Watching the brightest Mars tonight

Watching the brightest Mars tonight

/ Guest Column / Tuesday, 13 October 2020 17:43

By Dr.Ch Indira Devi

Mars, the third closest heavenly body to the Earth next to Moon and Venus and fourth closest planet to the Sun will be at its brightest tonight, the 13th October, 2020. According to sky and telescope, it is because Mars will be at opposition, a moment when the earth is in line up between Mars and the Sun making it shine along Earth’s Horizon in the Northern Hemisphere. This planet was closest to the earth on 6th October and will not appear this much bright again for another 15 years till 2035. For another opposition also we have to wait for another two years.

After 13th October, Mars will rise earlier and earlier before gradually beginning to fade. By the end of November Mars will be only a quarter as bright as this. October is great time for viewing mars as the planet is visible all night and reaches its highest point around midnight.

This year’s opposition is incredibly unique because the Red Planet will be at the point in its orbit closest to the Sun call Perihelion. Sky watchers can just use a pair of Binoculars or a cell phone with a quality camera or even with naked eye to witness this beauty.

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