Thinking differently –Out of the box!

Thinking differently –Out of the box!

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I've always been much of an extrovert; interacting often with quite a lot of people from friends to strangers and from people of different elite professions to daily labourers -once being one. Though often unpragmatic; sharing liberal ideas, as to one's understanding, feels like all of what one can contribute to his society with speculation on different subjects with much rationality as one believes it to be. The ideas and iota might not necessarily be an orthodox of the well-defined today's world. However, it's more applaudable if one could think differently -out of the box -the small grisly box.

A few hundred years ago life was a race for survival -the one for food and shelter. It then gradually changes its form from one to another taking with it a multiplicity of changes. Nowadays, our society is but myriads of abstruse; subtle and pernicious. While a few hundred hankers power and luxury the rest of millions tries to befit. The idea of humane value seems to have lost its meaning where humans are held in greed and insidiousness by the so
called civilization. Human minds are becoming despotism of elitism and decency with a little or no tranquillity. In a compendium, life has lost its meaning between the human struggle for luxury, power and the dogma of disquietedness.

Somewhere between the fading beauty of life and wholeness of its meaning lies a baffling question, 'why?' If our selves are questioned as to the change or shift in our desires, most of us will be lost in perplexity. Why have we changed to a speck of dirt in our own eyes? We are dogmatic of the principles of the so called today's world with its well-defined vagueness and delusions without speculating on foresights and insights to any of life's intricacy. One of Gautama Buddha's 'Four Noble Truths' states the 'Truth that there is misery', all along we tend to try to defy the dogma of life and suppress it with a bogus of personal enunciations. We tend to bent towards the cessation of misery through other destructive means without working out with the actual cause. This further brings us a bigger load until one can't take and until one collapse with his/her own troubled mind. While all along we were ignorant and arrogant towards change, we eventually realise, we've caused ourselves a great misery and then we lie buried ourselves in the regrets of our transgressions.

We are meant to live in harmony as social beings in a society, our students are meant to study, our forces are meant for public orders and our leaders and diplomats to negotiate for the best policies. But what happens when it's the contrary -this sadly is what happens in our society. Albeit the fact that this doesn't necessarily mean all of the society, this is an anomaly of our society today. The real anomaly moreover is our inabilities to discern the noble truths of life and the pernicious trends of our society. Besides, the crucial subtlety is this anomaly being considered a normality to which we have no resentment of any level. What do we think the world is getting into? –Laconically –no Love. It's getting realistically materialistic with our hearts diplomating a little less of our lives and our realist minds taking us to our way forward. The truth is we stagger along our path-to-death until we realise we'll soon be close enough to our graves.

I don't believe in the idea of a perfect world or perfect humans neither do I believe in the idea of coerciveness. Only that I know our world today is becoming pathetically indescribable. Living was just a race for food and shelter. But today, it has become an art that requires the finest form. Like Charles Darwin postulated, ours has become an age of 'survival of the fittest' -the theory of natural selection -the race of elimination. However, to quote Buddha's saying, "The mind is everything, what you think you become" -the fight for survival is in the power of our minds. Survival here will rather be defined as happiness and contentment not of the mind that recedes with an impede but of the soul that remains untouched by the world around.

It's no time to lay idle when someone follows a very hectic schedule; when someone races hard albeit all the complexities and hurdles of life. Remember you're in a RACE OF ELIMINATION -GENERATION OF PERFECTIONISM.

"Remember life is a race. If you don't run fast, you'll get trampled" - 3 Idiots (2009)

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Janghaolun Haokip

Janghaolun Haokip

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