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Police: A friend or a foe?

Community policing or community-oriented policing is a strategy of policing that focus on building ties and working closely…
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New India in Konung Lampak

Lord Krishna married rather abducted an Idu Mishmi girl from a remote village of present day Arunachal Pradesh.…
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A shot at survival

“ You who are so-called illegal aliens must know that no human being is illegal. That is a…
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On Manipur Handlooms: A Clarion Call

By : S.BhubolThe state level handloom day falls yearly on August 1 and the national level handloom day…
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Tourism Festivals & Tourists in Manipur

Manipur, with its salubrious climate, topographical mystique, cultural heritage and sublime natural beauty has an enormous tourism potential.…
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Kashmir and Its Colonialism

By -Inamul HaqColonialism is a relation between two or more groups of unequal power in which one controls…
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