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No ”mee” should disturb peace process in Kuki Hills!

By- T H Haokip                  

The recent media stunts made by an Organisation whose name itself made a mockery of the people they professed to represent, does not deserve discussion on any respectable platform. But for its surprising endorsement by few media house, the contagious Press Release made by FoH needs to be highly condemned so that the hard-earned peace and harmony witnessed in the state, and the country at present is not sabotaged by few people with ulterior motives.
The press communique by the so called Federation of Haomee though rightfully regarded by many as just a desperate attempt by few individuals to disrupt the Indo-Kuki peace talks, posses a huge threat to incite people and disturb peace in the Hills of Manipur. Its demonic intention of discrediting the highly commendable job of the Government to hold talks with Kuki militants, which have heralded a long-lost peace in the Hills, could only meant that the Organisation’s main agenda is to let the Hills burn again. The organisation has selectively  targeted the Kuki Militants, who demanded an amicable solution under the ambit of the Indian constitution without affecting the integrity of the state whereas they remain silent on the Naga insurgents, whose demands if fulfilled would affect the integrity of the state, a situation all indigenous inhabitants of the state including the Kukis have vehemently opposed but which the Federation of Haomee carefully ignored, revealing the intention of their masterminds.
Understandably, no established organisations of the Kuki community even took cognizance of the organisation, let alone refute their fake sermons on indigenous residents when an executive member of the FoH itself is a recent entrant to the state from Burma. This should serve as an eye-opener to the handful of people in FoH, who in this 21st century thought they could fool people by writing a one-page press release and proclaimed themselves as representatives of the indigenous tribes of Manipur. The Kuki Inpi, an apex body of the Kukis and its sister organisations are presently engaging their time and energy on the commemoration of the Centenary year of Anglo-Kuki war 1917-1919, where the Kukis bravely fought the Mighty British to protect their land and honour. The land the Kukis lived and protected are now bifurcated into different countries. It will not only be to display one’s lack of commonsense but also to reveal blatant ignorance to Historical facts in general and of the Kukis in particular to refer the Kukis in India as from Burma and the Kukis in Burma as from India. The fact that the Kuki armed groups have given up their souvereignty demands to integrate their ancestral lands was only to usher in peace at the earliest possible. Few ignorants like “FoH” should know that by terming the Kukis as foreigners, they are in fact supporting the millitants’ claim that the Kukis live independently since time immemorial and they are neither a part of India nor Burma but a separate “Kuki Country”.
The Federation of Haomee could learn a lesson or two about fighting for indigenous rights from the Kukis, whom they branded as refugee, in their effort to toe into whatever their masterminds dictate even if it meant challenging a well documented history known to all. A faithful advocate to their masters that they are, the Federation of Haomee should atleast know basic history of Manipur before firing all rounds blindfolded in medias, which is totally opposite in reality to how indegenous people like the Kukis fought to protect their land and pride.
The Federation of Haomee, while releasing series of unrepresented thoughts and fallacy should refrain themselves from voicing cooked-up histories again, which can disturb peace and harmony of the state in general and the Hills in particular, for which the FoH should only be held responsible.

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