Education In Its True Spirit

/ Guest Column / Sunday, 03 October 2021 18:42

Tom Chongtha
Everybody admits that youths are the most precious treasure of the nation. They are visionaries of tomorrow. The most precious period of a man’s life is youth for the moulding of one’s nature and development of the character and personality takes place during this period. Cultivation of these qualities cannot be done after this period has ended. It is education in its true spirit that can effectively mould and equip the students of today for the tasks of tomorrow. But, how far is the education of the present-day fulfilling it? Has the present system of education been successful in directing and guiding the students towards their goal of life? Is the existing system of education creating profound personalities? What ideal does the present day education place before the students in India? These questions engage the anxious mind of the think-tanks of the country.
In India, life has been always regarded as an invaluable and important means for the attainment of a very high and noble end. Life has a far greater aim than merely making money, enjoying a few physical comforts, pleasures and luxuries, or acquiring fame. The Indian concept of life has always been and shall forever be that our life has its grand purpose – the achievement of an all-round perfection of the body, mind and soul through an ideal life of virtue, goodness, purity, self-control, selflessness, kindness, service and fulfillment of one’s duty. Mainly fulfillment of one’s duty, and bold and courageous idealism, form the keynote of the ethical life conceived by the Indian genius. The recognition of this vital fact is essential for true success in life, and upon it, the ultimate welfare of the students of India depends. Again the question “Does the current system of education recognize this most important factor?”crops in the minds of the people who are much concerned about the welfare and progress of the country. To what extent does an average student of the present-day colleges receive this inspiration and living impulse towards ethical evolution? Are the curricula of today’s universities embedded with the requisite to fulfill this most indispensable and vital need? The answers to these weighty questions will serve to reveal the true value and worth of today’s university or college studies.
Today most of the educationists without hesitation admit that the present educational system is devoid of any substantial culture. They feel that the present education is a failure for it fails to provide that most essential equipment of life, namely, true refinement, culture and character. But it is fortunate that this realization of inadequacy of education has in it seeds of hope and revival of the true spirit and purpose behind education. The recognition of the defect itself indicates the possibility of a cure.
To conclude, education is not a process of filling in something from outside. It is a drawing out from within of the highest and best qualities inherent in the individual. It is the cultivation and development of these qualities and talents in an intelligent and rational way, so as to help build a balanced personality. A great need is felt for the understanding and sympathetic management of the students, based upon the above lines, so as to equip them for noble and worthy citizenship of India that has a lofty destiny to fulfill in the comity of nations of the present-day world civilization. So it is imperative for the educationists to work together for the necessary and desired effect. However, they always must bear in mind that the basis of the education should be religious.

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