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An appeal to the public of Manipur from a Manipuri Doctor working in UK

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By-  Dr.  Bishwajit Elangbam
Consultant in Emergency Medicine Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust
United Kingdom

It is sad that many hospital worker in my home state of Manipur are seen as COVID carrier, a threat to the well being of their Leikai and unfortunately risk being ostracised from their own Leikai .
Many of my friends including my own niece are healthcare and currently looking after many suspected patients . They all take self isolation measures by minimising contacts with other individuals to ensure that vulnerable people are safe.
These even include living away from their most loved ones , so that they could look after  any of your loved ones, families and friends.
I currently work in a hospital where 17 patients have died which are related to COVID-19 infection and come back home to find sole solace and comfort of my family and my neighbours .  
This would change the moment , I have any symptoms of flu like illness and self isolate not just to protect my family but also my neighbours and colleagues.
The photo was of myself in my workplace earlier and later with my family in the evening.
The Manipur public needs to stop making decision based on ‘assumptions’ due to fear of the current pandemic and they need to support all the brave woman and man working in the hospitals, who are the only hope in combating COVID-19 virus >Ø Ý and avoid mass death in this beautiful Eramdam.
The fight against this virus needs many brave man and woman who responds in reasonable scientific manner and one that is not clouded and skewed by negative vindictive behaviour and culture.
This virus will disappear when confronted  by a united community that based on strong social values .
Let those ‘Sambal’ barrier built by a negative and obstructive mindset be done away .
These doctors , nurses and other healthcare workers would be looking after the many potential COVID-19 patients as they are trained to do so and would have easily walk away if it was just for their salary or financial gains .
Yesterday, all the 20 families in my neighbourhood came out of their homes and shared their appreciation for all the NHS health professionals . An occasion that not only gave strength but a teary eyes to many.
Please let  this pandemic bring the best in all of us, giving us every strength to support the many healthcare workers and help protect and save our loved ones .
Thank you

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    Korou meitei Tuesday, 31 March 2020 18:26 Comment Link

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