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The Scent of Freedom

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There is perhaps no need to mention the importance of freedom separately, because there have been so many ups and downs in its hunger all over the world. Its form has also changed according to the times and contexts. But what is the prevalent ‘freedom’ we talk about in today’s era, and what is its meaning! Where does it begin… Whose freedom?
According to my opinion, it is necessary to know first that freedom is not a limited thing in a person freedom by connecting person to person a strand of flowers is formed. Our freedom is tied to someone else’s freedom. If we are free to speak, write and act according to our wishes, then the person in front should also be free. Only then will the concept of freedom blossom in its pure form. Exploitation, oppression, dishonesty etc. hurt the concept of freedom, because it gives birth to inequality, the biggest enemy of freedom.
The question is where does freedom begin. From the Parliament, from the Constitution or from within ourselves. The constitution is saying that we are citizens of a free country! but ourWhat is Iman saying? If you are free, how much? Totally or a little? Or someone has taken away your freedom! Extremist, patient, lenient and intransigent man corrupts the spirit of freedom by encroaching not only in his own life but also in the lives of others. Such people break the rules or symbols of freedom from their extremism while walking on the road. Driving in the wrong lane on the road makes freedom a wrong turn.
Unnecessarily honking horns keep you sleepy about the concept of freedom. Their work is most important. Secondly, to be able to do their work on time, so that they don’t care. If we are also among these people, then the free winds of freedom cannot pass through these narrow paths of our thinking. If you want to realize the true meaning of freedom in your personal life, then one has to make one’s personality complete. A personality, in which there is a combination of understanding and human consciousness, sociability, compassion and above all love. Real freedom teaches us to love each other.
Now one of us may wonder what the relationship between freedom and love is. relation. Now a jabra, hHe does not love anyone, neither man, nor animal, nor insect, nor earth, nor sky, what can freedom mean to him. Freedom demands restraint and reform. As a citizen of a free country, you should be aware of not only your rights but also your duties. You don’t want on the road, let the law run. The system should work and in a densely populated country like India, patience, restraint and a little understanding also prevail. Big old people and school children are standing on the other side of the road so what does our freedom say?
Will continue to gallop while sitting on the car or stop the car and allow them to cross the road Will give time Or our free thought also says that get out of the car and go hold that old woman’s hand and make her cross the road. We must have often seen in many videos of social media that when a squirrel or duck is crossing the road with its family, the vehicles on foreign roads stop behind several meters. Why?
Sitting in an expensive car, man often stops looking at humans too and who are these people who are stopping to see squirrels and ducks. These are the same people who know that only man has the exclusive right to freedom. R no. Freedom is the fragrance that spreads in the air, from which the greatness rises every day. Our freedom is also in allowing the squirrels to cross the road safely. It is also in keeping the plants on the roadside safe. Freedom is also in that sisters and daughters who came out of the house at night should be comfortable and safe. Elders living in the house can sleep peacefully at night.
Loudspeaker should not infringe on anyone’s freedom. Don’t let the smell of our house reach someone else’s nose. Fly my kite with a string of responsibility and don’t slit anyone else’s throat. So the meaning of saying that freedom is some where Born under self control. Independence does not mean putting firecrackers on the tails of dogs on the night of Diwali. Nor does freedom lie in shouting ho-ho while flying kites all day long on 15th August and cutting the feathers of voiceless birds with a manja. Freedom is a responsibility. There is a call to keep your behavior restrained. He inspires change in the society through his conduct. Indeed, freedom is a beautiful idea. Just like a flower. If this idea is not polished after washing it, then it becomes filthy and withers. 

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Vijay Garg

Vijay Garg

Vijay Garg is a regular contributor of Imphal Times, mostly related with Education. Vijay is a resident of Street Kour Chand MHR Malout-152107 Distt Sri Muktsar sahib Punjab. Vijay Garg, Ex.PES-1 is a retired Principal from Government Girls Sen Sec school Mandi Harji Ram Malout -152106 Punjab. He is also the author of Quantitative Aptitude, NTSE , NMMS, Mathematics of XII, ICSE numerical physics and chemistry many more books.

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