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By - Themneivah Sitlhou

Nationalism is the love of one’s own nation. The word nationalism is derived from a Latin word ‘natio’ which means birth. It means a population of an ethnic unity inhibiting a geographic territory. It is an ideology that save people by riding their minds of prejudice and prepare them for sovereignty. It gives a strong emotional appeal to those who are committed to it. Nationalism is the biggest tool for achieving the nation’s goal. It is also a consciousness of belong to a particular group. It implies a burning love for one’s own nation. The love for a nation in sacred. One can do anything for its nation. The love of one’s culture, language, state, religion etc. are all parts of nationalistic feelings. Likewise patriotic is also attached to nationalism. To everyone its nation is brimming with beautiful feelings, positive vibes and even to the diaspora it is filled with nostalgic feeling. To them, securing the nation is their utmost duty and foreign policy is all based on the interest of its nation. 
India’s movement is one of the extraordinary ones in all world history.The second half of the 19th century witnessed full flowering of political consciousness and India also witnessed the growth of nationalistic feeling. Imperialism is the highest form of nationalism and the biggest challenge of nationalism as well. Imperialism is the forceful extension of a nation’s authority over another. This is what is done by the powerful country who were dominating the weaker ones. India was under the western domination such as Britishers, Portuguese etc. India was an economic hub which attracts the world like bees drawn towards the flower. With such in a Powerful and mighty state, India was once dominated. India was once a broken limbs who was no different from being crippled. It was dominated untill it learns to coordinate from all parts.All its richness becomes an apple of the eyes.There is no satisfaction in greed. The foreigners intention shift from trade partnership to a thief. They began to drain the wealth of our nation. With no time, they started ruling the country through their influence.India become the major sufferer. Alas! It became a slave in its own land. Nationalism overrides heterogeneity. We may be diverse in culture, language, tradition and religion but the love of a country unite us. They may rob our economy but they failed to rob our land and our heart. They may dominate us but India now stand as the largest democratic country. They may imposed their culture to us but today’s India preface is its beauty and unity in culture and diversity. We were helpless but now India becomes a shelter to the refugees and provide home to many others as well.By modernity we mean to state that the world first experienced renaissance and enlightenment.
There are many challenges which become an obstacle for India towards its growth. These have to be solved. There are thousands of silent tears waiting for justice. We should hear them so that we won’t mourned to ourselves in future. The issue of woman remains as an issue back and then. Not to think lowly of them, they make the same contribution  as man for the nation. We cannot succeed without the active participation of women. There was also a good participation of women in anti-partition. They are thorns in flower form. They are clothed with strength. In percentage terms, the rural population formed 68.84% of the total population in India. Rural economy are the backbone of our country. They are the key drivers of our economy. Agricultural sector is view as the only solution to the economic problems. Indian economy is also known primary as agricultural economy. With these points, we can raise a question if we do enough for the farmers who play great role for the national economy. For a country to stand strong, we have to swept away all these flaws.
Every little things combined a matter. We don’t necessarily go out in the street and shout that I love my nation. As a saying goes ‘action speak louder than voice ‘, it is our life style which will prove if we really mean it. Whatever we do for the goodness of the society and the well-being of the society is part of nationalism. Everything around us is our environment. Harming an environment is harming a nation. We should encourage clean environment for better health.
We used various methods to remove dirt from grain after harvesting which are a waste. We give our utmost priority and care to our crops and provide the necessity for its health. This is the same way how our nation is nurtured. 
There are many challenges and obstacles that we face and will face in the future. They are also what we called anti- nationalism. Therefore we should learn to tackle them. We should be the quickest to choose the best technique.  Such as dealing with the terrorists and secessionist movement in the country. India influence can be seen in International organisation. It use those platforms to raise its concern in any areas and give suggestions as well. India is a member of UN and  a member in UNSC. India is an environmentalist country. To promote clean and healthy environment it signed Paris accord and Rio Summit. SAARC is the regional inter-government organisation of South Asia. India had a tremendous role in it. NAM(Non-Alignment Movement) is an international policy appeared after the second world war. It means non involvement in any military blocs. India played a vital role in the newly independent country that developed into NON- Aligned Movement. The world in its 21st century is hit by a deadly disease which is declared as a pandemic by WHO and it reach to every nook and corner of the world. Covid-19 takes many life, health and wealth. It trigger the world economy. India with its advancement in technology is able to face this pandemic. The economy soon take its V shaped recovery. India is now called the world’s pharmacy. India took this crisis to show its ability in dealing with good times and bad times. Free vaccination is given to its citizen. India also supply vaccine to neighbouring countries to show its gratitude. 
Everything revolves around nationalism. We are never isolated. Our concern is the nation concern as well. Our freedom fighters from political leaders to a common man are never forgotten . They are our guardian angel who taught us in leading the nation. We thank them for giving us the richest privilege a man can enjoy as a human. It is their sacrifice that replace tears of sorrow to tears of joy. It is their earnest sacrifice which bath the land of our nation with joyful tears from heartbreak today. We sacrifice lots of soldiers, tears, heartache and wealth to see this day.  Their names will never ebbed away with time passes from the History of India. The new day has come showering us with a blessing day with beautiful sunshine. On celebrating this very day,15th August that is India’s Independent Day, let us once again remember the huge sacrifice made by our freedom fighters while enjoying this beautiful feelings of freedom and victory that we have today. So, how will we use the legacy of victory such as freedom and democracy left to us by our freedom fighter? The best way to repay them is do good for the nation and this in turn will bring goods to the public. Let us grow ourselves with truth and faith. This is what a nation want and this is what we wanted. Truth is our armour, patience is our way and the good for all directed us. ‘ Satyameva Jayate’.

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