Modi 2019, cabinet reshuffle after 2 years completion of 2.0 (2nd term)

/ Guest Column / Monday, 12 July 2021 17:49

By: Kh. Jibon Singh, former Minister, Manipur
After 2014 election Modi ji wave of this reshuffle is a revolution for social justice inclusion of S.C, S.T & other backward class exactly 27% inclusion in the major overhaul expansion of 43 minister took oath of secrecy as ministers at the climax of 2nd wave of Covid-19. The 2nd wave Covid-19 is unhappy to the people of India  that is why some people criticize by media both electronic and print media including social media as a political compulsion Modi government consider more important to education (culture) and health that is why he had dropped Prakash Javadekar. Dharmendra Pradhan is allowed education and skills development. IT (information) broadcasting minister in digital India and also Dr. Harsh Vardhan the Union minister of health and family welfare, had dropped 12 ministers  “minimum government, maximum governance” Modi ji phraseology. Social justice, Caste, community and gender factor is also consider by the think tank of BJP perhaps RSS may also suggest for social justice  that why Technology Revolution, young and energetic minsters were included.
Some jr minister were awarded Kiren Rijiju, Anurag Thakur, Jyotiradtya Scindia who defected  from Congress in 2020,  4  fromer CM including Shri Sarbanananda Sonowal of Assam and LJP leader Mr. Pashupati Kumar Paras also included in the expansion though Chirac Paswan fromer acter and LJP leader has  warned not to induct Shri Pashupati Kumar paras  in the councile of minister  if he were inducted Chirac Paswan will file case in the Superme Court of India . however Pashupati Kumar Paras was inducted from LPJ Narander Modi observed coaliation MARYADA of Atal ji that is why Shri Ram Chandra prashad Singh well qualified IAS of UP cader of JD-U was inducted as cabinate minister.Well known personality from BJP are Bhupendra Yadav was inducted as a cabinet minister in the Environment forsest and climate change and in the ministry of labour and employment very important propilo to look after environment and employment for citizens of India. Meenakshi lekhi MP lok Sahba also suprime court lawyer to look after External affairs and culture, nari shakti women praticipation by inclusion of 11 women in the cabinet expansion of 2021 July 7 and shri S.P. singh baghel was also inducted as the fromer chairman/presàident of all India  O.B.C Morcha of BJP. Air India was in bad shape PM Modi had discussed with important person intellectuals for the development of Air India, that why he had given Ministry of civil Aviation to shri Jyotiradtya Scindia .who had joined BJP in 2020, congress mukta bharat.  
Railways and I.T. given to Ashwini Vaishnaw from Orissa who was follower of Atal Bihari Vajipayee, Atal ji was three times prime minister and  one of the co founders of BJP who had successfully completed biggest coalition government in 20th  century. Ashwini Vaishnaw after assuming charge had instructed /directed to all the companies operating in India Rule of law should be followed because of the ciber crime he had warned twitter, Facebook , whatsapp etc that Indian law should be followed. Modi ji give very much importants to the North.East. States, geopolitics underdeveloped for development five ministers where inducted from Assam,Arunachal paradise ,Manipur and Tripura this is for the first time in political history of India that five ministers are included from the  North.East.States of India ,luckily Rajkumar Rajan singh is also inducted in council of minister as his performance in parliament where exallence and he  was academician Registerar of MU. Shri kiren Rijiju is given law and justice profolios ,immediately he had announce Courts to be digital fromated, digital India. Sarbananda Sonowal, Minister of  ports, shipping and Waterway and Minister of AYUSH, AUSH why because northeast states is very rich in biodiversity, organic and plenty of medical plants flora and Fauna. Modi’s constitutional responsibility prergotive of PM cabinet expansion may be compared with US president who is one of the most powerful man on earth who can appoint his secretaries person who can help him.
21th century because of Covid, health is most important . economy growth  is  needed by this natural plant can be converted to medicine and chemical for health care. In 2014 Modi ji elected become development propaganda and policy there after 2019 revolutionary resuffle /overhaul of the minister inclusion all of community of S.C, S.T.and O.B.C  universal reality of caste politics in India earlier Bharatya Janata  Party was criticize as Hindu part Brahmins  and baniya (business man) party. In 21th century democracy as pribale in India , democracy is for all people, by the all people  i.e Ram rajaya, Caste a natural India samjic reshuffle of government  economy (arthic) agriculture, education and health “shab ka Shat, shab ki bikhis and shab ka bihwas” Narendra Modi. Lastly not the least caste equation representative to all caste S.C, S.T and O.B.C. As matter fact, Amit shah has given additional charge of cooperation for financial help to the poor farmer, co-operaterd and cooperative societies for the development of farmers and agriculturist. India may be one the strongest Nations as biggest party in the world rule led by shri  Narendra Modi captain of the circket in aspite of largest single majority in LS he had included all political parties in the coaliation in the Union parliament as per constitutionalism law of India that is prerogitive of PM. Peace may prevail on earth. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

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