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Speech is the hallmark of personality

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Out of the entire world of creatures in this creation, only man is a sensitive creature due to the priceless gift of intelligence bestowed by nature. Due to his intelligence and sensitive nature, he has a sense of right and wrong. Thanks to this, man also has his own voluntary and independent ability to make many judgments. Man also influences others by his nature.
In fact, no human being is born good or bad; rather, his behavior towards others makes him so. Man with others the way of speaking, the way of sitting/standing, dress, temperament and all such other qualities have a special importance in the development of a person’s overall personality. A person’s manner of speaking is the essence of his personality and his real identity, as the common saying goes that words from the tongue and arrows from the bow never return. This phrase may have come into existence as a psychological indicator of the rightness or wrongness of one’s speech, i.e., the standard of speech, from which we learn that we have the right to think. You should speak quickly, so that you don’t regret it later. It is a recognized truth that one who speaks ill of others cannot influence the society, on the contrary a simple person with a sweet and deaf nature can not only influence others but, apart from being hard-hearted and dear, in the society.
One also deserves to be praised for one’s dignity and socially. So one should never speak evil so as not to hurt anyone with evil words, as is commonly said in Punjabi dialect - “You don’t get the blow of speech, but you get the blow of a sting.” So, even if you forget, you should never say such a word from your tongue, which sounds like a bad blow from someone’s sting. In this era of fast pace, although everyone wants to improve their personality and to fulfill this purpose, many kinds of high efforts are also made, while the most important role in the development of a person’s personality is his speech. is of we all should behave with mutual love and sincerity while talking to others is love is such a magic or an effective weapon, which can make even a hard-hearted person gentle and kind.
The power of loving words can be easily estimated from the understanding of the hidden meaning in these poetic words - “If you want to buy, buy, buy, fight, fight, just two words, love is the price of our own.” Keeping the importance of self-esteem, courage and self-reliance as the main priority, one should always try to be honest and complete in speech and argument. Who does not know that we all are living in the era of greed and selfishness, sayings like a donkey has the same value as a horse and a grain of flour has the same price are becoming true/evident and coming in front of us every day... But the people who speak their tongues and are full of arguments are respected everywhere, but such people also become a source of inspiration for other people in the society. “Drug destroys” - We all know this. So it destroys the human body, society and thinking too.
In the state of intoxication, anyone can say anything wrong. state of intoxication In this, there is often more scope for speaking the wrong language/slandering, trading at a loss/trading and suffering embarrassment. After which one has to bear financial, social, family and mental losses. After which nothing happens to anyone except rubbing hands. By the way, not only is this a common responsibility of all of us, but we all have a constitutional, social and moral duty to be peace-loving and ideal citizens in the society at all times.... Well! If someone is applying undue pressure or otherwise such situation/condition living in a calm, easy-going nature, we should listen to the voice of our conscience and oppose such a situation with restraint and wisdom.
Because being silent or talking too much on such critical occasions can worsen and confuse the situation. So, to get out of such a painful situation, if we have to take the help of the law, then we must take that too. In such a case, the mobile phone in our hand can also prove to be a useful helper. There is also a saying that - “The moon should not be a neighborhood, it should not be lit”. Ra wala.’’- So we should keep it not only with our neighborhood, relatives and other friends, but with everyone. The nearest or our own neighborhood is the one that can come first in times of trouble. Whether it’s about getting started or becoming someone, we should take all the decisions by ourselves after thinking and thinking and not on someone’s advice without thinking about any benefit or loss, even without ever forgetting. No decision should be taken. So khah-m-khah means to slander and gossip the habit of planting lutes should also be avoided.
Because leases never come to the house of gossips and gossips. Gossip people not only destroy homes but sometimes even commit murder. Their meaning is that the work of bad elements in terms of such a nature is like burning a box on the wall. They are compelled by their bad habits. So, while keeping ourselves in a happy mood, we should always avoid the habit of gossiping about small things or the habit of harsh/unpleasant criticism.. Absurdity is only in avoiding the habit of doing evil.
Otherwise we all have to suffer. One more thing, we should not go to someone who is sick or distressed, i.e. people who are in trouble, and do not talk in vain or foolishly, so that the concerned person will suffer more or suffer more because of our speech. Even at work places like factories etc. one should not speak unnecessarily/ unnecessarily, so that there is no fear of accidents by doing so. vehicle Even while traveling in a bus or anywhere else, we should speak according to our own need/convenience ie comfort and convenience. One should always avoid talking unnecessarily, so that we or anyone else does not face any problem. We should strictly restrain ourselves from unnecessary speech or arguments even with unknown and strangers, observing the time, place and situation well. This does not necessarily mean that strangers are bad.
We all belong to one country we are like the family members of the entire world, the truth is that we all are citizens of a civilized society as citizens of India. We should treat everyone with mutual support / cooperation / sympathy and pure spirit. The feeling of mutual love In today’s age of education, science and technology, we are connected with people from all countries of the world. So we should treat all human beings with mutual love and affection, as our Indian civilization teaches us all. Whereas we Punjabis are the ones who consider everyone as a member of our family, because treating anyone with any evil or duality is equivalent to haram for us, because our nature is to pray for the good of all. 

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