Virtual Classes and offline classes: Impact on health of Pre- Primary & Primary Students during second wave pandemics

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By: Vijay GarG

Second wave coronavirus had left it’s impact on all fields and all institutions and the same was pre-primary and Primary on education. New Virtual classes room on platforms came forward to provide online services for students, to continue their studies like zoom, Google classes, etc. Their effort for that purpose is appreciable, as when there was no hope that Pre-Primary & Primary education sector will be able to continue its study work, these platforms provided a new life to education sector to continue their study work in online mode . 
In offline classes, there is mutual coordination between students and teachers. The teacher not only imparts knowledge but also there is the transmission of feeling, emotions, which students early understand. There is a face-to-face interaction between students and teachers. Face-to-face problem solving and doubt Clearance is key to offline classes.  Classroom provides a favorable environment for students to study without any disturbance.
Online classes no doubt there’s transmission of knowledge but the transmission of soul is lacking there. Traditional way of  online classes there is possibility of disturbance like notifications, messages,  etc. Student may get disturbance during online classes by another student by his/ her activities which are unknown to his teacher.
Primary level students are going to suffer from online classes. Day long classes will have a psychological impact on students of pre primary age and primary age. We can understand it, because  Online classes are going to affect their eyes, because it’s not easy to brightness of a mobile phone or laptop or computer for 2 or 3 hours consistently.  Doctors always advice to keep children away from mobile phone or laptop,small kids have problems of eyes and other health problems, but this pandemic has made it necessary for students to use mobile phone for attending online classes. We can call it a necessary evil. If they might not have been attending online classes then they might have to face an academic loss. Although online classes have a bad impact on our small kids studying in  pre primary & primary classes but it is better than nothing. 
Online teaching has played a vital role during the pandemic, but its consequences cannot be ignored. The online classes cannot be accessed by each student due to the unavailability of smartphones, laptops and mobiles network to especially poor families and remote areas. This creates discrimination among the students of  urban and rural. Very difficult to handle pre primary students in virtual classroom, they don’t understand how to write on copy in virtual classes, small kids need to have personal help for writing on copy,but in virtual classes it’s not possible,so small kids face lot of problems in online classes,rather small kids start playing with mobile . The students below 14 years are not aware of the screen effect and get addicted to mobile that causes mental and eye problems. Thus, online teaching cannot take the position of traditional classroom{offline classes} teaching for a long time and we will need to get back to traditional teaching {offline class room}after second wave of pandemic.

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Vijay Garg

Vijay Garg is a regular contributor of Imphal Times, mostly related with Education. Vijay is a resident of Street Kour Chand MHR Malout-152107 Distt Sri Muktsar sahib Punjab. Vijay Garg, Ex.PES-1 is a retired Principal from Government Girls Sen Sec school Mandi Harji Ram Malout -152106 Punjab. He is also the author of Quantitative Aptitude, NTSE , NMMS, Mathematics of XII, ICSE numerical physics and chemistry many more books.

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