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Life of a woman

By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi

Independent Scholar


She seems happy to be a woman;

Yes! She’s happy that she’s a lady;

Seems she hadn’t realized much what she’s to be;

She seems growing up lavishing with time and moods;

Showering million smiles and spending softer;

She’s verbally and she’s lively spreading;

She’s pouring within and she’s all cat walking;

How highly and how lowering she knows all;

Seems she’s a masterpiece;

And she’s an idol; she’s an angel either;

She’s a blaster; she’s an engager;

She roams around in and out the corridor,

She works in and out homely;

She squats up and down, sweeping and wiping,

She’s all secure and she’s all wholly.


Oh! Yes she’s busy beholder,

She holds every move through open eye;

She shouts and she yells to all bravely;

Seems she’s evil, when she closes angrily;

She feeds bloody heaven and cooks sacrificing for souls;

She weaves courageously and sells without delay;

She sits and sits waiting them back home;

Ah! What a soul she posses!

Ah1 what a physique she’s carrying!

Seems she cries heartily when they fail her;

Seems she miss them when they’re late left alone;

She runs and she dares to beg for love;

She’s half eaten still fulfilling;

Her strength, she grosses all protecting them;

Tough her and touch her not;

Blame her and blame her not;

She’s the beginner, she’s all the life.


She serves lovingly and she suffers enough;

She tangle and twists carefully;

She’s too daring and she’s contented;

She bakes for love and she cuddle for her comfort;

Ah! What an essence she woos,

Seems she bows and she hugs living;

She follows her shadow tire and stressful;

She dances all through demanding lively;

Help her and help her not?

Oh! The better equality,

Love her more and love her not?

Consider her faulty and consider her not?

Give her life ease and give her not?

She gives existence and she reduces selfness;

She’s a life history, she’s a situation;

She’s a memoir of many, she’s a cosmos.

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