Controlling the human greed

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Human desires for power have not limit. Tom, Dick or Harry etc. all struggle to get more from what they are having at present. A person works days and night to get a couple of meal a day, after getting it he works more to get some more for his next day and as he manages to save more for the remaining days, he again earn for better shirts, pants and then home finally he works even more harder to make it sure that he get a family. After he has family he works more again to make his family enjoy all sorts of comfort in today’s material world. He then works harder again to get power with the perception to earn more. From working for a two meal a day, human being goes on the journey and started working for power and materialistic wealth for his comfort. And after having both wealth and power, human being again think of earning more. For earning more sometimes the power he possesses sometimes are misused and finally the word greed appears. From empty pocket to an owner of a Bungalow , human still works to have more bungalow. To be precise Human wants and desires have no limitation. And the conflict, crisis and all form of misunderstandings, hates are the product of these endless human desires.
These perceptions, perhaps is the law of nature. But simply leaving it without putting any brake to these desires will be a catastrophe. And for that there is a government who makes rules of law. Which prohibit a person from going beyond the rules of law while making more money.
Earlier, before democracy and say before monarch such endless desires that create chaos in the society is controlled by the fear of God. But today as people have no fear of God those running the state should formulate a mechanism to control the desires of human being.
It may be law of nature, but the law of nature also created a force to neutralize the peaceful co-existence of the society. And that is the government running the state. It should be controlled for human beings have any more things to repay to the Mother Nature.

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