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Recap on victimizing only the Women and Children in our Society

By: Marina Konsam

As we all know that a DJ Event was organized by some people to enjoy the Holy Festival at Utlou which is actually no were connected with old traditional Yaoshang Festival of Manipuri Poeple. However, unfortunately the event was obstructed and banned by the meira paibi of the locality on the charge that all the events participants both men and women were dancing in an unwanted manner like dancing very closely to one another and many other reasons which have been shared like a wild fire by the active social media users and the followers thereafter.

I can’t give my opinion either the meira paibi or the people involved in the event are right. No one can find the real truth till date instead the social media trial still prevails which gives a negative traumatic situation to the young boys and girls who have not experienced such situation. There could be different opinions, as a result there could also be various truth. But I feel sad for those women folk who were paraded in front of all the people by imposing the blame upon those women and girl as if they have committed heinous crime which is against the rule of law.As to recall slightly about the very day incident that men folk were also involved in it then why they were not part of the parade taken out by the self-proclaimed law enforcing people? Is it a reason that men can do anything following the deeply rooted patriarchal norms, therefore, need to be exclude and protected? If yes it would be a very sad reality. Why the women folks are made only the target in our society is in need to be diagnosed with several round of debate and consultation with various stakeholders?
Why doesn’t one tried to teach a lesson to both men and women instead of targeting only the women? Is our society here to give the blame to women only? But why? Why not men? Men also were part of the event which means they also involved in doing unwanted activities then why only the women were the target by subsiding the men.
If it is so to subside the men from committing any unwanted or unlawful or antisocial things than there is nothing surprise about the increasing trend of rape and murder of women and girl in the state as it clearly indicates that the men are being protected from commissioning any heinous crime but to victimize the women and girl in which our society seems to permit to do the same.

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