Job Recruitment & Difficulties Faced by Public

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Even though the Government continuous to claim that the total number of unemployment youths in our state has been reduced drastically in many years. Still many educated and competent youths continuous to question whether all this fact and figures mention in public domain is based on reality or is just a number in papers. With this many people shared their earlier experiences in applying Government jobs and services on lack of planning, transparency, discipline in recruitment process. A lot of job opportunities are being promised by both Central and State Government during many election campaigns and other sort of media campaign. But the reality lies behind the curtain where nobody sees or heard about those processes afterwards. Problem lies where one has to struggle countless number of days just to submit a job application to the concern department.
Due to lack of proper planning and management, in most of the job recruitment in the state, many job seekers faced tremendous amount of difficulties. First of all they will release recruitment notification in many major newspapers. Secondly, as per the notification one has to go after Employment Exchange office. Later comes with a bundle of paper work where one has to organise in such a way they mentioned so that the application they filled with love and care won’t get rejected. Wait it’s not yet over, coming to a part most people struggle where one has to stand in such a long queue, sometimes even hope of submission the application leaves the person’s body. Obviously one has to stand in a long queue because a state with lakhs of population seeking jobs will be quite a long queue and it’s a job for a lifetime they said. Everyone is hoping and expecting for a chance to at least get the opportunity to sit and write the paper for the exam.
One may say it’s a competition, well if it is a competition then everyone must get equal opportunity to compete in the arena in a fair manner. Sometimes after notifying about job recruitment the department keeps their mouth mum after finishing all the mandatory process, which crop up the question that are they really in dire need of those employees or those applications which are being submitted by thousands of job seekers. Most of us know that during any inquiry process the concern department will give a satisfying answer with a proud face “We will notify in newspaper”.
In our present society most of the youths and job seekers already started to give up the hope for applying Government jobs in a free and fair manner because of all this uncertainty during the recruitment process. During a long standing queue to submit the job application most of the talks were “there is no hope for selection as the selection is already done from inside” and this kind of mind set need to be eradicate by our concern Department and Government from our society. Country like Japan is cited as an example of merit based recruitment system and in France and Australia there is no patronage, favoritism and ministerial involvement in the selection process and individual staffing decision. While drawing the lessons from the experience of these countries, the second ARC (Administrative Reforms Commission) has learnt that in these countries the merit is guiding consideration, not merely at initial recruitment stage but also at other stages of career progression.
As a part of form or application submission one has to provide their phone number, using this why can’t we get an automatic or computer generated message to confirm the application being submitted is accepted or rejected? Why can’t we get a notification regarding admit card issue or download date? Why can’t we get all those important dates of written test, viva or practical exam via electronic medium? We acknowledged that our state is not that much backward in term of technology and manpower.
This is not blame game to any department or authority however it will be a polite and heart-warming gesture in later days to come if the concern department makes little effort and proper plan with vision before they execute any recruitment process or being made public because many youth and job seeker in our society keeps a huge faith and confidence to the government even after all this troubles they are facing.

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Bramhacharimayum Sadananda Sharma

Bramhacharimayum Sadananda Sharma

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