Arranging for the education & bright future of children orphaned by the second wave of epidemics

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By: Vijay Garg

There is a need to make India not only strong but also sensitive, affectionate and soulful, in this direction Prime Minister Narendra Modi government has taken a unique and inspiring initiative.  On the occasion of the completion of seven years of the Modi government, welfare schemes were announced to support the children orphaned due to Corona.  The second wave of the coronavirus caused such havoc that many families were uprooted and hundreds of children were orphaned.  Some lost their father, some lost their mother and some lost both their parents.  It is said that whoever has no one has a God.  But with such a public-welfare dimension, if the government is ready to share the philanthropy, genuine public service and sorrow and pain of the people, then it is not less than God.  Orphaned and destitute children should get a mother, children should get a home-like environment, this love of affection, a touch of belongingness, with this point of view, homes should be built in Bal ashram and Vatsalya.  The problem is very big, but if the government and society want, then by removing the deprivations, sorrows and sufferings of these children, they can be made the best citizens of India.  Along with the central government, the governments of the provinces have also set an exemplary example by taking the responsibility of raising orphan children.  Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani had said this week, citing reports of states and union territories between April 1 and May 25, that around 577 children across the country have been orphaned due to Covid-19.
Governments have often been the victim of devaluation of humanity and superiority, because when the understanding of governments and the top leaders who lead them is not correct, softness and humanity do not come down in thoughts, sensitivity in behavior and governance process is not manifested, actions and plans  If the directions do not catch the target, there is no skill in thinking, then the governance system of the governments is the victim of devaluation of the superiorities.  Such governments are called crippled and illiterate.  But our present governments are not such handicapped and indecisive, it is the good fortune of our times.  It is the sun of good fortune that Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced many schemes for orphans from PM Care Fund.  Under this scheme, children who lost their parents in the corona epidemic would be given free education and health insurance would be given to them.  He will be given monthly allowance till 18 years and on attaining 23 years, 10 lakh rupees will be given from PM Cares Fund.
We will not be able to compensate for the lack of parents of the orphaned child, but while it is the responsibility of the governments to provide them safety, subsistence, education and medical assistance, it is our duty as a society to take care of the children and have a bright future.  Let the sun of hope unfold.  Expressing the need of the scheme, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that in the difficult situation of Corona epidemic, it is our duty as a society to take care of our children and instill hope in them for a bright future.  All such children whose parents have died due to Kovid-19 will be supported under the ‘PM Cares for Children’ scheme.  Modi said that children are the future of the country.  The government will do everything possible to help them.  The government wants them to become strong citizens and have a bright future.  Although the state governments have announced the help of orphans at their respective levels, there was a need for a national policy and program in this regard.  The initiative taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this regard is commendable.  The Uttar Pradesh government has announced a scheme named Mukhyamantri Bal Seva for the protection and care of orphaned children.  The Uttar Pradesh government will also provide one lakh rupees for the marriage of orphan girls.  Delhi, Haryana, Assam, Karnataka and other states have already announced schemes.  The corona pandemic has created an unexpected and unusual situation.
The first task is to ensure the identity of the orphan children.  There are two categories of orphan children, one is that both whose parents and guardian have died due to corona, in the second category are children who have earned parents has lost.  A large number of such children are also girls.  It is necessary to provide them immediate relief.  The irony is that often the real victims do not get the benefit of such schemes, the corrupt and greedy people in the society and governments are ready to do corruption in them, the governments have to see with strictness and awareness that this scheme is not a gift of corruption.  Climb.  The way the black marketing of oxygen and medicines took place during the second wave of Corona, it was the peak of inhumanity, it should be our priority to save the society from these tragic and gruesome situations, only then we will be able to raise orphan children.
There are many such organizations and institutions in the country which are working for destitute children.
Those who come forward selflessly sacrificing their pleasures to get rid of the miseries of such children, they do the work of Sanjeevani in their lives.  Rich people or social institutions in every city will help such children with money, but the biggest question is who will give affection to these children?  Who will give the feeling of belonging and family?  There are people of different nature and different tendencies in the society.  Now that the central and state governments have announced to provide all kinds of assistance to orphan children, the close or distant relatives of the children may be ready to adopt them.  The greed for money changes the elders.  It will be the job of the society to see whether such people fulfill the emotional needs of the orphaned children or not.  Such committees should be established at the district level or at the mandal level, which can monitor these children.  There are many orphanages in the country that provide housing, food, health and education to such children and abandoned women, but there are reports of sexual abuse and other criminal incidents.  Be it the Deepashram being run for disabled children in Gurugram, Haryana or Vatsalya village run by Paramshakti Peeth of Sadhvi Ritambhara in Vrindavan city, etc., there are dimensions of such service and affection, where orphans get life-light.
16 year old mentally and physically handicapped Vishal is being protected in Deepashram.  Vishal’s adoptive parents Jaipal and Jagwanti are no longer in the world due to the corona epidemic, he was again orphaned.  The Haryana government has set a unique example by adopting it.  Chief Minister Manoharlal Khatar came to the Deepashram to meet Vishal and he also met other disabled people.  We have to establish service dimensions like Deepashram and Vatsalya Gram at places, where orphans, suffering and needy children can be given a family environment.  It also has to be seen that inferiority complex does not prevail among such boys and girls.  ___ They were brought up in their own traditions and culture.  Sadhvi Ritambhara, popularly known as Didi Maa, has announced to adopt such children and make arrangements for their education.  Society will also have to bear the responsibility of protecting such children from people who are greedy or close to criminal tendencies.  This work has to be done very carefully so that destitute children do not fall into wrong hands.  Those who are yearning for children can adopt such children.  For this they have to follow legal procedures.


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