Protect our job seekers or prevent them?

/ Guest Column / Tuesday, 13 October 2020 17:40

By-Thanggoulal Khongsai 

If we may say, the Year 2020 is a year of disaster. Unprecedented things have occurred at certain places all around; more so is this pandemic we are now still battling at. It has adversely affected all of us that GDP of our country sinks, Unemployment rate shot up and inflation is reasonably high. In such a situation, generating employment is one such solution to combat the battle of low GDP and inflation. However, can preventing of our Youths who seeks for jobs be able to productively generate employment and thereby help in the growth of our economy?
Youth and Recent Conundrum:
The recent conundrum of social, economic and political situations in our State,Manipur, has equally impacted all of us that the fate of our further wrong decisions and blunder will have long imprinted in the minds of all people that every of us will bore the consequences of our action and omission.
In almost every situations, participation of youths are vital that they are behind the success and failure. Their involvements and contributions to the our social, economy and political spheres are of great significant that without them situation becomes mere. Their role can’t be undermined at any cost as they constitutes energy, strength, knowledge and numbers of our country.
Since its recent past, like many other states in India, Manipur have also proved its strength in terms of creating ruckus and disturbing of peaceful co-existence of the state. This may be best attributed to the failure of our govt and active participation of Youths in it.
The Haraothel like-situation is one such worse than a pandemic. It not only gives a space for communal tension and hatred, but also manipulated the minds of thousand youths; diverted their attention towards their daily schedule and engaged them to play the role of inhuman acts. This, to certain extend explains how the country is heading towards poverty and unemployment.
The state today has faced acute problems which majority of us don’t even bother. The rise of unemployment is so severe that many educated Youths are battling for survival. Consequently, it influenced them to pick up guns and engaged them in anti Social elements and activities. The state today should find a way out for the Youths of the state to get better jobs and employment.
Our practice culture of Economic Blockage, Bandh, strike and Dharna that caused lose to our economy and a blocking wall to our developmental activities shouldn’t tremendously be made to influenced our Youth, particularly students of Job seekers. They should instead be encouraged to take up studies, apply for job, become an entrupenur and involve in solving the problems of our day to day problems in a peaceful manner.
It is never too far to claim that having the state/govt remain failed in solving the problems of today’s youth and our day to day functioning, the next generation of the State might live in hunger and poverty. Govt should eempower Youths and address their grievances, fulfilled their constitutional rights and pay attention towards building their capacities.
Exam and Students dilemma:
Ever since COVID-19 rules our country, all kinds of examinations were delayed. With the relaxation of lockdown to some extent, examinations were conducted in recent weeks and days. However, this has not satisfactorily embraced many aspiring students as not all students equally have the opportunity to appears for the exam.
The UPSC exam that was held on the 4th Oct,2020 had left many students in tears. A lot of protest were made demanding for the postponement of the exam date; however the Supreme Court intervention,nothing has been changed. This has left many students sacrificed for the exam. Afraid of Covid, many didn’t turn up for the exam and due to no access of transport,more than a hundred were unable to reach the exam Hall. This has caused a great lose to our country.
Also, one of the second most popular exams, the SSC-CHSL(10+2),2019 examination for NE regions begin on 12th Oct. till 20th Oct, 2020. However, many students will be left undecided, particularly the Hills people, with uncertainty that the current political scenario may disturb their exams dates. Many couldn’t assure of themselves since the conflicts arising in the state is of big challenges. In the meantime, community conflicts and social disharmony has prevented many of us from attaining what we deserved. Atleast, there shouldn’t be a called for Bandh or anything that prevent buses or vehicle from playing for the sake of thousand of aspiring youths.
The COVID-19 is unprecedented and inevitable. But, it shouldn’t be the burden of the students who are to write for their exam. State govt should intervene to not affect the sentiment of aspiring students in the situation where the rate of unemployed youths is extremely high. Their problems must be well address and their efforts must be acknowledged. Under no circumstances, they should be trouble during the travelling for their exams. It would be more bold move had govt provide free coaching course for both SSC and UPSC aspirants event in hilly areas.
As country development can best be defined from the role of its Youth, govt should not undermined the problems Youth faced on daily basis. Govt should also deal sternly with every circumstances that prevent the state from promoting developmental activities and peaceful co-existence. However, they should more be vigil while taking decision for the general public that hurting them can invite violence and ruckus at its best. 

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