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The development of any country is closely related to the development of its people. A country has progressed and progressed on the path of development only when it has adequate means of research and research at the level of higher education. Administrative thinker Peter Drucker had said decades ago that in times to come, the knowledge society will become more competitive than any other society in the world. The level of prosperity of a country will be judged by the level of education there changing global
In perspective, now the world will also decide on this assessment that what is the level of research and research of the leading country. It is worth mentioning that the medium of education, research and extension work is the medium of fulfillment of these three objectives, whereas the knowledge of mankind, culture and society is governed by research. According to UNESCO, the creative work done in a planned manner to increase the store of knowledge is called research and development. If seen, higher education is very important in a knowledge driven economy and learning society. As far as vocational education and vocational training is concerned, its demand has increased over the last few decades.
The New Education Policy 2020 is also imbued with similar sentiments. One of the questions that emerges regarding higher education is whether the various institutions of higher education and knowledge are changing according to the situation in the midst of rapidly changing developments in the world scenario? And secondly, is the country able to reap the great benefits of education being a technology? Similar questions have been emerging on the mind about research and research. So there are some questions that relevant in the context of India.
For example, what is the status of India’s research and development in today’s scientifically competitive world? Why is India lagging behind countries like China and Japan in terms of research work? What is the obstacle in India’s progress in research and development which is stopping the wheel of research? It is noteworthy that initially the transfer of knowledge creation in various universities was on the basis of global learning and global sharing. Due to marketism, education increased quantitatively and privately It also developed in institutions, but in terms of quality, it became weak. It was from here that the wheel of progress of higher education and the research involved in it began to slow down.
There is no doubt that the challenges before India in the field of research and development have increased. Research shows that about five decades ago, more than fifty percent of scientific research was conducted in universities. Not only this, universities were also seen as bastions of higher education and research centers. But at present, the situation is now only till the distribution of titles appears limited.
A major reason behind this is also the lack of availability of funds for research. Along with this, there is also less involvement of youth in research and more involvement in other fields. In the case of women, it would not be irrational to say that access to higher education is the biggest achievement for them. Barring achievements in a few selected areas, India’s position on the global stage in research and research does not appear to be strong. At present, the number of people pursuing higher education in the country is more than 40 million in all formats.
The number of all types of universities is also more than a thousand. There are more than forty thousand colleges. Apart from this, many government and private research institutions can also be seen. The sooner it is understood that research suggests such a scientific way of development in a proper, sure and estimating and predictable way, by which it is possible to strengthen not only the inclusive structure of the country, but also the face of self-reliant India can be achieved. The development of any country is closely related to the development of its people any country.
It has progressed on the path of development and can grow only when it has adequate means of research and research at the level of higher education. In research and innovation, India spends only 0.7 percent of its total GDP, while the US has a comparative advantage with 2.8 percent and China with 2.1 percent. Not only this, countries like Israel and South Korea spend more than four percent of the total GDP on research related activities. If we look at the inclusive spending of America and China from the point of view of research, then fought the trade war and diplomatic
Apart from this, there is also heavy competition in both the countries regarding research and higher education. China has overtaken the US in publishing research and in higher education. If we look at the report of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Japan, it is clear that China has the largest share in the number of research papers published all over the world. It is followed by America and Germany. Significantly, between 2018 and 2022, China published 27.2 percent of research papers, while the same figure in the US is 24.9 percent.
The report also reflects that while China is doing the most research in engineering, mathematics, materials science, the US is doing the most research in basic life sciences and physical sciences. Due to lagging behind China, the US has decided to spend two hundred US dollars in the next ten years to strengthen its research work. Now let’s talk about India. India’s global position in research is not good. This is the reason due to which the benefit of research is not available to the public. Unless research costs increase till then the ground reality will remain something else. Considering the global situation of knowledge and research, India also needs to increase efforts for research.
However, talk of setting up a National Research Foundation has already been made. With its establishment, all the ministries need to cooperate more with IITs in the field of science and research. To put it bluntly, higher education and research are such shining words, if they are rubbed in better ways, then India’s shine will never fade in the world. higher education and research they are the backbone of the progress of the nation. Research plays an important role in higher education. In other words, both are complementary to each other. If the combination of higher education and research takes a comparative edge with the slogan Jai Anusandhan, then along with inclusive development, good governance will also get a boost.
However, India ranks seventy-seven in the Global Innovation Index, followed by Switzerland at first, the US at sixth and China at seventeenth. Low-density countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK and Singapore are second in terms of innovation, respectively., third, fourth and fifth place. That is why educationist Professor Yashpal had said that educational institutions which do not pay attention to research and its quality, they can neither do good to education nor to society. 


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