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The Solution to Unemployment is Vocational Education

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Unemployment is a huge problem. Every year lakhs of youth after completing their school/college studies with degrees/diplomas in hand look for jobs. Due to less employment opportunities in the organized and unorganized sector, unemployment is increasing. Due to automation and mechanization, jobs are decreasing in every sector and the problem of unemployment has become more complicated. The unemployment rate is not coming under control.
The unemployment rate in Punjab is around 7 percent. To eliminate unemployment in Punjab Vocational and technical education needs to be given more impetus. The Department of Technical Education and Industrial Training, Punjab is playing an important role in controlling vocational education in industrial training institutes and technical education in polytechnics/engineering colleges in Punjab. Government industrial training institutes are less in Punjab, while the number of private institutes is more.
Similarly, there are only 26 government polytechnic colleges, while there are 100 private polytechnic colleges. There is a need to promote vocational and technical education in Punjab of no the number of Government Industrial Training Institutes, Government Polytechnic Colleges and Government Engineering Colleges should be increased in Punjab. More and more new institutions should be established in rural areas so that technical and vocational education is within the reach of the youth of the villages. Fees should be reduced for general category students so that students belonging to economically weaker families can acquire technical and vocational education by paying less fees.
The current Chief Minister Wazifa Yojana, in which more than 60 percent in the qualifying examination Fees are discounted on the basis of marks obtained, instead of a uniform discount for all, the fee (about Rs. 5000 for polytechnic colleges and Rs. 10000 for engineering colleges) should be made annually. This will further increase the admissions in colleges. Until new buildings are constructed, some diploma courses of polytechnics may be started in existing ITIs. Courses like computer science, information technology, fashion technology should be started in girls’ ITIs, which require less infrastructure. It happens Technical courses which have no demand in industries should be closed and new employment oriented courses with more placements should be started or seats should be increased in such courses which have more job opportunities. Automobile Engineering, Mechatronics, Tool and Die Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Biotechnology, Beauty Culture, Costume Design and Dress Making, Environment Engineering, Food Technology, Fire and Safety Engineering, Marine in Government Polytechnic Colleges of Punjab Engineering, motion picture photography, medical electronics, printing technology, rubber technology, space technology, TV and film technology, textile technology, petroleum engineering, mobile technology, packaging etc. courses should be started.
To make diploma courses more employment oriented, technical courses related to agriculture like Agricultural Machinery Technology, Seed Production Technology, Dairy and Meat Processing Technology, Animal Technology, Horticulture Technology, Agro Processing Technology etc. should be started. Skills in such courses workers, technicians and mechanics are in high demand and employment opportunities are high. At least one modern polytechnic and one modern engineering college should be established in Punjab, where artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, biomedical engineering, automation and robotics engineering, mining engineering, environmental engineering, e-vehicle technology, drone technology, solar Advanced courses in technology, nanotechnology etc. should be started.
Technical education in mother tongue other than English by All India Council of Technical Education Under the donation initiative, a diploma course in Punjabi medium in a polytechnic college belonging to rural areas and a B.Tech degree course in an engineering college should be started. In the examinations, the question papers should be printed in both English and Punjabi languages. Books should be printed in Punjabi language in all polytechnics and engineering colleges so that the students educated from village schools do not face any problem in understanding engineering subjects. Print and electronic media to spread awareness among general public and students about technical education.
Media, social media should be used more. Apart from schools/colleges, awareness seminars, rallies should be organized in villages. Must have practical knowledge In order to provide more employment to the youth of Punjab, the practical part should be increased by reducing the theory part in the syllabus and the syllabus should be revised according to the requirement of the industries. Practical knowledge in college and then in industries is mandatory for every student. Due to lack of practical knowledge, passed out students are unable to get employment in industries. Area wise course started can be done, like textile engineering in Bathinda region, information technology in Mohali, mechanical and tool and die in Ludhiana, agro processing technology in Moga etc.

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Vijay Garg

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