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Is Manipur, a sinking Ship Now? By: Sanjenbam Jugeshwor Singh

Is there any local/domestic product we used (dawn to dusk) in our day-to-day life? Nobody never ask and think about this. Nobody never thought ,asked and estimated, how much money an individual require (based on present market index) to meet the basic need just to survive in a day, and also never try to earn the requirement even if he/she knows it. It may be due to lack of work culture or no work /job to do. After reading our folk tale story of a widow’s lazy son Chandrakangnan (Lukhrabimacha katan Chandrakangnan, who got a golden ring which can beused to get anything he like, because of which he could  marry a princess), I sometimes feel ,since time immemorial there has not been work culture in our society(my personal view).And sometimes I feel  that our people might have been the habits of getting money without much effort and enjoy without doing any work. Though in most of our families, rice container (Chengfu) are covered with spider web, on the road many are acting like or imitating  like English Gentleman, English lady with second hand clothes, second hand cars and luxurious car bought on loan which causes traffic problems and pollution. Our local rice is being replaced by superfine as no enough food grain is produced to meet our necessity.  Government officials never delivered their services promptly. It takes days to months to move an official file of a person from one table to other without something (Which everybody knows).Sometimes peons are more powerful than an officer. What is this?
I think it may be true that we are suppressed people. Because of this we are treading towards a suppressive way of life resulting mistrust, no respect among ourselves and even loss self-conscience and belief at the highest degree. Are not these, the questions that everybody asked? Have we got so far, the positive results of tussles, challenges, people’s movement for discontentment, and protest for many unwanted incidents that has been taking place for last so many years at the cost of our people’s valuable time and properties? Answer will be, no. Who suppressed us?Symptoms of suppression is seen vividly. But the question is:  are we suppressed by state actor or non-state actor? Nobody is answering   this question. Instead we all are blaming each other like the story of a hungry cow-boy who was entrusted to look after cow. Cow damage paddy field as cow-boy did not look after cow properly. He could not look after the cow as he was not given food, he was not given food by the cook as the fire wood was wet, fire wood was wet as it was rained, and it was rained because frock crook, frock crook as it was its time to crook.In the same manner the process continue pulling down one another like crab society.Isn’t the mistrust and not listening to each other among us?This could be one of the reason why and how countless social organizations (with the sole objective of delivering their services for common cause, welfare, to root out social evils, protect our liberty, property and life)are coming out. People feel discontentment but nobody has the guts to raise their voices against anybody for the dare consequences they will face. Isn’t the act of suppressing among ourselves? Because of such action, our people cannot express their opinions and thinking independently even if 19th Article of Indian Constitution provides the fundamental right of an individual. Doesn’t itcaused our society a suppressed society? Examples of such actions either by state or non-state actor are seen & known by our people. Broad day light looting,merciless threatening, causing fear psychosis has been and still going on like a culture among ourselves and in our society. Will it be exaggeration to say that our society is like sinking Titanic, after seeing all these incidents?
Isn’t   domestic violence, crime against child &women, rape case by powerful group of peoples occurring every day in our society give the social index of differences between powerful and weaker sections of our society which was nonexistent earlier? Now a days the differences between the two sections of society is like sea and stream. Who is listening and intent to listen the grievances of farmers, laborer, fishermen,weavers, street vendor’s women and all sections of our society? We have already been burdened with the influx of legal or illegal migrants or immigrants, problems of Rohingya, problems of drugs, alcoholism, HIV AIDS, problems of AFSPA.In addition to these,in our state there is another big apprehension of the consequence of Passing Citizen Amendment Bill 2016 on 8th January2019 in LokSabha.At this point of time, people from all angles started asking,what all organizations established for our welfare are doing and where havethey gone? The voice of our people now is that: can we come up from this sinking state to the fast moving state of global civilization and advancement? But now it seems the voiceof our people gradually losing its acoustic due to fatigue and started looking in all directions with the sense of no hope like a scapegoat, thinking that our society willbe sunk like Titanic.Our people are waiting the answer of their questions from all stakeholders.

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Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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