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Mysterious Animal Attack of Manipur State: A perspective How to find the truth

By:Raghu Ningthoujam
Scientist Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO)

As we all aware that there is a tense situation in the Manipur state at present about the attack by animal or group of animals on livestock and possible attacks on human beings, most vulnerable being kids, particularly at darkness(night time). Need of the hour is: How to understand it? What is the model to explain the attack? What are the preventive or/and precautionary measures to be taken up to curb or to stay safe from the sacry event?
Is there really a mysterious Animal like Allien or is the attack carried out by existing normal animal species? The present situation can be fit into two models: (1) Migratory_model (2) Mystery or  Allien_model
In #the_migratory_model, there is no involvement of any mysterious species, the modus operandi is executed by existing carnivorous animals like dogs, fox, keijenlang(wild big cat), bear, leopard or tiger etc. There are two major contributing factors of the migratory model i.e. Disturbance in the ecosystem Deforestation , and change in season TemperatureDrop. Disturbance always leads to wildness.. rising in the entropy... Systems always are in search of minimum energy where they are stable. Deforestation - Disturbance of the forest ecosystems of the wild animals by humans together with the unprecedented severe cold season of the winter in the state this year resulted in the one_night_migration of the wild animals in saving themselves from severe cold and in search of their foods on the way on and back to fill their stomach. Need of the hour is to keep ourselves alert waiting for the the recession of winter season and educate ourselves on disturbance of the ecosystems by way of the deforestation and animal hunting. The case history of being eaten only the intestinal parts of the victim domestic animals can be easily explained by this migratory model. Foods rich in fats and lipids like the #intestinal_organs help the attaking animals to keep themselves warm than the flesh. Also the footprints of the attacking animals in the case history of the attacks are of the existing animals. This is more like migration of the birds from Siberia to Loktak lake during winter. The fishes in the Loktak lake would be talking the same thing during winter that the are being attacked by mysterious species as we are taking about. Also, cold increases with altitude. That is hilly regions are colder than the valley region. Temperature drops down first in the hills as the sun sets in the evening and temperature rises first in the morning as the sun rises. Also, this year’s winters in manipur state has seen the maximum temperature drop than the earlier winter years. The extreme temperature drop can also cause behavioural_changes of the animals even domestic ones. Thus, it is naturally favourable in this winter for the hilly wild animals to come down to the relatively warmer valley area to keep themselves warm in the night time where the tepearaure excursion is at peak and then go back to the hilly area again to the #favourable _temperature during day time and of course for their safety. On the onward and return journey, they need food to ease their hunger and to keep themselves warm. Attack can happen in various areas in short span which is also observed from the existing cases. Thus, migratory model of existing wild animals can explain most of the cases happening in this attack presently happening. However, this model cannot explain about emergency of any new species like aliens like Chupacabra. Thus, alien model comes into picture.
In the mystery or  Allien_model, there is a mysterious Animal species like Chupacabra and operation is being out by him or her. Existence of such animal is also reported in other regions of the world and there is a chance that it could have come from neighbouring country like Burma. The description as narrated by eyewitnesses who have seen the animal in darkness nearly matches to this animal. Also, reported events elsewhere also attract our mind to this kind of creature. Nevertheless, nobody tries to capture a photo of the creature specifically by those people particularly lilong event.
Thus, what prevention or precaution are required. Try to take a photo of the creature. CCTV footage will help to solve the problem. We must stay alert for our safety whatever it is. We can plan for an event and install the night_vision_CCTV can capture the entire episode. Otherwise, wait for the recession of the cold winter season and onset of the warmer summer season will naturally diminish the problem. Build the forestry and natural ecosystem of wild animals and don’t disturb their home. Whatever it is either a wild animal or mysterious animal, please #do_not_kill the creature rather try to capture_using_nightVision_CCTV what_is_the_truth

Rinku Khumukcham

Rinku Khumukcham, Editor of Imphal Times has more than 15+ years in the field of Journalism. A seasoned editor, was a former editor of ISTV News. He resides in Keishamthong Elangbam Leikai, with his wife and parents. Rinku can be contacted at [email protected] 

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