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Election Fever The hysteria of a first time voter

By : Roshan Huidromba

India, the largest democratic country in the world is having election shortly andI can’t wait any longer for the election day.For the first time in my life, I will exercise my voting right as granted by Election Commission to the eligible citizens of this democratic country, in the coming Loksabha election to choose theleaderof my choice who will representit’speople.ECI issued my EPIC  just few months after State Assembly Elections were held in 2017 following several unsuccessful attempts to enrol my name in the Electoral Roll.
As the polls are happening in just few days, all the stakeholders seems to prepared in full swing; political parties, candidates, and their supporters are busy propagating their agendas in whatever possible way they could:through campaigns, public interactions, media forumns and even social media platforms liketweeter, Facebook , WhatsApp etcincluding publication of ElectionManifesto and had already flooded with their views, opinions, hopes and aspirations of this country and it’s people.ECI, on the other hand, is confident ofit’s preparations so that no voter will left behind to participate in a free and fair election of the largest democracy in the world.Some measures taken up by the Commission includes model code of conduct during election is going on, providing security measures through deployment of various law enforcing agencies to ensure that no untoward incident is occur, introductionof most developed and reliable technological outputs of Information technology likeVVPATs,cVIGIL app, GPS tracking of vehicles in transporting EVM machines and  setting up of polling stationseven in the remotest of areas, additionalprovisions for peoplewithspecialneeds, conductingawareness programmes related to electioninevery nook and corner of the country besides arranging  support systems and keepingclosevigil monitoring of any happening that may disturb or hamper the Electoral process in any form.
Coming to Manipur, a total of 19,30,912 voters will cast their votes in 2,861 polling stations across the statefor two seats of Lok Sabha MPs.Out of the total voters, 9,39,926 voters are male, 9,90,960 voters are female and for the first time 26 voters are enrolled as third gender.Eleven candidates are contesting in Inner Manipur parliamentary constituency while eight candidates are contesting in Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituency.Despitethe challenges of it’s geographical location,difficult terrain conditions and other sensitive problems,the Election Commission is all set to conduct the election in Manipur in two phases; April11 for Outer and 18 April for Inner constituencies respectively.As in the words of respected CEO Manipur Mr. PK SINGH IAS and I quoted here, “We are 100 percent prepared”.
         But the question is,are the citizens ready for election? This is indeed remains a big question. I would like to emphasize this  because nowadays there seems to be an unconnected gap between public and the government due to various factors responsible for it,like rampant corruption (although thegoverment always ask for proofs),worsen law and order situations,violation of even basic human rights in various ways,delay justice in legal matters, less development reforms but more gossip.Such factors builts a dividing wallbetween WE and THEM.This is in fact very unfortunate as it creates a deficit of trust between the government and it’s people.

   Unlike recently held State Assembly election, it seems that citizens of Manipur give less importance to Lok Sabha election.Another possible reason is the lesser number of MPs as compare to other states which is very wrong,as the saying goes something is better than nothing.Besides this, no woman candidate has file nomination paper despite the ever increasing issues of woman.I really don’t know the reason behind it but more and more woman policy makers must come up.However, it is encouraging to see some vibrant and energetic youths as candidates.
So, the most pertinent question is,who will be our MPs? For me the key criteria for selecting our leader will be someone who will respect our human rights, who is ready to bring reforms be it electoral or economic, education etc, who will be fighting corruption with all his will, who can challenge this deformed system rather than adapting to it.And I am very hopeful toI elect him as our leader.One more thing I don’t believe in propagandas like my party or our party is the best, because, to me,it doesn’t matter in what party a candidate belongs, a good leader will always be a good leader.
Lastly, for those people who always wonder why should we elect leaders to work in a deformed system, as Nelson Mandela once said,”The world is in chaos not because of presence of bad people but the silence of good people”, as a citizen I urge all of you to come out and be a part of the change you just wishing and longing for.I am very thankful to the Commission for this privelege.Thank you so much ECI for making me a decision making part of this country.


The writer is presently pursuing MA ECONOMICS at MANIPUR UNIVERSITY (IGNOU CENTRE). All feedbacks  and suggestions are most welcome and feel free to drop the same  at email id:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Facebook username: @huidromba

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