it. These are the very things that point to human-induced destruction. There’s still time, get it folks. 

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